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BOOK 2 :my love 4 u (completed) (Page 26)

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Originally posted by Aish-Naksh

Originally posted by bellaaa

Originally posted by Aish-Naksh

hey update kab karegi ray???

aj raat tak keron ge definately

So me waiting,,,

i know that sorry that u wait so long i will do thatSmile

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Originally posted by anjali0111

superb update
abhiya moments were cute
this jeh n guaravAngry just hate them
hope abhiya marry before that gaurav n maithili do any thing

thank u
lets see that

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Originally posted by KriYa_life

Lovely update. Enjoyed the update. AbhIya scenes were the best.
Maithli.. I dont like her.

thank u
glad u liked it

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Originally posted by ajwa.ali

update was awesum...
hate that maithli a lot...
waiting for abhiya's wedding...
continue soon..

thank u
i will cont soon now

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Originally posted by pkyekrox

AbhIya were so cute!! And tht Gaurav!! Did he try to rape her?! That B*****D!!

But Cont soon!!

thank u
no he didnt he only warned her
i will cont soon now

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when ur updating?? Smile
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Originally posted by i_luv_abhiya

when ur updating?? Smile

bs yar thori deher mai kerti hoon update
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note: sorry guys for being late to update but these days i am busy alot as ramazan is going...please forgive me ...and i also don't know that you guys like it or not the update but please give your precious comments and suggestions regarding ff...and do hit the like button too



In piya room chand and arnab stting silently on the sofa looking to the crying piya cling to the madhu and all the scene what happened to her telling them'''haseena parting her back and mumble some words to calm her'''..

Haseena sweetly: piya there is nothing to worried just relax''..and we are also here with you no one will touch you

Piya through teary eyes looking to haseena: but haseena aunty the way they looked at me and their evil eyes like they want something and I don't get it''''and what the hell they want from me and sobbed gaurav also said you have options to choose me or either jeh '..i mean for what'they warned me I don't get it what they mean of that''and that gaurav I will kill him with my own if he ever touched me again'..

Chand eyed to arnab all were silent and only the source of sound of sob of piya

Arnab standing in front of piya: I told you piya that you are very powerful and probably you the one who is the most powerful witch in our clan and along others too so definitely someone want to have your powers and that gaurav and jeh want to have your powers'''.you are very precious piya

Chand calmly: and that's why we chose abhay to protect you because you don't know how to safe your from evil hands but sometime he also don't protect you piya''.. looking to the arnab'and the only conclusion we find out is that you both have to marry soon

Piya with wide eyes can't believing that: abhay and me marry and why should I suppose to marry him''.if he want to safe me than why marry him is important

Chand sigh: because you belong to him

Piya in confusion: what

Arnab: you are his mate piya''.he lived on this earth only for you piya''this is the prophecy that you both meet and fall in love because you belong to him and your blood too

Piya with totally confuse: what that you mean that I am already belong to abhay if I don't met him and how I am his mate I don't get it

Chand assuring her:  you know about your blood and the venom and blood of my when transfer to arnab your blood belong to one of my son and who was attracted to you because only the blue blood..beacuse having the blood connection to him''.your and his blood belong to each other because of my venom run in your blood too''.am I suppose because to save your dads life I did that'''.so you are mate of his ''..if you don't love each other than be you will attracted to each other and you can't deny this piya you are birth to be with my son'''.

Piya smile: oh so I always belong to abhay

Haseena smiling: yes you will be soon my daughter

Piya hesitate: and what about my powers?

Chand: that only belong to abhay too'''he will protect you

Piya nodded: ok

Haseena: but please don't tell this to abhay

Madhu: but why haseena he should be known the reason and piya belong to each other why we not tell him

Chand: because he is not believe on this'''.because of my mistake he never believe on this ever and I hope you don't tell him now and this not important for him either because he cares for you a lot and always ready to protect you

Piya whisper: and what if he will know this that I am belong to him

Chand with tight jaw: maybe he leave you angry on you because he think mate didn't exist and for him never because he lived along time on earth and his mate never exist he chose you with his own choice and love you a lot' this nothing belong to your mate who live only for you''he believe on this

Piya: ohh but why he think like this?

Chand: because of me and's my mistake

Piya looked stunned hearing this

Haseena; you take a rest tomorrow you will officially make you our daughter and kissed her forehead'.

Madhu embrace her: sleep for sometime its late now

And all left from there leaving alone confusing piya'''..piya in mind ohh god I have to hide this from my abhay ''..i don't want too but what if he will not accept me'.no my abhay is not like this but what my parents and abhay parents said that can never be a lie''..abhay I am so happy that I am all yours but you never know it why '..and what Maithili did to you that you not believe on this that I am your mate who only belong to you 'and we are connected to our blood abhay whatever all this but I know you love me a lot and never leave me ''''.closing her eyes'''..i love you abhay and a drop of tear slide from her eyes


Abhay pacing in hall from right to left trying to comfort himself and Milan priya and alina are sitting along watching abhay in silent mode

Milan at last speak: abhay just calm down nothing wrong happened to piya'.she is fine and safe in her house

Abhay looking horrified: safe'.she is not safe anymore Milan''..i can't believe this dad didn't tell me that she is so precious for not only for me but also for others because of her unconditional powers and they want to harm her and I will never let that happen''..she is my life bhai I can't live without her and that wolfs trying to snatch her form me''.

Priya embracing abhay: relax abhay''.no one snatch piya form you'..she is only yours and I know she is also love you a lot just like you love him and she only need your support and protection can you do this for her

Abhay parted: I can sacrifice myself for her priya''.and I will never let her leave alone for one moment now and you all guys help me doing this if I will not near piya than one of you will protect her please promise me

Alina: of course bhai I can don't said that please we all know how important piya is in your life and she is not only your love but also our friend too'.we will always protect her

Milan smile: and she is also our would be bhabi soon and wink to abhay to lighten the mood of him

Abhay smile: shut up'you think about misha poor she didn't know about my brother

Chand and haseena enter the home and located all family are sitting here to confront them

Abhay rushing to them: how is piya now'is she fine'.is she still crying'what about she told you'..

Chand: listen abhay'.she is much better but she is scared a lot because of them wolfs

Abhay gritting teeth: I will right now kill them and no one stop me and about to leave form there

Milan held him from his shoulders and pulled him back: are you mad it's not the right time

Abhay jerk him; I have to bhai '..let me go

Chand : abhay just stop this madness and listen to me'''.you want to piya safe did you?

Abhay rolling his eye: of course you know that

Chand smile: then you will do whatever we said to you to safe her

Abhay: come to the point dad

Haseena smiled: we will tell you tomorrow abhay but one thing I want to know you love piya and always want to with her

Abhay with serious tone: what's going on mom and yes I love piya and not live without her

Chand: later abhay tomorrow you all will ready we will go to dobriyal house'


Arnab angrily: I want to know this sidhharth how they came to know about piya'you was the one who knows about piya secret then how they came to know about this''

Sid looking down: I don't have any idea dad

Arnab: its not like this that they have any idea  about this and chand is damn sure about this that someone tell them and now only you knows that and I thought you were the most responsible son of mine that's why I trust you with this

Sid looking to his dad: I know dad but I have no idea who knows all this I know my little sister and she is very precious to me I can't to this to her''..give me some time I thought about this

Arnab jerk him form shoulders: you better know because I have this idea that you was the one '.the one who let his sister life in danger but I thank to chand who will accept piya as his daughter in law and save her and left from there

Sid having tears : I have never thought about this that my friend betray me and how foolish I am that I believe on Tania that she kept this secret because after all she belong to her caln and save her brothers not my sister but how can she ''..she is so sweet to me always support me and help me and now only with my one mistake they know that piya is the one who ruled in this world ''

But know I don't let them harm my sister she is so innocent'and I will always do whatever to safe my sister and make her happy because she is scared now they make her scared how dare them ''..i will have to make them pay and close his eyes'


Tania shouting on gaurav and jeh: bhai you both are mad'.how can you do this to piya

Gaurav: so what was you expecting huh that I will let her leave

Jeh: Tania we have give her choice now its depend on her if she not make any than we will do with by force and that's final

Tania claming: bhai I said to you that you don't have to make her scared like this you will do this by in nice way and you don't have to show your real face and ideas to them and that leeches' my point

Maithili: what you mean by Tania that we were doing in a wrong way

Tania: exactly you all will do in proper way that nobody doubt on you

Maithili angrily: and what we will do than you should also tell that'what you expect to go piya house and make her believe that gaurav is so innocent and love her and please do marry him

Tania smiled evilly: that's a good idea

Jeh snap back: that's a disaster I tell you

Gaurav wickedly: let's do that way it's having fun to tease them and laughed aloud

Maithili: fine do that but I am with jeh it's nothing gain in it


All having breakfast sitting on the dining room

Piya smiling: ohh common mom stop I can't eat more please

Madhu giving her a juice: a little more my princess

Misha smile: hmm so she is princess and what I am

Sid parted her back: you are a brat not a princess''..all were laughing

Misha irritated: look you are also not less''..i am so innocent

Kabir whisper only to hear misha: we know that poor Milan tell all your innocence to us and wink to her

Misha blush: you are too much

Piya laughed aloud: infact you all are too much

Arnab happy to see piya smile: how are you feeling now piya

Piya assured arnab: I am absolutely fine dad believe me''.it's just at night I am out of control but know I am fit and infact how should not I I have such a supportive family

Sid holding her sister hand who sitting next to him: if anything bother to you and want any help than without any hesitation please ask me you understand because you are my little sister and I love you a lot

Piya smile: I will do that bhai and I love you too

Alina entering: ohh than what will abhay do than you not love him

All looked to the alina and smiled'''.madhu and arnab rushed to the gate and greet to the all raichands''..after in a comfortable mode '''.

Haseena smiling: what can I do with this boy always come late look now in this day he will come late

Madhu : it's alright haseena after all they are child

Chand: no bhabi he should be responsible but let it be leave actually we came to take your daughter with us for forever make our daughter please give us honor to give her hand for my son abhay''he will soon step in our business after the ending of this semester and he loves piya a lot and along I want to priya also should marry with kabir

Arnab smiling: we all know this chand '''I am very glad that piya will gone to your house from one father to another father house'''and I give to your daughter than I will have back my daughter too just like piya I care for priya too''...piya and kabir are you happy for this decision

Kabir quickly: of course dad''..all laugh

Piya shyly looked to her parents and then her siblings who are smiling and misha wink to her: whatever your wish dad and smiled

Arnab happily: so it's done

Haseena embrace piya happily: I am waiting for you piya so eagerly and madhu also embrace priya

Chand: we will do this marriage soon you know that arnab

Madhu: so how should be next week

Chand shaking his head: no bhabi soon we will do this in soon let be in after three days

Arnab happy: I agree with you chand so it's final after three days piya and kabir married to abhay and priya

All were chatting but piya missing abhay badly than door bell rang and madhu open it looking shock'''.

Arnab shouting: don't take a step in my house get lost from here gaurav'

Jeh: relax uncle we came here for a marriage proposal this is the way to welcome your guests

Milan: can't you listen what arnab uncle said get out of the house

Gaurav looking straight to arnab: I came here to for proposal for piya'I want to marry her uncle'.i really like her

Arnab grabbing his collar: don't take a name of my daughter form your filthy mouth get lost'.

Gaurav smirk: as you wish it's your lost''''..from the back one hand patting him''.looking back gaurav smiled

Abhay clutching his hands tight: move from here before I do something that you will regret and pushed from there outside the house punched his face with full force'..stay away from piya she is only mine and immediately closed the door in front of his face''.

Abhay looking back to all '.all look depress and frustrated

Abhay smile: they didn't bother you all any more so all please smile and wow my whole family is here

Chand to arnab: so the marriage is final congragulation arnab and bhabi jee

Abhay shockingly: what are you insane you were accepting that gaurav proposal'''.how can you uncle'''.he is not right for piya '.i mean I love her uncle''''hearing all this laugh

Madhu touching abhay cheek:  we all know you love piya and the marriage of you and piya held after three days with priya and kabir too

Abhay with surprise reaction looking to his parents''.they are smiling and nodded their head In approval than he look to his siblings who are smirking to him

Chand smiling: I hope you are agree to marry your love and this time I am not forcing you to marry the one I choose for you because you love her right I am

Abhay with narrowing eyes looked to chand than smile: I am so happy dad

Aranb: so you will always protect my daughter promise me abhay

Abhay running and embrace to arnab: I promise to you uncle I always love and protect my love my piya

Sid : hope you will do that because we are giving you our princess and embrace piya held her close to him'.

Piya shyly smile whisper: are you alright sid

Misha : ohh enough lets celebrate guys

All youngster move to the outside

Misha: that's not fair priya we thought we also in the list in marriage but look who Is not willing she will marry soon'' lucky piya

Piya looking sown: it's not like that misha

Abhay smirk: so what's that mean you don't want to marry piya?

Piya shyly: I want too

Abhay held her hand: sorry guys I want some privacy and holding her in his arms run to the forest side''''


Abhay help piya to land her feet ''

Abhay showing his dimples: so I can't believe we will soon married

Piya laugh: I know its new feeling right new sensation

Abhay sitting with her on the stone: that's right but I am so glad someone Is here for me now who wait for me love me and share everything for her life with me

Piya holding his hand: these thing I am doing already

Abhay smirk: ya but soon like a wife

Piya smiled and laid her head on his shoulder: I am waiting for that day

Abhay holding her back: same here and i promise no one will touch you than and I will never hurt you always try to understand your feelings and kissed her forehead

Piya looking to his eyes: I will also do what make you happy abhay and promise to always be your side and hugged him

Abhay smelling her hairs:I know in what circumstances our marriage held but I assure that I always want that to marry you

Piya parted back: abhay why chand uncle said I am not forcing you for marrying me what's that mean he forced you for something

Abhay show her a faded smile: can we discuss it later I don't want to spoil our mood

Piya nod: ok but you will tell me this all right

Abhay : definitely I will but not know

Abhay kiss her cheek: let's go to college now


Sid roaming to the college looking for the Tania'..he see her coming from the other side of corridor''..angrily he drag her to the side empty room

Tania struggling to release her arm: stop it sid'what are you doing

Sid angrily pushed her to the table: why did you this Tania

Tania with confusing expression: what?

Sid: you told your brothers about piya right that time I don't know about piya secret but I know something in piya is special and I believe you and told you about this and you didn't kept that promise to me'..why..why

Tania held his collar: because I love you sid can't you see that I was struggling with my heart we are so good than alina came between us and you leave me'.we were so happy together '.you care for me then and now you didn't even bother of me that's why I do this that you suffer and came back to me when you know that for you I will go any length

Sid jerk her: are you mad''.i always like you as a friend Tania but not love you I love alina''and this is not the reason that if I don't love you so you drag my sister in the hell and i never leave you I always care for and what you did it's enough for the ending of our friendship''I will never forgive you what you do to my sister

Tania embrace sid: no sid please don't leave me I am sorry but I am helpless I love you

Sid parted her: no you don't love me

Tania pulled him: I love you and kissed him on his lips for a moment sid didn't understand what had happened forcefully he pushed her

Sid angrily: you are disgusting Tania and left from there hurriedly

Tania seeing sid leaving her with teary eyes and then angered placed in her eyes too'.

Tania in mind:you will come to me back sid '' one snatch you from me you are mine and leave from there too

This all scene someone also saw and it's piya who standing near the window with wide eyes try to digest this scene '''

Piya moving from there went to the canteen lost in her thoughts ''''.

Piya with herself: what have I seen''.is it true Tania''.sid is being so nice to her and she behaved with him like this''.i know that they never be good for us but I never expect that Tania also be like this''..but why this all happening and my brother sid he is hurt now I know this'''.piya moving in the corridor and suddenly stop to see prachi crying out from the room'..

Piya investigate room and saw only jeh is standing near the table in full anger''..piya follow prachi and watch her crying sitting on the bench'''

Piya can't understand why she is crying like this mad'''..i have to find this and closed her eyes and focus on prachi'''I can't feel anything'''piya open her eye and see prachi placed her one hand on her lower abdomen''seeing this piya focus on her again and get to know what happened with her'''..

Piya coming closer to prachi and placed her hand on her shoulder: how are you feeling prachi''.

Prachi looking her with tear: what you want from me

Piya showing her sad smile: I missed you prachi and I know why are you crying'''why you didn't tell me this and believe me I am with you tell me

Prachi jerking her hand: what do you know huh piya'.you don't have any idea about anything

Piya clenched teeth: I know that'.closed her eyes and take a deep breath that you are pregnant and open her eyes to see prachi reaction

Prachi looking her with wide eyes: stop this non sense and please don't tell this to anyone'.its non of your business in all this and left from there alone piya

Piya spilled her tears on her cheeks which are having to come along with a long time and moved back to the canteen''.piya cleansed her face and entered the canteen and sit with the whole gang of friends'''.

Kabir: where are you for so long'..someone else take interest in you huh

Abhay in serious tone: stop this rubbish kabir''.piya I told you not roam in college alone but you never listen to me'''what if something happen to you'.and kabir piya is mine so forget that some other guy interest

Milan: wow  look someone become jealous

Misha: so sweet of you abhay but your piya never took interest in some other guy

Abhay smiled: I know that and looked to piya who is looking in some thought

Abhay to piya holding her hand: where are you lost my shona

Piya look abhay: you said something to me

Abhay showing her concern eyes: Is everything alright piya

Piya smile: everything is fine

Abhay with narrow eyes: hmm well so come lets go to a long drive

Piya quickly: my mood is not for drive now please

Abhay nodding his head: as you wish my shona

Priya interrupted all: guys we should have to go for our dresses

Alina: ya ya only you want dresses na we don't  right

Abhay: common alina and we are celebrating our marriage ceremony on low profile so please stop all of you

Sid: but the bride and groom want to wear dress at least guys

Angad excitedly: I agree

Ruhi: let's go guys we don't have any time I want to go to parlor after all our two best couples marriage in after two days

Kabir: thanks for compliment ruhi

T smiling: did you mean that all of others are not good couples and wink to misha

Misha: what ruhi you mean this

Milan: ohh ruhi you break my heart

Ruhi hurriedly: no no guys I mean '.i mean'.that now currently best couples marriage when you guys married then you will also be in list and laughed

All laughed and chatting more but only piya remain silent in all this conversation

Abhay looked to piya and saw how sad she feel today

Abhay held piya hand from her lap beneath the table and bring his lips near her ears''.piya look to abhay curiously and in confuse expression''

Abhay smile: tumhe patah toh hoga tumhe pe mai feda hoon tumhe hai jab se caha hawaon mai urtha hoon tumhe mere her pal mai tum aj mai toh kal mai haiii shona hai shona''hai shona hai shona

Piya smiled widely and looked to abhay eyes'''.abhay wink to her'

Piya smilingly: thank you

Abhay: for what

Piya: for make me feel good

Abhay squeezed her hand: anytime my love

Both smiled and slowly look front of them and looked whole gang looked to them''

Arjun: lovebirds

Alina: guys get a room for your romance and coohie coo

Misha: I am flat to see you both in so much in love guys

Sid: and will always remain like this

Sid looked to front of the door and see Tania ,jeh and prachi moving in the canteen ''.tania smirk to sid and passed from them''..piya looked back and saw the eye contact of Tania and see how vulnerable prachi look''..

Piya feel sad again''..

Piya in mind: why prachi look sad if she is happy to be with jeh and if still they both in love then why he don't marry to prachi''.i hope that he accept prachi in this form too '..did he know about the prachi being baring his child'.hope they will happy remain like tis but then why prachi was so sad and now also she look weak and sad

Abhay look the concern and pain in piya eyes and look in the direction where piya eyes were still'''on Tania and prachi'''abhay back look to piya who also looking to him'''.

Abhay smile and in mind: something definitely bothering you piya and want to know this'' hope you tell me this''.i can feel you are sad piya'..i saw you when you talk with prachi but what's going on I don't know and I am sorry I don't leave alone anymore not in the college too'.


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