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BOOK 2 :my love 4 u (completed) (Page 16)

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Originally posted by mahi4ever

Nice ff Smile pls pm me wen ever u update Big smile

thanksss buddy
i will

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Originally posted by -sakshi-

nice update ... the way piya heals abhay  is too hawt  
thanks for the pm & waiting for the next

thankk u
i ill cont soon now

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Originally posted by Aish-Naksh

update soon as possible

i will do it soon now fati
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Originally posted by ---Priya---

BG awesome updates...
loved them all...
what is the story btwn metz and abhay? Confused what did she do for him to hate her so much Confused
hope metz dsnt create any prb btwn abhiya

P.S sorry for commenting aft 2 months LOL u know abt my laziness na Wink

thankss AG
glad u liked them
it will reveal it soon now
she do yar
ya ya i know you wellWink but glad u read

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Originally posted by arunsunita_gm

update soon as possible 

i will do it soon now
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Abhay standing in the parking area waiting to meet piya desperately but looks like his wait been went too long today''''..a black Mercedes entered to the college making abhay smile once but when  everyone came out from the car his face fell into disappointment as kabir, sid, misha all are present to college only expect his piya'''..

Abhay thinking''.Ohh god where she is'..she knows me that I can't make  in class without meeting her but still she is not here for me today'''..cut the crap I am going insane without her''''she is like a drug to my system now'''.so addicted I am '''.and smile to his own thought'.

Coming closer to trio of dobriyals''.

Abhay smiling: hey buddies'''whats up..where is piya

Kabir: relax dude we know we are nothing for you now because your eyes tell us looking only for piya huh and wink to his

Abhay crooked smile: good for you

Misha: she came late as her lecture might be at ten to onwards so'

Abhay sadly thought so what for me you can't come earlier huh''now I know whats my importance to you''..and with small smile'..ok

Sid dragged to him: lets go to our class and I am with you

Abhay : of course

As all boys were sitting and chatting in the class'''kabir seemed a bit sad..

Kabir: why these girls were so rude to us guys

Angad: they have  a right dude after all they are girls

Milan: what happened you are upset

Kabir irritated: nothing its just a little fight happened with priya ''I mean they are so good to you but if you didn't agreed to their one opinion than we are so bad nothing gonna be worst person on this earth to us

Abhay laughed and too sad with piya: exactly they are like this and I am afraid I never ever understand these girls

Milan: same here I am also suffering with this

Arjun smiled: poor my friends.i fell pity for you

Sid patting Arjun back: don't feel so happy if you are also in relation than I have asked to you what will you bear

Arjun: so that's why I am safe

Shuriya: wish someone is also with me

Kabir: don't make that wish which destroyed your life are lucky

Some female voice heard from there backs: really than you also break up with me than who cares for you

All looked back to the voice'..and kabir looked horrified now

Priya along others girls: what say

Kabir coming closer to her: hey baby I am just joking'''right boys

Abhay seeing piya smirked: why are you lying kabir'I am with you and support you look these have really didn't have brains and pointing to piya

Piya understanding his point: so you mean you regret to have me in your life

Abhay coming closer to her: if you understand my need than of course not

Piya controlling her laugh: so what you need

Abhay also smiled a little: you know what I mean

Piya smirked: no I don't

Abhay amazed: remember what I told you my need and came closer to her earlobe'to touch you '.hug you

Piya backed: ummm'.I'its just waste to talk with you and moved from there quickly eyeing to everyone who looked them with surprised eyes

Alina stopping piya: whats all this going yar

Piya with stern voice: we should move form there and drag the girls with her

Priya: I will not leave you kabir

And piya last eyeing to abhay and disappeared from his side

Abhay smiled and looked back to the boys with narrowing eyes: what I have done and run from there too'


Piya having a sip of coffee: so tell me why are you upset from kabir?

Priya sigh: leave it I don't want to discuss it''.

Alina: common priya tell us we should do something you know

Priya: actually if you girls agree on my point than this may be help me

Piya assuring her: we will but for that you have to tell us

Misha: exactly we are not get in your mind

Priya: alright umm'..kabir want to marry me

Piya smiled'alina and misha shock and ruhi and T with wide eyes looking to priya'..they were staring her'.. no one has a dare to speak first'''..piya clearly the throat

Piya: it's a great news''so why are you fight with him on this'''.you don't want marry

Priya shyly smiled: its not like that piya..I want to be him forever but not before my brothers

Misha: what's that logic

Alina hurriedly: I am ready do that my sissy and smile

Piya slowly: I understand priya but for this you will wait for quite a long time I mean you have to ask your brothers this

Priya touching the hand of piya: I know but '''looking to all of them''. I want that you all are fine with this for me''.if I want my brothers marry the same day on my date it's ok with you all'

Misha smile: its fine with me too and high five to alina

Ruhi dreamily: I wish angad also marry me

T: ruhi keep on dreaming

Everyone laughing except piya'..priya notice this

Priya: piya I have to talk with you alone and with her sit on the corner table avoiding others

Piya in confuse expression: what you want to talk

Priya: there is something with you''..i know I drag you with me in this marriage material and I respect it if you don't want to marry so soon

Piya smiled: its not about early marriage because I know the way I feel for abhay I will never for anyone but'..and hesitate to share this with priya

Priya : but what? Trust me you will share with this to me

Piya:I know you'..actually I want that abhay marry to me for his own feelings not like that you said and by pressuring yours that you will not marry if he not that way he will do marry''I mean I am sorry if I hurt your feeling priya but I want abhay with his need accept me in his life I don't want to burden and may be this is so soon for us

Priya laughed: piya you are so sweet '..and seriously abhay is dumb that didn't ask for you to marry if I am abhay I should do this very soon

Piya blush to hear this: I will wait for him but please you don't force him to do so

Priya: I understand what you want

Piya: but you should say yes to kabir

Priya: I already said yes to him but marry after my brother did too

Piya smiled: alright

Both about to stand when gaurav came and hugged priya' did so suddenly that no one understand what happened''''priya pushed him back

Priya angrily: how dare you touch me

Gaurav innocently: I am sorry what I have done with you priya in the past please forgive me

Priya anrily: good for you that you realized but I give a damn on you and pulled piya with her but gaurav held piya wrist tightly

Piya pulling back: don't you act smart with me and keep you dirty hands under control otherwise I will cut your hand into smaller pieces and trash in front of dogs

Gaurav amazed: wow I just love your  voice and anger it make you more beautiful and licked his lips

This is the end of everything piya about to attack but in between abhay came and slapped in front of whole crowd make everyone to look them

Abhay gritting his teeth: get lost either I lose my patience

Gaurav in rage: you will pay for this soon raichand very soon and looked last time piya and moved from there'.

Abhay hold piya hand and move with her to exist from there'.


Abhay seated on the front seat and driving a car very rashly and didn't bother to look at piya too''..only he think ' could gaurav do that to my piya..what if I am late he will try to do that again than what will I do'''there is something he want form piya either why he showed interest in piya and that so suddenly''.i will kill that man I can't bear someone else look my piya in this way''

Piya sensing the inner trauma of abhay'.how he is upset and the burning fire in his whole body because that scene'..

Piya sweetly: please calm down abhay'..i love you and looking to him with smile and touched his shoulder

Abhay with jerk stopped the car looking back to piya''how innocent you are that you can't see what was going to happen

Abhay without looking to her: I know that piya but I will not bear this act of that wolf again I will snap his neck and piya cutting him

Piya coming closer to him and held his both cheeks in her hand: next time it didn't happen I will also kill him and please don't take too much stress'..i know something he want from me but along with you nothing ever happen to me

Abhay slightly touch her cheek: I will get that reason soon' will safe with me ''..I will protect you''dad was right your are in some danger and he said you are weak too because when I told him about our exchange of blood he said that we are emotionally connected now and I have to be with you keep an eye on you to keep you safe

Piya narrowing her eye: but what's the danger I didn't get it and I know I serve you my blood and we connected easily now but I am not weak like you think I am much better now only last night I feel weakness

Abhay holding her hands from his cheeks: what's more dangerous than that wolf who were behind you and you are still weak I also feel that but don't worry I will be with you my piya

Piya smiled: tell something new'..I already know that

Abhay smirk: hmmm tell me that why you was not came college early I was waiting for you and you know that I wanted to see you before going class

Piya laughed: I was wake late in morning as I can't sleep well in night but sorry my poor baby had suffered this and wink

Abhay naughtily: next time don't do this again shona I will not make like this good'.coming closer to her and I can't to lose you

Piya shyly smiled looking down: its late lets go home

Abhay showing his dimple: what my shona you still feel shy to me'''and what about my last night kiss

Piya cheeks scarlet red: what and looking outside the window avoiding his stare

Abhay smile: I want my kiss shona '''don't you dare to forget that

Piya looking to him: and I told you no touching and smiled

Abhay: what don't be serious piya how can I do this

Piya showing fake anger: I am serious abhay we can't do this stuff

Abhay a bit sad: what it's allow in relation piya

Piya smirk: but I don't want this anymore

Abhay : alright your wish on my command but how long we will not touch

Piya controlling laugh: its depend on situation may be after ending of college ''.when getting mature

Abhay gasp than seeing piya expression: I am fine with this and start again to ride the car

Piya in mind'.oh god abhay you are so sweet easily accept it' always agree on my condition seriously but you have to make me bow down on your commands and let you touch me' stupid you are and I know you are sad because of this but now we will have fun''.lets see how long you will go like this''I will make sure you do against my wish and smile on her own thinking that how desperately she want abhay


Gaurav and jeh standing along with many members of their clan addressing them to be ready'..

Gaurav strickly: I hope you all are ready to do help me'.you all know how important this is in my life in our clan to be in powers that nobody dominate us

All the members nodded their head in approval

Gaurav smiled: good because I only expect yes from you all and now the time come very near and all I want will her

After ending the meting jeh along with gaurav walking to move from the spot

Jeh: so bhai tell me now what can I suppose to do

Gaurav: not too much jeh you just wait for some time I need your help but when time came right now I want someone else to give her a good news and laughed''

Jeh in confusing expression: who?

Gaurav smirked and dialed a call: hello it's me sweetheart''I want to give you a rocking news''.smiling you first listen me first'''''s a really good news for you''..i am telling you serious thing listen'''''.if you want abhay than it's very important for you'..i got the right person now''''s piya'and I need your help saying this he cut the call

Jeh unexpectedly: its Maithili right

Gaurav smiled evilly: ya she will help me in this you know why

Jeh bluntly: why

Gaurav looking to his brother: because she want abhay and wink him

Jeh smiled too: ohh poor abhay and piya and laughed too''.I love to watch this all

Gaurav thinking: me too jeh and walked out from forest


Chand listening haseena and priya pleading and being really frustrated

Priya sadly: you know dad I want all this please

Haseena: common chand what it matters now if we do this

Chand standing: why do you not understand haseena what I am doing its only for piya and abhay sake''..they meant for each other but now it have to be done before it's too late and we can't do anything and I can't even lose piya like this'if anything happen to piya than my son will never bear this..he can't see his love end like this to someone else mark her'..don't you get me''..i don't want this for piya what my daughter bear all these years'.i can't see

Priya having tears: I know dad you care for abhay and piya and same I do and I am very grateful to you that after too long mom and you dad tell me the truth and I am fine now because kabir love me feel good now and I know I live a happy life'and I know you only tell me this because you want abhay marry to piya and I am so glad you did a right decision

Haseena: me too priya and I want to see you in a bride dress lively a peaceful life with your life partner ''.please chand we can do this''''we will married our all children they are grown up'

Chand take a deep sigh: there is no need to get others married'''but turned to look his daughter I want my little daughter to be happy now always

Priya smile: so

Chand: I have one solution

Haseena and priya together: what

Chand smile: get ready haseena we will go tomorrow dobriyal house for priya and abhay sake that because they live their life with their mates soon

Haseena smiling: and Milan and alina

Chand: please they are not ready for this''. and touch her daughter face''' are happy now

Priya shyly: yes

Chand seriously: but you will look after of piya too please

Priya assuring: don't worry dad I will do that'piya is very close to me

Chand and haseena smiled to see their daughter happy

Priya about to go but turned to look her parents: dad you talk about this to abhay'I mean he is ready for this

Chand narrowing his eyes: I don't want his permission to accept piya in his life got that'..

Priya nodded and left form there


Outside of the club all boys are standing and waiting for the arrival of girls so that they move inside''.

Angad gritting teeth: guys I can't stand anymore its really cold outside''let's move please

Sid smile: if this good news pass over to ruhi than whose knows what happen

Arjun patting angad shoulder: better to remain here and wait for them

Milan: I don't get it why these girls always came late

Abhay irritated: we are waiting for them from half hour and look they didn't show up'''.oh god

Suhriya: I am so happy see what the freedom of single and laughed''..all look him with wild eyes'.

Kabir: my single brother you didn't understand this feelings

Abhay cutting them all: they are almost here and all looked to the approaching black Mercedes'..

All girls came out and standing in front of them making boys knee down and nothing compare to them''..all look gorgeous and sexy too in there avatar''.wearing short dresses with high heels''.

Alina: boys stop staring and move from here''All went inside to the club'and settled down to the corner table'..

Milan to girls: so what you want to drinks

Misha eyeing to him: something strong

Milan: no you will not drink only have soft drink understand

Misha: what rubbish that's why we came here'.i m going having some shorts and moved from there along Milan also moved to stop misha

Priya smirked: I thing she is right''.kabir darling bring me some drink please

Kabir nod: whatever you say my girl and gone to bring drink

Alina to sid: why are you sitting here dumb go get some for me too

Sid: alright and Arjun suhriya ,T also moved from there to have some

Ruhi: angad baby lets go first have shorts than we will dance and drag angad with her

Abhay only looking to piya ' no one exist in this moment for him''seeing this priya eyed to alina to move from here for sometime leave love birds to alone'.

Piya holding alina hand: stop where are you going

Priya freed alina hand: we just come you just sit here and drag alina with her

Piya looking to the bar side avoiding abhay '.she sensing him that he stare her continuously but she didn't have to see him'..

Abhay coming in front seat of her: why are you not looking to me

Piya looking down: you are talking to me

Abhay : you look smashing hot''..

Piya in mind: god how mad I am right now''.he didn't  embrace me ''.common he accept this so easily I thought I will do fun and now I am suffering with my this stupid idea''.he didn't touch me''feeling so sad now

Piya looking to him: I know and moved from there to the dancing floor''..she is started dancing alone and looked to abhay and smile ''''.let's see how will you resist me now abhay and idea click to her mind''.she moved to the center of the floor near the boys and dancing slowly touching with the boys''..she back look to abhay'.

On the other side abhay is fuming in anger''he sense it piya feeling sad but that didn't mean she dance with some random boy''..hell with any other boy how could she''..and looking to the direction of piya'''..

Piya dancing closely with boys when one boy move further and held piya waist and move his hands to her body and about to touch her back bare skin when abhay pushed the boy and drag piya out of the side and from the club and moved her back side of the club and stick her to the wall''

Abhay in anger: what the hell is this piya' are flirting with the boy when you are with me''and he was touching to you for god sake ''.are you mad''.i can't tolerate this all''.i will kill this boy'..and punched to the wall'.

Piya closed her eyes in fear and whisper: I only did this because of you''.can't you see that

Abhay looking to her face with her closed eyes: for me you dance with a boy and allow to someone to near you when you ordered me to not touch you''.

Piya slowly open her eyes and look to a jealous abhay and smile: because seeing this you came closer to me

Abhay got it now: ohhh firstly you said that and look now when I obeyed not come closer to you'''you did this act to make me mad that's not good piya

Piya sadly: I know but how can I show you this''that I missed you and I understand one thing that you don't want me'looking away from him

Abhay placed his hand to her tiny waist and pulled her closer to his face looking to her face'..touched her cheek and than her jaw than slowly chin making piya close her eye'..abhay seeing this attach his forehead with her''..

Abhay with sigh: how can you think like this'' my whole life I didn't crave for anything like the way I carve for you'''you make me insane piya'''.you everything drive me crazy'''your scent'..your eyes'.your hairs'.your lips'..your embrace''..everything

Abhay back out and looked to her from the toe to top''..scanning her''she wearing a black dress with deep round neckline exposing her front a lot and covering her shoulders with the the straps along showing her perfect waist and attach to the cloth half tigh'.showing her body more prominent ''..piya held her breath when abhay looked to her body

Piya shyly: we have to go' ..all were waiting for us'..

Abhay smirked: not so soon'''.you know I like you wear these dresses when you are alone with me not front of others boys who keep staring you''.

Piya smiled: but I wear this for only one boy'..for one to whom I love the most

Abhay wink: that boy love you too'..and embrace her in his arms'..abhay parted back and kissed her forehead'..looking to piya eyes than kiss her cheek'..kiss  her jaw and slowly kiss her throat''''you are looking amazing piya''..kiss her neck'..piya close her eye and pulled abhay more closer'''.abhay kiss her bare shoulder''..

Piya shyly smiled and jerk him: let's go but abhay pulled her again and held her both side cheeks in his hand and came closer to kiss her lips''piya looking this closed her eyes for him to take lead''.abhay lips a inch far to her when his cell phone rang making both them in senses and both jerked away suddenly''..attending the call

Abhay to piya: sid called me'..asking me about us let's go inside'''..piya nod her head''abhay held her hand and move form there and said''''.why every time someone came between us''..piya laughed to the abhay expression

Piya and abhay coming closer to the table where all were sitting'''

Misha: where you both were gone

Arjun: oh don't be stupid misha'.they both came here with us only for to meet each other

Alina: really tell us piya what abhay doing and where he takes you

Milan: my brother when we all came together atleast than have some patience

Kabir wink: you guys gone one step more fast as compare to me

Priya smile: so what they love each other not like you

Ruhi: I wish abhay you give some training to angad too

Both abhay and piya scarlet red hearing the views of them'''not having courage to meet their eyes

Abhay to all: relax guys''whatever you all think it's not like that'''we were just having some discussion

Piya looking down: yes abhay is right

Priya: ohh please we know that what you both discuss

Piya smile avoiding them: I just come in few minutes and leave from there to go to ladies room

Abhay: me also have to go to have some drink and go to the bar'..


Piya standing in front of the mirrors and blushing thinking about the talk of their friends what they were saying about her and abhay'''..piya look up to the face on the mirror and her eye wide seeing back gaurav and jeh standing

Piya turned around: what you both are doing here'.get out

Gaurav evilly: why are you smiling like an idiot piya

Jeh to look gaurav: bhai she was thinking of her love abhay after all

Gaurav coming closer to piya: ohh ya where is abhay piya

Piya sensing that it's not good to have any talk to them right now''..because they will do anything in madness'''.he is outside and now I have to go leaving them and move to the door side but jeh blocked her way

Jeh smile: not now piya first you have to listen us'''

Piy terrified: what

Gaurav pulled her from her hand and held her near him: you know I really want you piya''I am good boy now just like abhay so is there any chance that we will both together and if not me than you select jeh too

Piya struggling and freed her from his clutches: you are mad

Jeh smile: you have two options select gaurav or either me

Piya having tears now she mentally connected to abhay and tell him; please abhay come right now in ladies room'..i am in problem

Gaurav on the other hand come closer to her and embrace her tightly and touched her bare back and about to more down...piya with full power pushed him back and went to the corner standing having tears and rage in her eyes''gaurav crushed to the wall and stand again

Piya: if you touched me now I will kill you right now

Gaurav smile: I will love to do this to you piya but it's not the right place but be prepared for this'and left from there with jeh

On the other side abhay hearing piya in some problem leaving from the bar and turned to meet Maithili standing in front of him blocking his way'''he moved from other side but maithili held him and turned him down on the table bar and come on top of him''..

Maithili touching his face: no abhay you don't have to go to piya stay with me

Abhay pushed and turn her down: sorry Maithili try to do it next time and leave from there but again Maithili pulled him to her and held him from shoulders''.

Maithili: I can see you want me  in your life again abhay and leave this piya she is not precious'she only drag you in darkness and problems and I don't want you in any trouble'..and look whatever gaurav doing to piya she deserve that

Abhay pushed her hands away: you never understand what bonding me and piya share and left from there to find piya''..

Abhay coming near the ladies room seeing gaurav and jeh left form there''abhay run and open the door and the side he look apart his heart in pieces

Piya sitting on the corner of floor and having her face hide in her hands and crying

Abhay looking to her: piya

Piya look up to him having tears: abhay''.they ..they

Abhay run to her and knee down on floor and embrace her'''..piya too cling to him that no space remain in them and cried a lot'''..


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Posted: 31 July 2012 at 6:50am | IP Logged
awww!.. Abhay is sooo cute LOL
gaurav Angry priya & kabir luvd dere jodi:)
jealousy prt ws superb

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love the whole update..
Ita lovely..abhiya cute n simple romantic scenes r i hope they marry soon...n gaurav i hate him yaar...n mathili vo kabhi nhi badlay wait 4 next priya n kabir marriage is coming...its a awesome..i m waiting 4 next what,s abhay reaction after knowing gaurav...maithli too bad gaurav,jeh n maithli r villain,s...
So wait 4 abhiya scenes in next update...
Love abhiya

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