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IP REDUX; Alaap !! (Page 2)

Lizzy2012 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 11:41am | IP Logged
tag line Nafrat paas aanena de and mohabbat door jaanane de.
Looks  like.. There is a reiteration of the tagline by the cv's in the episodes .This is the basis on which the plot has worked..there was always Nafrat on the surface with mohabbat  lurking inside.. Only to be shown out in extremely difficult times..with fiery emotions.. And  Farak padtha hain thrown in to spice up the love story..but the kidnapping saga in this story took this story to a new plane.. A plane where both the central characters realising that in their hatred grew a bond.. An unbreakable bond  which they identified as love.. So in pernicious situations .. They love they bore for each other saved their lives and their characters  from being assassinated completely.. Here we heard the confession of arnav being in love..but khushi still hasn't worded her feelings though she showed it in action as to how she loved her rajkumar and shaitan back to real world after the kidnapping saga and the ouster of shyam because of khushi's truth...With arnav wanting make khushi his wife in the fullest sense of the word..  the responsibilities and emotions of caring for the hurt family begins to creep back into their lives..What do we get now from the plot? We get the essence of the tagline  again..Let me explain this to you  in my analysis...

I will not go into major analysis today .. But give u all pointers as to how I think that the essence of tag line has been maintained

Will start this from yesterday's episode.
The rejection of arnav's hand bag gift, rejection of the fairy light party, the rejection of the cake,The rejection of arnav's breakfast peace offering inspite of that cooked by nani,the rejection of another  gift today , all these have pushed me to think along  the lines of the tag line ..khushi inspite of the knowledge that arnav cannot word his feelings is goading him to word his wishes... Khushi witnessing payash rift because of the truth,she watching anji's desperation and unstability because of the shyam fiasco..she sensing a a distance in the brother- sister relationship because of her..she sensing that arnav loves her tooo let her walk out  and that anji is not able to view her  without  negative feelings colouring her emotions.not want arnav to chose between the two...That again has pushed me to think of the tag line.. Is khushi deliberately goading him.. So that her supposed Nafrat  does allow him even to stray close to her..or is it  that she wants his  mohabbat  totally anhililated by her supposed Nafrat..the khushi who wants all happy around her has started feeling that she is the cause of it all.. That is the extension of survivor's guilt coming into play.. But the difference in this whole scenario is that arnav will not allow  khushi to stand alone on this.. He will connect this to the OTT  behaviour of khushi and how she wanted to escape him that time.. So arnav understanding khushi is the new dimension added to the scenario..

Symbolic pointers towards this -

 Stain dodala and the fabric of the handbag got this telling us of the relationship in the RM getting spoilt or the the separation between arhi

Force feeding the cake and  not eating his Di's sugarless Kheer- talks about how arnav will not allow khushi to leave.. Rejecting his di's stance on this matter.. 

Payal- will be the link to RM  as the green saree symbolises hariyali..payash will stay together because of arhi.. Payal will be one of the contacts between them at times of separation. Today  khushi and arnav noticed the problems between payal and Akash .. 

NK will be the lakshman cum hanuman here.. He helped khushi arnav back and now will help arnav get back his khushi.. The bangle gift he gave to khushi.. Suggested the chooda given by a brother to sister at times of a suggests he will be one of the factors which help in the remarriage.. Also today.. He suggested a gift for khushi.. Said pyar Bari baatein..he will  guide arnav back to khushi is what it suggested

Nani- cooking also poori at arnav's insistence.. Khushi's fav food.. And khushi moving away and not eating it though cooked by nani.. Was indicator that khushi will try to move away trying the Nafrat tack but arnav will try to get her back to him by ordering another please her..

Anji looking at arnav immersed in the khushi jeeto abiyaan..feels left out and suggests sibling rift.. Suggested reentry of Shyam.

Akash, mami and payal  scenario looked on by khushi and khushi telling nani that she will not go the sat sang along with everybody suggested that khushi trying to move away from the a whole.. And when everybody has left her.. And she will be with arnav alone..suggests that arnav will with her even when she leaves  RM...

Arnav, khushi and the red flower with birthday wishes suggested that khushi wil know about arnav's intentions and his love.. But will act as though she is unaware.. Look at the expressions she had when she realises he wished but faked sleep without getting up ..

Saree gift from arnav ...Will talk about it later when the scene is telecast

Sorry about the pathetic analysis.. My thoughts are still jumbled on this and wrote what came to my mind..when the clarity sets in ..I will put my thoughts more clearly

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S003 Senior Member

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 11:42am | IP Logged

Today I cannot write down all of my thougths, simply because I have to work on a presentation, Cry, so instead I'll quickly bullet point the things that I thought were different and loved.

These days, I'm reminded of why I love this show so much.
1. The MIGHTY ASR, wishes that Khushi gets all the happiness in the world. Is this the same guy who at newyears says its the stupidest thing to wish for stuff????
2. The Mighty ASR is following the advice of the person he thinks to be crazy, NK, just to make his wife happy. This is the same guy who wanted at any cost to stay away from him.
3. The mighty ASR goes to his Nani and request her to make his favorite dish, this is the guy who lives and breaths his routine, in the first episode he was asking for his oats. To make it special for Khushi
4. The mighty ASR is so tuned into what Khushi is doing his world is literally revolving around her, he invests time and effort this time in her gift. This is the same guy who said my ego is very big
5. Khushi tells Nani she will not come to the prayer meeting because of Anjali, a quiet maturity ( like NK said she is a year older), the old Khushi would have bardged in and begged for forgiveness, but Anjali's reaction has shocked her to her very core.
6. Quietly Khushi watches her sisters pain, without confronting Akaash or Mami, the old Khushi would have definetly said something, she realizes that there si a deep underlyiing hurt.
7. A Stubborn Khushi, will not forgive ASR, A girl who can forgive Lavanya for calling the police on her , Anjali for blackmailing her , and Mami for the million snide comments will not let him off the hook.
8. NK establishes himself as the love guru in the house, and Nanav has nothing to do but follow. Karan has built such a memorable character with a few lines something that Akash couldn't do in a year he has done in a few months.
9. Mami is turning a crack into a crevice, perhaps a Khushi and Arnav will have to play cupid again this time for Payal.
10. Anjali watches her brother dance around his wife, the same women who wished that her brother would fall in love now stands threathend by that very love.
11. Anjali is looking for her crutches in life, her brother threw one out and now insteading of being the one she can lean on, in her eyes he is distancing himself from her.
That sums up today's episode for me. With so many layers of the story unfolding together.
There is just one issue I am having.
I don't understand why they keep replaying that one scene of Anjali and Arnav, there were so many times where he said the same lines, can you please show those, or shoot new ones and pretend that they happened in the past and so we will get to see glimpse of the past as well.
But mostly, a thoroughly enjoyable episode.
Congratulations on the completion of 300 episodes, which I must have watched atleast 900 times.
Keep up the good work guys.
And that was my two cents

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TheFaerieQueen IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
Hum tumse na kuch kah paye..
Tum humse na kuch kah paye..
Lagta hai darr yeh, baat yeh dil ki...
dil mein na rah jaye.

And a big Hug to Anjali. 

ShockedShocked Honey, We shrunk the bedLOL


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ppanache IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 12:15pm | IP Logged

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--Anna-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 12:16pm | IP Logged
Hola people!!! Hug

Wast planning to write but came today to express my gratitude to Sathu and Doodhs - Who got me here and made me a part of the REDUX family!! Did not even realize but soon I was part of this huge family and found happiness in discussions with every member!! We have agreed - disagreed - fought - loved but nothing has ever made me go away from REDUX. Okay so I know I was not here the last couple of days - but that was because I dont feel like writing! Tongue Redux is a family of wonderful writers - with everyone having their own POV and still managing to respect the other person's views. I have had my share of tiffs with so many people here and yet it is HOME! Embarrassed

Thank you Sathu for getting me here and making me a part of REDUX. You know it means a lot to me every time I am here.

Coming to today's episode ;

Awww... the first scene! Arnav Singh Raizada is so adorable!!! Man! The way he wished her and the way he kissed her - that was awwwable!!! Day Dreaming
Day DreamingDay Dreaming Oh I cried! I cried like hell! Barun Sobti You rock with your expressions!!! Clap Clap Today was your day! Every single scene BANG ON expressions!! Clap

Anjali - I feel so sorry for her - every time she comes on screen! I can see the fear of losing her brother and her husband both in her! Its already bad that Shyam was thrown out (from her POV) without any proofs or anything - now she is scared to lose her brother - infact she has lost him so as she feels. DB is good these days! I can feel the pain! Clap

Khushi - baby! I am not judging your reactions! Somehow I am positive this time that you have something up your sleeve! You know Arnav wished you and that is more than enough for me! I just hope I see you also woo him back by wearing that saree he has got you! Wink Because this cannot be your way of being selfless and reducing the pain of his when you leave - because if that is so - then you dont understand him - that he wants only HIS Khushi with him!! Embarrassed Sanaya Irani! Great Job! Thumbs Up

All in all a good episode! I am taking each episode as it comes without thinking much what is gonna happen in the future and trust me its AWESOME!!! Clap Clap

To all the REDUXIANS :
Bush, Lizzy, Sandhya, Nia, Chani, S003, Supna, Areeba and everyone else - Have been not commenting specifically - but love your takes! Keep them coming in! Big smile


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--sumana13-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 12:24pm | IP Logged
Hello Reduxians ...
you gurlz are doing awesomely well
Keep it up buddies...

I am so glad to see Satya AND Doods together in the thread ...

love you yaar ...

I want .."main tumhe hamesha ke liye Mrs Arnav Singh Raizada banake rahoonga " moment in tomorrow's 300th episode ... 
Is that too much to ask for ...Day DreamingDay Dreaming

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vasiraju IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 12:29pm | IP Logged
Heya Girls ..Hug

After so many days i felt i should put my thoughts on today's has just made me to write today..My heart felt for ASR,kushi and Anjali.What an Awesome episode totally mind-blowing i loved it start to end its just a flow of emotions played very subtlety but yet conveying the message to us .A well planned and executed episode.
well Done CV's.

absolutely  Loved the First 3 mins of the episode ..Once again Arhi successfully made me to cry on their scene.i cried with emotions they played on the screen.can anyone in the forum ever imagined that a person like ASR can carry a Rose for a girl to wish her B'day wishes .No not at all ..i was spell bounded seeing that scene ..these man has changed a Lot .he had so much love in his eyes  for his girl too much to handle for me.The way he placed the Rose on the pillow beside Kushi i feel like he Put his heart their for her and expressed how much he loves her.Kushi who was not in the total sleep feeling his Love calmly she don't want embarrass him by opening her eyes ..or i should say she was so touched with his gesture that she want to feel the Love that he shared with her.

These two made me always happy when they shower Love on each other.Is pyar ko kya naam doon?their unsaid Love always make me to fell in with show all over again.the magic these two share is incomparable with any other lead pair in any TV serial.Awesome start of the episode with such an emotional Touching scene.

Than comes a lighter Funny scene Nk and ASR..First  thought  whenever i see these two Guys onscreen automatically a smile comes on my face ...They both are two extreme Thinking guys that it give pleasant pleasure to watch them discussing ..

Nk who was so curious to know about Kushi's reaction last night ..Comes in the early morning to take the feedback..and he gets the answer from ASR that he wished her when she was sleeping ..and NK says what the LOL..These two brother are so good at using English in their daily life..i loved how the Dialogue writer took care in such small things.A beautiful funny scene between them Nk was in his Mission to teach ASR how he should impress kushi and he ignite ASR thoughts once again with his Romantic ideas where ASR is really Dumb to think.

so ASR who is in the Mission of impressing kushi Took his first step reaching nani and asking her to cook Allu poori as Breakfast.I loved the way ASR knows each and every taste of kushi so well he showed his Business approach to woo his lady.

Than comes Dinning table scene again where ASR was waiting for Kushi to make her sit beside her and wanted personally to serve her..God this man is so involved in Kushi these days .so adorable Loved it.

Finally the ASR noticed that Kushi avoiding everything intentionally ,but he is ASR he won't loose the game so easily his next step is get Her can we expect some Romantic and hot scenes between them.My gutter Mind going wild LOL

Kushi again avoided the gift placed on the ASR had no chance handing the Gift to her personally.loved each and every nok jhok between ARhi.

Coming to anjali ..when she got Phone call about check up about baby once again she got reminded about the father of the baby shyamu,the moments both anjali and shyam shared regarding their child which she can't forget at all  baby reminds her Lost beautiful world with her Husband.she needs some support to face the reality where she was,so her first thought is her brother becoz till Both siblings shared their pain ,sorrow,happiness everything  no one was their till now to come in her first move is her brother support and love.but when she comes to his Room she notices-es again ASR is busy with buying a saree for his wife..she has no other though except to leave the place calmly .though ASR assured her that he is their for her but his moves are not towards her its for kushi..she felt that Now she is not his world someone occupied it.and she can't do nothing about this she feels rejected by everyone including her brother.

Anjali is confused soul who dodn't how get on from this mess that was created by Kushi and shyam,she needs the some one to pull her from this sorrow make her happy,make her feel special.she is the lady once her brother and husband both were behind her to support her, love her ,care her and pamper her ,now things has changed suddenly in one day she feels that she was thrown out of her well built beautiful life.i pity her and feel one day she emerges Strong and face the reality of shyam and Move on happily with her child.

Payal-Aaksh relationship degrading day by day which may result to collapse their married life soon.Akash has to sit and think why he married payal,and what he is doing now with her.a reality cheack is Misu for Akash.

PS: Sathu finally Today i made it ...its all your encouragement which made me to come here and put my you all reduxians and the beautiful writers over here .
A poem dedicated to all MY Reduxians and Redux

Redux  is our sunshine
Redux  is our  shining star
Everything  we are not
Redux is our family
redux makes  us laugh
Redux makes our heart smile
Everything we do
Makes life worthwhile
Rudux gives lovingly
Redux always cheered us
Everything we are
we hold for redux
Redux grils are so sweet
Redux girls are so very kind
Everything we cherish
we find happiness and love
Redux  is a blessing
redux is heaven where we share our thoughts
Everything about Redux
is gift Given by sathu and Doods for us
There never was such a friendship that has made me feel this way It's been there from the beginning, so I just want to say,
That this friendship has made me see the light
Because this is a Special Kind Of Love, for me, and for everyone at redux


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--Anna-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 12:37pm | IP Logged
Updated people! :)

Chotu sa hai - but kuch toh hai! :P

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