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BOOK 2 :my love 4 u (completed) (Page 39)

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Originally posted by Jarin04

Update pls

i will up tonight or in morning

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Originally posted by meerubzara

plz update

i will up tonight or in morning
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Piya after the exhausting day try to take a sleep in her room but after closing her eyes she remembering all the happening which held on college and with a frown she opened her eyes looking everywhere she saw abhay standing near the windows take a back to wall and with silent eyes looking to her''piya gasp to see him here

Piya sitting: what are you doing here abhay?

Abhay watching her every move: I came to see are you feeling well now

Piya hesitate and looking down: you know you should be not here tonight because we will marrying

Abhay with half smile: so what does that mean?

Piya smiling: it's a tradition abhay and I suppose in this modernalism world at least a boy not to meet a girl in night secretly in her room

Abhay smiled : I know but I thought maybe you want to talk with me

Piya looking to him and moving back to rest her body  to bed headboard: by the way I want to know you more if you don't mind I have some questions

Abhay sitting the edge of bed: go on

Piya biting her lips looking down: I came to know that you are not original vampire that's true

Abhay laughed and seeing her reaction: piya definitely I am not original no one can be our superiors are more special and didn't roam around like us

Piya nodded: so who can make you a vampire

Abhay casually: my dad do this to us because the only way to keep us with him after many years wait for right time and try to keep us safe from other vampires'

Piya gave half smile: so I think you must be old because you are much stronger right

Abhay smiled: yes I am before asking you I am 104 years old     

Piya eyes went wide: you are so old

Abhay laughed: don't ever challenge me alright'.i am tough vampire

Piya scartically: oh yes

Abhay with concern voice: but tell me one thing these things now bother to you when our marriage fixed on'seriously

Piya biting her bottom lip: obviously not'I mean it's not bother me but still after entering in your life I want to know a little bit about you if you don't mind

Abhay smirked: what if I don't'..what if I denied to tell you huh'''I can see how madly in love you are with me'''.what if I leave you

Piya looking him like a shock: you'you'..i mean you want to leave me

Abhay laughed coming closer to her and cupping her face both cheeks: no shona I will never leave you''.my heart only beats for you'you make me a human only''I feel so good with you'.

Piya having tears: then please don't ever mention to leave me

Abhay smile: I will never'so my sweet piya want to now more''I will tell you'.hmm you know I don't kill human as I told you already about'..i am much stronger vampire''.love to read ''love my family a lot''.i hate to go college only wanted to see you I always gone college''..and vampires don't sleep but if a lot burden or hard work may be some hours they slept''wolfs attack leave the bruises' then if we don't get a curse than we died that you bring it for me your blood'.anything you want to know more?

Piya with wide open mouth looking to abhay: oh my god''.take a breath abhay 'you go in one all this list''.

Abhay smirked: I think you are happy now

Piya shyly: thanks for this detail but what about the children?

Abhay looked her for a moment and walk near the window: we can produce but not to same being'.

Piya in confusion: I don't get it

Abhay looking outside: like a vampire to vampire but with you I can ''because you are a witch

Piya blushing not know what to say with short of words: ok

Abhay with sigh: happy now''look I didn't ask about you not fair

Piya smile: you already know about me'I didn't have any past

Abhay coming closer to her and sit with her: that's right you only mine

Piya with hesitation: what about chand uncle'I mean what he said you have to tell me

Suddenly abhay expression change: I don't want to discuss that

Piya feeling sad but want to know: but abhay you said you will tell me and kept her hand on abhay right hand

Abhay jerk her hand and move up without looking back to her: that's enough good night piya and leave from there from the window

Piya only looking the way from where abhay left her leaving a sad and lonely piya''..a drop of tear slide from her''.piya wiped it...


Next day all boys and girls were present in the mall roaming here and there from two hours selecting the dresses for the marriage'

Sid entering the girl section: oh god only this task remain for us that me the hottest hunk of the college went to the girlly section looking for their clothes''

Priya smiling: of course what's wrong in this after all your girl friend want this

Alina laughing: forget your hunk personality you are my property sidhharth dobriyal

Ruhi: that's a brilliant idea all boys help to girls in selecting their dresses and wink to angad

Angad nervous: ohh no I am gone then mad

Kabir holding priya arm: that's so cool common guys do your work properly

All scattered in the couples''misha Milan'suhriya and T'..arjun went with angad to help him with ruhi only abhay and piya remain

Piya silently avoiding abhay went to the direction and looking for her dress''.salesman showing her dresses selecting one only her main dress for wedding remain''..seeing so many dresses for wedding piya look confuse to which one choose'..piya standing in front of the mirror wearing the pruple dupatta looking her in mirror when from the mirror she saw abhay standing near her

Abhay looking her  moving his head in disagreement '''piya looking his expression showing her another dress wearing the red'..again abhay showing against her choice''piya looking depress''

Piya: what abhay you didn't like any dress

Abhay slightly smile and showing her the pink long lehnga: I want to like that you wear this dress in our wedding

Piya looking back to the dress and then abhay: thank you it's really beautiful

Abhay looking her with sad eyes: piya I want to apologize i'..

Piya without listening abhay moved from there and went to the coffee shop sitting near the window area''looking in deep though''

Abhay look piya from far and sigh standing here looking from others too'..

Piya sipping coffee and feel someone watching her looking to the entrance direction but no one was there'''moving fast form the back of piya someone and exit form the back door''piya looked back but nothing there''.

All entering the caf looking really happy''sitting and chatting but piya noticed that abhay was not there with them''.feeling slightly feared about him she went to look for him''.she promised to all and went near the entrance door and saw abhay standing end of the corridor looking lost in her own thoughts'.piya looked back to all and then started to move near abhay

Abhay in his thoughts'I know that I make piya sad last night but what can I do I can't move on from my past'it's not like that I don't want that share to piya but what she will think after knowing that all''.i always want her happy but again I make her sad''I want to control my anger because it's only making our situation difficult'''.how I could I apologize to piya if you don't  piya don't let me do that'abhay thoughts broken by sweet melody voice


Someone calling his name and that non other than his piya

Abhay moved looking back to piya who is standing far only two feet

Piya calmly: I think we should talk

Abhay showing his half smile: I was also thinking the same piya come with me

Abhay and piya move to the down stairs exit to the mall way which nobody can use'.both are standing on stairs facing each other

Abhay was the first who broke the silence: look piya I know that I made you feel sad but you have to understand that it's not easy topic for me''I can't move from my past so easily and share with you'.i need time'.but I also know that I make you feel mad on me too by this behavior due to which you hurt and whatever the reason was I didn't had to do that without explaining and being rude left you like the last night

Piya calmly: its alright abhay if you want your privacy form me then its fine but tell me how should we will manage our maternal life abhay if you don't trust me and don't let me share your feelings with you but I understand that I am not capable for your trust and just your love not your life

Abhay shaking his head and held piya from shoulders: it's not about trust piya

Piya having tears in her eyes: I know abhay'I know but you never told me anything about your past life not even about Maithili that she loved you and if that's all you want from me not to interfere in your life than alright

Abhay digging nails on piya flesh: don't do that piya''I don't want that Maithili topic in this all and you know that I love only you dam it

Piya feelings pain in her body: I love you too but why Maithili is so important in your life that you never discuss her with me don't I have right to know about her abhay'..i will your wife soon'.sharing your life and you want to hide your pain form me

Abhay burning in anger pulled piya on the wall and blocked her way by his arms: let me clear you one thing piya if I don't let you in my past than its non of your business got that straight and with a jerk abahy away form piya'.

Abhay screaming: I can't piya I can't and wanted to hit something kick the railing which mold and unfix from the frame''I don't want to hurt you moved from here and in frustration hit the wall near piya face and held piya face close to him''.you have seen today monster a reality of mine

Abhay looking the piya who sobbing and seeing her he also feel pain too

Abhay in broken voice: I hurt you twice piya and after cooling down in seconds touched piya who is crying like hell'''

Abhay looking his angel face'.thought I wish I don't scared you like this piya

Abhay:I am a  monster piya'.who is not able to come in your life and after now incident I come to know that I always make you hurt''I am not forgiven ever what I have done to you but please not to hate me and leave form there making others alert where piya is'.

Piya clearing her face went to gone with all home feeling heartbroken not only for abhay behavior but also that he called him a monster''all day went like this for piya she didn't talk to anyone even abhay didn't came to show his face all day''.after whole day crying out session piya waiting for abhay may be he came to night but he never came and waiting and sobbing piya slept''.


Guarav seem to angry to jeh and yelling to him

I told you jeh just get a grip on yourself'after coming too close I just need this without this I can't make a move''s important for me '..for us'.for our clan

Jeh gritted teeth: I don't want her anymore gaurav'..that girl make on my nerve now she always saying a family our future for god sake I am getting depress and what I do with prachi now she is useless

Gaurav giving angry shot: she is not'.she is the one who make our target to come for us'..just bear her till tomorrow than I don't pressurized you to be with her and no more argument

Jeh looking to gaurav: so what should I do with her now

Gaurav wickedly smile: just make her agree whatever condition she want and I hope she is in love with you so she did anything to get you after all she will want you for her child

Jeh only nodded his head and looking to his brother


Abhay sitting with all his siblings looking to them how happy they are and thinking of piya what might she is doing now

Priya looking to his brother and call him to come in her room

Priya holding abhay hand: what's wrong abhay'you are not happy may I know the reason

Abhay denying his head: its nothing priya I just not feel well

Priya holding his face and look into his eyes: you know the spark which I used to see right now I can't see it'.there is something wrong about you and piya the way you left the mall and even kabir told me in call that piya seem sad and didn't talk to them and not even came out from her room''now tell me honestly

Abhay embracing priya: it's me who hurted her again priya'.she want to know my past with Maithili and you know I never share this with anyone and in extreme frustration I scared her and make her hurt and now she feel about me a monster what I had done with her but I only did this not to lose her'I am scare may be she leave me after knowing this but I hurt her feelings twice

Priya soothing him: I understand after that incident we never talk about but you have to share this with piya'..abhay she is a girl who think may be now that you never let her know your have to make to her and my brother is not a monster that word described only for a person Maithili what she did to us and remember control you anger this is your worst part which we can't control and do this now after all tomorrow your marriage huh and I don't like the bride and groom in sad mood

Abhay parted: thanks priya'I have to go


All were busy in haldi tradition applying on the girls laughing and teasing priya and piya'..the both families thought to make a get together and only few friends invite for this after applying haldi on piya...she went to wash it and after that tonight she have a mehndi too'..

After taking a bath she was thinking of abhay today he not came to her house...thinking about the incident make her eyes watery but then suddenly her black berry ring'.piya look the screen and the caller id non other than abhay first piya thought to pick it up but than what he did to her she refused to pick it''..let him do whatever he want and avoid the call

Than she got one text from abhay

Meet me near the water fall'.eagerly waiting yours abhay

Piya without any hesitation went to meet abhay at least she want to see what he said to her now


Piya standing far away from abhay facing forest and didn't bother to look him

Piya politely: why you want to meet me here

Abhay fighting the conflict of his to tell her or not'.common abhay you can't hide it from piya now I have to tell her and eyeing to the ground

I want to tell you everything...i want you my life partner than I don't hide things to you piya I fully trust you but not on me actually I have never share and discuss this to anyone after what happened

Piya facing abhay now: I am listening

Abhay nodding and start telling her his past:

When we were living our life as vampires I felt very lonely because on new phase of vampire period'you know it's hard for us how to manage this life a new born after two years of practice still I am not yet ready to face humans but I had to live in them and avoiding the blood sensation I mostly spend time in wild forest from day to night

Piya come close to him and squeeze his arm to continue

Abhay looking lost: than in one day I was sitting as usual I feel some blood near me'.i looked here and there and like a drug to me I just pulled to the place and saw a body covered in blood and a vampire wiped blood from lips'its non other Maithili'she was the one who drain the blood from poor soul but just than she saw me she smiled'.i asked her to stop victim humans but she laughed and said its hard for her and vanished from there but after that many days went again one day she show me her face it's like she like to talk to me

Piya calmly: and you also like to talk

Abhay: piya when no one around you other than your siblings who were also fighting for their needs than you will definitely want some other too and its just that we want to interact someone after that small interaction she started to came and talk to me and she knows my family too well' dad and mom old and powerful vampires only we just new ones''with Maithili I found a friend who was very close to me she came to know me so well'we daily talk and even she went to my home too everyone fond of her'her charm worked on everyone but I was happy that she left to feed human blood when she was with me

Piya interrupting: so you mean to say only for you she became better

Abhay clutched his teeth: I didn't said that i said that with me she didn't do that

Piya in confusing: what that mean

Abhay with a fake laugh: let me finish the whole part first''.my parents and my four siblings all very getting attached to her soon in few months

Piya quickly: wait a second you have four including you right you mean that

Abhay with a sharp voice: we are five brothers and sisters including panchi remember I told you about her just a little line'..piya open and shut her mouth like a fish'..listen to me'.panchi was also a part of our family but not anymore'.panchi spend a lot time with Maithili and we never tried to thought why' day suddenly maithili said to my whole family that she liked me a lot after this announcement how and why but my dad forced me to get married to Maithili

Piya with full surprise: what

Abhay hold piya hand: dad was believing that I was special and somewhere in world my mate waiting for me who only belong to me but after the year of Maithili and my many years in vampire life dad told me that you should had a right to marry someone and Maithili was the one to whom I deserve'..i protested a lot but the when I encounter with Maithili she said we should tried this what if we will became happy like a couple but honestly piya I never liked her as my lover and I was against with this and against her too but the way she pleaded me and my dad so I thought just let it be

Piya with a bit of jealousy: so you were like a couple than' doubt why Maithili dislike me so much

Abhay with a bitterness tone: she not dislike you she hates you'.now should I move further indicating to piya

Piya nodding head'.while in starting everything was same but slowly Maithili demanding more attention to me'.she wanted some intimate stuff and I never agreed on her'than one day she met me in jungle full moon night'.we were casually talking but I felt that Maithili different on that day her eyes were shot red and features were so evil piya but I was so lost in I can't thought any off like this thing..i asked Maithili why she was behaving weird she shot her eyes back of her and I saw panchi coming near us''..she was not looking normal to me like us I ran to her and asked Is she alright? But no answer

In panicked I looked back to Maithili and there she was standing showing her sweet smile come closer to me in sudden moment panchi holding me and Maithili broke my shirt and she bit on my chest and then on heart

Piya gasp: what?

Abhay in low voice: my dad came and rescued me because she didn't bit on fully my heart'.my whole family was there and then dad fight with Maithili and we came to know about that she was a dark vampire and we all were weak in front of her'.we persuade panchi to come with us we found some cure for her don't become evil like Maithili but she not listened and went with Maithili '.she liked new evil powers ...we are in compared to dark vampires weak because we are in animal blood'..i was really shocked to see Maithili that face but she begged me not to leave her and come with her we both remained happy but I rejected her piya''.how couldn't I she betrayed me family and she is the one due to which my sister left us''.abhay holding piya from her shoulders looking in her eyes'..

We tried a lot that one day panchi came to us but she never came and than we left her on her fate because she not belonged to us anymore'..after that incident I felt angered for my dad that he forced me to love maithli and in marry maithli too that how can she do this to me I felt so close to her piya I always felt happy near her and we shared a good time but I don't know that why she did this to me to us

Piya embrace abhay: but why chand uncle do this if you don't want Maithili more than friend and why you chand uncle and haseena aunty which were older vampires can't feel her aura?

Abhay in broken voice: dad want my happiness and thought may be with Maithili I bought that and secondly dark vampires shield their aura nobody can sense than if they don't want and this is not the end Maithili even helped gaurav to getting priya'..she was also involved in this

Piya having a shock in eyes parted back: how can someone down like this

Abhay sigh aloud: that's why I hate her piya and I never share this to anyone because I want to forget this all but I never''..i can't bear this pain piya and with a frustration ' when someone asked about that moments the hatred inside me came out and someone gonna be hurt'.

Piya continuously listening to abhay and flowing her pearl drops on her face: I can't imagine you bear too much abhay' she do this and you felt all this

Abhay cupping piya face in his large hands: whatever I bearded it's not that It's got to me a right to hurt you and your feelings' don't deserve my rude attitude' don't deserve the pain 'you don't deserve the way I treated you and you don't deserve the way I treated you yesterday

Piya embraced abhay tightly: please stop this I can't listen anymore and I only know that I deserve you and you deserve me' just keep me with you and always freely talk to me don't ever neglect me abhay''my love for you is really increasing day by day

Abhay : never I never do this again you are my life piya and I share with you my past that even I can't with my anyone''..whatever you told me to do to gain your trust I will do that but please don't leave me

Piya parted from abhay embrace looking to him slightly smile: I will never forgive you so soon if tomorrow will not our marriage but now I have to forgive you because I want my love to be happy and remember that MR. Raichand I will never leave you but now promise me you will keep under you anger'.don't lash on anyone

Abhay in a serious tone: I promise I will try my best to control it and I am really sorry piya I feel so awful to make this situation when our marriage is so soon

Piya widely smile: that's alright abhay but really this will never happen again I can't leave so easily than'..and now please change your mood and make me smile and praise me ' a mischievous glint wink him

Abhay showing his dimple smile: I deserve more worse my shona''checking her out from top to down wearing piya in a yellow lehnga' look marvelous good enough to eat and laugh'no sorry not to eat but to love my love'..i missed you badly piya '.i am so lucky to have you and tomorrow the whole world know this when my name attached with yours I cant help to think what will happen tomorrow''..dying to see you in a bridal attar moving his mouth near piya ear and huskily say''.tomorrow you dress only for me and make  me please and kiss lightly on her ear to make her shiver

Piya smile shyly: I have to go home now everyone knows I am in my room'..i missed you too in two days when you behaved really bad to me

Abhay trace his finger tips on her cheek: I know same here but you know the reason know no one make me different for you now piya I always share with you my feelings and experiences I promise my shona ''.common lets go home I will drop you and I love you

Piya smile: I like that and love you too

Tonight priya and piya both get dressed for mehndi and marked their life partners name on their hands''..piya room filled with bunches of red roses send only from abhay to show her his love and how sorry he was'..after every half an hour abhay texted piya tell her how much he love and waited for her''.in midnight piya cell ring

Piya smile shyly seeing the caller id name

Piya happily: enough abhay now stop this all I told you that I forgive you and love you too nothing changed

Abhay laugh: I know but I want to do this all to make you happy'what are you doing

Piya : if you stop sending me a messages than I will try to sleep abhay

Abhay: I know but can't wait for morning

Piya: me too but please now stop this I see you tomorrow now goodnight

Abhay smiling: ok shona sleep well and disconnect the call


 In the morning everyone seem to be busy preparing for the two marriages'.the whole house lit in with lighting and flowers with white shell of the hall a beautiful mandap with all the things placed on that needed to be necessary in marriage'

Piya blushingly to see the mandap this is the place where she with her abhay taking a vows for a marriage'..with the strict instruction of madhu and misha she came to her room and waiting for the veena who is hired for piya doing a touch up for her'.

Piya looking her wedding dress when her cell ring

Piya: hello

Prachi sobbing: I need your help piya please come here

Piya panic voice: prachi what happened where are you'did jeh do something with you

Prachi crying aloud: help me piya come here in the cave located middle forest please come soon either I will die '.call disconnected

Piya wondering what happened with prachi'.she needs me and her baby ohh god definitely jeh did something what should I do now if I tell someone no one make me gone for prachi but I have to go she trust me I have to save my friend ..ya I will come soon nothing bad happened I didn't have to tell anyone


Piya standing front of the cave wondering where is prachi and calling her name prachi and moved near the cave and touched it and step aback

Piya in thoughts'.shit that is the wolf territory that's mean this is all planed and rushing to move back but a gust moved her with force back into the cave and hit to the wall and floored'.

Piya looking to the place and feel hell shock''the all are present in the cave waiting for her welcome'.what was I done looking to the prachi standing near jeh feel sad '..gaurav,tania and even maithili were standing' will I fight with them I am powerful but didn't learn much moves

Maithili smirking: hello piya so today you want to become abhay bride huh

Piya frustrated: what you all want let me go and I will let you live in peace

Gaurav: we will let you go after what I claim from you that belongs to me

Piya angrily: you lied to me prachi

Jeh tsk tsk: of course she choose me over you after all I am the father of her child and wink to piya

Maithili: your time up we have to make a move and drag piya but with a bolt of fire Maithili hitted back'jeh and Tania attack to piya along prachi playing with her mind causing her more pain'

Piya throw them and moving to prachi but stop remembering her condition'..gaurav blow the back to her making her winch in pain sided by Maithili who sank in her skin fangs in her neck making piya scream..

Suddenly Prachi and Tania looking horrified

Piya turned around and kicked Maithili and blown her to the side wall''seeing the situation out from the hands jeh transferred into the wolf form and jeh and gaurav both attack to her and piya winch in pain by holding through hairs and drag to her on the hard and rolled her on the floor

Piya feel dizzy and blurred that was the effect of Maithili bite'.miathili held piya hands and jeh in back form held her legs and ordered Tania to do help him to handle piya'..

Piya crying and screaming: what you all doing please I feel dizzy let go of me

Gaurav smiling: sorry piya but thanks to Maithili which help us to make you weak and today I become most powerful creature in this world by you '.you don't deserve to be in power let me help you now

Piya struggling but all in vain she didn't feel any strength in her just only begging don't know what will going on

Maithili angrily: do now she can't be have right just do it

Gaurav smirked and hover over piya and with animate nail cut the sleeves and the blouse showing her cleavage''piya crying and struggled beneath gaurav screaming to let her leave

Tania leave her feeling so much horrified to make this to any woman and looking to prachi who sobbing in the corner and again looking to piya and feel so guilty he believed her bothers 'running and held prachi making the exist from there to do some to save piya

Gaurav cut her arm from her upper to lower near wrist'blue blood oozing out in a minute gaurav drank her blood making him satisfied and weaken piya more'.

Piya kicking and rolling but no one leave her and then she feel someone cut her near the neck , belly slap her  drank more her blood''

Maithili laughed aloud: what are you waiting for gaurav snatch her dignity and proud to be a woman'I want to make a hell for you piya in this world you want to marry abhay lets see how after this any man want you 'do it now gaurav ordered him in stern voice

Gaurav licking the blood moved his hand to pulled her gown to up making reveal her bare legs''.piya closed her eyes thinking of abhay how they love each other all over now and screamed



 i know this chapter was really emotional and i tried my best to elaborate scenes well...plzzz give your precious comments so i will get know about this your ideas about this chapter and suggestions ur comments matters to me alot and plzz do hit like button too

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wow great story plz update soon
it's an amazing story to read
thanks for the pm

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Wow so much in one update ... Abhay was so mean ... but glad that he shared everything with Pia .. love abhiya so much ... Abhay sharing his sorrow with pia was sad ...

But that prachi Angry feel so sorry for Pia, them tramps are making her weak ... where is abhay yaar ... will he come to save her ...

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awesome update loved it that was so emotional and scary hope abhay reaches in time to save piya abhay was so scared and hated opening up about his past awesome update thanks for the pm loved the update

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Hope Abhay gets there in time!
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awesome update..
bit scary..
wats gonna happen now..
continue soon..
thanxx for d pm..

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