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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

IP REDUX; Alaap !!

tanthya IF-Addictz

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 11:32am | IP Logged

Heyy Girls ...Smile

Would I call it a Good episode ...I do not think so   but was it a Good follow up episode ..It sure was ...A episode that explored the teething problems of  relationships... the period when the Honey moon phase is on the upswing  and the flaws are but minor irritants ... The period where one begins to get to know the various dimensions of One's partner ..The Good & the Bad , The beautiful and the Ugly...This  was one such episode  !!

ALAAP... Why  the name of the title as Alaap ... Even I did not know why ?? When I was watching the show , after about 10 mins ...just the word  'Alaap' popped out ...I did not pay attention then but kept the word in reserve ..After the episode ended, I wondered why I thought of Alaap.. I am not a misician nor do I  come from a musical Background...Neither can I distinguish between notes why this word ???   ...At such times  when  I need information, I pay my obeisance to Google Bhagwan and begin to seek out ...  I found the reason WHY?? when I went to a music based site ...Here is what I gleaned from that Site..It is a Gradual exposition of the Raag in slow Tempo ...In Alaap , the Musician  improvises each note gradually ..Alaap is usually sung only in aakar and has no words  ...THAT is when  I had my  EUREKA moment   * No, I did not run thru the streets straight out of Bath Tub , but U understand the senti eh !!   I understood why I thought of Alaap ...Bec  to me it defined the relationship status of the Pairs .. each  couple are  taking hesitant steps into their relationships , each step improvised , developed gradually, slowly  and the exploration of this  relationship is not done verbally but silently ,quietly ... the melody which only the other partner can understand it the cold anger that is heard and understood by Payal or the  wooing of  Khushi by a suitably repentant Arnav !! ...Suffice to say I was quite flabbergasted   and feeling marvelous  about myself  when I unraveled the reason  for the Alaap  and Gave myself a huge pat on the back  ** Thoda Self Promotion tho banta hai, Boss WinkEvil Smile  *

Now that we have the explanation and self congratulations done...Can we Proceed on to the episode ..Is that what U are saying , Bootiful ladies and few wandering Bhai Logs .. I hear You !!  Yes, Do Let us stroll through the fragrant Garden of Raizada's and take a languid whiff of their Life...

The scene opens with the clock still showing that there is 5 min more for the day to end and Khushi's B'day to end . A clear conscienced  Khushi is lost in the embrace of  sleep while her restless partner is unable to enjoy the same luxury , his wretched heart does not allow him the peace as it  keeps pricking him about his failed endeavor to placate his soulmate .. His love keeps him awake as anguish  tears at him for  not being able to give the one simple joy Khushi craves for...The demons of the past has tightly corralled his emotions, making  it almost insurmountable to cross the barrier.  He stands by the bedside watching the sleeping child.. On his own volition he alks up to her , carefully he  lowers himself   by her side, watching the beloved  face with an indistinguishable sadness mingled with love .. Places a single long stemmed rose by her side , tenderly  pushing the tendril of her hair of her face,  The hair which was like a cloud covering the radiance of the Moon.. He removes it allowing himself the uninterrupted viewing of her beauty , Emotions which were tightly bridled, which were dammed suddenly bursts forth  , the eyes containing the dew drops of his love , he wishes his girl, His only love all the happiness in the world , leans over , brushes her forehead  gently with his lips  and  seals his wish !!..

This probably rank as one of the best scenes for me in Y'days episode ... I just loved the story telling done by the camera ... what do we see when the camera is in the room...IT shows Sleeping on the bed  with Arnav  standing tall  watching her ... Subtly telling the viewer's that come what may, Arnav will always be her sanctuary, her shelter, the Man who will be the wall that will safeguard her from any strife ..It will be under his shadow that she will be able to sleep in peace, her home is with him ...Arnav ...A man who still has  emotional issues, has still kept his emotions in check and has refused to verbalize his emotions  and it is this refusal that is keeping him from getting closer, the reason for that distance  ... and when he lowers himself for her, when he lets go of his   issues and  stoops before her is the moment that  he conquers his demons and  it is then he is able to utter the  the wishes of his heart ..

But will the cruel destiny ever allow them the bliss of togetherness or will  their path be always be at cross purpose .. separating Just before uniting , Aware of the love  but unable to articulate it nor  express it, burning in the fires of hell   rather than choosing to let go and come clean ...What fate beholds this two ?? , how will fate deal with this pure hearts ??

To Me this scene belonged to Barun esp when he  portrays a Arnav who is overwhelmed by his own intense emotions, when he is rapidly trying to control his rampaging love.. the love which is in imminent danger of  flowing out  as tears.. The pain, agony and the helplessness of Love was beautifully brought out by him...

The scene also suggested that many a times there is going to be misunderstandings cropping up  and ofc the much awaited separation ..

Morning Dawns   with NK doing the duty of  Alarm Clock and   awakening a irate  Arnav who just does not want to have anything to do with NK at that particular moment and if he had his way  not at any particular moment either ...but a exuberant NK does not deign to bother about the lack of warmth in the greetings and  buoyantly enquires about the b'day celebrations ..which a reluctant Arnav describes through a gritted teeth..

Fridge main tha, Masoom sa ..tum Ande ho , zero ho  ...this were the words that resonated with me whilst watching the scene ... I strongly felt that this depicted the  ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA  to the core ...A man who has frozen his emotions, A man who is innocent , pure, honorable  but all this emotions hidden carefully and displaying only the freezing attitude ... He is an Egg, a unborn Man  ..A Man who is going to begin a new journey !!...What is an egg..It is but a circle... an infinity !!.. much like Arnav-Khushi's  Bond which has no beginning  and  no end  ...

Karan  totally rocked this segment ...

Arnav wily nily cajoles his Grandmother to prepare Aloo Poori  , Nani agrees  to do it and the first offering goes to  Anjali ..A Anjali who gets a call informing about her appointment  ...She comes to inform  Arnav is shattered to hear her bro  ordering a gift for his wife...She moves away or tries to move but is noticed by Aranv who hastens after her ...seeking to know the reason for her  arrival ..Anjali just back tracks ...

A clear intimation of the upcoming distance due to their respective spouses and the hefty price that Arnav will be paying  for his sister's happiness ...

Everyone at the dining Table, happily partaking the food laden  on the table ..Nani as the  judge , Arnav by her side ..Khushi refusing to sit by him and choosing to sit opposite him , all the way showering him with glares !!  A  befuddled Arnav who is trying to get into the good books of  Khushi is busily playing attentive hubby to her  which is angrily rebuffed by Khushi...Into this scenario enters NK, The Good  Samaritan who  by his mere presence can mess up a perfect equation !! ...NK, who is not in on  Arnav's Game plan thinks that Arnav is being self indulgent and promptly takes him to task  only for him to shut up when Arnav informs  NK that it was for Khushi ... Khushi who was  intently  eavesdropping  gets the gist of the conversation, promptly rejects  Arnav's peace offering n walks away !!

I loved the fact that the miffed parties , Khushi & Akash were on the same side while the partners  who are mollifying  their respective partners are on the other  but what a difference  in the seriousness of the situation...Here a wife who only wants her husband to express himself  to her directly , openly ...There a Husband quivering in righteous fury !! ...on the surface , Looks as if the bubble  of  PAYASH is the serious one but whilst it is actually the Arnav_khushi  combo which is headed for serious trouble ...Love  will not flourish where ego,and barriers exists and with both of them erecting multiple barriers ..The relationship will be tested   but the strong  bond of love will keep them afloat , will keep them together  will eventually unite them ..

P.S. Why do I think that pretty soon we may get  a Khushi who will try to Manao her hubby ??

The attempts to  win over Khushi continues with one materialistic gift after the other ..The Business Tycoon does not want to realize that his wife does not crave the  objects but values emotions ...He will learn, he will do so when pushed to a corner and he will  bend to her wish and win her back..

Loved the line ,"Ab dikhrah hai"   by Arnav when he pointedly hold the  lurid Green paper wrapped gift in front of A Khushi who was pretending not to see it..

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Arhimaniac IF-Sizzlerz

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Dear Friends till I update my post..I would like to dedicate my first romantic VM to Sandy (Mommamia)Sats (Tanthya) & Doods (doodleberry)...As Sats gave me the encouragement to write and explore my talent, Doodle inspired me to write and Sandy gave me the encouragement to study and clear my exams and relentlessly proof read my posts. So for the three of them my humble token of appreciation:

P.S: Doods I have heard aaj kal nighaen kahin aur bhatak rahi hain..agar aap kahen to kisi aur ka banadoon Embarrassed

Important note:

Dear redux members there is a good news for you all. Recently we have been missing insights from both sats and doods resulting in a lot of confused minds...including mine. So Doods has graciously agreed to answer all our queries. So my dear friends..when moi here no fear...send me all your queries in PM..I will combine them and send them to doods and then she will paste her answers in the Redux thread..this means all your questions for today's and tomorrow's episode will be featured in tomorrow's Redux...hope you all are as happy as I am about this...*pssst worry not aise hi phansa ker us ko rope in kerlen ge Wink*

Episode today:

Once again we got to see an insecure Anjali...her depression is increasing...abandonment by her husband and now she feels her brother. The rift in her heart for her beloved chote is increasing. Will it lead her to turn grey or will it lead to a confrontation in which it will be revealed to her what chote & khushi had to go through for her is yet to be known.

Those who are unable to understand her do remember that she is going through shock and grief because of her husbands betrayal and throwing out. She does not know the extent of danger that was faced by khushi and Arnav. She has not been given any proof against her hubby. And the last the surety that her brother is always there for her, always thinks for her first above everything is slipping fast.

Arnav & khushi...A wooing Arnav who in his style is trying every possible way to coax her into forgiving him and be happy with him. Khushi being khushi is giving him a hard time. How I was looking forward to this track..I cannot tell you...I am so excited..however today khushi's expressions after the flower happy birthday scene seemed to make me she rejecting on purpose..does she want to widen the gap so that he may let her go?? Or is she just making him pay for the 6 months statement...yet to be seen...

Nani today witnessed the discomfort khushi is facing because of Anjali...
Will it lead to nani asking Khushi to walk out from RM after the contract fiasco or will this lead to nani bringing facts in front of Anjali...??

Khushi today witnessed how Payal's equation with Akash is sour and how mami is widening the gap...will this lead  her to join hands again with Arnav to bring them together?? or will it lead to Payal walk out??

Interesting story now..lets see where it is leading...

A very interesting point to note:
Yesterday it was buaji with it was nani...wah wah...yeh donon mil ker shadi kerwayen gi dobara...The BIG wedding is around the corner guys Big smile

Side note:

As much as I love Arnav and Khushi..NK's character has taken a big place in my heart too...

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Chani123 IF-Rockerz

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                 "I have said nothing because there is nothing I can say that would describe how I                                                  feel as perfectly as you deserve it"
                                                                                                       ~Kyle Schmidt

The words have failed him.. After all he is a man of few words.. His actions always have spoken for him.. When he hated he hated with all his might.. And now he loves.. He loves with all his heart.. 
The love he feels for her is so deep.. that it threatens to overwhelm him.. The emotions are so raw.. that he is not able to contain them.. He finds it difficult to express because not only is he poor with words, but every time he tries the feelings close his throat.. the emotions jam his voice..
He knows he has hurt her.. Not once, not twice.. but innumerable times.. He once apologised to her, way back in the past.. 
  "main jaanta hoon ki jaane anjaane mein maine tumhe bahut chot pahunchaayi hai.. par woh isliye kyun ki mujhe  kabhi pata hi nahi chalta.. but phir jab realise karta hoon, I really regret it then.. bahut bura lagta hai mujhe..par main kuch bhi kabhi jaan kar nahi karta khushi... main bas aisa hi hoon.. shaayad main..."

But it was Lavanya who heard those words and realised that Arnav had fallen in love with Khushi but is still unaware of it.. She asked Khushi to look after ASR.. as he himself is unaware of what he wants.. And that Khushi is the one who is emotionally intelligent and will realise one day what ASR wants.. 

Today, ASR knows what he wants.. He wants to bring Khushi on his Khushi's face.. He wants her by his side.. He wants to make everything special for her.. He wants to give her the WORLD.. He wants her to forgive him for what he said... He wants her to believe that he did not mean what he said.. He wants to know that SHE WILL BE HIS FOREVER!

He is trying and trying and trying... He got her the bag.. as soon as he came to know her previous Jhola was broken.. the purchase of the bag, involved his thought but lacked the personal touch.. Hence she made him realise.. she did not think it was a gift..

He got her the bouquet of red roses, the fairy lights and the cake.. Giving things his thought and personal touch... Showing that he is aware of her likes and dislikes.. But his efforts were again painfully rejected cos once again he had force her into cutting and eating the cake.. He was rebuked that she does not want all this.. a simple birthday wish was all she wanted.. 

Now that he knows what she wants.. How could he not give her that??
He gave her the most beautiful and memorable birthday wish ever...
"Happy birthday Khushi.. I wish tumhe duniyaa ki saari khushiyaan mile" and he sealed his wish with the tenderest of the kiss on her forehead.. He just sits by her side.. looking at her face.. Lost in her.. feeling the waves of emotions crashing in his heart.. tears of happiness and sadness in his eyes.. Happiness to have her there by his side.. happiness that she was a part of his life,,
sadness for she still is not with him completely.. sadness that he might lose her one day.. sadness for all the times he hurt her.. sadness that it took him so long to realise her worth..

he could no longer bear to look at her.. She reminded him of all the times he had hurt her.. He looks away from her.. And she sensing his gaze leaving her face opens her eyes and acknowledges the birthday wish he gave her.. Acknowledges his love for her.. A bittersweet smile on her face.. Happy that he finally wished her.. saddened how her words must have hurt him.. Sorry that she could not appreciate the thoughts he had put in the surprise he had planned for her openly... 

He walks up to the door, and turns around to catch a final glimpse of her beautiful face.. His world has completely changed with her in it.. In her he has found the happiness he never imagined could be his.. A world which he thought he did not deserve.. a sense of belonging which he lost with his mother.. An unconditional love and support which he has never had so far.. And all he has done till date was to hurt her, belittle her efforts and ridicule her motives... He looks at her face as if thinking.. "WHAT HE WOULD NOT DO TO MAKE THE PAIN GO AWAY?"

What a beautiful birthday wish... the scene was poetic.. the lighting, the camera angle.. Barun's expressions.. the single red rose.. A simple but powerful birthday wish.. He has surrendered himself to her.. 

The morning breaks.. and in comes NK and his curious self.. Excited to know how did the celebration go?? only to find out.. Nannav wished a sleeping Khushi.LOL and when Nannav asks him why is he listening to his nonsense and "woh soh rahi thi to uski problem hai". comes back with the reply..
" Nannav kyunki tum pehle aise pati ho, jo apni wife ko tab wish karta hai jab woh so rahi hai" LOLLOL and gives him pointers to placate Khushi.. Asks him to do something sweet and romantic for Khushi.. 
Arnav Singh Raizada.. Sweet and Romantic.. 2 things we never thought he could be.. LOL
The guys whose anger sits at the tip of his nose! Does he have any idea what he is getting in to?? How much patience is needed to be sweet and romantic???
Like a man on mission he runs down to nani and requests her to make his childhood favourite dish of poori and mathura aloo..  
He waits eagerly at the dining table.. waiting for his wife to join them.. a look of anticipation on his face.. pulls back the chair.. a gesture to ask her to sit beside him.. which she ignores and sits opposite to him.. declaring BRING IT ON!! 
His bubble bursts immediately and anger threatens to overtake other emotions, but is kept under wraps.. He is eager like a child.. excited that his wife is going to eat what he specially got prepared for her.. He offers her the aloo and holds her hand.. only to have the bowl snatched away from his hands.. and there for a second we can see a pout on his face.. 

NK announces at the table of Arnav's motive for asking nani to cook the special breakfast..and in the process Khushi walks away from the table after learning this making a feeble excuse of not feeling well..  but not before giving a meaningful look, making sure he knows why she left.. leaving behind an Arnav scowling at NK for letting the cat out of the bag..
Arnav goes back to his room and promises to Khushi that he will give her a surprise which she has to like.. and orders something for her over the phone.. something which he had carefully selected.. Something with crystals on it.. And with the tag.. 
"To my dear wife, Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada"

Once he gets the gift, he impatiently waits for Khushi to come and open up what he got for her.. She comes, she ignores and is about to leave.. when he could no longer hold back.. and shoves the gift in her field of vision.."ab dikh raha hai"

made me laugh.. but then made me cry.. U know why??Imagine that the gift was Arnav's heart and his love... First he had hidden it deep and under layers.. waiting for her to find it.. then he kept it in the center.. in plain sight.. For her to notice.. but she kept ignoring it..and finally he told her, he showed her his love.. Asking her.. Now can you see my love for you? Are you aware of what you mean to me lady?? WOW!! Fantastic isn't it??

What did I say Mr ASR.. Patience and bottle your anger.. 2 of your weakest traits IMO..
You are not meant to be sweet and romantic.. you have your PASSION.. and a unique ASR style.. trust me.. you know your woman.. The prob is you fail to understand her..

A lot of us failed to understand why is Khushi behaving like this?? Why is she so angry at ASR? He is doing so much for her.. well there is a reason for that.. a huge reason.. (what that might be, we will see it unfold in the next few days).. Which I am sure Arnav is aware of.. But he is trying not to see it.. Because right now all he wants is to first make Khushi believe that his feelings for her are not superficial' he wants Khushi to understand that he has changed for her.. He does not care about the contract any more.. He just had to say that to her so that she would not leave him' And he hopes that once khushi is aware of his love for her, maybe she will decide otherwise.. Maybe Khushi will accept him FOREVER.. The way he has accepted her..

He is letting her see that he will move heaven and earth to get her.. Because he knows that she also loves him.. Why else can she not see him in pain.. Why else would she rescue him endangering herself?? I recollected one FB from Arnav's FB's here.. when he sat on the stairs thinking about di.. and her brush with death in the accident courtesy Shyam.. Live every moment to the fullest.. and the person you love the most.. never let them go' He has come to the hard realisation that Khushi is important in his life.. And He just cannot let her go'


Whenever I see this woman.. I am reminded of a princess who was kept in the topmost room of the tallest tower by her family to protect her from the world and its cruelty.. A princess who was not allowed to step out of that room lest she should encounter the world's hardship... and when she steps out she realises that things are different in real world.. There is pain, misery and heartbreak...  A woman who is surrounded by the loved ones, but unable to connect with a single one of them.. because an Anjali that lived among them has been lost somewhere.. Her husband of 4 years has probably lulled that Anjali to sleep..

Anjali is stepping in to the world.. Anjali is realising the cruel truths of the world.. But she is color blind.. She realises there are different colors.. but is unable to see the true colors.. She is one depressed soul who thinks has lost her footing and standing in her brother's world.. Mistakenly believes that his brother has forgotten about her.. Is no longer bothered about her happiness.. Khushi is all that he cares about... 

She makes an attempt to approach him again and see if he is free to go with her to the doctor.. but again finds him busy with the plans for his dear wife.. strengthening her belief that he has drifted apart.. He no longer senses her.. A brother who always knew what his sister wanted today had to ask  her what she wanted.. A brother so aware of her and her needs.. did not realise when she came.. A brother for whom she always wished happiness, has forgotten how miserable his sister is and is so completely lost in his happiness and life.. Reinforcing her belief that only your life partner/spouse will care for you unconditionally.. 

"Our eyes see what our mind knows" Anjali was a devoted wife  and to her Shyam was a devoted husband... When she sees Arnav and Khushi she sees a couple devoted to each other.. A couple whose priorities are each other.. WHy? Cos that is how Anjali believes a marriage is.. The Husband and wife who only care about each other.. When she was with Shyam, he was the center of her universe.. So how can she not expect the same from others.. How can she believe that Chhote will place her on a higher pedestal.. Had she seen Chhote as an equal to Shyam would she not be bothered about the fact that her husband might have kidnapped her chhote and had intended to kill him..  

Anjali is definitely turning a leaf.. What road she goes down.. What paths she will take.. are still unclear.. She has a role to play.. Lets wait and watch what it turns out to be...

PAYASH: Khushi is witnessing the storm hovering around her jiji's world.. When Arnav finds out that Akash mistreated Payal, I dunno what his reaction is gonna be.. After all he did ask him before marriage if he was sure that Akash will never regret his decision to marry Payal... And Arnav was responsible for the first broken marriage.. He will make sure, he keeps this one intact.. Not only for his brother and payal's sake.. but for his dear wifey's sake.. Cos her jiji's happiness means everything to her too... 

Beautiful performances by everyone..

In the end.. would just like to say.. I am happy to be here amongst people with wonderful vision, insight and understanding.. I am glad I stumbled on to REDUX..



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The dynamics of a relationship are finally changing. The growing passion and live between Arnav and Khushi, the wanting of unnecessary characteristics of high class girls from his simple wife, Akadh and Payal and the ever growing realization of a shattering world and abandonment from all the sides in Anjali's world! The waves are finally rising in each oth their lives.

The scene opens with Khushi sleeping and Arnav, held back by past and desperate to move on entering to try to break the barriers. He lays a dark red rose beside her trying to unleash his love for her and bends down to place a kiss. I loved the subtle lighting effects and the direction of this particular scene!

Khushi, who wants nothing but Arnav to break the barriers opens her eyes to realize the depth of this man's love for her. I see the sleeping beauty playing out here.

Arnav actually knows that Khushi likes 'Aloo puri' and going back to the past, he turns into the child he was and requests Nani to make that.
*it looked as if he was the same naughty yet quite Chotte which Anjali had mentioned from the childhood days!

Akash has registered not only with the betrayal of his trust but is also taking out his frustrations from the past few days! He is making it seem like his marriage was nothing but a mere mistake and that ignorant attitude had been picked up by Arnav today!

I'm really sick today and brain seemed to have freezed! If I feel better, I'll try to login again and edit!

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Nia.D Goldie

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Khushi knows Arnav very well. She knows which button to press to push him to react. She knows that Arnav will try his best to get her attention, and that he would do anything possible to succeed in front of her. She knew that he himself wouldn't be satisfied until he told her what he wanted and what she wanted him to say.

Her constant overlooking of his attempts were to provoke and compel him to utter

'Happy Birthday Khushi!'

Khushi is well aware that Arnav spouts out only when he is really affected or riled up. She has been igniting his patience since one whole day, and it was bound to erupt soon.

In the last few minutes of the episode you can see that Khushi almost tastes success in making Arnav finally charge up to her. We'll have to wait and see tomorrow if he does say 'Happy Birthday' to her.

Even so, there was something amiss about Khushi's expressions and reactions - almost like she didn't like rejecting all that he is doing for her.

Khushi does not hold grudges, she is not the kind to deliberately put someone through pain... unless... wait a bit haan... dimaagh mein kuch khatak raha hai...

Why would she otherwise keep turning away from his efforts unless something good comes out of it... something good... for him?

Something good for Arnav... she wants to make him angry at her... so that he doesn't feel like interacting with her... so that... ... oh-oh-oh... I now see... freak!

If she still believes that Arnav is serious about their 6 months contract, then:

ONE: She may be doing this to make it easier to break away when the time comes.

TWO: If it's for his good that she is doing it, then it can only mean that she knows how he really feels about her... and if she knows that, then she would know that he isn't serious about the 6 months contract - which makes this then an invalid point! Confused

THREE: It could of course be to drive him closer to his sister, but that too is a slightly invalid point as she knows that Arnav won't just drift away from Anjali because of her.

FOUR: Or maybe she feels that right now Anjali is drifting away from Arnav - or that Anjali would be feeling left-out, and alone. So, she may be doing it for Anjali via Arnav! Geek

FIVE: The last point in this theory is that she is doing it for herself, to spare the pain. But Khushi has always been selfless, and doesn't really think about her needs and happiness. 'BUZZER' - INVALID POINT AGAIN! Ouch

My mind is twisting around like Khushi's jalebi's now. Wacko

I think the best conclusion I can get from my above contradictory views is that:

Khushi is doing both the points - driving him to say 'Happy Birthday' aloud, and trying to create a distance between them. Confused LOL


I thought some more about it, my twisty jalebi mind wasn't at rest, and I came up with one last theory... please bear with me...

The last theory is that Khushi is just frustrated that Arnav is using secondary methods to wish her instead of straight out to her face.

I put myself in her place and could see that even though he gifts the bag, the rose, the thoughtful decoration and cake, the coochie-coo midnight kiss and all - it would all certainly make me happy, but maybe not happy enough.

Even then, I would love it if my man came straight up to me, looked deep in my eyes, held my hands and said... "Happy Birthday Nia!" - Swoon and flat out dead I would be... after my heart performs a dancy-wancey jig and rock-n-roll!! LOL

All of us cherish and love it when someone special vocalizes their feelings and words for us, right? There's just some magic in it, to have your lover by your side, to have your love show and say sweet words of love... the soft whispers, or even a drawl... as long as they say what you want to hear from them!

This is the same with Khushi I feel... she really longs to hear the love he has for her from him, with his own voice, by himself! That's all!

Okay, I really like this last theory the best. Embarrassed But, that doesn't mean that I have discarded the first few theories. Par phir bhi I'm not  totally satisfied with the theories. Unhappy There is something missing!! Let's see which one comes about in the episode! Smile


First few minutes: The first scene brought bittersweet tears and a smile on my face. Poor Arnav, unable to express his deep love for Khushi when she's awake. And Khushi, understanding him, and yet trying to break him from that closed door of expressing his love for her. Smart, mature, understanding woman! Cool

Also, the kiss reminded me of Sleeping Beauty being awakened by her Prince. Khushi's Rajkumar kissed her before midnight! Sho shweet! Day Dreaming

Forehead Kiss: Aye hayye, the kiss... uff... off in dreamland dreaming about it!!! Embarrassed Subtle hints of romance, intensity and passion in this scene, setting the tone for future love scenes! Dancing

NK and Nannav: heee... my dream come true, always wished for them pairing up - WHAT THE! By NK haahaa, good one... I'm loving their conversations! Big smile

A hint of Arnav's past: The way he spoke about it, it was happy days then. A glimpse of the childhood Arnav was shown to us today. A softness in voice, a boy requesting his grandmother to prepare his favourite dish. Loved this scene! Star

Aloo-poori: At first I thought that it was for Anjali he had in mind, then at the dining scene I remembered Khushi's names for Payal's babies: Aloo Kumar and Poori Kumari' something like that, not sure about the 'kumar' and 'kumari' part! But Aloo-poori were definitely there!

Naaniji's brain is back! : She has noticed the tension between Khushi and Arnav. Thank gawd her brains have returned...

"To my dear wife Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada": Floored me again with the 'My Dear Wife'! Re-marriage, re-marriage!! Day Dreaming Dancing

Anjali: The sense of abandonment and no longer being the 'duniya' of her Chotte's world is really breaking her bit by bit. She hasn't recovered from her husband absent from her life, when now her Chotte too is slowly receding from her. She is losing/lost her 'control' over the two most important men in her life - and that is cracking her world even more, it is showing her that you don't always have things under your control alone.

Khushi-Payal: Payal has not been very attentive to Khushi's troubled marriage (some months back), but Khushi has always had Payal's back, and will continue to do so. Today, Khushi witnessed that all was not well in her dear Jiji's married life - the ever ray of sunshine, Khushi will try to bring happiness back for her Jiji and Jijaji!

Green saree/dupatta from Payal, green spinach on ME, and now green gift wrapped present from Arnav:
Either, it is about growth, freshness, revival and new life for Arnav-Khushi... or, they are missing Doodleberry (DB) a lot!! LOL

Arnav's gift: I was laughing the whole time at these two kids! LOL She is bent upon giving him a hard time, and he is bent upon making her happy. Classic 'never give up' game played by both husband and wife - EQUALS!!


Barun Sobti: You ees too good! The perfect expressions of pain, love, irritation, tenderness and boyish charm! Clap Just please, cut your hair a bit. The gel and the flick is getting a bit too much even for a patient person like me. Big smile

Sanaya Irani: You know I LOVE YOU any which way you are! You bring Khushi to life for me, and today you were PUUR-FECTO!!! Heart

Karan Goddwani: Karan mere bhai (said in 'Nannav mere bhai' tone)... I will recite my roz ka demand: Please be a permanent character on the show! I'm loving Nannav-NK scenes and today's was ROFL-worthy!! ROFL You are amazing - the way you bring so much freshness to the whole episode! Loved your warm, enthusiastic 'GOOD MORNING' to RM vaasis!!

CV's: A good blend of relationships today... along with humour, nok-jhok, misery, understanding and love! Lovely episode - simple with a good impact! Keep it this way!

Kal kya hoga? Arnav-Khushi alone at home? The ladies at Satsang, NK off for a date, Aakash at office, HP with Laxmiji in a corner?... 300th episode!!! Biting my nails in anticipation!

Cheers for tomorrow - 300th episode of our beloved IPKKND!!!

Clap ClapClap
Star Star


Nia Smile

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Supna9 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 11:39am | IP Logged

Main, Aur Mera Bhai  !

darwaze pe huwi dastak
dori umeed ki dor me band kr
khola jo darwaza uss ne

tou huwa samna uss ka surkh phoolon se
surkh phool jo shidat ki nishani
surkh phool jo be pannah mohabbat ki kahani hai

kahin ye phool unho ne bheje hon
haan! Unho ne hi bheje honge
meri honto pe ek muskurahat k wastey

aankho me lye ansoo k jugnoo
phir wo holey se, dheerey se muskurai
apney khush guma'n khayalo'n me magan

awaz sunni uss ne DI !

Di ye phool me ne mangwaye hain
sunn k ye baat thora dil uss ka dooba
tum ne, tum ne mangwaye hai ye hamare lye chotte

phir ubhra dil aur khushi ka ehsas lye uss ne kaha
tumhey pata hai na chotte
humain surkh gulab pasand hain

muskurati galey lagati bhai ko
wo anjan si, bholi si behan

soch rahi hai k !

hamarey chotte ko hai hamara khayal kitna
bna rahi hai meetha apney bhai k lye
ab wahi uss ki umeed, uss ki dunya hai

buhat pyaar se saja kr tray
dil me lye dhairo pyaar
honto pe lye dheemi si muskan

dheerey dheerey chali apney bhai k aur
Jo darwaza khola bhai k kamrey ka ek haq se
pukara uss ne bhai ko

chotte !

idher udhar dekha
nazar pari k manzar pr
bhai mana raha hai apni patni
ankho me lye ansoo,

dil me lye dukh
wapis mur gayi aur nikal gayi darwaze
se aise jaise

nikal rahi ho bhai ki zindagi se
khushi ji ko na chahtey huwe bhi
apney dukho ka

apney pati aur bhai k hamara na honay ka
qasoorwar samjhoo
pheley hamarey pati cheen gaye hum se

aur ab bhai ki mohabbat bhi ho gayi taqseem

pohanchi apney kamrey me wo
pari nazar surkh phoolon k vase pr
jinn phoolon k karan bhai ne kaha aj uss se jhoot

jhoot dil k bhelane ko uss k
laikin ye hamarey lye tou nahi hai na!
Ye tou khushi ji ki sacchi khushyo k lye hain

hamari tou bas jhooti khushyo k lye hain
phaink dya uss ne apni jhooti khushi ko uss ne
ja gira durr wo surkh phoolo ka vase

jaise ho gaya durr uss se uss ka bhai
chotte !

Abhi tou tumhari di besahara huwi
abhi tou cheena hai uss k gulshan ka mali
abhi tou dil k bhalne main din lagain ge

aur tum ne itni jaldi bhula dya sab kuch
apni di ko akela kr dya tum ne
bharey jahan me tanha chor dya tum ne

apni mohabbat ki alag kainat basa li tum ne

ab wo kaise jiye aur kis k lye jiye
na raha pati uss ka pati
aur na raha bhai uss ka bhai
ab tou wo ho gaya kisi ka pati

jis me hain uss ki sari khushyan
wo kaise apney bhai ki khushyo ko nazar lagaye
kaise uss ki khushyo k rah ki rukawat bane wo

nahi ab me unn k darmaya na aoon gi
khud tanha beth k ro lun gi

shikwa na karun gi kisi se me
honto pe laga k chup ki mohar

hont ko apne si lun gi
ahon ko apney pi lun gi


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Jhalak29 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 July 2012 at 11:41am | IP Logged
"There isn't much I wouldn't do for you. The stupider, The better." 
- Richelle Mead, Last Sacrifice
 A lovely episode, highlighting the another attribute of Love sacrifice, I have loved IPK since I started watching not from the start but from feb u can say I hopped in on a running train but I made sure that I made my journey before commenting on IPK, The reason I stayed with It ways the wide array of emotion it pours for us Love, sometime its faith, love, Jealously, adoring, escapism, I will name and we will  hv them all under the bigger emotion called love, Like a banayan tree it covers the bigger surface area and doesnt let the other emotions grow bigger than it but it lets them be there in roots
Simply amazing isnt.
The episode today opened with Arnav loking Khushi, A few moments left to finish the day, he quietly sits by her side and places a humble gift and the most genuine gifts
words st from heart, no hesitation and he is almost sad abt it, he turns and khushi is looking into him and feeling saddened  and he leaves...One wonders if he can say it that why didnt he say it in the day st to her face, bcz somewhere he is scared to heart her, he feels that only those ppl who he has loved hv left him, that small boy Arnav who grew overnight to assume ASR persona is scared for her, for breaking her somehow, and she doesnt want anything, just that plain boy what a contrast of views, what a beauty of emotions.he moves and she cries for not at the loss but at her failure to get that honesty for herself
And the next thing he does is get the special for her a BF which she knows that she will appreaciate bcz it has been  her fav too, he will walk that extra mile for her, which he hasnt done for anymore but not that final step and khushi will mk him do that, like the I love U he said was under duress, and the first forehead kiss was un underfear but when he really says  I love U, it will happen it will a choice for him, which he will pick automatically bcz Love is unconditional

 I see myself as a crayon, I may not be your favorite color,
but I know someday you will need me to complete your picture
Khushi Look the world which Arnav is offering to her with this view, she has her own views abt love and her love is gving him his perfect world but The world of ARnav his Raizada has changed it now has two colors without each of them he will be lost, Today might not be his day but one day it will be I am sure Khushi & Di will be able to see the beauty of his soul. A soul which has never taken or demanded anything from any but has always given, he will gv them the best life has to offer and he will hv both of them someday in his life bcz besides love he has morething which is with him, thats the truth, at the moment most of them are under half truth, a outlined story of shyam but a certain aspect of Shyam is not known to all and when that will come out the two axis of his world which are in the opp direction at  will join hands and restore his world.
and Finally the gift, Can you imagine a man like Arnav who had thrown Khushi the first moment he had seen and the man who had no qualms throwing her out of life in a fingers snaps is doing everything to bring a smile on her lips and hold her back in his life, he will bend, beg or change for this true love he has he ill chnage in bits and pieces for her,,,
He gets her gift she ignores and he finally picks it himself and shows, once agn we see the determination, bcz he is sure that if he loves her, she too loves him and with this ditemnation he pops the gift and with this determination he will retain her in life.
 Loved NK heping ArnavBig smile
Loved Nani understanding Arnav and his effortSmile
Loved Payals effort with AkashSmile
& Dedication for Arnav & Khushi

Somethings make love complicated, others persuade romance.
Somethings make your life hell, others make your life a step closer to heaven.
 Somethings scare us silly, others put smiles on our faces.
Whatever you bring, whatever side you chose, I will always love you, untill the end.
I am sorry if I didnt make  a lot of sense today bcz somehow my thoughts are jumbled today, if they not make sense please ignore.
ClapClapClapTo Redux and Tanthya & Doodles

To you all gals I know We mite loose each other some day but all of you hv created lasting impression with my heart which will nvr fade Big smile
 They are the impressions on the soul ... Kudos to u gals

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