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BOOK 2 :my love 4 u (completed) (Page 3)

sofia2 Groupbie

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 12:24am | IP Logged
congrats for book 2 pls pm me when u update. update soon.

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anjali0111 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 1:31am | IP Logged
congrats on book two!!!

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 2:16am | IP Logged
Congrats on your new book.

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 7:16am | IP Logged
CONGRATES!!!! fr book 2!!! when u r going to update next part????

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bellaaa IF-Sizzlerz

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note:sorry for being late guys but my examzz were going and now i am freeSmile...and in this ff maithili is not a doppelganger of piya



Piya is walking to the canteen side and looking lost in her thoughts as if she didn't see around her''.thinking about the yesterday night'.what happened with abhay''why he seemed so angry to meet Maithili as if she remembered she is his friend and he missed her too'''in these thoughts she was moving than suddenly she stopped in her tracks to see her front side'''as abhay and Maithili standing and talking something'''

Abhay anrgrily: what you want from me

Maithili smiling: you know what I want

Abhay daring to her eyes: to kill someone for powers

Maithili expression change into sadness: I really don't want that abhay''you know I don't want to make her suffer but its all happened suddenly that my mind stopped working than

Abhay snapped back: ya how can be your mind work as you felt sorry after doing bad deeds'

Maithili stepped near him: but now I am changed person abhay believe me'.and touched his cheek slightly making abhay more angry''.

Abhay step back and slowly looked his right side and seeing piya standing like a statue'abhay moving to her side

Abhay holding piya hand: lets go from here

Piya still looking to the Maithili: ya

Abahy drag piya with him and disappeared from Maithili side and moved to the canteen area'..

Maithili looking the way from where abhay exit and feel rage of anger when he held piya hand and move on'..

Someone from back: you don't know about this'..making Maithili came out of her land

Maithili looking to the source: oh gaurav

Gaurav happily: you seem lost Maithili'what happened you don't like the closeness between abhay and piya

Maithili calm: its nothing like that and you should also stop thinking like this'.they are just friends'..

Gaurav smiling: yes the same way you and abhay

Maihtili sad tone: you know that we were friends all thing finished because of one of our mistake'''.

Gaurav: oh common you want that too'.its nothing wrong on that and I also know you was not thought abhay as a friend

Maithili: whatever but who is she? Looks quite good bonding with abhay

Gaurav: she is piya dobriyal''a witch and a love of abhay life

Maithili in anger: what rubbish'this can't be true

Gaurav winked: I told you '''.you still want him in your life and left from there making her more angry


Abhay and piya joined the whole group''.

Sid: so Mr. you have to say sorry to us'''all boys said yes in union

Abhay: but why?

Milan: because of you all these girls were angry on us

Piya confused expression: but what abhay did?

Angad: he did a mistake to take you on a date as we didn't ever

Abhay laughed aloud: poor boys''..i feel sorry for you

Kabir: you should be

Piya: enough you all stop pulling his leg

Misha: see my sister taking a side of her love and forget about her sister

Piya smiling: I know this all your drama mish'''.i never supported abhay

Misha: really

Piya snapped back: yes

On the other side T and arjun coming to back the table with their respective trays of food'..jeh sees this and leading the opportunity hit them with his leg to make them fall''.

T standing: cant you see

Jeh: opps sorry I didn't see you guys

Arjun anger: we know that very well

Jeh coming closer to him: so what will you do even you know it

Seeing that scene sid coming between them relaxing Arjun and try to handle the situation''

Sid: look jeh just back off this'''..its not good for you

Jeh smirked: really you are so coward

Sid: I am not idiot an duffer like you  but you want to fight I guess and held him from his collar

Tania seeing this coming closer to sid and alina too'''Tania trying to stop sid

Tania: please sid leave him''he is my brother'leave him

Sid angrily: no I will not

Alina held him from his shoulder and politely said: please sid don't make it worse'''sid stopped in his tracks and see alina pleading eyes and leave him with jerk and moved with alina to their table side''''.making Tania feel sad and angry that he didn't listen her pleading and only in once he obeyed alina'''this making fire in her body and she moved from their with his brother''''.

Piya: why they always start up this

Milan: because they want to went out their frustation

Abhay changing the topic: oh common why we are talking about them''.sid you did a right thing you know they deserve it

Alina: bhai not again stop this

Abhay holding piya hand: I want to talk to you and pulled her with him''''everybody looking them and said ohhhooo


Abhay holding piya hand and sit with her on the stairs'.piya looking abhay and feel the hesitation on his face

Piya give him a tight grip on hand: whats wrong''' want to tell me something

Abhay quietly: why did you not asked me?

Piya confusing: what abhay? What are you talking about

Abhay looking to her: about Maithili ''.when I was with her in the morning

Piya smiled: I don't want to know abhay I told you

Abhay slightly smiled: how you manage this all

Piya: I trust you abhay and I will wait for you when you feel open to me till than I wait

Abhay smiled: you really love me a lot

Piya snapped: I thought you love me too and pouting and looked away

Abhay showing his dimples come closer to her and hugged her: you know that I love you too and I feel that everyday my love grows more for you'.you are my light' life I can't live without you now'''''.back from hug and cupped her face''.looking into piya eyes'.you are now the reason of my life to exist earlier I live for my family and now I live for my love and that is you''''please never leave me''

Piya listening all this with teary eyes: I know abhay''.i will always with you and hugged him tightly to never leave him'.

Gaurav and Maithili looking all this'''

Gaurav: love birds you need a room

Hearing the voice abhay and piya looking to the source and piya with a jerk backed out and both stand up'''

Abhay roughly: its our life and we do what we want

Maithili: oh so she is your currently interest

Abhay looking to piya and feel her sadness: you think everyone is like you huh

Maithili smirked: no one is like me'''I am only the one perfect

Abhay snapped: in your dreams and enjoy with your friend gaurav after all you both two are losers

Gaurav: you better don't drag me in this

Piya frustrated: stop this all non sense

Maithili: why should we'''me and abhay are a best friends

Abhay in rage: get lost

Gaurav: oh poor abhay you can't neglect this matter and before he said more abhay jumped on him and punched him hard'

Abhay: I will kill you''guarav in rage also hitting him both were fighting and Maithili looking all this in fun'''piya looking terrified and run to stop them''''with the jerk she pulled them apart and stand in between them'''

Piya: you will have to fight me before doing this to abhay'

Gaurav : she saved you this time but how long and left from there

Maithili running to abhay: are you alright'.did you hurt

Piya pulled her back: don't you dare to touch him and kindly please leave from there'..maithili fuming in ager and left from there leaving abhay and piya alone'..

Abhay standing with guilt: I am sorry

Piya coming closer to him: you should be why are you fighting with him' have to control your anger'whatever happened in your past leave it abhay don't ruin your present  for this'

Abhay nodded: I will try piya but you know its not easy to forget which change your life

Piya : I understand abhay'..are you hurt'.show me

Abhay protested: no I am fine piya seriously

Piya: but he attack on you abhay'.try to see him if he hurt and touching him and touched his arm and he groan in pain''..

Piya shocked: god abhay you are hurt'.let me see and removed the sleeve of shirt and see the nail marks of gaurav'.

Abhay back the sleeve: its ok its just a minor pain it will heal'..

Piya snatch it back to him: no it will not you forget if any wolf attack on vampire than it didn't heal and

Abhay cut her off: oh common piya its not like this attack I am fine see and its just a mark its will remove with time

Piya in confused state: but abhay anything happened than what will we do?

Abhay smiled: right now only you make me fine

Piya without thinking: how?

Abhay: give me a kiss and I will fine

Piya looked him shocked expression: are you mad in this situation you are thinking of romance unbelievable and pulled him with her back to the college'''..both are laughing aloud too thinking how mad both were in love'''


Piya sitting in her room and reading about the history of vampires'..suddenly piya  cell ringing'

Piya attend the call: hello Milan

Milan: hi piya..what are you doing'..hope I am not disturbing you'

Piya: oh no Milan..not at want to tell something

Milan hesitate: hmm yes piya actually I want you to tell something

Piya: go on Milan'..abhay is alright na?

Milan: ya he is fine'.but I want to tell that abhay is really very nice person as a heart too'he never did anything wrong to others even strangers too. But you know before meeting you he always try to remain happy for us but I know he was not happy he shows but his eyes tell me a lot,after having you in his life I see a new abhay '.who love to live his life now..who enjoy every bit of life and his eyes glowing in happiness after you entering in his life''..

Piya smiled: I know abhay a lot'he is very kind to others'.and I will there for him don't to worry'.

Milan: I know you both love each other a lot but after Maithili back I feel something bad happen soon''and I want to tell you be aware of her '.even abhay didn't know this she really like abhay a lot and after seeing you near him, she try to separate you both so, be careful'

Piya silent: what do you mean Milan..did abhay also love

Milan immediately: no he only thought her as a friend but she didn't deserve his friendship too and now she may be in rage do something with you and abhay too'

Piya: you don't worry'I will handle it..and I know my abhay only remain in my side

Milan: I wish you both always remain together and be happy

Piya: thank you Milan..bye

Milan: take care bye

After ending the call piya start getting panic'''.so that's why Maithili came near abhay because she like him ''.her heart started sinking that the most precious thing in her life someone also wanted'''no whoever want her abhay but her abhay always remain her'I will protect and keep my abhay with me from this whole world'''.whatever your plan is Maithili but I promise to myself I never make any misunderstanding between abhay and my relationship'..


Gaurav and jeh watching the sadness of tania''..from the time of the conflict of sid and jeh she became sad''

Jeh: sissy what's wrong you seem upset

tania: nothing jeh

Gaurav: common tania stop lying to us'.We can see the sad glimpse in your face tell me sis what's bother you

tania: I am fine bhai

Gaurav: alright than''..anyway jeh I am saying you find that person..its very important now for our survival either these vampires didn't leave us alone'.

tania remembering the event back happened with sid and alina and fuming in anger: I know who is that person bhai

Gaurav and jeh smiled''.

Gaurav: who is that?

tania with evilness: piya dobriyal

Gaurav smirked and smiled: got you piya'


Haseena: I am so excited for this chand

Chand smiled: I know we were waiting for this for a long time but we have to tell them that they are made for each other

Madhu: I agree with you chand bhai but do you think so that both will agreed to it after knowing the reason of their love

Haseena: I think so after all they are in love

Arnab: but they didn't know because of the blood connection they became attracted not just they liked each other

Chand: that's right and I want that this matter remain hidden its not compulsory for abhay and piya to know the reason'.its in prophecy that they both met and fall in love but our young generation didn't accept this easily so let it be remain hidden from them'.

Arnab: I also thought the same

Madhu: but what we will do if they came to know it especially piya

Haseena: I too worried for this

Chand assuring: nothing will happen wrong just do the preparation fast as may be piya desires reach on peak in these days as her powers tiggers then it may difficult to handle piya without giving her powers  it her partner as it may said in prophecy'.

Arnab: yes chand we have to do this step faster

All nodded their head in approval


Abhay was lying on his bed and ignoring the call of piya from the whole day'..try to avoid his family too from the whole day and locking himself in a room didn't want to make anyone tense because of his condition''.abhay closing his eyes and try to stop thinking of piya and think something else  but failed to do this''..after sometime abhay opened his eyes and shocked to see piya in front of him looking sad

Abhay trying to stand but piya hurriedly jump on bed and hugged him and make him lied on bed with her '.piya was on the top of abhay'back out the hug

Abhay looked to piya: what are you doing here?

Piya looking to the pale face of abhay which lost his shine and then slowly she sat up and held abhay hand and look to the mark of the attack'''its make abhay arm a brownish colour and it spread to his whole arm

Piya in low voice: I told you abhay its not heal

Abhay changing the topic: how you get in my room

Piya in a whisper: no one can stop me to meet you abhay even its you too''you are weak abhay because of the wolf attack and if didn't cure than it may lead you in a danger of your life

Abhay sigh: I know that's why I avoid you but you are too stubborn'.never give up on me

Piya sadly: I will never give up on you abhay'..i will make you well

Abhay trying to cheer up: seriously and how will you make me fine my shona'with a kiss and wink her

Piya in serious tone: stop your rubbish and let me do my work'piya opened her jacket and show him her sleeveless body wearing a shirt and throw the jacket back of the bed and lay down near abhay''.abahy looking her in confusion

Abahy: what are you doing

Piya sigh: you have to mark me

Abhay taken aback: what do you mean

Piya looking to him: bite me abhay ''..mark me

Abhay: are you mad piya'.bite you''.are you nuts'.why should I bite you..i don't want

Piya coming closer to him: sshhh abhay I know but only cure to save you is my blood believe me I read somewhere and may be its work that witch blood help to heal vampire

Abhay smiled: so you want me to do that'.you are totally mad

Piya: yes for you'''I don't want you to lose abhay please stop being stubborn and do that'I am ready

Abhay : we will find other way piya please I don't want that

Piya: if there is any other way than I will do that na trust me abhay it's the only way now go for it

Abhay  hesitately turned to the side of piya and moved on the top of her and slowly held her shoulders''piya assuring abhay swung her arms around him and smiled and signaled him to do so''abhay started with the light kiss on piya neck and keep going with that kissing her neck and throat and slowly like she is a doll to him flushed her blood in him and carefully suck the blood''.its not like liking the blood only he also sense her emotions her happiness, sadness her 'from what she gone through from life and her sufferings pain when he was not with her'.and with great difficulty he parted his fangs to her skin'.

Abhay looking to her shocked: are you alright? did I hurt you so much

Piya weakly smiled: I am fine'how are you feeling now

Abhay : I feel energetic and then see his mark which was not seen now

Piya looked it too: see I told you'you are good now

Abhay cupped her right cheek: but you know I am attached with you now

Piya smiled: I know that and kissed abhay forehead'..relax I feel happy

Abhay lay down to her and kissed the neck from where he marked her'..her cheek'her forehead'..piya held abhay tightly not to go him away and kissed his eyes'..and slowly her hands roaming to his chest making abhay more wanted from her''..piya kissed him on cheek and then opening the buttons of his shirt''..touching the well built body of abhay'..making abhay groan in passion''piya pulled him down and give him a hard kiss on lips'..piya desires were on peak knowing it full she try to control her and with a jerk she parted from the kiss and moved from the bed and stand front of abhay''..who is recovering from what happened now

Abhay  sitting on bed sensing piya nervousness:  what happened

Piya not to look him: I am sorry''I didn't have any intention to do that

Abhay smirked coming closer to her: ohh you mean kissing me and touching

Piya shyly look down: hmm I am sorry I was out of control..i mean I don't know what gone into me but not complete her sentence as abhay put his finger on her lips

Abhay: why sorry shona'..i love to see this side of you daily

Piya back of him: what'you are too much abhay

Abhay smiled: so what'. when I wanted more you backed out ..poor me shona

Piya blushing: I got it from now onwards you will not touch me understand and showing fake anger to him

Abhay smiled vanished: you must be kidding piya

Piya controlling her smile seeing abhay reaction: of course not from now you didn't touch me and not even hug me got that Mr.raichand

Abhay eyes wide: that's not fair piya you started all this and I am the innocent one who will suffer from this''.and what kind of a girl you who wanted to remain untouched with the hands of her love

Piya with attitude: that's my style and wink to him'''now I have to go are alright and see you tomorrow my love and disappeared from the window leaving a sad abhay'.

As along outside of the house turning to go home piya met with chand'

Chand surprisingly: what are you doing here piya and this time'.

Piya give fake smile: hello uncle''ya I came to meet abhay something important uncle'.hope you don't mind

Chand in mind: oh god what I have been feeling its not true'how this possible'.piya seems weak to me now''.its not a signal and from approaching days she need to be strong but that girl never listen to anyone ' I have to talk to abhay'..piya need protection

Piya again: uncle are you there

Chand sensing back: oh ya beta that's alright'.how are feeling piya

Piya smile vanished: I'I am good uncle bye

Chand: bye piya and keep looking to piya till than she disappeared from his side and left to go inside


Piya is pacing to and forth in the room feeling being frustrated on herself''.

Piya in mind: whats happening to me''.how can I think like this 'I have no control on my thoughts and this damn feelings which rose on peak today when I am with abhay'what is he think of me how cheap I am '.i basically doing that wht I didn't even realize and I feel good with that too'''I love abhay no doubt but I have been in control mostly these things boys do and in our case I was doing this all''.

And now I feel quite a low'feeling like I lost my energy'after having blood a lot I even feel weak''.snaaping her thoughts ''how stupid you piya of course you feel weak after lose of blood remember you offered abhay that and snapped from her thoughts when her mobile ringing'..

Smilingly piya attend the call: hello

Abhay: dreaming about me

Piya lying on bed: never why should I

Abhay rested his head on bedboard: because I am your love shona

Piya blush: its just I like didn't mean that I am always thinking about you

Abhay laughed: you are smart my shona'corrected here not love shona..

Piya scarlet red: why you call me

Abhay: don't you try to change the topic piya..say it na

Piya teasing: what?

Abhay: that you love me

Piya: you know that

Abhay: I want to hear from you mouth'you know I did this every night than why are you teasing me today

Piya: because from onwards no touching and not saying these words

Abhay sigh in sad: whats gone into you piya''.i can't live without hearing these words you well know this

Piya smiled: but why

Abhay huskily: because when you say it my dark life seems give some light from your love

Piya feeling sorry for abhay: sorry I teasing you

Abhay sensing her sadness: now say the words please

Piya : I love you abhay more than myself

Abhay smiled: I love you too piya and remember that whatever you said about staying away it didn't work shona

Piya smirked: how

Abhay: that you will see tomorrow my love

Piya: ya we will see

Abhay: bye shona and cut the call

Abhay thinking you will never stay far from me piya..think what have you to do but I am also stubborn and not letting you make distance between us like this and smiled'''.



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congo 4 bk 2Party
Trouble. IF-Stunnerz

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Awesum updtClap...Hope metz doesn't create n e problm

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lovely updateSmilethnx 4 pm meSmile

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