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Dev-Meenu's new FF , !!Undying love!!PT7,Pg7 30/07 (Page 4)

harianjana IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 8:00am | IP Logged

any way thanks for comment
Originally posted by chayya55

simply awesome !!!!!!
chaya di. u came here...
I am truly sorry if u confuse this Dev with avi... Wink

harianjana IF-Rockerz

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Thak u so much for comment
Originally posted by goolab

nice update hari love it
Goolab truly sorry if I confuse u this dev wiht our Dev, 
here also the male protagonist name is Dev only...Tongue

harianjana IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 8:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shanti05

Nice update dear, So lets see how the prediction will turn out for Meenakshi, she will marry one of the richest family of vizaag's son so will somewhere path of two people who don'nt have any idea about their interaction meet we need to see, while Dev is trying to make things fine with his family & his moms thought about Karishma..

Please continue soon.
Shanthi ur guess is right...
But haan their interaction will be one of the interesting oen I promise. 
yes... abt karishma its a bit fishy. 
but story mein ek haddi toh hona hi tha na Wink
harianjana IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 8:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Radhikerani

Awesome Update !!!
Thank u so much dear Smile
harianjana IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 August 2012 at 8:06am | IP Logged

PART 4 : Frnds plan to help Meenu Indirectly 

Roshini and Sapna looked at each other and Meenu said " Why did u stop there..."

Sapna:Nothing. we are coming...

Meenu came back and said " If ever u are thinking abt what that man said, forget it. I never believe in these things..."

Roshini and sapna nodded and remained calm


Roshini and Sapna met secretly at a restaurant and were speaking...

"I thought the whole night about, what that man said."

Sapna:Haan rose... o u think that these astrologies will become true

Roshini:Didn't u see the charm and that radiating face. He had some different energy posessing him

Sapna:Haan... If ever it becomes true, I am ready to do any thing for our Meenu

Roshini:Haan, he said that Meenu will have a love marriage with a person who was one of the top 10 richest in our city right

Sapna:but how to now who is the one...



Roshini:U remember that the PG students of arts department do some surveys like this na

Sapna:Haan, then

Roshini:Stupid Sappu...we had our senior in schooling Sandhya sister there na...

Sapna:But do u think Sandhya sister will help us.

Roshini:Of course , she's a good frnd of mine... she will help us for sure...

Sapna :That's great then...

Roshini:Chalo lets go. we will get the details today it self

Sapna:Haan but Meenu shouldn't know any thing

Roshini:Okay baba, now move...

The out patients department in the hospital was busy and all the House surgeons were having a hectic day.

Meenakshi was talkign to an old person came from Araku to get his eye operation done.

Meenakshi was getting amused by the old mans innocence. The world went forward a lot, but he was still in 19th century.

Meenakshi said "Whats ur problem uncle"

That man said in his as usual godavari telugu (Well I am giving it here in english only, for our convinience...) " The sight is not that well"

Meenakshi asked "Form how many days"

"Its recently only... when my second son got married 10 years back..."

Meenu looked at his second son rolling her eyes...

The old man continued his history saying "this person read upto degree, for tha I sold some of my land too, but he came into agriculture only what to do..."

Hs son said to him "They didn't ask u all this na"

Old man said "Shut up, u don't know nothing, it says that we should hide nothing with doctor and god"

Meenakshi said "We will do operation for u uncle , ur eye will become normal"

Old man became tensed and said "Operation, means u will pull my eye balls out, cutting my eye??? I won't do"

Meenakshi described him for the next half an hour that nothing will happen and he finally agreed.

While going he said "U will get a good husband"

Roshini and Sapna were into giggles and they stopped as Meenu gave them a look. 

The whole ward were into laughes and even a doctor said "Wheres Meenakshi"

Meenu feeling embarassed left silently did her work.


Roshini and sapna are at the Arts department and they got the paper the want.

Sapna was abt to open the cover as she was coming out.

Roshini Tapped on ehr hand and said "Why this hurry... we will open it as soon as we go to a near by park, where we can have some peace"

Sapna agreed and said "I am very excited. Hope there would be akshat name in it"

Roshini:Lets see... wether its Akshat or not. I believe in that man, and I am sure meenu husbands name will be there in this list.

Sapna and Roshini went to the Park and Sat at a place and opened the cover...

After finalising all the names, they got two persons among the top 10 rich people who were yet to marry,
One was Vineeth who was the richest person in Vizag, and the other one was Dev, the third most richest guy.

Sapna and Roshini said "These two are un married okay, but how to know wether they have any affairs or not..."

Roshini: Well I had an idea, whihc we will implement on next sunday...


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shanti05 IF-Stunnerz

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thanks for the update.. so now they will try to find out whether Dev is single and actually single Embarrassed

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Sanjana4Rajeev IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 August 2012 at 5:57am | IP Logged
Thanks for the update!!...eager to read the upcoming updates...Dev-Meenu's first interaction..and all!!..keep it up!..

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harianjana IF-Rockerz

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Part 5


Roshini and sapna went to the CBM building and tok the appointment time from the secretary.

They were very tensed and planning to how to talk to Vineeth

They were posing as 2 journalists who were planning to write an article about youth opinions on Marriage

They both stood up and went in as the secretary said them to go in.

But they were shoked as they went in,...

the person sitting there was having a half acre baldhead,and pale skin, with a stouted apearance and short with a multicouloured fancy shirt , tight jeans which was like it may tore off any minute, and having a gold shop on his body.

He wished them in his variety style "Hi, I am Vineeth"

Sapna was about to fall but Roshini tightly held her.

Roshini only introduced themselves to him...

That man showed his half spoiled teeth out.

Sapna felt like crying, she was horrified by imagining him with meenu.

She whishpered to roshini "He's truly not good yaar. yuck..."

Roshini signalled her to be silent and described the work on which they came to him

"Okay i am ready shoot ur questions" said Vineeth looking lustly at sapna.

Sapna felt like slapping him but murmered to rohini" For this face does he need to sight at me"

Roshini asked "Whats the role of youth in present day society"

Vineeth loosed in his chair and raised his eye brows saying Well"

Sapna again murmered "is he youth?"

Vineeth said "There is no socitey with out Youth, thats all"

Roshini gave a sad smile. After having 4 to  questins she asked " What are ur opinions on the girl coming into ur life"

Vineeth: Well, I have already had a girl in my life.

"Whom" asked a horrified sapna, praying it should not be Meenu

Vineeth in his style said "Miss. Soumya, my dad's Partners daughter. we both have same opinions"

Sapna thought in her mind "May be the physique too"

Roshini asked 'is it fixed"

Vineeth;yeah of course, we both were engaged last week

Vineeth only asked ;Why are u asking like that

Sapna:To congratulate u

Vineeth:Thanks a lot.

Sapna thought in her mind "If ever u had released this to press last week it self, we shouldn't have had this problem"

The cool drinks are served, they drank it and asked some other questions and came out...

Sapna started blabbering " God... how much Over action did he do, in between those looks, Felt like slapping him there it self"

Roshini:Okay... chalo. we had the appointment with Dev in two hours.

Sapna:Another appointment ?? No way? First I need some AC hotel to have some good food.

Roshini:Its very hard to get the apointment yaar. please be cool for our Meenu.

Sapna:Nothign doing.

Roshini gave up and they both started to hotel

In middle sapna said "My left eye was vibrating yaar"

Roshini:May be we may get some good food chalo.

Meenu:I can't get all this list by my self. U too come with me

Pooja:But how will we go

Meenakshi:We will go by scooty

Pooja:No, dad will scold us.

Meenu:I some times doubt if ever u are a 2nd year student

Pooja getting over whelmed "Why"

Meenu:Other wise!!! Can't we manage this small thing. Its just a small distance


Meenu took the keys and went out and started the scooty by then

Pooja excited went and sat beside meenu

They brought the provisions and were going to the maket.

Meenu:The vegetables were very fresh...

she liked them so brought them full of a bag.

Meenu:I will drive, u hold them

Meenu rarely gets a chance to drive the scooty. Srinivas, won't say a word to Pooja, but he will never let Meenu go on scooty, . Thinkign what will be the reaction of him if he sees her like that, Meenu smiled and started the scooty.

As there was heavy wait with pooja, a bag fell down and she bend to take it.

That's it...

The balnce of scooty was lost and it hit the auto going in the opposite direction.


Satyadhwaj called Rajeswari who was upstairs.

Dev listened to it and thought to him self... "How wonderful it is.. Dad and mom were married before 30 years, but still dad has that same affection in calling Mom. I never saw him scolding or atleast talking a bit badly to mom. How beautiful their life was. How much understanding they were. Even if we are in bet ween Neo rich families, Dad was always traditional .Dad was a true hero"

Dev looked at him fondly

Satyadhwaj was used of Dev's fonding looks to him. But he always smiles in him for Dev's sensitive ness.

Satyadhwaj asked him "Hows ur studies and every thing Dev?"

Dev:Fine dad.

Rajeswari and Mahua came down in between their talk.

They planned that day to go to a restaurant as it was a leave day for satyadhwaj. Satyadhwaj was very busy in his business, but stll he wanna spend a day for his family atleast once in month. And today was that day.He had no interest to go to hotel, he likes home food, but for sake of Mahua, they went ...

On the way, there was a small accident at one place.

Satyadhwaj :some one had an accident. Looks like two girls.

Rajeswari looked sadly.

Dev turned his ehad to see that side, but becoz of the people around he can't see them, he thought of gtting down, but by the time they were into ambulance.

Dev felt sad all of a sudden, he saw many accidents in his life, and heard of so many, but he never felt this much sad for any. but for the first time. he was feeling like that why????

Shewing off his thoughts he started the car.

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