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Thanks for the LU Banu

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thanks for wu
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Uttaran Live Update... 20th March 2013 Hopefully a gist.. I am tired of Meethi Akash track...

Episode starts with Mayya scolding the brother for beating his wife. Akash smile at this and Mamaji slap him which make all shocked and ask him to say sorry to his wife or else his life will be hell. girl 1 ask him to say sorry. mayya signal him so he ask sorry to his wife she gets scared. he ask sorry to meethi too. she say its okay and join hands of both. he hold the girl hand really very tight and take her inside. meethi thank all for their support for their DIL. Akash from top watch the drama... meethi say she will leave in few days. mayya get shocked but meethi say that if vishnu say then we can leave later too.

mayya is happy and say u dont know our plan icha's daughter... meethi...

Real vishnu come to the park hotel he mentioned yest to surabhi. next comes our Surabhi with girl but they dont show their face. she warn the girl that we are going to meet vishnu so be careful. the girl go and intro herself as mukta. they show someother girl... (As i guessed yest). Surabji from background watch all this.. till i am here you cant meet mukta. Vishnu talk about teacherji to mukta the girl say that for some project i came to meet you but since the project is over i didnt call you. Vishnu say its okay and they order coffee. surabhi say pity vishnu, he never met mukta but he believed what she said. they show surabhi talking to mukta saying that she need to go out to meet her frnd as she is not well and say sorry that i am unable to be with you all. mukta convince her and ask her to leave. surabhi say still i am here lies will be surrounded.

they both leave. vishnu stop mukta and ask for teacherji's school. the girl stammer surabhi get tensed......surabhi come to rescue saying papa is waiting how long i was searching you. vishnu notice surabhi and enquire her generally then surabji ask vishnu whether they can dismiss. so they both leave... the girl thanked her. surabhi give money and ask her to leave. dont ever get caught.. and leave.

when meethi was about to eat food. girl 1 come and ask that whether she eat this much. meethi say it s given by vishnu... girl 1 say the girl should not eat until mayya and others eat. meethi get upset but stay silent.

girl 2 is eating food for someone. they lock the girl in the room and she open the door. they show meethi coming that side. girl 2 was scolding the locked girl. she hand over the food to her. she starts eating. girl 2 ask her to be silent. meethi remember that the shadow moving behind the dooe. she remember mayya words too. then she hear the person knocking the door. she move there all scared. (Why i feel this house is like some ghost house) Girl 2 notice meethi standing there and is shocked...


meethi enquire girl 2 but the girl manage and leave from there.. when meethi was about to leave, she again sees the shadow and get scared and run off.. Comedy of the year... she complain to akash about the room and the shadow but akash never let her talk and convince her. he feel sorry for the kajiri bhabhi. she again talk about the shadow and share her fears to him...

-Break -

she share her fear about the figure behind the door but akash convince her saying he is there with her, she have nothing to fear. but meethi say she miss her family too much. akash say tomo mrng we will go to STD booth so that we can call them. meethi say you always say this, akash say promise and they both hug... akash think that meethi you are such a innocent to come and trapped.

precap: doctor saying operation is good. all are happy. they show raghu going inside and sitting next to tappu and touching her hand...

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Thank you BanuSmile
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Uttaran - 13th June 2013 Written Update

Maiyya starts walking forward when Surabhi stops her. What should I do with it (showing the divorce papers)? Maiyya asks what it is. She replies divorce papers! Till date you took decisions for everyone. Today you took such a big decision ' to end this revenge ' on your own? You dint feel like asking anyone? Tell me what do I do with this? I cannot understand if I am a part of that family or this family. Agarth and NIrbhay come there. Should I sign them or not? Why are you quiet? Tell me what should I do with it?
Maiyya replies what is there to think about it? Sign it. We don't have anything to do with that Iccha's family. surabhi retorts wow it is so easy for you to say this that we have nothing to do with that family. You are a woman you can understand what it means to give yourself to someone. A chant plays in the background. Until now you only cared about your revenge and now you have switched to your son. Agarth stops her. There is no point wasting your time in these question answers. Did you not hear what my sister said? Sign them. She walks up to him. Till today I did everything what you told me to do without thinking about the right and wrong. But today I am not able to understand if what I am doing today is right or not. Agarth says enough, no point discussing it any further. Sign them and end this chapter now only.

Sankrant is very happy because of Maiyya's decision. The revenge story has ended finally. I am so very happy about it. Everything has changed. Now it feels like home where there is no hate story and it is all because of you. Can you believe it that she has gone home to get home cooked food for me? One thing is for sure. Meethi bhabhi certainly have some magic in her. She came into your life and changed you and ultimately Maiyya too had to. You remember how you woke up taking Meethi bhabhi's name. There is something in her she doused the fire of revenge once and for all. Akash recalls his sweet romantic moments spent with Meethi.
Sankrant asks him what if bhabhi comes back. What will happen then? So much will change. Maiyya has already given up the revenge thing she will surely accept her too one day. Akash looks away.

Surabhi gives the signed papers to Agarth. She looks at Maiyya and says now you must be happy? Agarth cuts her off and walks up to Ekadish. Here are my daughter's divorce papers. Now can I ask you for something? Akash & Meethi's divorce papers! Nirbhay points out that they weren't sent. It shows that she is waiting to return here. Pavitra smirks. Their love is still on a high. Only you are not agreeing to it. Agarth takes her point forward. Everyone has questions in their hearts. Answer them.
Maiyya says what is there to answer. That Iccha's daughter wont come back to our house. Agarth raises his doubts. What if he (Akash) slits his wrists again? Maiyya looks shocked. Your son slit his hands for once and you closed the chapter of revenge from your life. What if he cuts it again would you then bring Meethi here to rule this haveli? She denies. He wont do it.
Agarth replies put your hand on your heart and say that it is true. Your son knows how to play with your emotions. You bent once and he understood it very well that you can bend down again. Hope it wont happen that like you gave up the revenge vow, you will also welcome Meethi back in this home? If Akash brings her here then what will you do? All wait for her answer with bated breath.

Sankrant tells Akash that Maiyya would stay angry with Meethi bhabhi for a few days then everything will be alright. Akash rejects the idea. Meethi wont come. What will she come for? What I and my family did to her how will she forget it all? His wise brother replies love'.love changes people. Your love is deep and real so she will come for sure. Whatever happened happened as per Maiyya's wish. If you tell her everything with a pure heart then she will come for sure.
Akash doesn't buy his point. Mine and her roads are different now. We will stay this way only. Sad piya plays on. I will have to forget her. sankrant asks for her number. Akash tells him not to call her but he doesn't budge. I will make you speak to her today. Your voice will melt down her anger. Akash negates saying she wont speak to me. sankrant insists for Meethi's number.

Mukku is speaking on phone with Vishnu about going to some restaurant. Meethi listens to the convo. Mukku tells her to get ready as all 3 of them will go together to have chaat and stuff (snacks). Meethi is in no mood to go. Mukku insists. I know you don't feel like going but you must. Your mood will change if you go out and meet new people.

Just then Meethi's phone rings. She wonders as to who would be calling at this hour. She says hello and Akash closes his eyes in pain as Piya O Re Piya plays. Meethi waits for a reply while on the other hand, Sankrant too signals him to speak. She has tears in her eyes. Who is calling? Why don't you say something? Akash tries to speak but ultimately disconnects the call. Tears roll down Meethi's cheek and he too is upset.
He tells Sankrant that he dint have the courage to speak to her. sankrant tells him to call again. Akash says I am unable to understand what Maiyya has agreed for. I don't even know if she wants me to keep relation with Meethi anymore or not. Firstly I will have to speak to her then only will I speak with Meethi. Sankrant teases him did you fell in love after asking Maiyya? When hate ends then love starts. What are you afraid of now? Akash says you still don't understand your Maiyya. She spoke about ending this revenge but she dint say if she will accept Meethi or not. She dint tell if she will let Meethi come back in my life or not. I don't want to give any false hope to Meethi. I will live with her memories. I will forget her.

Mukku asks about the caller. Meethi tells her she doesn't know for the call got cut. Mukku suggests calling back and Meethi does (yayyy yayyy!) akash sees her call and tells Sankrant about it who snatches the phone from him and says'..bhabhi!!! Meethi is shocked and in tears.

Akash snatches the phone back and it goes on loudspeaker mode. Meethi asks him to speak at leat. Mukku takes the phone from her. Whoever you are and if you are that Akash or anyone from that Aatishgarh then listen very carefully. She doesn't want to speak to you. Especially with Akash. You have done what you wanted to do but don't try to contact her again because we wont stay quiet. You left her this way'Meethi takes the phone and disconnects it. Akash is pained by Mukku's words immensely.

Meethi is in tears while Mukku is baffled by her behaviour. Why did you snatch the phone? Someone will keep calling / troubling you and you wont even reply. You should be the one scolding them after what they did to you. Don't you remember how they made you dance on Iccha ma's death and fed you sweets? Did you forget everything? Akash ruined your life. He married you and did a drama of love yet you snatched the phone from me. Tell me what is in your heart? Say it don't stay mum. Is it so that you still wait to hear from Aatishgarh? Do you still have place for that Akash in your heart? Do you still hope that Akash loves you? Meethi looks shocked by her words. Your silence tells me that you still want to talk to that AKash.

Sankrant tries to boost his brother's morale. There is still hope. Bhabhi dint say anything that girl (meaning Mukku) said it. Bhabhi's silence means that she still loves you. Yes she is angry but if you talk to her once she will understand. Till when will she not talk to you? Bare your heart to her and she will understand. Your love will fill all her wounds. Call again and tell her the truth. Put an end to all the misunderstandings.

Realizations strikes Meethi. Maybe what Mukku is saying is right. I had so much anger in me for them and Akash but don't know where it disappeared to. He cheated me yet do I still love him? Who would have called? She thinks hard'.bhabhi! Yes that was what he said. Whoever it is what if he called for the same reason for which Kajri did called? Is Akash really breathing his last breaths? God I cannot understand anything. Epi ends on her tearful yet confused face.

Precap: Akash tells his Maiyya, we will go to a new city, a new home. We both brothers will work hard and start a new life. She asks him nothing belonging to the past will be in that life. He negates. She pointedly asks about Meethi and waits for his answer. Akash and Sankrant look at each other.

Just copied from punjab**** site/..

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Tfs navi
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Sankrant tries to boost his brother's morale. What if she cut the call once?Bhabhi too wants to talk to you. It was that other girl who dint let you talk otherwise you would have spoken to her. Call her.

Mukta switches off Meethi's phone for her. Now no one will disturb you. She hears a car stopping outside. It must be Vishnu. Come let us go to eat snacks. She pulls her along downstairs.

Akash dials Meethi's phone only to find it switched off. He feels sad. Sankrant assures him that she will switch it on too. She will talk to you. Akash is in denial.

Vishnu comes there excited to take them out. Meethi apologizes. I told Mukta as well that I don't… He finishes her sentence….feel like going out. If yes then you must go out. Your mood will change. Meethi lashes out at them. You both pity me! She folds her hands. If you are feeling compassion for me then don't. I don't need anyone's mercy. I will take care of myself. Mukku very calmly handles her. There is no compassion. We genuinely want you to go out so that you feel fresh and better. Meethi apologizes for her behaviour. Sorry Mukta, sorry Vi…stops then completes…Vishnu. I don't know what happens to me now-a-days. Forgive me I don't want to go out today but I promise you whenever I feel like going out I will tell you only. Will you come then?Vishnu nods. Whenever you will call me, I will come. Meethi tells them to enjoy. She apologizes once again and leaves from there.

Sankrant is pacing in Akash's ward when Maiyya comes in with food. Sankrant tells her that they can take Akash home tomorrow. He will get discharged. She hands them both their favourite chapati's (potatoes –Akash's favourite and radish –Sankrant's favourite). Akash looks at his wrists. Maiyya my both hands are wounded you only feed me. She becomes emotional and obliges. Your wounds will heal asap as you are my son after all. Sankrant is happy that he is eating the food made by her after years. She tells him not to think back but eat. She recalls Agath's words. Akash slit his hands once and you gave up your revenge vow; what if he slits it again would you then bring Meethi back to Aatishgarh to rule over us?She is highly disturbed. Akash notices her looking lost. She says if I can ask you something and I want to answer me honestly. He nods. You wish to start a new life?Akash smiles. Yes Maiyya, I am just waiting for your nod. I will leave this home / haveli at once. We will go to a new city, a new home. We both brothers will work hard and start a new life. She asks him nothing belonging to the past will be in that life. He negates. She pointedly asks about Meethi and waits for his answer. Akash and Sankrant look at each other. She continues, you said there shouldn't be anything in your new life which reminds you of your past /revenge. Meethi is Iccha's carbon copy. If she stays in front of us then we will naturally remember everything. Why are you quiet?Tell me are you thinking of getting her back home?Akash thinks and answers in a no. I promise you now I wont look back. She asks him if he wont break his promise this time. He smiles (hurt) I wont. A tear swells up at the corner of his eye. She hugs him happily. Your Maiyya will be forever in debt of you. That one tear escapes his eye as sad piya plays.

Meethi is in front of Iccha's photo. Ma, you can see whatever is happening. I know you must be upset but don't worry. She stops when she sees Vishnu's reflection in Iccha's photo. You here?He tells her that he too wanted to see his teacher didi for one last time. If you will allow then I too would want to come along. She says I can understand but forgive me. I know its not your fault but if you come along someone will call you by your name. The very same thought will cross my mind time and again. I want to pray for my mother's soul with a pure heart. Hope you can understand what I am trying to say. He nods understanding. But I can share one secret with you –a secret name given by teacher didi. Only she used to call me by that name. Meethi becomes curious to know. He tells her –Pinku! She smiles. Why she used to call you Pinku?He narrates when he was small he was plump and had pink cheeks. Teacher didi used to pull them deepening the colour all the more. She smiles. He tells her to pray from his end as well. Will you meet when you will come back?She nods and says, bye Pinku. He smiles. Damini comes there with the asthi kalash.

Maiyya comes home with Akash & Sankrant. She calls out to Gomti & Pavitra telling them the same. Nirbhay is sitting there angrily. Akash asks him the same. Nirbhay taunts him if he thinks he has come after winning some war and everyone would wait at the door to welcome him. surabhi comes there with food. She too taunts Akash. If you want food as well then have it. Kajri didi has declined to eat. Akash looks upstairs worriedly. Nirbhay is super pissed off. Why dint you force it down her throat?Everyone is doing what they feel like. Give it to me I will feed it to her my way. Sankrant stops him. If you are so strong then show your strength on men. Why do you want to prove it on a woman?Nirbhay holds him by the neck angrily while he stands unfazed. I will pull your tongue out. Akash puts his hand on Nirbhay's and a chant plays in the background. I am wounded, looking weak to you but don't live in the misunderstanding that you can do anything to my brother or bhabhi. I have this enough strength in me. maiyya comes in between them telling them not to fight as they are all brother. She tells Nirbhay to inform Agarth that they will be leaving to immerse Avi's ashes today itself. She sends him off and tells her sons to change. She looks up at the haveli.

Yaadein title song plays as in Thakur House & Aatishgarh haveli everyone turns up dressed in white. In Thakur House, all bid a tearful adieu to Iccha with their best of memories playing in their minds. In Aatishgarh, everyone watches Maiyya, Sankrant and AKash leaving home with the kalash. They are highly disappointed and leave one by one. On one hand, Meethi takes the kalash from Damini while on the other Maiyya hands it over to Akash. Meethi too recalls her last happy moments spent with her mother. Jogi tells them to proceed. Veer informs him that he couldn't get direct tickets for Varanasi so will go to Lucknow and from there on will go by road. Jogi nods. Divya tells Damini to pray from her behalf as well. She nods back. Meethi and Akash are both leaving from their respective homes. The epi ends on Meethi stepping out to Thakur House with a tearful face.

Precap: Meethi, Kanha, Jogi, Veer & Damini reach the same place where Akash, Maiyya & Sankrant is. They are buying flowers from the opposite shops and do not see each other yet.

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Uttaran - 17th June 2013 Written Update

Meethi and Akash are both leaving from their respective homes. Meethi steps out of Thakur House with a tearful face as Veer follows. Jogi tells DIvya & Mukta to care of themselves.

Jogi, Kanha, Veer, Damini and Meethi are in the car while on the other hand Sankrant, Maiyya & Akash are driving towards Illahabad in their jeep. A split screen of Akash & Meethi is shown. Kaisi hai ye udasi starts playing in as Meethi recalls how Akash had taught her riding a bike. Tears flow down her cheeks. Damini notices her upset and comforts her.

Akash notices a couple riding on the bicycle. He has flashback of him and Meethi riding in the jeep out of Aatishgarh. He notices a milestone indicating the distance left to reach their destination. Meethi's car is also nearing Illahabad. They both are holding the kalash in their lap hugging it close to their heart.

Sankrant is refuelling the jeep. Maiyya notices Akash lost and asks him about the same. Are you remembering your dad? He looks at the pot and back to Maiyya. Sankrant motions him to sit in the jeep.

Meethi is about 15 kms far from Illahabad. Mukku's words echo in her mind. Are you still hoping that that Akash still loves you? She rues why she is remembering him again and again when she doesn't have to meet him again ever.

Both the families reach Illahabad. Thakur family move ahead resulting in Meethi leaving alone. Har har gange chant plays. She tries to call out to them when a sadhu (an ascetic; yogi) stops her. It is easy to fall in love but the rest of the journey is extremely tough. What do you think that you will be free from all your previous birth's relations? No! After dipping this kalash in the river you will relieve the soul leading it to God but your very own soul is still stuck in an illusion – of love! Run but where will you go? You can never change what God has written in your destiny. He will come in front of you in all the turns of your life. Take this half garland. Half of it is yours and the rest half belongs to him. It is his right at this garland and at your soul too. Keep it with you. It will join with its other half very soon. She takes it hesitatingly. Piya o re piya tune plays as Damini comes to her rescue. They both move ahead.

The yogi stops in front of Akash. Keep this half garland with you. It symbolizes your incomplete love. He (God) will make you meet your love for sure. He leaves chanting shiva's names. Akash looks at the half garland. Maiyya comes there telling her to move ahead for the puja.

Meethi, Kanha, Jogi, Veer & Damini reach the same place where Akash, Maiyya & Sankrant is. They are buying flowers from the opposite shops and do not see each other yet. Piya o re piya plays in the background as both the families leave from their respective places without noticing each other.

Meethi & Akash are buying flowers from exactly opposite shops. Both are looking lost in some thoughts. Damini comes to her side. Akash feels something and turns but by then Meethi has left from there. He stares confusedly at the shop and then back at the kalash as a piercing Piya plays.

Thakur family proceeds towards the ganges shore for puja. The puja begins with Asto Ma Satgamaya chant. Maiyya and Sankrant are also sitting for a puja right behind Meethi. Their priest also begins the puja with a Ganesha chant. Meethi is crying. Damini prays for forgiveness from Iccha if she did any mistake by chance. Veer tells her to bless their daughter so that she can start her life afresh. Twamev maata plays. Kanha tells his Maiyya that Meethi & Anni are now his responsibility. I promise I wont let nay troubles come their way. Meethi says, ma whenever I am in a dilemma, please show me the right path. Bless me that I become like you.

The priest announces that the puja has been done with. Let us proceed for the asthi visarjan. All get up. Kanha is holding the kalash in his hands while Meethi accompanies him till the river. He opens the holy thread around the pot uncovering it. Meethi becomes tearful while Sankrant & Maiyya's puja continues. Kanha lets the ashes flow in the river. Meethi watches everything blankly. Kanha bids his mother a tearful adieu. Everyone has tears in their eyes.

Meethi wishes to stay back here for some more time. I want to look at the kalash till it disappears out of sight. Kanha wonders how she will manage alone in an unknown city. She assures him that she will call him when she is done and he can come and pick her up. He nods and they all leave.

Meethi looks back at the kalash. She sits down on the steps and breaks down. She recalls her first meeting with Iccha in Satara jail. Iccha – its been years that I saw you and you have so much bitterness in your heart for me? Dear Daughter! Meethi warns her not to call her her daughter. Don't even try it by mistake.
She cries hard. Ma, please forgive me. You are going far from my eyes but you will always remain in my heart. Forever! Forever – in my memories! I will miss you ma.


Meethi is walking back towards the car when she notices a lady. She stops to look at her only to realise that it is Akash's Maiyya. She remembers how she had come to know from Maiyya that she had danced to celebrate their enemy's death.
She notices Sankrant sitting with her. He is the same man who had told me to run away from Aatishgarh. What is he doing with Maiyya? A flashback of Sankrant instigating Meethi to run away is shown while in another one Maiyya terms him as a loafer telling people to run from here. She thinks maybe he is from their family only.

She hears a mother wailing for her dead son and something strikes her. She looks back at Maiyya and Kajri didi's words ring loud in her mind. Devar ji (Akash) needs you or he will die. She is shocked. What if she was calling me to tell this only that Akash is no more? Has Maiyya come here to perform his last rites? No, this cant be! She has flashes of breaking her own mangalsutra. It is all because of me. I only am responsible for my hubby's end. Vishnu! NO!

Suddenly, she notices a guy in the river praying. Main Waari Jawan plays as she looks at him with tears in his eyes. She stands relieved yet pained. She calls out to him – Vishnu! He turns back hearing her voice and looks equally pained too.

Precap: Akash gets out of the river and climbs the stairs. Meethi runs towards him crossing over Maiyya and Sankrant. They both stand face to face with each other their eyes reflecting what is in their hearts.

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