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FF// How they have fallen in love(pt 20 on pg 114)

cutelittleangel IF-Rockerz

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hey guyzz!! i have written this FF, my first FF..Big smile...Smile hope you would enjoy...


Arnav Singh Raizada:

Rich, Hot, Rude, Arrogant...
but very humane and l0ving from inside...but he didn't showed it...Owner of AR Group of Industries...
Love his family, especially his di...
Age: 26

Khushi Gupta:

Pretty, bubbly, Rich and modern plus fashionable...and the owner of the world's leading companies... "K&G group of Industries"
loved her family and bored from her 'single' search of a Mr. Right...
Age: 24


Khushi's best friend since 2nd grade...
They both share everything with each other...
Aditi's alwayz wanted what is best for khushi...


''So would you like to final the deal Ms.Khushi??"
"ofcourse i would love to but sorry to say i'm not interested anymore!"
"what the! don't you know how much this deal is important for both our companies."
"well i would like to tell you that i'm the boss here and u are sitting in my office right now! so keep ur voice low Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada!" said khushi Gupta who was a very pretty,rich and strong woman...she was the owner of K&G group of companies and right now she was dealing with the owner of AR group of companies, Arnav singh raizada.
"As you wish Ms.Khushi..." he stood up and give her a cold look. "but before leaving let me tell you that you are really not perfect for handling this company...over time you will ruin this...and let me tell you one day you yourself will come in my office and u will be begging for giving u the deal but that would be too late i think..." and he leaved...
what does he think he is?? hez too mean, too arrogant...thought khushi.
"well who cares! Riya, you back to work..NOW" she said to her secretory.
On the other hand, Arnav was sooo much angry cuz it was the first time that someone refuses to make a deal with him.
How dare she?? I hate her! she have to pay for what she did to me...after all i'm arnav singh raizada..

                                                 * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
ring ring ring...
khushi's phone was ringing...she picked up.
"hi are you?"
"ohh jiji...i'm good what about u?"
"fine...hey don't panic cuz i'm going to tell you something really shocking" said Payal, khushi's elder sister...
"OMG! is everything?? someone dies?"
"Oh God! no one dies...well...err...err...i didn't tell you before cuz the situation was not right..."
"speak up jiji..."
"well can you come home today?? its my..."
"your what?? don't tell me you are going to marry today!"
"well its my engagement..."
"what?? and u didn't bother to tell me! well anywayz whos the lucky boy..."
no reply came from payal but khushi heard her giggling.
"OMG!! its Akash...isn't it"
"wow...okie bye...i'm coming right now"
Khushi was so happy that she can't express her feeling...
OMG!! she thought, that is sooo great and maybe i would find a cute, handsome boy at the engagement for me...
khushi just met akash once and she didn't have any idea about his family and how many sibblings he have...
well who cares, she thought, but if akash have a cute handsome brother than maybe i would choose him to marry him and then me and jiji would live in the same house...WOW
she jumped cuz of her excitment!!
after a couple of hours she was on her way to home...well khushi was an independent lady so she lives alone...
today i will surely find my mr.right...she thought

                                               * * * * * * * * * *

khushi hugged she reached her way to some 5-star hotel!!
"i'm sooo happy for you, jiji" she said...
"i know...khushi just 30 min left and you haven't got ready yet!!"
"ohh yeah...i'm going"
khushi came in the green room and opened her small bag...she picked out a black saree with a silver blouse and wore it...she was looking really gorgeous even without make-up...then she put a base on her face and then put a blush-on...and then she gave a smoky effect to her eyes with silver eye shadow with touch of black...and then she wore silver bangles...she was looking like an she was wearing her high-heel sandals, Garima, her mother, came in and was shocked to see khushi...
"omigod...are you really my khushi?" she asked surprisingly
khushi laughed...
Garima kissed her forehead and said, " you are looking like a fairy khushi bitya.."
"amma, don't kiss me right will spoil my make-up!!.."
"ok...and come down hurry up...akash and his family have arrived..."
" many brothers do akash have?" she flushed with embarrassment.
"what?" her mother eyed her suspiciously
                                            * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
As khushi was coming downstairs she collided with some man...
"hey you! don't you see while you are walking"
she pulled her face upwards and widened her eyes in shock as she saw Arnav Singh Raizada, standing there...
"YOU" they both said at once..
then khushi spoke before arnav could said something..
"Who let you in? and what are you doing here...i think i have mentioned that before that i DO NOT WANT THE DEAL"
as she said that everybody present in the hall started to look towards her...she flushed with embarrassment..
then Payal came towards khushi and asked, "is there is something wrong, khushi?"
and then payal gave a smile to arnav. Arnav asked payal that who is the girl...he pointed towards khushi...
"ohh, Arnav ji, she is my younger sister..."
"What the..." arnav said, giving a cold look to khushi...
then khushi asked from payal that who is he??
"he is the elder brother of Akash, both knew each other?" 
"ohhh...ummm...yeah, i guess" then she smiled wryly at arnav..she was still in shock...
"khushi, you two talk...i have to go..."
"uhh..uhh...mmm...i have to goo..." khushi said to arnav and ran away from there...
Arnav can't stop himself from adoring her...
is this the same girl, whom i began to hate almost 3 hours ago, arnav thought...
well i think i should stop hating her now as she is payal's sister...but thats very much difficult...
"I can't stop hating you MS. KHUSHI...i still remember what you did to me 3 hours just refused to accept my deal...i can't leave you soo have to pay for it " arnav murmured to himself...


Khushi can't believe that such an arrogant man would be the brother of such a simple and decent man...
jiji is soo lucky that she chooses akash...not his brother!
then suddenly the dj started the music and khushi frogot all about arnav singh raizada..

Arnav was making a phone call when his eye caught a glance of khushi.
First he didn't recognized khushi..
he couldn't believe his eyes! is that pretty girl was really khushi??, he thought..
what does she think she is??, he thought, she thinks that she is the only gorgeous girl here at the engagement party..
hatred among khushi began to grow more in Arnav.

                                             * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

the engagment party is going to end and i didn't find my mr.right yet!
as khushi was thinking that, she collided with a young man.
"i'm sooo sorry, miss...i beg your pardon" he said.
ohhh how sweet, khushi thought, when arnav collided with me he didn't bother to say sorry.

"oh, its ok" she said

as the man was about to go where he was going. khushi asked,

"hey, what's your name?"


"hi karan, nice to meet you! i'm khushi"

"nice to meet you too khushi...well i'm payal's coulique"

"oh..."she smiled.

"i'm soo sorry but i think i have to go...see you later"

"ok, bye"

omg, khushi thought, he is just perfect to be my mr.right...
as she was in the middle of her thoughts she heard payal calling her.
as she went where payal was standing. she saw akash and his family but she couldn't see Arnav anywhere.
her eyes automatically began searching him.

"khushi, who are you searching?"

" one" she flushed with embarrasment

"khushi ji, its very nice to meet you" said Anjali, arnav's sister.
khushi smiled...

"and do you know that we fixed the wedding dates"

khushi widened her eyes in shock!

"what? omigod! when is the wedding.."

"you would be very shocked to hear that we are planning the wedding so soon"

"ohh please anjali ji don't create suspense and tell me!"

"umm...after a week"

"what? oh god! that means soo much to do"


then akash's family said goodbye and leave the hotel.

                                                 * * * * * * * * * * * * *

maybe i ask jiji for karan's phone number, khushi thought.
but what would he think about me...
as she was in middle of her thoughts, payal came in the room.

"khushi, when are you leaving for your home"

"i don't want to go jiji"

"then don't go na! i suggest you to sell your home and come and live with us"

"well, need time to think"

"oh yeah! karan, my colique called me some minutes ago and he was asking for your number"

"what??did you give him, then?" khushi asked with a big smile on her face.

"yeah i gave him..."

"thank you jij"

"but for what?"

"mm...nothing" khushi don't want to tell payal about her plans about making karan his mr.right

khushi was reading a book when her phone rang.
she picked it up.



"yeah! but who are you?"


her heart gave a thump. 
why did karan called her, she thought, maybe to invite her on a date...

"oh, hi karan...whats up?"

"nothing you free tonight?"

"free?? yeah but why?"

"maybe we could go on a dinner"

"of course...i would love to"

"so i will come and pick you at 8:00...ok?"

"yeah, ok."

"ok then bye"


khushi was soo excited that after all she have found someone...but she didn't know that is karan compatible for her or not?
does she really want to go out with karan or not??
she was confused for a moment but then she put out all the thoughts out of her mind.

                                   * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"yeah, mr.roy"

"Arnav sir, there are some special clients and they wanted that deal which Ms.Khushi refused"

MS.KHUSHI, i really hate that girl, what if she is payal's sister...but why whenever someone says her name i started to feel weird!
strange, Arnav thought.

"ok mr.roy, just arrange a meeting at the Moon beach cafe at 8:00"

"ok, sir"

its 7:30 and khushi was all ready waiting for karan to pick her for a date.
she was wearing a red dress and a red high- heels sandals...(like the following)



After a couple of minutes she heard a door bell ringing..she opened the door and found karan out there.
he is sooo cute, she thought.

well they were on their way to some cafe of karan's choice..some cafe named MOON BEACH CAFE...
khushi heard that name first time...
as they reached there, karan choosed a table by the window side for them.
well there were two table at the window side...and on the other table there was a tag with RESERVED written on it.

"so do you like this place?" karan asked her

"yeah, its...its great" she smiled.

and then suddenly khushi began to feel weird.
her heart..
her heart is beating so fast..
but why?
then she looked around her and was so much shocked at what she saw..
her eyes met with him at the same moment.
Arnav Singh Raizada...!
what he is doing here?, khushi thought, wherever i go i found him, and why my heart began to beat fast when i saw him..
maybe beacause i hate him tooo much..
"what the..." those words came out of arnav's mouth automatically.
khushi was still staring at him.

"is there something wrong" mr.roy asked arnav.

"No, start the meeting! " he ordered.
khushi lifted her gaze from him to karan...

"is everything ok?" karan asked

"oh, yeah"

Arnav was trying hard to concentrate on his meeting but he couldn't...
his mind was still on khushi...
there was something deep down in him...
something like
to see khushi with some other guy!
but he met her just twice
and he hate her, isn't he?? THEN WHY?

and on the other hand khushi forget about him and was enjoying her date with karan.
Finally, i have a boyfriend, khushi thought!


How was it??
good, bad, worst??
let me know through your comments...
For pms buddy me...Big smile
and yeah ignore my grammar and spelling mistakes because i didn't proof read it...Embarrassed


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nehusashhh IF-Dazzler

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so d first feelin of jealousy is frm nly arnav's side...okk want 2 c khushi gettin jealous soon..waiting fr d next part..write soon

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teen.queen Newbie

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i just love it, hafs!!!! Clap
update soon yaar...

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SabMohMaya IF-Addictz

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Amazing part, continue soon

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ayu_tripathi Senior Member

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I love the way arnav is jelious..!!...its cute..hey continue sooon..!!

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spoorthi IF-Sizzlerz

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read both the parts now
awesome update
very interesting
do continue and update soon
thanks 4 the pm dear

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Lovely update! Big smile

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