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Crooner 1.2 : In an EGG-shell !!! (Page 25)

--Nishita-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 12:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by srirao

TRP is 3.0 acc to GH...2.8 if we take ME into consideration

phew...such a big relief. Even IF needs to make that correction.

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amisuv IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 12:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mouramen

Awesome croonerClapClapClap..i am liking this new numbers..1.2

@priya, star of d thread is a lovely idea''Thumbs Up


Sweet sweet episode at d risk of me getting diabetic.Wink

When I started on IPK journey never thought will witness this ASR too'.what a cute hubby he is. Trying hard to impress his wife like all d husbands in this world and failing miserably. Before d clock strucks twelve Arnav Singh Raizada delivers perfectly(what he has been practicing thru out d day'dude I told you practice maketh perfectWink)'.happy birthday khushi, wishes her all d happiness of this world and a rose without thorn'..wowPartyParty

Khushi watches him'.how can she not wake up with that lingering kiss on her forehead'.btw that throat was so near'..this Khushi and arnav and some saints I tell you'Angry..

Is it only me who feels that everytime Arnav comes close to Khushi, removes her locks, touches her'.there is a moistness in his eyes'.he remembers all pain that Khushi has gone thru because of him'all d harsh words he has spoken to her'

Hmmm..chal choro'lambi saaans leti hoon..

Bromance off screen onscreen too good. LOLLOLThe ASR returns with some ASRistic dialogues'what the'.

Woh so rahi thi yeh uska problem hain...very trueROFLROFLROFLROFL


But as Asr is slowly progessing to be a doting husband even NK is progressing enuf to call his nannv as anda'.anda he is but d crack is there and its now only going to get wider and finally fall off.

Will Arnav really call Khushi as baby and sweet heart'.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.

Cute grandson remembering d childhood fav food and asking nani to make it'.oh puri aloo is his favourite too'.ARHI is soulmate not for nothing.HeartHeart

Omg it is Anjali's favourite too. OuchI absolutely agree with Priya'I mean chotey and gynaec visit???? You got to be kidding Cvs'..make mami useful pllleeez.

Anjali again hears her chotey ordering gifts for his dear wife'.fbs againAngryAngry'.d world of only 2 residents anjali and chotey is falling apart because of an intrusion named KKGSR..its not Anjali's fault actually'arnav has always given her this assurance and proved that his world is his di'.still she wanted khushiji to come into her chotey's life'but those r the stories of different days' Anjali is in a state where she detests anything related to Khushi'.she still holds on to the fact that somewhere it is all because of Khushi that her picture perfect life has been shattered'broken to pieces and her brother'.her chotey is  busy playing d hubby role.

The dining table scene was hilarious'.what a despo effort by Arnie'to make her sit next to him.( I know I know wicked hubby must have been planning to grab her hand underd tableEmbarrassedEmbarrassedWink) but see Mrs ASR is bery bery intelligent'.ooops sorry no chanceCryCry'ok  then touch her hand'NK spill d beans'Khushi is in no mood to allow him even a sigh of relief'Angry.she leaves d table'oh boy'.

Deal maker Arnav'I am not gonna leave this'..want to see d end (even we..hopeless onesTongue)'.go for it'

Red saree arrives'.khushi intentionally overlooks'.angry hawtie blockes her track

AB dikh raha hain?????

yes yes even we can see whats coming next>>>>>>EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedahem ahem
Epic decision of d day:  naniji hum satsang nehi jayenge'..wooohooo satsang ki jai ho


waiting for 300th epi...with dhak dhakDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Hey Anu, gr8 post dear, highlights in green Smile And thanks fr yesterday's comments.
Yes Anu, he makes me emotional too Cry I was speechless watching Barun's flawless expressions in that scene.
Anjali is in a difficult phase right now, sunconsciously blaming fr everything that has gone wrong in her life. Wait till her Chotey finds out what is going on inside her mind, things will be really messy then.
Stasang ki jai ho Baba... Romantic 300th episode anybody Wink

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riti4u IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 12:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by cutebarun

Friends... Just imagine...

Arnav calling Kushi 'BABY'...

N bitiya wil soon make an 'O' and yell...

"BABY, yaani ki 'bachcha'... Itna tho Angrezi aathi hai humhe... Mein koyi 'bachcha' nahi hoon... Bachcha honge aapka Aman'Angryek tho khud yeh patha nahi hei ki 'ladkiyon' ko 'bachchi' kehti hai... Bass bhulane aaya... Bada... Doosron ki 'bhavnaon' se waise bhi aapka kya lena dhena...'

And Bituwa wil wonder, "yeh 'Bhavna' kon hai... Haan, dammit, must be her friend... Wait, that means, i hav to call 'bhavna' as Baby too... Woh bhi kar lete hai...'
LOLLOL hey dear...glad to meet you here too...I just luv u sarcasm...LOL

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shybabe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 12:34am | IP Logged
TRP's is 3.0 Embarrassed
that himanshu blog took ME into consideration...and thats why that site shows it as 2.0..

But its..3.0...

Gautam Hegde ?@mrhegde
Avg TRP is 3 for the week. It becomes 2.8 if we count maha episode that scored 2. Chalo bk to work now! :)

ok now i need to sleepLOL goodnight..

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soni.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 12:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by arch_nat1112

Sorry for the late update - blame internet first, and then I slept while writing! Safe to say if I bored myself enough to fall asleep, I'm not winning any "star" prizes for sure! LOL In any case, I am off for the day in meetings, so I have no idea when I will be logging back in! Cry

Priya - first off, the banner is gorgeous! Are you planning to put it for all the Crooners from now on? Love it! And I just adored the "ande ka funda" of the post - it was a superb take - you rock, girl. He is really an anda, isn't he? That shell, and the softness that is inside... The minute I saw your title I was so intrigued - and then I realised what you had done - loved the word play!

Oh yes - the lambi saans - kab se le rahe hain - our dhak dhaks will increase just like Khushi's to a fever pitch! The check list was super - though, like you mentioned as well, I was also thinking a promo was sorely lacking for the last 2 days - you had your highest jump in ages in TRPs and you choose not to put a promo?! It's made worse by shots of Singapore! Angry I saw that there was a promo out though - interesting choice of words "saari hadon ko paar"... hmmm... won't say anything more in terms of expectations, because I don't want to get hopes high - but OMG why do they do this to us! Embarrassed Can we just fast forward to 8pm today?! And Priya - you so need to put a copyright or something here - just said it last night and morning mein haazir!

And my pick from your multiple choice question is definitely D! Kab se iss din ka intezaar raha hai!! Mental hospital mein sab ko line se le lenge - achcha hai, bulk deal bhi mil jayega, and they need to have the TV on only one show!

Alright, on to the episode... The first sequence that happened was utterly gorgeous... Cried when I saw it - and I couldn't even go ahead with the episode without rewinding and watching - I must have seen it about four times before I moved on! It was one of the magical moments for me - it reinforced why I'm a fan of this pair of characters and actors both - simply outstanding. I'm so happy that Khushi got her wish - when she opened her eyes and looked at him standing there with tears in his eyes - it was just utterly beautiful. It just set the tone for what they are - both of them are aware of where they stand with regard to each other - the words are not there. Somehow when it comes to Arnav and Khushi, the silences are always louder than the words themselves - and somehow yesterday I felt, I can't blame who don't understand that the show is about the rest of the characters or who don't understand the nuances - because these two just are eons above the rest.

Absolutely loved your description of the scene - "we are still crossing the bridge, but the waters flowing under it are denser, wilder" - so brilliantly put!

For me yesterday the dialogues were the winner completely - as was Karan. I thought his performance has gone up remarkably - I love the unlikely pairing of Arnav and NK - "baby, sweetheart", I was just cracking up imagining Khushi's face if Arnav said those dialogues to her!

And someone should tell Mamiji and Akash the "saas bhi kabhi bahu thi" dialogue - Akash especially knows now that it's Khushi's birthday - even the brother he worships is with Khushi - Akash, if you want to question then why question Payal - why don't you question Arnav? To be honest the Akash Payal thing is quite irritating beyond a point - feels like it's put in for the sake of something to do.

I loved Nani too - there is no question of loyalties with her - she is balancing both relationships, with Khushi and with Anjali very well. I loved her comeback to Mamiji, and I especially loved her interaction with Arnav. Arnav is really turning into a husband now - "my dear wife" like you said, the little things - the ironed clothes for both of them kept together somehow made me really happy - it was like a reinforcement of their marriage.

The gift - lovely take on it Priya - the man being ignored as well as the gift - so true. Don't know which one he is angrier about!

I won't say much about Anjali - what you had said was the first thing I thought as well - why would she take her brother for a check up of that sort? Also I read that Abhaas is also shooting - so I'm interested to know what is coming up... The forum freaks me out with regard to Anjali nowadays - as a person with a younger brother, I really find some of those posts utterly disgusting. archu have no clue what's happening in forum...haven't seen any post apart from the ones posted here at the crooner!!!

Two aspects I'm waiting for more on - one was Khushi's reactions to Payal and Akash's problems - and the other is what you had mentioned: Khushi moving off the paths on which Anjali treads. Shwe had talked about the differences in their characters in yesterday's brilliant post - how Khushi finds it hard to accept what people do for her, and how Anjali finds it hard when people are not doing things for her. I think some days back Indi Di had also talked about the role that Anjali's disability plays in her insecurities - some days I think Anjali is one of the most interesting characters on television (when I'm not angry with her for barging into rooms without knocking! Dead) because she has so many layers and nuances. i have always felt anjali is the most complex character and also unpredictable thanks to the cvs!!! me too want to see khushi-anjali equation!!!

And now - mother nature has also started believing in symbolism I guess - it's raining heavily here - the sari, as per our wishes - am I allowed to ask for the return of that vest? I really miss it. Gosh, I just can't wait to see today's episode - jai ho Satsang ki!!!

P.S. Dekho rootha na karo - one of my all time favourites!
archu!!!! tu kissi bhi haal mein likhe...bahut achha likti hai!!!! great post!!!
@bold...loved it!!!!!!
btw...main kal bhi late lateef thi...updated my post only by 3 or so!!!! woh res lagna alag baat hoti hai aur post likhna alag!!! but aaj jaldi kiya hai!!!Big smile

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indi52 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 12:36am | IP Logged
oh archana,

i miss that vest too. wah!
erm maybe someday, a little bedroomy mood, shirt coming off, vest and the two, little ar-nav-ji, a long hmmm, she reaches for the vest, Day Dreaming ptch, no chance. too many women need arnav's love. poor bitwa.

funny, even i referred to shweta's refence to anjali's experience of love today. that is actually a fascinating character there i feel. if all the screamings of the forum and the blandification of star don't kill her off there's someone to look forward to. 

was thinking, apart from everything else we speak of, she is the only daughter of the family too. paradoxically, despite our problems with the girl child, the elder daughters and only daughters often have a very special place in the home and in everyone's heart. anjali is that, she doesn't even know she can't take the love for granted. no one has made her feel so. i do think, left to the writers they'll present a most interesting woman, who will struggle with her dark turbulence, learn from it, and come out stronger. khushi and anjali will mend some day. chances are, she will give shyam his due. my guess, could be utterly wrong.

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dennisdmenace IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 12:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by soni.b

hi priya sweetie!!!!Hug

Loved the Crooner...bujhi na roj roj ek kotha keno boli...but boleo hoye na!!!! Big smilelove the pic u have put for crooner...epic journey it is!!!! love how u pick such perfect quotes!!!! loved ur pointerwa take on the epi...specially ur warning to Mr. Aman Mathur!!!!ClapClap

loved the epi...yeah yeah...sound like a bhanga record but what to do!!!! the first scene was absolutely beautiful...bechara finally wishes his wife when he thinks she is sleeping...but must say loved the way he wished was beautiful...and it made me totally mushy at that moment!!!! awww!!!Day Dreaming and how can our khushi not hear her laad governor wishing her...loved the scene!!!! btw arnav do you really think khushi can sleep while u kiss her with so much TLC...seriously priya this man needs to learn a lot not only abt khushi but women in general...though i guess he is content in discovering and understanding his khushi only!!!!Big smilethats why Nk said na he is a zero ladkiyon ki mamle mein...per bhishon cute...

i have always loved arnav-akaash scenes but absolutely enjoyed arnav-NK scene!!! it was hilarious...from the moment arnav opens his door i just kept on laughing thru the scene...NK had some awesome dialogues!!!!LOLLOL btw Divs sweetie...checked the epi again for the "what the"...tu sach mein usse kitne kareeb se observe karti hai...if i wasn't particularly concentrating on the what the i would have missed it definitely!!!! loved arnav's expression thru out the was like...what the!!!! Nk's line of baby, sweetheart and muah...and the lambi saans...had me on the floor!!!!ROFLROFL was really nice scene...there was a time when they both stood against each other because of their beliefs about marriage and now he is requesting his nani to make his fav dish for his dear was a cute scene!!!Smile

the breakfast scene was really good...loved the way NK comes and wishes everyone!!! arnav's holding khushi's hand was really funny...i mean how come nobody on the table notice that!!! though it did remind me of the teej epi...when khushi was passing him the puja ki thali for aarti...khushi's expression were almost the same!!! loved nani's dialogue to mami and yes mami is back being the saas!!!

anjali...priya loved ur line for anjali..."insecurity slowly transforming into lonliness and abandonment"!!! anjali remembers that she was her brother's world but that no longer seems the case...there is someone else who is now turning to be his she is going to react remains to be seen but as of now she is heart broken and is feeling abandoned!!! have to agree with whole lot of women in the house why take ur brother for gynaec seems weird despite the bond they share!!!

akaash- payal relations still strained with mami being the perfect catalyst!!!! glad that khushi realised that things are not ok between will we see arnav-khushi getting back together to get their siblings life back on track!!!!

arnav bechara sab kuch try kar raha saree with crystals...this paticular gift has got everyone's hope high and most of them in gutter!!!! don't blame + rain is a quite lethal combo!!!!LOLLOL

priya loved ur sub text thoughts and absolutely love the song!!! btw "Star Of The Day" fantastic idea!!!ClapClap

Congratulations Omorabati for being Star of monday!!!! me loved ur post!!!Clap

PS...just a would have khushi reacted if arnav had kissed her lips instead of her forehead??Embarrassed

PPS...we all know he won't do anything like that till everything is sorted out between them!!! though the way he is i doubt he would still do it even after all is well!!!!Confused

Waiting for tonight!!!!
@ soni, breezy post as d epi. enjoyed every bit. ClapClap
@blue obviously moi...lal neel mela bosheche...

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dennisdmenace IF-Rockerz

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hey cute barun your post is hilariousLOLLOLLOLLOL
and barun is too cute...hamesha..EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed..QUOTE=cutebarun]Friends... Just imagine...

Arnav calling Kushi 'BABY'...

N bitiya wil soon make an 'O' and yell...

"BABY, yaani ki 'bachcha'... Itna tho Angrezi aathi hai humhe... Mein koyi 'bachcha' nahi hoon... Bachcha honge aapka Aman'Angryek tho khud yeh patha nahi hei ki 'ladkiyon' ko 'bachchi' kehti hai... Bass bhulane aaya... Bada... Doosron ki 'bhavnaon' se waise bhi aapka kya lena dhena...'

And Bituwa wil wonder, "yeh 'Bhavna' kon hai... Haan, dammit, must be her friend... Wait, that means, i hav to call 'bhavna' as Baby too... Woh bhi kar lete hai...'[/QUOTE]

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