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BOOK 2 :my love 4 u (completed) (Page 101)

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Originally posted by hema_rawat

awsm update ...
abhay is loosing himself to darkness completly ...


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Originally posted by devilish-grin

nice part...

thank u
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Originally posted by Bleak_House

great update beenish!!Clap
I feel so bad for pia! Am sad for abhay too. He is losing hmself to the darkness. I hope arnab n pia finds a way to get back abhay soon..!
Pia is maybe abhay will understand his fault nw..
Thanks for the pm.n plz update soon!Smile

P.s. And am Very sorry for commenting so late dear. Was very busy that time. Sorry. Ouch

thank u .. glad u like it
yup they will find a solution soon ... dont be sorry buddy look even i m replying so late becz i was alot busy too Tongue

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After ages finally i update... i am so sorry guys but i was so much busy in life that hardly i had any time to write but look at least i do update LOLLOL and this update took more longer time than i thought. well again sorry to all my readers who were patiently waiting for an update. please do comment and let me know what were you think about this part ... don't forget to hit the like button Smile



Haseena was in Abhay room totally in shock. All room was in mess, the booklets and shattered pieces of crystals in floor. All wardrobes were opened and clothes were scattered and torn beside bed sheet was wrinkled on floor; curtains were shredded and nearly flung on the floor. And all over Piya pictures were displaced broken and torn definitely by Abhay.

Haseena stood near abhay who was seated on floor having his drink. In a calm voice she asked: May I know the pleasant reason why was you looked mess?

Heard this out from his mother who was hell bend to him to avoid showing his presence to Dobriyal house made him laugh. By looked the confused face he sarcastically answered: why did you shown this fake concern Mom? You already knew that what will be their reaction by asking them for Piya back. Don't you? In return only he heard the silence by Haseena

It's made him more frustrated and not his in calm voice but yelled to haseena: why mother? I am so bad now that Piya don't want me in her life. It's almost two days now Piya gone from here and never once tried to contact me. Why? God damn it she is my wife what I had to do with her is my interest? Why everyone interfere into this matter? Why everyone looked keen interest in what I had to do with piya? Even my family too doesn't understand me? And stood face off his mother. Haseena flinched by heard his tone.

Haseena started mumbling: what you are doing is wrong Abhay and being a mother I knew that from what heartbreak you were going that's why I am here with you my son.

Abhay gazed soften a bit by his mother confession but the hole he felt in his heart made him crazy. Depressed by all he embraced his mother and cried out his all suffering and agony he felt by the reaction of Dobriyals. After shared a relax moments with his mother Abhay stood front of the wall facing their wedding picture in which Abhay embraced Piya from back holding her slim waist and rested his chin on her left shoulder showing childish smiles. Abhay slowly traced Piya features lightly by his finger tips.


Where is Piya? Send her back with me. I am waiting said, abhay in calm voice stood on entrance.

A sharp voice snapped, in your dreams Raichand, she will never coming back to you so it's better you may leave, said an angry Siddharth.

Don't mess with me Siddharth I just came here for my wife and did I remind you to whom you were talking? Huh said Abhay with annoyance.

Of course the Lord came to our house its being an honor for us please Lord came what will I do for you? said, Priya sarcastically who was now standing behind Siddharth showing her smile but befor Abhay started Priya interrupted him again, arrgghhh sorry to displeased you but one thing which you will never gain by your power and that is Piya

Abhay looked paler seen by the harshness of his sister but still remains calm and answered after composed himself: Priya I had no idea what Piya fed on you but it's not what its look like. I will never try to do any harm to Piya you know that I love her with my own life and I completely understood what she felt betrayed but if she again tried to hide herself to me than how come I will fix this all? For heaven sake just once I want to talk to Piya. May I?

You may not said, Arnab who was stretched out on the near sofa looked relax.

But uncle, before Abhay completed Arnab cut his mid sentence. It's not about giving you a chance Abhay. I highly respect you as my king and still do but she is my daughter and she is suffering because of you and any living creature on this earth if try to harm her not only physically but emotionally too I will never support him if he will be my own blood. Her condition is very critical and in this position it's better for you to not come closer to Piya. My Abhay you may go now please because I don't want any blood shredded in my house.


How could you separate us Piya? You love me and mine is same than why ... why you trying to tempt me? You just see what I will do with you now.


All were present today for a big happening either they may be pleased for their friend or felt bad for their friend loose today. Its only depends on Abhay who looked quite calm but in his blue orbs everyone could felt the furry, range or even to took revenge. Despite of all this Piya looked determined not even once she glances towards Abhay she just only stood near Prachi and her friends who supported her silently.

On the other side stood the whole clan of werewolves looked quite excited by seen their future member she wolf.

Jeh with Kalus stood front of Abhay...

Jeh started his accused with highly pitch voice: My Lord as you knew why we all were present here today because of my child. As you could see that this witch holding my daughter who was not able to groom up my child the way I want she will lead her against me and my clan. In fact she had no motherly abilities. How can she bring up my child alone? Everyone need some companion in life for living, what will be the guarantee that the person she choose as her husband will accept whole heartedly mine child?

He was interrupted by the sweet voice of Prachi who was holding her daughter patting slightly her back moved ahead to curtsied Abhay along with Piya clutched her left arm stood beside of Jeh.

In a weak voice Prachi started: my lord I will never try to make bad impression of Neha dad on her because in future I honestly didn't thought to tell her that her father was jeh. And about my abilities I may realize that every woman became mother one day and than her abilities or May I say her first priority became the child.

Abhay nodded his head in agreement: well said I respect your feelings as mother

Maithili interrupted in between by her rigid tone: my lord what about her other half? Will he accept the other mans child? Will he love wolf's daughter like a father did?

This time piya step ahead to Abhay thoroughly glances curiously to Maithili and near stood panchi who was smirked by seen her. Taken a steady breath Piya announced the news

Well here I announce the dashing man Vivek Malhotra the future husband of Prachi and I would like it if he will replied to you for this question. Every one eyed curiously to the man in black stood near Prachi embraced her by shoulders.

Jeh growled by this bold reaction

Vivek with a humble voice requested: My Lord I belong from a known family of Dehradun and I know I don't belong to your world as I am human and my love is a witch but I don't care because I truly love her and her baby too. This baby is the part of her how could I not love her. The day I realized my love for Prachi that moment I also accepted this baby and I don't care who the father of this child was because indeed I will be her father.

Jeh snapped out: don't you dare to name her your child, she is mine.

Abhay cut him in between and authoritatively said: I am here to decide what the future holds for the baby you may remain calm.

This time Panchi forward to control the situation in a sweetly tone she started: whatever may you decide but I need to mention that this human has no ability to keep this child because she is hybrid and one day she will came to know his real father.

Abhay mentally agreed on this point, with the corners of his eyes he gazed to Piya who was giving angry looks to Panchi.

Finally Piya gazed to Abhay who was watching her intensively without breaking eye contact Piya fumbled: how could you agreed on this after knowing what Jeh did to her. Abh immediately did her correction My Lord you knew that Jeh used Prachi just because of me and was you forgot what he did to me with your wife and the dialogues he said towards her own daughter that she was not his blood that time where were went his father protective side gone huh? And he is still using this all situation to bring strong she wolf in his clan and nothing else if he truly want his child than where was he when she born when her mother took her in her arms when she named her when she kissed when she cried in nights. He was not there when her child needs her too so now why so concern?

For a minute all heard a silence than a harsh voice vanish the silence

Panchi snapped out: this is not your matter to indulge. If you are so desperate to want hear out than is it. It's only because of the differential tribes of us. We all were not same so be as our child that's the big difference. 

Piya mocked with furrowed eyebrows: you mean to say that just because of consummated with other gene of member this all mess was created?

Panchi smirked slightly: must say you are quite intelligent

Piya not trying to hide her annoyance: so what will the conduction of this all

Panchi simply said: only allowed for this ritual among same gene clans.

 Everyone was silently watching this all happening. Shocked could be easily seen on their faces but no one dare to spoke in between...

Abhay narrowed his gaze mumbled slightly that no one could heard out what he said: one day surely I will go mad if I have to once more bare this all and took a sigh... Never Imagine a vampire king said these lines..,, abhay clear out his throat to gain the attention of others, well as my decision will be final one and rejection by anyone will not be handle gently so better tried to understood my views. The little one couldn't made out by her mother side and the other side what Jeh did to the lady and his neglectant behavior about the child in start we all kept that in mind too it's just not the deal for the your clans need so it's better that little one remains with her mother and I appreciated that this gentleman pointing his hand towards Vivek, is agreeable to accept both as your family my wishes with you. This child case custody won by Prachi Sharma...

Everyone was pleased after heard this out, only the three people who were sad by this decision that was stood stunned. Jeh who was look losted along with him Panchi and Maithili fuming in rage that their plan didn't work out Abhay not once listened to Panchi.  

Piya congratulated the happy couple and moved a step to left from there but was stopped by sudden interruption by Abhay voice in whole gathering: My wife I would like to talk with you in some privacy, guards please bring her in my place and you may allowed to go said by standing and moved upstairs leaving a gloom Piya which have not a choice but to followed the instructions as she not wanted to catch up in anyone eyes...


Abhay were pacing in his room while waiting for piya who came after a few minutes showing no expression on her face stood mutely near Abhay without casting a glance she knew Abhay was continuously stared her. Finally having bear a lot of silent treatment Abhay spoke with quite annoyance

After marriage I thought so the girl belong to remain where her husband. Why don't you that wish? You were hiding behind your family from me not to forget that I whatever wish I do you were not in that place to made decisions for yours, got it. Now stay where I wanted you to be, stepped closer Abhay made level of his head against Piya and stroked her right cheek slightly moved his lips near her ear and whispered, near to me.

Abhay left from there only after instructed to guards to keep an eye on Piya like what they may stop me thought Piya in mind...

Days were moving for Piya but still she felt nothing desire in her life now. She adjusted her into the other guest room instead of sharing with Abhay same room, Siddharth and Kabir tried to convinced Piya to came back home but she refused as she knew that what's the consequences will be have if messed with Abhay now. Piya never left the room till the time she stayed here while every member of home came to met her in room and spend a quality time with her, at her best she tried to smile on the silly jokes of Alina and Milan and felt warm by heart seen the affectionate behavior of Chand and Haseena.    


Alina and Milan were amusingly watched out the whole scene in front them Piya who was eating like she was empty stomach with ages gulping and chewing it so fast that normal person wasn't had.  Gulping a choco- milk most of it dripping for her mouth made Alina to shuffled her laughter.

Milan with blank face calmly asked: you want anything more to eat?

Piya replied while chewing a strawberry with sweetly answered: nah ... I had enough and showed her bright smile to them.

Milan loved to see Piya comfortable with them like this after what she felt being here, cutting him off with this thought he asked her with concerned look: well its looked you were better now after yesterday emptying your stomach.

Piya nodded her head in approval while gazing to floor: it's just had a bad food, I am fine

Alina sit front of her while cheerfully said; you became so choosy in food recently any special reason?

Heard this out Piya took a long sigh and looked over Alina shoulder for Milan to stop this question bank, Milan understood the plea in her eyes.

Milan to distracted Alina said: did you have any plans with Sid today?

Alina immediately turned her face back to Milan by head the name of her love: why were you said this?

Milan showed his smirked after all his idea worked: he was free today so I thought you might get some plan to have some fun.

Alina narrowed her brows by got that news and hurriedly left the room by smashing the door.

Milan smiled hearing the silence: that was close by gaze into her orbs he asked, what were you hiding Piya?

Piya lost her face color suddenly started to fumble: it's... its noth... nothing.. nothing.

Looking her reaction Milan didn't want her to be forced by him so he let it go. By standing near her he patted her head before left.

Piya took a sigh of relief when noticed the flash of her cell phone vibrated on side table seen the caller name she took it in a rush.

After heard out the other side of conversation she replied in a flat tone before switched it: if it's true than it will a relief for me.


A blonde girl only in her inner garments was sitting on Abhay lap moaned loudly surely not hiding her pleasure which was given by Abhay who took her roughly top on him and attacked her with his thirst lust sucking a huge amount of blood from her along with stroked her curves back up with his long fingers. While satisfied with his diet he removed from her neck started to caresses her upper body when his mind was preoccupied with Piya.

These days Abhay were so stressed out that he didn't once thought of his actions and the most of his wild action reasons were his lovely wife to whom Abhay tried his best to talk and apologized but never once Piya replied to his plea he even never heard her voice in these two weeks that made him more frustrated. One day he observed her to have her dinner on dining table from afar of drawing room sofa she took quite a heavy meal but still she looked pale these days. Suddenly his thoughts were broken by the intruding of someone.

In a haze Abhay looked to that person who entered his privacy without his permission and met with the piercing brown eyes which shown nothing neither the agony nor the tears just met with the blankness...

Piya dumbstruck seen what Abhay were doing shaking inside in her mind she realized that he was not her anymore. Blankly she watched Abhay moved forward and kissed that blonde on her lips while eyed her intensely challenged her first to break their eye contact. Piya moved other side, reached out for the cupboard slide the doors and drag out the small box in which her first and only gift given by Abhay secured. While Abhay observed Piya who was headed back without lie a single glance made him flinch back into reality where he was lying on top of the naked blonde, this made Abhay numb that he was releasing his tension by pleasuring with other girl but what could he do while Piya was ignoring her, seem liked the moment was gone Abhay rolled on his back before ordered the girl to leave him alone.


Piya was standing in Arnab study facing her parents while trembled in fear holding a blade by taken a deep breath once again Piya asked to her father: Are you sure dad it did not cause any harm... right?

 Arnab slightly smile and said: positive just fill up the blood in bowl we will be started our ritual tonight, the only requirement we wanted would by your blood than by the help of our highly skilled ten wizards we will put a spell on your blood and inject it into Abhay flesh its effects on Abhay like a grease to fire and trust me he will be fine than your DNA will cure the poison in his blood.

Piya hesitantly folded her sleeve of shirt while closed lids she imagined the face of Abhay the Abhay she knew, the Abhay she loved and suddenly she felt the sharp pain in her wrist the cold blade ripen the body tissues made her took a shattered breath, the blood dripping in a rapid speed by fulfillment of the required amount Arnab in hurry healed her wound. Madhu looked horrified by seeing the Piya paler face, both quickly took her in bed covers to keep her warm after a while Madhu make Piya drank a large amount blood as she loss a lot.

Piya calmly lying on bed while her mind was raced somewhere else she took her decision and she should remain determined on it.


Abhay was fuming the way Piya react, he expected that she arose the questions may also claim on him, lashes or fighting to him but nothing happened. Abruptly he stopped pacing by knowing the presence near him.

Panchi amused by seeing Abhay gritting in anger, while wickedly she asked: did you had fight?

The only thing in this situation he wanted to neglect was this and knows she rubbed it on his face that he is nothing but a loser who ruined his life, ruined his reputation and ruined his love and family.

After composing himself he murmured: not exactly

Panchi raised her eyebrow arrogantly while stepping near Abhay who was standing front of fireplace rubbing his both hands continuously. In a sympathetic way she tugged his arm by elbow along whispered: forget about her Abhay, she was and will never be yours. She wouldn't get what you felt, your preference she had to understand the difference among you both but now it's useless she don't want you anymore. So it's better to be with someone who love you respect your perception in every way let her go Abhay. Abhay couldn't bear to heard this all out how dare she to ignore him he felt like his soul shattered into pieces fuming in rage he set his straight jaw narrowed his eyes and started to took harsh breathes, whitening his knuckles he tried his best to control over his rudeness which will be more lashes out on Panchi if it happen.   

Abhay by jerked removed Panchi filthy hands on him stepped on took his seat nearby armchair while closely his lids he felt a bit in control and then suddenly startled Panchi by his harsh voice: what you did to me Panchi. I was happy before you shown up and now my whole dreams scattered I felt helpless even my family didn't talked to me never once just care to talk to me. I am so lonely no one wants me and buried his charming face by his palms.

Panchi smirked to saw broken Abhay and stepped near him launched her in front of him by making his face level, politely spoke: I knew this feeling because I went to this phase but then everything became started to normal when my love Danish came into my life who understood me like no one else who always make my wishes fulfilled, by patted his leg she continued you also want love in your life who support you and you know that there is the girl who always want you. Who gave you which silly Piya didn't. She is not stupid and mean like her Abhay.

Abhay looked up confusion could read out in his eyes he slightly murmured: who suppose is that girl?

Panchi innocently replied: Maithili she want you she will be your other half. She will help you to forget about that dumbass.

Abhay was in contradiction while he will accept Maithili or not with hesitation in his voice he said: you think so she will help me

A sweet voice reached over Abhay ears: I am your Abhay of course in this situation I will support you come here, come closer to me Abhay have me a voice soothed her inner instantly while located to the source of voice he reached to upper floor and opened the door knob from where he felt the scent of Maithili who was sitting on center of bed quite seductively showing more exposed skin than usual holding a wine glass for Abhay indicated to had it. Abhay felt like he was drowned or may be ice statue who moved ahead took the glass in one gulp emptied it and now looked Maithili with lust gaze and without having any thought embraced her tightly that the most important thing he wanted now. In morning Abhay was happily satisfied oppose to the disappointment placed on Maithili face that last night nothing went further as unconscious took Abhay.


All youngster were sitting around the sofa's involved in a deep conversation in heated argument Sidhharth looked pissed.

Milan assured Siddharth making eye contact: believe me Piya also want this. Our utmost priority should be Abhay now. If anything went wrong than we all have to face harsh consequences and according to you Arnab uncle tonight its new moon that means Panchi will make a move tonight.

Kabir snapped: and its mean she will make sure to damage Abhay, how fool he is

Tanushree interrupted him while shyly smiled: for you he could be but for me he is my hero!!!

Misha jerked her head in annoyance while thought some people can never be changed...

Its Suhriya who stopped her and let her bring out form her dream land by patted her head quite hard ...

Tania curiosity checking out the thin bottle given by Arnab that must be the abhay cure her thought of mind...

Together they took the oath to do their best and save Abhay from darkness where he was surrender and hope that again everything will be normal.


Abhay looked vulnerable and frustrated chained by silver wires though digging and cutting the body tissues made the blood oozing out from the fresh cuts, lower chin was burned by the brute of group of dark vampires. Abhay cursed Maithili and Panchi by trusted them he trapped in this condition. Now he realized his family was right how he could trust on Panchi who betrayed them along ago, both used me.

Abhay hazed out from his thoughts by the rustling of footsteps instance range snapped him by seen the gang in black showing smirked to him he never felt so low self esteem in his life he was mourning about the loss in his life that he never felt that they were using him for the luxurious powers to rule the world. Maithili forced him to come here though he was not ready but yet he was here.

Panchi evilly smiled seen the greatest vampire struggling for live coming closer where Abhay was bound slowly came front of him sympathetic way she dragged her finger tips on his forehead: I feel pity for you my brother but what could I do you are so silly to faith on me after knowing it that how much I disliked you all even more to you. Abhay flinch by the touch of her on burn jaw

You know by your refusal to being like us my whole family restrained to meet me I begged them to come with me but no they said I was a monster and disowned me. After compromised I came to knew about the supreme powers to rule the world and you my beloved brother had it so I researched hard how I became the strongest and now look we are here where I wanted you form a long time. Suddenly Abhay screamed by the touch of vervain (it's like a flower which burns vampire if they touch it) Panchi smashed it on his temple and a while took pleasure by seen him in pain.

Maithili came near her tried to stop her by lovingly touched Abhay: tonight is new moon that means the transformation of your powers to Panchi. Abhay was wrestling in pain and felt like soon he will be unconscious. Don't worry once this will be over we became together.

After one hour

Abhay was hanging breathed hard tilted his arms and legs and his surrounding all suckers were walking in circle howling... Sudden a bright light was highlighted him in circle made them excited in a flesh Panchi hovered upon Abhay with the sharp wooden stick coated with silver an inch distance remain between heart and stick than like a rush wind Panchi smashed to the ground, all gang were writhing in headache dipping to ground. Maitili horrified looked towards the source of intruded. There goes the Milan clutched on her neck dragged her on mud field on other side Kabir, Misha and Suhriya cursed the group of gang with spells, they were blowing them with fire balls, water curses and wind hit.

Priya and Angad ran forward towards Abhay tried to release him and made him supported by them. Ruhi and Tanshree were sacredly watch all the scene standing behind the tree trunk

Siddharth pulled Panchi on her feet twisted his feet around her ankle made her bended her on knees. Panchi lashed him thrown by holding his lower legs stood in second pushed him on ground by his neck along held high arrow stick on air ready to stump on his heart by was stopped in mid air by the Abhay who took it in his hands and in a heated moment stabbed her made her shuttered into ashes.

Siddharth looked around to check upon the surrounding and met with the bloody scene right front of him Abhay was covered in a bloody mess blood droplets dripping from his jaw touching the ground. Siddharth followed the gaze of Abhay and looked stunned to found the dead body of Panchi. He searched around and located the wounded Milan near the dead body of Maithili. All were seem right to him his friends and siblings were all good except Milan and Abhay who were physically or may be emotional damaged.


Silence was the only sound heard around all and than in a thick dark silence in night a screamed heard. In a dull lit room a boy was laid in a round center bed covered in a dark red quilt. Flickering candles were around the room, some witchling were chanted a spell in a louder voices. Chand with Arnab entered the room while signal them all to leave. Arnab examine Abhay to the extent of satisfaction and after then he took a sigh of relief.

Arnab assured Chand while sitting near Abhay aside: he is good, after the cure inject to his body his body lead to the improvement. He will take some days in recovery.

Chand watched his son with a warm gaze after averted his glance he asked about Piya...

Arnab felt a bit tense after heard the name of Piya, by standing he started to leave the room just stopped near the door before leaving he said in a gloomy way: I don't think so she will ever came out of the agony which was unconsciously given by Abhay and left form there behind a shattered Chand.


It's been the worst five days for both families many awkward and disturbing scenes happened in these days and in all these crisis today Abhay at last opened his blank orbits though that moment made all the family in joy but his pierced blue orbs searching for one person and after not having her near him made him more anxious. His questioning gazed moved to met everyone faces but nothing got in reply made him more persistent to get his answer.

After a lot of waiting finally Abhay sealed open his mouth and asked the one question which was made him frightened: Piya...where is Piya?

At once silence spread in room by his bold question but this time Siddharth moved forward seated a right side of bed near him while making eye contact he said aloud: she is not here anymore even I begged her but she didn't listened this time. She left us...

Abhay jerked back with the harshness being in Siddarth tone and tried to more digger down into pillows, while closing his eye lids he started to make clear out the meaning of Siddharth words but suddenly he heard a whisper of someone... she left you Abhay

After than he didn't concentrated on other words he just only understood that Piya left him, his Piya ... the love of his life, his wife and his reason of being alive left him. What did that mean left us? Left him? Where were she?   



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piaviviandsena IF-Rockerz

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finally ur update cm. hmmm interesting update... feeling bad & sad fr abhiya! gt them together soon!!! thanks fr pm!! update soon plz!!!

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Posted: 28 August 2013 at 4:02pm | IP Logged
wow great story plz update soon
i can not wait for the next part of your story
thanks for the pm

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bookworm-ALS-- IF-Stunnerz

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oh damn. abhay got well again but pia :( dont blame her..that was pretty awful to watch.
beenish awesomely written. you are surely getting better and better...very good!

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awesome update so he is healed but glad she left because he hurt her beyond anything wonder if she was pregnant how could she stay after seeing her husband with other women and him doing everything to hurt her awesome update thanks for the pm well come back

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