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i love u like love song baby kriyaansh os (Page 102)

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Recap : Rey , Viky ki planning Neha ko tang karney k liye ...Kriya's anger toward and Kriyaansh fight
for more detail please check Page no 52


chappy 6

"Rey , what are thinking about ?"' Swayam questioned him as he entered in his room . But Rey he was smiling , kinda lost somewhere . "Dude , he is behaving weird . " Viky said . "Dude tell us what going on in your devil brain ?" Swayam sat next to viky whil Nil standing next to Rey . "nothing i was thinking about previous night ." Rey again start smiling . "Previous night ." Boys looked at Rey , for his continuation . "Guys nothing like that so stop staring ta me . " Boys made what-the-hell wali face . "So let's plan for miss Neha " Rey rubbed his hand . "Not again guys , This time Kriya Ghai gonna kill you .' Swayam warned them and left . "I wanna kill that Censored " Kriya hit the wall . "We will plan something" Neha said . Trio start planning against Rey , Vicky and Nil . "We are coming Mr Reyaansh ." Trio said together . Tashan Tashan look . Thumbs Up


Everyone seated in the class . "When they gonna come .' vicky said impatiently . It first time in the history that Reyaansh in his Gang sitting in the class .  Other wise they never attend any class . "Are you sure , they gonna come" Rey he is now irritated . Other girls in class drooling over them . Everyone gossiping about them . After its first time when they are sitting in the class . vo b waqt sey pehley . First bell ring .Professor entered in  the class . "Reyaansh in the class along with gang . It's miracle ." but They all are looking at door .
Professor was blabbering about something . Rey , Vicky and nil was getting bored . So for time pass vicky started flirting with girl setting next to him . While Nil simply dozzed off . but Rey he was getting negative vibes . "I am thinking to much . But according my sixth sense Kriya ghai planning something . I know she is near somewhere . " Rey again looked toward door but no one was their . finally as soon as lecture over . The literally ran from the class . "what the hell" Vicky and Rey both shouted together . "Easy guys wo dar gayi hogi' Nil tried to convince them . " I don't think so' Viky said loudly . "I agree with Viky . There is some thing fishy"  But where is Miss Kriya ghai . Rey thought .


"It was fun ." trio entered in college campus while laughing on something . "But Kriya how get to know about this ?' vishu is really willing to know . "see when i saw them in college campus in early morning , tabhi mujey lga tha ki kuj to chal rha hey . Bicharey class mey wait kar rhey hongey " They hi5 . "Okay , isis bhaney at least un logo ney class mey apney charan to daley' Vishu said . "But real game is still on the way "

"what happened guys . " Swayam joined their friends .  Rey he was playing Call of duty . while focusing on game he inquired "Where was you . " Swayam simply ignored his question "Why you all are sad . " Vicky lift his head up "You know what we planned a prank for those india girls ." Nil completed his sentence  "But wo donon class mey he nahi ayi , or hum logo ko wo stupid lec. sunna pra ." "What' Swayam tried to suppress his laugh . but he was unable and finally he start laughing "Are you serious , the great Reyaansh singhania and gang in class ." Rey gave him deadly glare . Swayam placed his finger on lips ""sorry , but she is really very smart ha i must say . " Rey gave him a glare and walked away .


"Miss Smarty pant where Are you ?" I was frustrated . Not because his plane failed without any action . Because he really want to see her . "I am here Reyaansh . " an angelic voice echo in the room . Rey turned with alarm and found Kriya standing there with Sexy smile!! Rey looked at her from head to toe . She is looking different and beautiful . Rey thought . Beautiful !! Focus Rey focus!! Rey mentally slapped himself .
 But she is looking really very beautiful . Her red rose petals wanna taste it . i think she is using strawberry flavour . Her tinny waist wanna grab her in my arm .
Kriya smiled sheepishly . She walked toward Rey . Rey thought he is dreaming . Kriya pushed Rey on sofa and sat in his lap . "Rey tell me kal kya huwa tha" she traced her finger on his face . "kal..." she move her finger in his hair "Ha kal ..." Rey hold her one hand near his heart . Kriya placed a small kis on his both eyes "Tell me na kya j huys tha..." Rey like a prey and kriya she is a tigress "Umm nahi..." Kriya came near his lips . Hot breath touched his lips . Rey closed his eyes "To..." Kriya kissed on his cheek and moved her hand on his chest "Kuj b nahi huya tha main to bus tumhey dra rha tha" thats it . Kriya punched him . "What tha F***k" . "F**K your self Mr Reyansh '" Kriya pointed her finger toward Rey "Get ready for disaster' blood oozes from his nose . "You have to pay for this miss Kriya ghai .' Kriya come back Rey moved back . she held his collor "I am waiting . Bring it on" She mouthed him a kiss .
 "AHH' He shouted . "She break my nose ."

Kriya's attire


"Koi bahut khush hai" Kriya found Swayam standing near her locker . "Yes i am really very happy."
"Why ?"
"Because few mins ago , many tumhare dost ki nose break ki hey"
"what' Swayam sprang up from his place . "Are you serious'
"Oh my poor friend , i think he need me . Best of luck"
Kriya finally looked toward Swayam "Why?"
"You will get to know my friend'

Kriya Called Swayam from behind "thank you for yesterday help ." Swayam nodded and left from there .



"I said give my clothes back" and she screamed . Kriya almost slipped her dress down , and rey he was gawking at her . "Get out" Kriya again shouted . Rey left the room . After changing into her clothes she left his house . She was walking alone . When Sawayam stopped in front of her on his bike . "Ab tumhe kya chahiye ha what you want ." Swayam calmed her "Chill i am not gonna do any thing . Where is your shoes" She looked at her foot . Yes she is walking without shoes . She hit her head . "Dam that Censored" "Wo wo tum Rey ko itni gali kyu dete hai , itna bhi bura nahi hai" Kriya looked at him with anger "Okay fine come main tumhey drop kar deta hoo" She had no choice so she agreed . Swayam dropped her safely at hostel "Thank you . tum un yesey nahi ho per pta nahi unkey dost kyu ho" Swayam with serious tone "Future mey pta chal jayega . Umm friends" Kriya agreed "okay"


scroll down
for part B


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part b chappy 6
"Guys i see u later ." Kriya bid by Neha and Vishu . She placed her belonging in the corner of RH . Attached her i pod with music system .

Kriya ruffle through song list finally she played "a zara kareeb se" . She pulled her hair in tight pony .

Kriya sat on chair in center of RH . She stretched her left leg in air seductively . Moved her fingers on her leg . Looked in mirror with sexy smile . Then she did split with the sport of chair .

as lyric starts she mover toward mirror

Yeh.. raat ruk jaye
Baat tham jaye..
Teri bahoon mein
Khwaishein jagi hain
Pyase pyase labon pe

She touched her image in mirror and smiled . Moved her fingers on her face . Tracing her own face with her finger . She laid on floor moving her body in sexy way . feeling her own body . then she did split in air .
Rey he was passing through Corridor when he heard music . He was coming from zim . Sweating badly and without shirt . When he saw Kriya dancing He was lost . The wasy she moving her body with music . It made him crazy . So he walked in RH .

Khud ko jala doon
Teri aahon mein
Aagosh mein..
Mere aaj samah jaa..
Jaane kya hona hai kal
Aa zara
Kareeb se jo pal mile
Naseeb se
Aa ja zara
Kareeb se jo pal mile
Naseeb se jile

Rey wrapped his arms around her waist . Rey turned Kriya . Now her back facing him . Kriya closed her eyes . Rey moved her fingers on her back . As a result Kriya passed her finger in his hair and pulled him in her crook .
Kriya turned toward Rey and hugged him tightly . Rey hide her face in her neck and gave him a love bite . Kriya moved her finger on his chest and placed a kiss on hid neck . Rey also closed his eyes .

As music started . Rey lifted Kriya in the air . Then placed her on floor and pulled back her in his arms she cuddle herself in his arm . hide her face in her chest .

Yeh jahan..
Saara bhool kar..
Jismon ke saaye tale
Dheemi dheemi saanse
Chale raat bhar
Pal do pal
Hum hain humsafar
The abhi dono yahan
Honge subah jane kahan
Kya khabar

Kriya held her head back open her arms in air . Rey looked at her and pulled her back . Rey placed her floor and top of her .  carefully touched her face and kissed her on  eyes . Kriya passed her hand on his back and dug her nail in his shoulder as a result Rey bite her ..

Aa ja zara
Khud ko mujhme mila ja..
Jane kya hona hai kal
Aa zara
Kareeb se jo pal mile
Naseeb se
Aa ja zara
Kareeb se jo pal mile
Naseeb se jile'

Kriya looked in his eyes . Touched his face then pulled his hair . As a result scream . Kriya pushed him aside and hugged her knees . Rey picked her up in position she is sitting . Passion desire raising as their body heat increasing . Rey freed hold her waist still holding her in air . Kriya moved her leg in air then wrapped them around his waist .

Khwaab hoon
Main toh makhmali..
Palkon mein le ja mujhe
Maine diya mauka tujhe ajanabi'hi'
Hosh mein (Hosh mein)
Aaye naa abhi
Ik duje mein hi kahin
Khoyi rahe teri meri zindagi..
Khamoshiyan dhadkanon ki
Suna.. jaa
Jane kya hona hai kal
Aa zara
Kareeb se jo pal mile
Naseeb se
Aa jaa.. (Aa jaa..)
Jo pal mile
Naseeb se jile..

Kriya kissed Rey on his forehead and hugged him rey also responded . She still in same position . Rey kissed her on top of her nose . Both are sweating badly . finally rey made her stand on floor still holding her tight . But Kriya run towar  mirror . Indicate him through mirror . Rey try to cath her but she run away . But I followed her . Finally he caught her . He pulled her back in his arm .Rey passed her hand on her arm to her finger and intertwined them . Kriya rested her head back on his shoulder with close eyes .

Raat ruk jaye
Teri bahoon mein
Aagosh mein
Aaj mere samah.. jaa
Jane kya hona hai kal
Aa zara
Kareeb se jo pal mile
Naseeb se
Aa, aa zara
Kareeb se jo pal mile
Naseeb se jile..

Rey opened kriya's hair .  He moved her hair one side and kissed on her nape . Finally Rey hold her face in his palm . Rey moved closed . she is breathing hard . Rey looked at her for a secong and next second he found himself kissing her . They both were kissing each other badly . As they pulled back both hugged each other tightly . Rey passed his hand in her top . Kriya scratched her nails on his back.
Rey pushed Kriya on wall . "Why you hates me ?" Still kissing her on nape . "Because you always behave like villain."
"So if i become i good boy then you are not gonna hate me right ?"
"Hmm" Kriya try to talk but her voice betrayed her . Kriya moved her finger freely on his well built muscles . Rey again captured her lips . But this time lovingly . Kriya bite his lower lip and its start bleeding . Warm blood start flowing Kriya sucked it . "Its yummy" Kriya said in between her kiss . Rey smiled "Vampire ho kya" Kriya also smile in her kiss "I love to be ."Kriya pushed Rey on mirror . she started kissing him harshly . She bites him his collarbone . Rey closed his eyes . Kriya's mobile rang
Kriya open her eyes with terror . She realised that she was kissing non other then Rey .She pushed Rey back and tries to escape but he caught her hand .
"Kriya what happened ?" He hugged her tight "Are you regretting . " Kriya looked at him "Rey we are meant together i know you are doing this for revenge ."
and she ran from there.
 Rey turned toward mirror and looked at his image"I am in love with you Kriya' he smile "Yes i love smarty pant"
"Kriya kahan thi tum" Neha questioned her . Both friends are sitting in canteen . "what happened'
"I kissed him" Kriya said slowly
"what kisey ?" neha she was shocked
"Reyaansh singhania" Neha gulp whole water of glass .
"Kriya" someone called her both looked up .
"Rey' both said together
Rey held Kriya from waist "Guys i wanna say some thing" every one gathered around them "Meet my girl friend Kriya ghai ." everyone shocked . Rey simply placed his lips on her .  Kriya looked at Rey and Neha with wide open eyes . "See you at Bb court please come , love "and he left from there .


see iskey agey manu kuj nahi samaz aying
next update K kregi
to uski jaan lo Madhu merak kaam khatam
luv u all pm later
aroma nad K /-

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Res :-D
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1st of al
tera dres selectn awsm hai
romance kuch kam nahi ho gaya??

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update... update...
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I so hate u aro. . .
Kamini update dena be. .
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just read all the parts...
loved all of them
really superb work
please update the index 
and please please please update soon and pm me

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