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Crooner 1.2 : In an EGG-shell !!! (Page 2)

shwetachauhan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 11:54am | IP Logged

~The relationship~



Edited to add~

I love this divided and structured crooner Deba..! It makes it even more precise and the reading even more interesting! Great quote! We all need the eggs! And the egg, Mr Arnav Singh Raizada is getting out of that shell indeed! Remove the shell and find the soft dippy yolk inside!

Arnav decided to wish her after all but she is asleep.. does it matter? Has this guy ever bothered about letting anyone know what he does for them? This was a big moment indeed, the emotions so visible on his face, the love so evident! Khushi again knows what distance he is closing, what lengths he is treading to wish her so, moved but she will leave it the way he is seeing it! She will wait for him to get more comfortable!

The chemistry between every pair on this show is such a watch! NK and Arnav make it an even more worthwhile one!! Arnav resorting to taking help from NK or forcing himself to listen to all his ideas is in itself an effort for him! The poor boy is doing all that he can think of for Khushi.. asking Naani for the Mathura Aaloo was such a sweet gesture.. Ha she ever bothered to ask Naani to make something for himself? I doubt! The mute exchange between Arnav and Khushi at the table, adorable! holding her hand, helping her, not letting anyone know that he got the breakfast made for her coz he knows she would leave!

But her constant dismissal is working him up now! He is losing his patience.. how can she not see the gift, the efforts.. how can she ignore! Khushi is beginning to melt!

Such a true thing you have said Deba.. Anjali's insecurity is turning into loneliness and abandonment now! The exact two words! She watches her brother being so thoughtful and attentive for Khushi, his concern and worry for her dont matter! She ignores that coz she is hurt at the divided attention! Does Arnav's behavior towards Khushi also remind her of Shyam's attentive love?

-Anjali surely doesnt need her brother for the gynaec visit! She can easily take other willing family members!
-Akash is getting on my nerves now! I dunno why but his antics are not going down well with me! Payal should just leave him alone to sulk!
-Maami will never learn her lessons no matter how much Naani tries! Grrr!

PS:All those checked items in the beginning sure promise an exciting night! Fingers crossed!

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archanan14 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 11:56am | IP Logged
Sorry for the late update - blame internet first, and then I slept while writing! Safe to say if I bored myself enough to fall asleep, I'm not winning any "star" prizes for sure! LOL In any case, I am off for the day in meetings, so I have no idea when I will be logging back in! Cry

Priya - first off, the banner is gorgeous! Are you planning to put it for all the Crooners from now on? Love it! And I just adored the "ande ka funda" of the post - it was a superb take - you rock, girl. He is really an anda, isn't he? That shell, and the softness that is inside... The minute I saw your title I was so intrigued - and then I realised what you had done - loved the word play!

Oh yes - the lambi saans - kab se le rahe hain - our dhak dhaks will increase just like Khushi's to a fever pitch! The check list was super - though, like you mentioned as well, I was also thinking a promo was sorely lacking for the last 2 days - you had your highest jump in ages in TRPs and you choose not to put a promo?! It's made worse by shots of Singapore! Angry I saw that there was a promo out though - interesting choice of words "saari hadon ko paar"... hmmm... won't say anything more in terms of expectations, because I don't want to get hopes high - but OMG why do they do this to us! Embarrassed Can we just fast forward to 8pm today?! And Priya - you so need to put a copyright or something here - just said it last night and morning mein haazir!

And my pick from your multiple choice question is definitely D! Kab se iss din ka intezaar raha hai!! Mental hospital mein sab ko line se le lenge - achcha hai, bulk deal bhi mil jayega, and they need to have the TV on only one show!

Alright, on to the episode... The first sequence that happened was utterly gorgeous... Cried when I saw it - and I couldn't even go ahead with the episode without rewinding and watching - I must have seen it about four times before I moved on! It was one of the magical moments for me - it reinforced why I'm a fan of this pair of characters and actors both - simply outstanding. I'm so happy that Khushi got her wish - when she opened her eyes and looked at him standing there with tears in his eyes - it was just utterly beautiful. It just set the tone for what they are - both of them are aware of where they stand with regard to each other - the words are not there. Somehow when it comes to Arnav and Khushi, the silences are always louder than the words themselves - and somehow yesterday I felt, I can't blame who don't understand that the show is about the rest of the characters or who don't understand the nuances - because these two just are eons above the rest.

Absolutely loved your description of the scene - "we are still crossing the bridge, but the waters flowing under it are denser, wilder" - so brilliantly put!

For me yesterday the dialogues were the winner completely - as was Karan. I thought his performance has gone up remarkably - I love the unlikely pairing of Arnav and NK - "baby, sweetheart", I was just cracking up imagining Khushi's face if Arnav said those dialogues to her!

And someone should tell Mamiji and Akash the "saas bhi kabhi bahu thi" dialogue - Akash especially knows now that it's Khushi's birthday - even the brother he worships is with Khushi - Akash, if you want to question then why question Payal - why don't you question Arnav? To be honest the Akash Payal thing is quite irritating beyond a point - feels like it's put in for the sake of something to do.

I loved Nani too - there is no question of loyalties with her - she is balancing both relationships, with Khushi and with Anjali very well. I loved her comeback to Mamiji, and I especially loved her interaction with Arnav. Arnav is really turning into a husband now - "my dear wife" like you said, the little things - the ironed clothes for both of them kept together somehow made me really happy - it was like a reinforcement of their marriage.

The gift - lovely take on it Priya - the man being ignored as well as the gift - so true. Don't know which one he is angrier about!

I won't say much about Anjali - what you had said was the first thing I thought as well - why would she take her brother for a check up of that sort? Also I read that Abhaas is also shooting - so I'm interested to know what is coming up... The forum freaks me out with regard to Anjali nowadays - as a person with a younger brother, I really find some of those posts utterly disgusting.

Two aspects I'm waiting for more on - one was Khushi's reactions to Payal and Akash's problems - and the other is what you had mentioned: Khushi moving off the paths on which Anjali treads. Shwe had talked about the differences in their characters in yesterday's brilliant post - how Khushi finds it hard to accept what people do for her, and how Anjali finds it hard when people are not doing things for her. I think some days back Indi Di had also talked about the role that Anjali's disability plays in her insecurities - some days I think Anjali is one of the most interesting characters on television (when I'm not angry with her for barging into rooms without knocking! Dead) because she has so many layers and nuances.

And now - mother nature has also started believing in symbolism I guess - it's raining heavily here - the sari, as per our wishes - am I allowed to ask for the return of that vest? I really miss it. Gosh, I just can't wait to see today's episode - jai ho Satsang ki!!!

P.S. Dekho rootha na karo - one of my all time favourites!

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Desai09 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 11:56am | IP Logged
Super duper fast.. LOL Be back after reading... Embarrassed

From past two days I am reserving the spot to update my comments, but couldn't update it...Confused
I don't think will be able to update today too... Loads of work..

Just wanted to say dii.. Crooner 1.1 and 1.2 both were dhamakedar... Embarrassed I am loving this new avtar of Crooner. Not that I did not like it earlier, but still... Big smile Mindblowing crooners... Clap Clap  Clap
About the episode, rather both the episodes, all I want to say is I am loving it..  Naraaz Khushi, Aranv pampering Khushi... Ahh it's so real, reminds me of someone very dear... Always... IPK never fail to amazes me with the way how they have kept it so real.. Tongue Great job done by whole IPK team.. Clap  Clap 
Eagerly waiting for 300th episode, not that I will get to see it before 11 at night, but still.. Sometimes I am glad for my office timings, I don't have to die waiting 8, I don't realise kab 9:30 ho jate he cause of too much work.. I remember taking chutti on Mon and then after 5, it was too hard to wait for 8.. LOL  LOL How do you guys do it always is a mistry to me.. LOL But anyway... Going now... Back to work..
Hug to all Crooner buddies..
P.S. Priya dii believe me when I say I actually was not in mood to write so much.. But this darn work Angry  Angry. On top of all, my boss Angry Angry  Angry He had became like Creepwa... Angry Anyway gotta go. Love ya.. Hug

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subiscs IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 11:57am | IP Logged
Holaaa quickie
Smile ~~~~editeddd~~~~~~~
Totally loved the crooner...and the quote and that cartoon  pic !!!!HugHug

OMG!!!! the first five mins...oh gosh...epic scenes...they create magic on screen ya ..casting a spell!!!! Day Dreaming those unsaid words...the flow of love...the tears!!!!! The sense of belonging to someone completely and everything was just sealed with the kiss!!!!!

totally loved this line...we are still crossing the bridge but the water flowing below it s denser and wilder...

arnav - NK:::::: Th scenes were a delight!!!! cudnt stop lol in!!!! loved karan and barunSmile dialogues tho mast tha!!!!!! loving the bromance much more...
awww cutie pie...!!!! asr s trying all things that so not ASR ish to manofy his queen !!!!Khushi how r u actually resisting his charms and love ???!!!!! Day Dreaming totally agree the arnav who asks his nani for help..cracking the anda !!!!!and loved how Nk told that breakfast was all part of manofy Khushi deal!!!!!!

arnav - khushi ::::: They r jus epic couple...fairytailsh!!!!!! loved the bedroom scene..loved the way asr asked if she can see the gift now...Embarrassed his anger...his love...his total genuine wish to manofy her!!!! gosh how can someone be this adorable...oh bring on the nok jhonks...loving it!!!!

and yeah now when arnav said my dear wife...!!!!oye oye...Smile

Priya totally agree with u on how Khushi is backing off from every path where anjali treads!!!! guess another storm is just gathering pace and strength!!!

anjali ---woahhh...the world just came tumbling down and she doesnt want to come out of it for she still wants it the way it was!!! Period!!!! She is not or rather doesnt want to see anything elseSmile Her FB 's stands as a testimony to her belief or rather what she chose to see!!!! belief that her husband was correct...her faith is not wrong...the fb has this chain of events in which it links up what maami said abt they sent shyam out...!!!! well well...queen of the other board will make a move anytime soon!!!!! change of weather anytime...

Nani --- aww loved her at the dining table for snubbing maami and also for her brilliant happy pls take anjali wherever u  go..LOL.LOLanyways asr wont koi baath nahin...

akash - maami ----- Strike 1!!!! ignoring completely... wish payal gives akash a piece of her mind!!!!Smile

A beautiful episode...with just wonderful moments!!!! Moments that creates magic that which reminds life is all about such great moments!!!!Smile 

okay now...!!! sari...noone at home...with that info on rain shot mostly shot!! My mind just burst out and all cells are processing what might happen tomo ...freak its 300 th episode says one neuron..good lord arnav khushi home alone...arnav manofying..totally in husband and wife mode says another!!!! well all signals are well being processed and  points out to one thing...Romance!!!!!!LOLLOL

Kal mausam hai suhana...romance dekhne ka hai bahana
what the what the what the!!!!!

There s one song that was haunting my head while seeing arnav Khushi scenes...!!
"""""Agar Main Kahoon, Mujhe Tumse Mohabbat Hai
Meri Bas Yahi Chahat Hai, To Kya Kahogi 
Main Tumse Kahongi
Is Baat Ko Agar Tum, Zara Aur Saja Ke Kahte
Zara Ghuma Phira Ke Kahte To Achcha Hota
Agar Main Kahoon, Baatein Sunke Tumhari Main Hairan Hoon
Jo Bhi Kahna Hai Kaise Kahoon
Lagta Tumhein Kuchh Bhi Achchha Nahin
Sach Ko Bhi Kahti Ho Sachcha Nahin """""""""""""

P:S  :::::**thud **** siggies !!! haila...maardaala priya !!!!! Embarrassed
star of the thread --- omaraboti!!!!! loved what u wrote  HugStar

yayyay am loving the game..Smile.and yes totally agree on double check...aman we are happy ki u made ur comeback..but we will not be missing ur presence tomo!!!!LOLLOL asr can u just put ur damn phone away too!!!!LOLLOL

Brilliant performances by the team !!!! loving the show even more !!!Smile

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honeypriya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 11:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Mahamluvsght

awesome crooner priya ! episode was awesome awesome :) 

arnav khushi

arnav nk
arnav nani
arnav di

 back arnav khushi loved every bit  of it !
today's pick Arnav NK Maham - for me bromance works more than romance any day LOL

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-Jamba- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
Priya - thanks for the PM, great summary! Clap

Um - expectations much for 300, girl? Need I remind you of  225, 250, 275? Just be happy with the cake Wink

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Parsha Goldie

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 12:02pm | IP Logged
I am flying without wings...look up gals...!!!Clap...

Let me touch down...will get back with my love song!!!

299...Dhak dhak dhak dhak..!!!!Clap

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garlic IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 12:03pm | IP Logged
super fabulous crooner...ASR after a kam aukad girl,wooing her; really a treat to watchWink

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