Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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Hey friends it's me Piya again with a one part OS on our magical couple Maaneet. Well I had no intentions to write this OS but yesterday I was having coffee and this small idea crossed my brain so as usual I was not able to resist myself and here I am with this OS "LOVE STORY WRITTEN WITH COFFEE BEANS"

I dedicate this OS to my friend Ritu (mistiritu) Ritu dear it was a pleasure meeting u yesterday it was one of the best days of my life.





The Cupid was dispersing the fragrance of love and romance in the wind, and was requesting the wind to welcome every young heart in this magical territory

There was a mesmerizing blush evident in the light of the moon giving a divine touch to the romantic paradise

The sky was releasing the pearls of water generously; showering the arrows of Cupid in every direction to connect every soul with the bond of love

The earth was dancing in joy as the combination of the rain pearls and the moonlight were decorating it with a carpet of diamonds

Oh the entire scene was more beautiful than a poet's imagination as it appeared that the Almighty had himself decorated a dream on the canvas of destiny

Every messenger of nature was indicating that tonight is an auspicious occasion, something special is going to take place; everything looked so perfect.

But he was not ready to accept this truth everything appeared fake to him

According to him, the wind was not tickling his senses with a romantic feel but it was showing him the cold mirror of truth

The moon was not spreading a blissful light but it was highlighting his weaknesses

The sky was not releasing any magical pearls but it was sharing his grief

He was unable to see the carpet of diamonds on the earth as it appeared a disgusting wet mud which made his legs dirty with its touch

How can this situation be perfect? How was this occasion special?

He failed to understand

He was an ordinary guy belonging to the middle class family and today he had lost his biggest strength, he had lost his job. Was the nature celebrating his failure?

If yes, then the nature was indeed cruel as it showed him his real picture, yes he was poor and his condition was so bad that he could not even think of taking a bus back home

He continued to walk; not sure where his legs were leading him

He was tired and shattered as his future was in complete darkness; there was no ray of hope, he was not sure how will he earn his bread and butter tomorrow

It was a dark day for him, a chapter which he would love to tear from the book of his life.

He was a good distance away from his house; it would take him atleast 2 hours to reach there.

He was already depressed emotionally and his physical state was also not helping him, he was hungry and his stomach was craving for food

He removed his wallet to check the amount of money that he had at that moment

He laughed at his helplessness as his wallet had a lone note of rupees 10 in it once again making him realize about his poor financial condition

He kicked the thought of eating anything from his mind; as it is; what could he purchase with this single note?

His legs were not supporting him in this mission they were making him realize that he was tired and it is his duty to gift his stomach some food

He was helpless, he continued walking and after taking few steps he saw a small cafeteria

It was an ordinary cafeteria but there was a unique magic in it

It was the only source of light in that particular area and this was the factor that was attracting him to it

The ordinary light appeared angelic to him maybe because he considered his life to be a dark end; whatever maybe the reason he couldn't stop his legs from moving in that direction

With every step that he took, some part of his tension starting dissolving making him feel different and special

He opened the door of the cafe; it was empty yet full of life

There was a strange freshness which was giving him a royal welcome and making him feel optimistic towards life

He kept on admiring the cafe and was forced to think why was he getting attracted to this place?

His thoughts were broken as a melodious voice knocked the doors of his soul

Girl: Cafe bannd ho chukka hai [The cafe is closed]

He turned to face the girl

All his senses were paralysed as his eyes went into a trance as soon as he saw the epitome of simple beauty standing in front of him

Her twinkling eyes narrated the beauty of her heart; her innocent face could embrace the entire definition of purity in its folds

She was ordinary yet out of this world

The girl was going to say something but before she could speak he started sneezing

Girl: Aapko coffee leni chahiye lagata hai aapko sardi ho gayi hai [U should take a coffee it seems u have catched a cold]

The girl didn't wait for a reply; she walks ahead and starts preparing the coffee

He couldn't stop himself from asking a question

Man: Par aapne toh kaha tha ke cafeteria bannd ho gaya hai [But u were about to close the cafeteria]

Girl: Haan ye sach hai [Yes this is the truth]

The girl did not say anything else and started making the coffee

He kept on admiring her silently as all of a sudden he could visualize his life with the colors of positivity giving him a strange confidence

The girl prepared coffee and offered it to him

Girl: Ye lijiye [Have it]

He took the cup from her hand and was surprised to see black coffee in it; the girl did not add milk in the coffee.

Girl: Kabhi kabhi kuch bada haasil karne ke liye kuch cheezo ki kurbaani zaruri hai, aapki sehet ke liye filhaal ye black coffee hi thik hai, dudh nuksaan kar saktha hai iss liye uski qurbaani deni zaruri thi [Sometimes to achieve great heights u need to sacrifice somethings. This black coffee is the right medicine for your present condition if I had introduced milk then it would have harmed your health]

This simple statement of hers gave a new strength to him, he was so depressed after losing his job but now he was having an all together new outlook towards life, maybe destiny has a better option for him and this job loss was just the beginning of his bright future

He started drinking the coffee, the girl made herself comfortable besides him.

Both were silent as none of them preferred to talk but this silence was also a special moment for them

After few minutes he drank his coffee and the girl picked up the cup and washed it immediately

It was then that he realized that he had a lone note with him and since this was a cafeteria the price of a simple coffee would exceed more than the cash that he was carrying with him

The girl faced him; he had no option but to speak the truth

He removed the ten rupees note that he was carrying with him and placed it in front of the girl's eyes

Man: Maaf kijiyega par iss waqt mere paas itne hi paise hai, agar aap chahe toh main aapke cafe ka kuch kaam karke iss coffee ke paise chukka deta hoon [I am sorry but right now I have only this with me, if u want I will do some work in your cafe and pay the remaining money of the coffee through it]

Girl: Aapko shayad meri baat yaad nahi, maine kaha tha k cafeteria bannd ho gaya hai [I think u have not understood what I was telling u, the cafeteria is closed]

He was shocked to hear this; he lifted his gaze and saw a smiling angel in front of him

Girl: Ye samaj lijiye ke aapne ek dost ke  ghar coffee pee hai aur dost paise lekar coffee nahi pilate [Just imagine that u were at ur friend's house for coffee and as far as I know no friend will charge his pal for a simple coffee]

Her smiling face was a light in his dark life, she was a stranger but this meeting gave him a new hope and a new strength to fight for his success, she was indeed special.

Man: Kya main apni iss dost ka naam jaan saktha hoon [May I know the name of my friend?]

Girl: Geet

Oh such a beautiful name and every word of hers was itself a melodious tune that touched the chords of his heart

Man: Mera naam Maan hai [I am Maan]

She smiled hearing his name

Geet: Maan ab hume ghar jaana chahiye, aap apne sehet ka khayal rakhiyega [Maan its time to leave for our respective destinations, do take care of your health]

Geet closed the cafeteria and both of them walked together for few minutes after which Geet and Maan took the directions of their respective houses

Maan knew that this day was indeed unique as he had met an angel today and though she was a complete stranger somewhere or the other she had successfully made a special place in his heart

This night sowed the seeds of a divine relationship in the garden of love

Maan started visiting the cafeteria regularly and slowly their friendship started blossoming

Maan got a small job of a theatre artist and a great companion in Geet.

They started sharing every small and big incidents of their day to day life during their coffee meetings.

Though Maan was employed now but Geet never charged him a penny for his special coffee, she told him the day he touches the skies of his dreams that would be the day she will accept whatever token he wants to give her

As time passed their bond became more special and Geet started loving Maan

She made it a point to support and encourage him during his depression, to dance and sing with him during his success...Oh they were a perfect couple but she was not sure of Maan's feelings and she never took steps to know the secret of his heart as he was a special friend of hers whom she couldn't afford to lose

One fine day

Geet was feeling restless as Maan had not turned up to meet her

She tried to contact him but all her attempts were in vain, a sudden fear of losing her most precious possession started making way to her heart

She tried to make herself busy but her eyes were fixed on the door and were waiting for the arrival of her Maan

It was late evening now but still there were no traces of Maan

Geet: Maan aap kaha ho? Jaldi aa jaiye aapki Geet aapka intezaar kar rahi hai [Maan where r u? Please come soon your Geet is waiting for u]

She closed the cafeteria and started taking slow steps still hoping to get a small glimpse of her Maan on her way back home

That night was a nightmare for her as all insecure thoughts started haunting her; she prayed for the safety of Maan to the Almighty and drifted of to sleep with great difficulty

Days started passing but the situation remained the same

Everyday she would wake up with the hope to meet Maan but alas her hopes would take the form of dreams and would remain confined in the boundaries of her eyes.

She got to know from one of the theatre artists that Maan had got the lead role in one big budget movie which was being directed by a famous director and Maan had left the theatre group and had flown to Mumbai with the director

She was happy that her Maan is safe and was very close to his dreams

But her heart was crying as it realized that she was never an integral part of his life, she was just an ordinary girl who used to make coffee for him, maybe he did not consider her as his friend and that's why he left her so easily.

She started to live with this truth, everything remained the same, her cafe was working decently, her day to day life was running smoothly, she welcomed all the guests of her cafe with a smiling face but deep down her heart she felt incomplete...yes she was living a life without her soul, her Maan making her feel imperfect

After 1 year,

Maan's debut movie was a blockbuster hit and he was the owner of millions of young hearts

In this one year he had made a special place for himself in Bollywood he was superstar today

He had completed the promotion of one of his movies and had announced a temporary break of few months from movies

On being questioned about the break Maan had announced his marriage plans and had made it clear that he was going to marry the princess of his heart very soon

This news spread like fire and every individual of the country came to know about this fact


It was yet another day for Geet she had learned to keep herself busy in some or the other work during this year

She wanted to shut the cafe early today as she was feeling restless and uneasy but the heavy rain was not allowing her to step outside her cafeteria

It was late evening and Geet went and stood next to the window looking at the night sky

The rain had subsided by now and the night sky was rising in glory with the twinkling stars and the captivating moon

There was a strange romantisim in the breeze which was trying to communicate with her heart giving her the message that tonight is special

The wind was wrapping her in its sensous folds decorating her with the diamonds of the sprinkling rain pearls trying to dress her up like a bride

There was confusion in her heart why was she feeling so different today; it was simply another day of her ordinary life then what was so special?

Her thoughts were interrupted as she sensed someone's presence in the cafe, this fragrance was not alien to her; her soul was decorated with this masculine smell from a very long time

But this can't be true, he can't be here, it has to be yet another illusion of her heart

The footsteps started becoming dominant which made it clear that someone was indeed present in the cafe

Geet: Cafe bannd ho chukka hai [The cafe is closed]

Maan: Main toh apne dost ke haath ki special coffee peene aaya hoon [I am here to drink the special coffee made by my dear friend]

Geet's lifeless body got a new hope with his magical masculine voice, she had forgotten to breathe long back but she could see the rhythmic patterns of her chest dancing happily making it evident that she was alive

Oh was he really here? What if it turned out to be another dream of hers?

No she had to take this risk, it might be an illusion but she was ready to die with this illusion rather than leading a life of a living dead

Her body was trembling and with great difficulty she turned around to face him

Her eyes were closed as she was still fighting a battle between her heart and her mind

He started reducing the distance between them; she could now feel his warm breath on her sensitive skin

He touched her chin and lifted her face delicately

Maan: Aakhein kholo Geet kya apne dost ko dekhogi bhi nahi? [Open your eyes Geet, won't u look at your friend even once?]

He kissed her eyes deeply allowing the pearls of her eyes to flow through her cheeks

Geet knew her Maan was here and without wasting a moment she carefully opened the windows of her heart and allowed them them to capture the picture of her Maan permanently in them

Yes it was indeed her Maan, the same eyes, the same silence, the same affection, nothing had changed but yet there was an unbearable distance between them

She had loads of questions in her mind but did she possess the right to ask him those questions?

Maybe yes, maybe no, she was not sure...

Without giving her any warning Maan scooped her in his arms and placed her lovingly on a chair

He went to the kitchen and started preparing coffee

Geet was in a trance she kept on admiring him

He had worn the same outfit that he was dressed in during their first meeting

She could still sense a warm and loving touch as and when his eyes met hers

This night seemed an exact replica of their first meeting the only difference was they were strangers at that moment yet close and today though there was a name to their relationship but still they were miles apart

Her thoughts were interrupted as once again Maan made her insane with his possessive touch and soul searing look

Maan: Ye lo Geet tumhare liye tumhare Maan ne coffee banayi hai [Here is the coffee that ur Maan has made for u Geet]

Geet: Mere Maan? [My Maan?]

Maan placed the coffee on the table and scooped her in his arms comfortably

He sat on a chair and placed Geet on his lap

He offered the coffee to Geet once again

Maan: Coffee peeyo Geet [Drink the coffee Geet]

She took the cup from his hand and was surprised to see black coffee in it

Maan: Kabhi kabhi kuch bada haasil karne ke liye kuch cheezo ki kurbaani zaruri hothi hai [Sometimes to achieve great heights u need to sacrifice somethings]

Geet was depressed as seh heard this statement, she felt Maan was talking about his superstar status and to achieve this it was important for him to remove her permanently from his life

Maan: Puchogi nahi mere zindagi ki sabse badi kammiyaabi kya hai jise main haasil karna chahtha hoon [Won't u ask what is the biggest success of my life that I wish to achieve]

Geet takes a sip of the coffee and tries to hide her emotions in its bitter taste

Geet: Aapko toh aapki kamiyaabi mil chuki Maan aaj aap ek bade superstar ho aur iss kamiyaabi ko haasil karne k liye aapko jinki kurbaani deni padi wo sahi thi [U have succeeded in touching the heights of success Maan and it was essential for u to sacrifice the unimportant elements of ur life to achieve this]

Maan placed his hand on her waist and pulled her closer

Maan: Mera superstar banna toh bus ek choti seedi thi apne zindagi ki sabse badi khushi ko haasil karne k liye aur ab main apne uss manzil ke behet kareeb hoon, jaanti ho Geet main shadi karne jaa raha hoon [Becoming a superstar was a small step to achieve the biggest happiness of my life but today I am very close to my destination do u know Geet I am going to get married]

It seemed someone had stabbed a knife on her innocent heart; she took few more sips of the coffee

Geet: Mubarakho kafi khoobsurat aur special hogina wo ladki [Congratulations that girl must indeed be beautiful and special]

Maan: Tum jaanti ho usse [U know her very well]

Geet gave a confusing expression to Maan, her heart was bleeding but she had to ask him this question

Geet: Ek sawal puchu Maan aaj ek saal baad aap yaha kyun aaye? [Can I ask u a question why did u come here after 1 year?]

Maan looked directly into her eyes

Maan: Aaj meri engagement hai [Today is my engagement]

There was a lump in her throat as she heard this confession from Maan, Oh so the girl was also going to come over here

She started looking towards the door as now her dreams were shattered beyond repair

But before she could think of something all of a sudden her finger appeared heavy, she moved her eyes towards her finger and got the most magical surprise of her life

Maan had introduced a ring made from coffee beans into her engagement finger

Emotions were oozing out from Geet's eyes

Maan placed her hand close to her heart and uttered lovingly

Maan: Thik ek saal pehle issi din, issi barsaat ki raat meri zindagi mein ek pari aayi thi jisne mujhe jeene ki sahi raah dhikayi, apni muskurahat se mere din ko sunehra banadiya, apne pyar se mere dil ko dhadakna shika diya...uski khushboo meri saason ko mehkane lagi, ek hi pal mein wo dilkash ajnabee mere saason ki leh bankar mere ruh mein behne lagi [One year before on this very day an angel entered my life, she showed me the correct path of life, she glorified my mornings with her bright smile and taught my heart to beat in the musical rhythm of her love, her fragrance beautified my breaths and within no time the mesmerizing stranger became an integral part of my soul]

Maan kissed Geet's hand with utmost love

Maan: Badi shidat se mohabbat karta hoon usse par ye darr tha k kahi main usse kho na du kyunki main toh ek saadaran sa insaan tha aur wo meri kismat ki sabse pakki dor jiske bagair main adhura hoon, phir uski kayi baat mujhe yaad aayi ke kuch haasil karne k liye kuch khona zaruri hai aur phir dil mein phattar rakhar apni zindagi se kuch dino tak dur rehne ka faisla maine le liya taaki jis din main lautar aau uss din pure haq se usse apni dulhan banakar apni dhadkano mein sametkar le ja saku [I love her wholeheartedly but I had a fear what if I lose her forever? I was an ordinary man and she is my destiny and I can't even dream of leading my life without her, I recollected her statement that u need to sacrifice something to touch ur dreams. With a heavy heart I decided to bear the pangs of separation with my life for some days so that I could work on the path to win her love and claim her permanently by making her my bride and keep her close to my heart forever]

Geet had tears in her eyes, Maan kissed the entire length of her cheeks and requested her not to shed these magical pearls any more

Maan: Geet iss ek saal mein maine  ek naam haasil kiya, daulat ruthba aur izzat haasil ki who sabkuch paaya jisse ke humari zindagi khushiyon se beet sake, jaanti ho iss ek saal mein aisa ek pal nahi tha jismein mujhe tumahri yaad nahi aayi par phir bhi apne dil ko samjhaya maine kyunki main chahta tha jis din tumhara naam puri duniya k same mere saath jude wo sirf aur sirf meri ardhangini ke roop mein ho, meri dost ya girlfriend k roop mein nahi aur issi liye maine  iss din ka intezaar kiya, aaj wahi din hai jab hum ek saal pehle mile the aur aaj main apni zindagi ki sabse badi daulat tumse maangne ki gustaki karne ja raha hoon [Geet I got name, respect, money in this one year I earned everything that would ensure a happy future for both of us, I remembered u in every second of my life but I stopped myself to meet u since I wanted the day your name is connected with mine it should be in the form of my beloved wife and not as my friend or my girlfriend. I waited for this special day to arrive, Geet last year we met each other on this same day and today I want to ask u to gift me with my most precious treasure]

Maan: Meri zindagi ko apne pyar ki coffee se mehkadoh Geet? Kya humari iss anhoki prem kahani ko uski kamiyaabi ki bulandiyon tak pauchane mein meri madat karogi Geet? Kya mera haath thamkar mujhe iss kaiynaat ka sabse khushkismat insaan banaoogi Geet? Apne batkismat dost ki kismat bankar kya uski zindagi mein pravesh karna pasand karogi Geet? Kya main wo khushnaseeb hoon jisse tumhara umr bhar ka saath milega? Kya  tum meri humsafar bankar meri adhure zindagi ki dastan ko pura karogi? [Spread the fragrance of your love filled coffee in my life Geet. Will u help me to take our unexpressed love to the heights of success? Will u hold my hands and make me the luckiest person of this universe? Will u be the lucky charm of ur friend and enter his life as his destiny? Can I be the lucky man to be by your side throughout my life? Will u be my soulmate and complete my incomplete life with your love?]

Geet was rendered speechless in front of Maan's confession

Today she had realized that if her love was unconditional then Maan's love was divine

He had proved one thing that she believed in "If ur love wants to go let him go, if he is yours he will come back or else u should understand that he was never yours"

Her Maan was back in her life, yes he was her man, her love, her soulmate, she wanted to say so many things but she was not getting the correct words to express her emotions

She captured his lips inside the territory of her love and allowed her heart to do the talking

The kiss expressed her loneliness and his sacrifice thus making their first kiss a blissful act as both of them entered the region which was more beautiful than a dream

Maan kissed every inch of her sweet petals as Geet pulled him closer and in a matter of seconds their kiss entered the territory of passion and desire

He bit her lower lip gently and took permission to taste her sweet nector; Geet parted her lips and gave him the permission

Geet's mouth had the taste of bitter coffee in it but this was the most relishing taste for both of them as their love story was written with coffee beans, a cup of coffee which had changed their entire life making them soulmates from total strangers

They submitted their existence to one another through this one kiss'a kiss which had the taste of coffee in it...

Cupid was showering its blessings on this magical couple as finally the arrows that it had released during their first meeting had successfully captured them into the magical folds of love making them soulmates for a lifetime




Okay guys this was the OS. Pls give me big and detailed comments on this OS





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ManeetTUJANENA Senior Member

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A very gud os luvd the line  "If ur love wants to go let him go, if he is yours he will come back or else u should understand that he was never yours" 
its so true yar ... its hrd to see sm1 u luv say i wnt to marry sm1 ... its hear piericing ... nd ye os cofee peete peete aaya piya i beg u ab se na lassi , chai ,vodka ,taquila, fanta,mazza sb pia kro ... who knws ur crazy brain gets an another beautiful piece of writing like this... Wink

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mishtiritu IF-Rockerz

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Piya.. It was superb os yaar.. Lovd it so much.. Muah :-* Sachi i was speechles aftr reading it.. Awesum yaar..    Thank u 4 dedicating it to me.. Yes it was best day 4 me too.. Luv ya..

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abinash079 IF-Stunnerz

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lovely os

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keenu_kk IF-Sizzlerz

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Mina420 Goldie

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sweet OS... it is true, sometimes you need to give something to achieve something in exchange but it was worth the wait in this case... great going

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singh24 IF-Addictz

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