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Phir Subah Hogi

|* SugVi Of The Week #3 *|

daffodil81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 July 2012 at 12:11am | IP Logged

Hello to all of our wonderful members..!! Hug

Time for our Third Member of the week aka SUGVI of the week Big smile.

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, well this post comes EVERY week. And the most active member of our forum will be on the hot seat & has to answer all the questions posted by the fellow members.

Well friends, it's time for our official Member of the Week!! Big smile

Its is none other than...


Congratulations Dear !! Hug

Here is your SOTW siggy Big smile

Please answer these questions so we can get to know you-





 Why this Id :

 How I got started with IF:

 Why I visit the PSH section:

My favourite Character in PSH

My best friend(s) on IF:

Have fun and keep smiling!!!Big smile

Love and Regards,

-Chalhov & Aarathi~

Let's go guys, start posting your questions for Rupa to answer.Big smile

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-Naresh- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 July 2012 at 12:17am | IP Logged
congrats   Pyar-Ishk...ClapClap

i will be back with my Questions...LOLLOL be ready.. oven mein Questions hai garama garam LOLLOL
what is your name?
what is your birth date?
what is your pet name?
what is yourhair colour?
what is your fav dress code?
what is your fav food?
what is yourbirth time?
what is your fav sportman?
what is your fav ice cream flavor ?

What colour are your eyes?
What is your favorite fruit?
What is your favorite vegetable?
What is your favorite meal?
What is your favorite dessert?
What is your favorite movie?
What is your favorite cookie?
What is your favorite pie?
What's your favorite juice?.
What is your favorite cereal?
What is your favorite fast-food restaurant?
What is your favorite book title?
What is your favorite literature genre?
What is your favorite tv show?
What day is your favorite TV show on?
What is your favorite cartoon?
Who is your favorite super hero?
What is your favorite coin?
What is your favorite dinosaur?
What is your favorite game?
What kind Of pizza do you Like? Cheese Pepperoni Sausage
Which soup do you like best?
What kind of toothpaste do you like best?
What you like best to write with? pencil, crayon, marker, chalk...
What month were you born in?
How do you feel today?
Is your shirt Striped print plaid or solid?
What time did you go to sleep last night?
How many people are in your family?
How many brothers do you have?
How many sisters do you have?
How many grandmothers/fathers do you have?
How many teeth have you lost?
How many pets do you have at home?
How many windows are in your house?
How many telephones are in your house?
How many televisions are in your house?
How many rooms are in your house?
How many pairs of shoes do you have?
How many pockets do you have on your clothing today?
How many syllables are in your first name?
How many syllables are in your last name?
How many letters are in your first name?
How many letters in your last name?
How many vowels are in your name?
How many pencils are in your desk?
How many books are in your desk?
How many things did you have for breakfast?
How many doors are in your house?
Are you left or right handed?
Are your hands clean or dirty?
Are you wearing ______ today? (substitute any colour)
Did you wear a coat, a sweater, or neither to school today?
Did you wear mittens, gloves, or neither to school today?
Do you brush, brush and floss, or neither?
Do you have a four-legged or two-legged pet?
Do you like baths or showers?
Do you like to play inside or outside on a rainy day?
Do you have a hot or cold lunch today?
Do you like chocolate, plain, or neither milk?
How did you feel about coming to school? Happy or sad
How did you get to school?
How do you feel on the first day of school?
How do you get to school?
How old are you?
Are you wearing long sleeves or short sleeves?
Where do you like to swim the most? ocean, lake, pool, none

Yes/No Questions

Do you have buckles on your shoes?
Do you like anchovies on pizza?
Do you like to eat watermelon?
Did you wear a belt?
Do you wear glasses?
Did you wear a coat today?
Did you wear boots today?
Do you own a watch?
Do you have a cowboy hat?
Does your jacket have a hood?
Do you have a pet?
Does your first name have more letters than your last name?
Do you have a middle name?
Were you named after someone special?
Do you like to watch sports?
Do you have any brothers?
Do you have any sisters?
Do you have any brothers or sisters in preschool?
Do you have any brothers or sisters in high school?
Did you wash your hair last night?
Do you think your shoe weighs more than your math book?
Did you eat breakfast this morning?
Did you have milk at breakfast?
Do you have a public library card?
Do you like broccoli?
Do you have hair longer than your shoulders?
Do you have hair shorter than their shoulders?
Do you like macaroni and cheese?
Do you know what day of the week you were born on?
Do you think 30 pennies will cover a dollar completely?
Does it take longer than 30 minutes for you to get to school?
Do you like strawberry ice cream?
Do your shoes have black on them?
Do you know what day Christmas is on?
Do you have a 2-wheel bike?
Do you have pierced ears?
Do you know how to roller skate?
Did you brush your teeth this morning?
Do you have a teddy bear?
Do you have your own bedroom?
Do you have a TV in your bedroom?
Do you think math is easy?
Do you like sweet potatoes?
Do you play a sport?
Did you carry your lunch today?
Do you have a sandwich in your lunch today?
Do you have a computer at home?
Do you have eyelets in your shoes?
Do you know how to swim?
Do you play an instrument?
Do you like country/western music?
Does your grandfather have grey hair?
Did you comb or brush your hair today?
Do you like to read?
Do you have a cat?
Do you have a dog?
Do you take gymnastics or karate?
Does your mom work outside the house?
Does your grandma or grandpa live in the same town as you?
Do you like oatmeal?
Do you walk to school?
Did you go to the library this week?
Do you have a computer at home?
Do you have a garden at home?
Did you sleep well last night?
Have you ever ridden in an airplane?
Have you ever taken dance lessons?
Have you lost any of your canine teeth?
Have you ever been to Walt Disney World/Land?
Have you ever gone fishing?
Have you ever had to wear a cast?
Have you seen one of the Great Lakes?
Have you ever been to the beach?
Have you ever ridden in a train?
Were you in bed at 9:30 last night?
Have you ever been to our province/state capital?
Have you ever had to stay overnight in a hospital?
Have you ever ridden a horse?
Have you ever been to the ocean?
Have you ever been to a farm?
Have you had chicken pox?
Have you been to another country?
Have you ever had to get stitches?
Have you ever ridden in a buggy pulled by a horse?
Have you lived in any other province/state?
Have you even baked cookies at home?
Have you ever seen a rainbow?
Have you ever been to the zoo?
Have you ever been to the circus?
Have you ever mailed a letter?
Have you ever went to a different school?
Have you ever played the game Monopoly?
Can you ride a two wheel bike?
Can you do a flip?
Can you with a skipping rope?
Can you speak another language besides English?
Can you say all of "Peter Picked A Peck of Pickled Peppers" without a mistake?
Can you do a magic trick?
Can you walk to school all by yourself?
Is your hair naturally curly?
Is your hair red?
Is your birthday in the summer?
Is your glue bottle full?
Is all the snow gone at your house?
Is (enter season) your favorite season?
Were you awake at 6:30 this morning?
Are you going away during spring?
Are you wearing socks?
My fingers are tired! Are yours? LOL Embarrassed

well Rani wht u say about my ^ Questions??? i knw all forum frnds feeling like kill me...LOLLOL

PSH forums Questions.. i will be back soon..Wink

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 July 2012 at 1:29am | IP Logged


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jakther7 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 02 March 2010
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Posted: 15 July 2012 at 4:51am | IP Logged
Congratulaton pyar-ishk, ab mujhe bhi kuch pushna hai, please Answer me ASAP

  * Tell us something about yourself firstWink
    *  Tell us about your family ?
    * .Do you have a sibling?
    * Who among the 3 couples is your favourite?
    * Why do you watch this show and what do you like about it?
    * How did you come across PSH???
    * Are you an Indian?
    * What in particular about the show do you adore?
    * Have you even written fics or done siggy making?
    *  How did u land up here at IF?
    * The best thing about IF according to you?
    * The worst thing about IF according to you?
    * Who is your closest friends in IF?
    * Three things you like about yourself?
    * Three things you hate about yourself?
    * Your all time favourite movie and why?
    * 3 things you don't like to do and why?
    * 3 things you like to do and why?
    * Your favourite vacation spot?
    * Recently favourite song?
    * Your favourite male and female singer?
    * Favourite 5 tops serials/drama?
    *  What is your fav serial at the moment?
    *  Hobby?
    *  Working or housewife? What do you prefer?
    *  What other serials do you watch?
    *  Hows the feeling sitting on this seat?
    *  What will u do to make me not grill you Wink?
    *  Tell me about something funny that happened in your life that you can never forgetWink
    *  I've been sick... can you tell me something to cheer me up??? Tongue
    *  Your favourite type of flowers are:
    * What do you hate eating?
    * Your favourite hobby?
    * What time is it now?
    * Your favourite colour?
    * Your favourite alphabet?
    * Your favourite chocolate?
    * You go to sleep at...
    * You wake up at...
    * Your favorite gift was...
    * Your favorite month...
    * Your birthday is on?
    * What do you like best about IF?
    * What do you dislike about IF?
    * Night or day?
    * Friend or family?
    * Love or friendship?
    * Do u believe in...

          love at first sight?






          luck ?


         soul mates..

         next summer...

          next week...

          next year...

    * Do you have and pets?
    * The worst sound in the world?
    * The best sound in the world?
    * The person that makes you cry the most is...
    * Your favorite piece of clothing is:
    * Your favorite sport(s) to play is:
    * You are addicted to...
    * Favourite music...
    * Favourite movie?
    * The happiest memory?
    * The saddest memory?
    * Who writes the best fics ever according to you in ( maximum 3 )
    * - The whole of IF -
    * - This forum -
    * Best siggy maker?
    * Name some members who you see very active in this forum?
    * Some members you adore in here or really like?
    * A person of this forum who you think would do good as a mod?
    * Name some people who you think truly love this forum and try to keep it lively and happy, through games and activities and discussion and all, basically some ideal members you remember ?
    * Which forum is your home at the moment?
    * A forum you're very closely attached to ( emotionally ) ?
    * The best forum you ever came across  since you joined in here?
    * First forum friends?
    * Currently good forum friends?
    * Best friend?
    * What would u do if...

        - a boy kissed you?

         - someone tried to kill you?

        - someone made fun of you or your family?

        - someone bullied you or your friend?

        - someone tried to steal your belongings?

    * What would u say if...

        - A stranger came to you and said "your mum told me to drop you home"?

        - An enemy cursed your family?

    * What cant you wait for in life?
    * Favourite restaurant?
    * Favourite emoticon...
    * Last time you got scared was..
    * What are you scared of...
    * Most annoying this...
    * Most smelliest thing...
    * Most funniest thing..
    * Most kindest person..
    * I do/do not like dogs because
    * I do/do not like cats because
    * Will I be back with more questions?
    *  What is your first memory in your childhood?
    * What was your favorite toy?
    * What was your favorite game?
    * Any non-family member adults stick out in your mind? Who were they, and how did you know them? Why do they stick out?
    * Who was your best friend when you were growing up?
    * What is your fondest, childhood memory?
    * What is your worst childhood memory?
    * What's been your favorite movie of all time?
    * Read any good books? What were they?
    * What do you watch on the Television?
    * When it comes to politics, do you care? If so, which way do you
    * tend to vote? If not, why don't you care?
    * What type of places do you hang out in with your friends?
    * What type of places do you hang out in with your family?
    * What would be the perfect gift for you?
    * What's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?
    * What time of day is your favorite?
    * What kind of weather is your favorite?
    * What is your favorite drink?
    *  Your Dream???
    * Best gift you have ever got?
    * Most embarrassing moment?
    * Your latest prank?
    * Your most stupid act?
    * Fav pass time
    * Fav song
    * Fav band
    * Are you holding onto something that you need to let go of?
    * When you are 80-years-old, what will matter to you the most?
    * When is it time to stop calculating risk and rewards and just do what you know is right?
    * How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?
    * Would you break the law to save a loved one?
    * What makes you smile?
    * If you had the opportunity to get a message across to a large group of people, what would your message be?
    * If the average human lifespan was 40 years, how would you live your life differently?
    * If you could choose one book as a mandatory read for all high school students, which book would you choose?
    * Would you rather have less work or more work you actually enjoy doing?
    * What is important enough to go to war over?
    * Which is worse, failing or never trying?
    * When was the last time you listened to the sound of your own breathing?
    * What's something you know you do differently than most people?
    * If you could instill one piece of advice in a newborn baby's mind, what advice would you give?
    * What is the most desirable trait another person can possess?
    * What are you most grateful for?
    * Is stealing to feed a starving child wrong?
    * What do you want most?
    * Are you more worried about doing things right, or doing the right things?
    * What has life taught you recently?
    * What is the one thing you would most like to change about the world?
    * Where do you find inspiration?
    * Can you describe your life in a six word sentence?
    * Enjoyeee on the Hot seatHug

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Sandy66 Goldie

Joined: 12 June 2012
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Posted: 15 July 2012 at 8:40am | IP Logged
PartyPartyCongratulations Pyar-ishk for being the 
Sugvi of the week "3". Your contribution to the 
Forum daily is very much appreciated by all. 
Thank you being an active member. Enjoy your
Glory this week. You deserve it.HeartHeart
My questions to you is (1). What attracted you to this Forum daily?
(2). Tell us the reason why you love watching 
Phir Subah Hog?
(3) Which Jodi would you prefer Sugni and Vickram
Or Sugni and Adi ?

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radev24 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 28 June 2009
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Posted: 15 July 2012 at 9:25am | IP Logged

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-Nakshatra- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 November 2011
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Posted: 15 July 2012 at 11:36am | IP Logged
Congrats Sahiba WinkLOL (Stop drooling over Vikram and Start answering)

Lets say that you are in Vikram's shoes(No you don't get to be Sugni) Evil Smile

How will you convince Gulabiya to attend SugVi's marriage? Embarrassed

From CV's side give a Plausible explanation for the Reva Manzil track? TongueLOL

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pyar-ishk IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 July 2012 at 11:58am | IP Logged
OMG first off you don't know how shock I was when I received Arti pm about my surprise LOL

Thank you ladies for choosing me as SugVi of the week. I will answered all questions honestly so take it easy on me please LOL

My name is Rani

Birthday : August 25th

Profession: Commercial banking

How I got started on IF : I was searching something on Ronit Roy and IF link came up to Bandini forum. That how also found out there is a outlet like this for Indian serials.

Hobbies: I love reading

ID: Hmm no special reason I had just seen the movie Pyaar Ishq aur Mohabbat and the title stuck in my head plus I thought Arjun Rampal was so cute in the movie. LOL

Best Friends : I've been lucky to meet some wonderful friends on IF and they know who they're

I visited PSH section to see who all will be watching the show and the discussions on the forum.

My favorite character in PSH : Drum roll please the one and only Thakur Vikram Singh

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