Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

OS: A Win Win Situation

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.:A Win Win Situation:.

"Tum yahan se nahi jaa sakti"
He said with a firm voice, standing inches away from her, his hand pressed 
hard against the pillar by her shoulder

She felt anger rising inside her, fierce appearing in her eyes, and hands tightening into fists

She raised an eyebrow at him, showing him the lack of fear that would always be present in such situations earlier, but now it was only replaced with her annoyance.
How dare he ask a single question, after turning her life in a living hell when he never even let her speak to justify herself.

And now even after knowing complete truth he dared to ask her? Good job Arnav Singh Raizada! Proving himself to be a bigger jerk than she thought

Nahi jaa sakti? Ab to jaa ke dikhaongi

 she mentally argued, while she tried to think of a comeback to shut him up

" Do din mein yeh contract khatam ho raha hai, uske baad naa aap mere pati na main aapki patni" she said as she realized what to say so this mess of a man, the so called business man understood her point, in the most casual manner as if it was a trivial matter.
He understood the language of business and money then she'd talk to him business and money!

She tried to move away when he pulled her instantaneously putting her in the same position she was moments ago, fueling her anger, encouraging the mad woman in her to come out and lose temper

"Khushi Kumari Gupta main tumhe Mrs Arnav Singh Raizada bana ke rahoon ga"

What does he think of himself? forcing her yet again? No Mister I Write My Own Destiny, he cannot just have his way ALL the time, if she had to bend for this so called marriage so would he! And she'd make sure he did

Sure misunderstandings had been cleared but he can't just assume she wants to remain his wife or wanted to be in the first place.

She had suffered enough from his mood swings and change of mind, now it was his turn to handle the tantrums she would throw on purpose.
Ready to taste your own medicine?

"Goodluck! Yehi aik cheez kaam ayegi"
She said with the glint of victory in her eyes, and a smirk that invited him for a challenge. 
There. She said it. In the past six months if anything she has at least learned how to handle this man, his way.

"Arnav Singh Raizada kuch bhi karsakta hai don't underestimate my power"

"Siwai khud to chudhane ke" she said overjoyed feeling victorious as she remembered her heroics in his rescue.

What? Where did that come from? And why on earth did she mention that? Darn! What does he say now?

Seeing him gritting his teeth as she knew he had no answers or atleast not anything smart she continued " kyun? Ab bolti band? When u can bring my parents into the argument which wasn't even valid I hope you know that now, why can't I bring in the facts?" Her head tilted arms folded, lips pursed that produced voice overflowed with sarcasm minutes ago, now waited for his response


The girl's got a point but now what?
" Khushi! You can't leave that's final"

"Khushi main tumhare ghar nahi jaa raha and that's final" she said mimicking him, showing the uncertainty of his "final" decisions actually happening 

"I had to give in cus you were being annoying beyond words" a fail attempt to rationalize his behavior, which obviously worked in her favor and made him a bigger fool than he already was


Damn what a weak argument Arnav

how convincing, she was annoying? And what was he doing now?


"well done Mr Arnav Singh Raizada! What an argument! And to think of it, you are the owner of AR, God help that place" she said rolling her eyes, shocking him again, with her lack of acknowledgment.


People respected him, honored him and appreciated him and payed importance to him and his work, and admired AR as it was. And here she said everything in a sentence, making it seem like creating AR was a joke. How dare she?


"do not! not! Dare to speak a word against AR" he said anger rising in his voice, and he raised a finger to make a point, as if someone was being insensitive to his baby, his jigar ka tukda


"don't get too excited I couldn't care less about AR or ASR" she shook her head in disbelief of his misconceptions and the moment he decided to step into his la la land.

Sure..AR..pshh good one, yah out of all the places she'd be worried about that..right..


oh Arnav Singh Raizada you amuse me sometimes

she thought mentally having a laughter session at his idiocy


"before you continue your nonsense, let me tell you I have a flight to catch so im gona go, and you can drive around crashing into trees all you want" she said as if stating a matter of fact, well it was something he loved to do.


Damn damn damn!

Was she really going to go?

Damn the tickets are in the left pocket of the bag damn damn damn!


ASR go die! Let me handle this

A voice in Arnav's head rebelled.


"Please Khushi don't leave" he said pleading, as she turned around to pick her bag.

She turned around and folded her arms in front of her chest making an expression that screamed really? Cut the act!


He kept repeating his words in a low voice and she could only hear the sound of S's and K's


"give me one reason I should stay?" she said being extremely annoyed enjoying his pleas at the same time.


"cus..I..I'lo..I love you" he stammered, looking here and there as it was making him feel awkward, and the soul of ASR was melting from embarrassment.


"you do?" making it sound like she had heard an alien speak, which made her utterly confused, she raised her eyebrows, eyelids dropped on the verge of completely closing with a dead straight face showing her lack of amusement.


He sighed as he didn't want to repeat those words again.


She so well knew he loved her, God! This woman was double crossing him


"Please'.I promise I wont make your life hell" he said making it sound like a normal apology, when a little boy takes his friend's car without asking and tries to pacify him later.


She shook her head lightly and flared her nostrils as she looked up in annoyance, which told him she was still mad at him and a few words of apology wont make up for it.


 Seeing this, and not being able to take it anymore he silently killed ASR for good and knelt in front of her, entwining his fingers bringing both of his hands together in front of her, under his bowed head he repeated "please Khushi, forgive me, I love you now and always have, just been a dimwit for the past few months" he said looking into her eyes, which now spoke the truth.


She had already forgiven him, the first time he stopped her from going, but she wanted to know what he had to say and how far would he go against his massive ego to stop her.


"continue" she said looking at the pillar, as he paused to see her reaction.


He was expecting a "its ok I love you too" and perhaps a sweet hug? And this is what he gets? Continue?


"Khushi!!! Come on, maan bhi jao "he said as he held her hand and continued " ok I promise tumhe roz gol gappe khilaonga, jitni jalebi khani ho lake doonga, jitni films dekhni ho dekhaonga" he said almost feeling defeated, but to his amusement the anger had disappeared from her face but the million dollar smile hasn't appeared.


"aur kuch?" he said as he didn't know what else to offer, and was clearly out of ideas to woo her back.


A small smile appeared on her face but she tried to control it as she was enjoying too much for him to stop with his pleas.


After offering him the peace of his life which he knew he wouldn't get since now he had too much on his list, all she did was give a dead smile? Are you kidding me?


"so you are not going right?" he said as he slowly stood up on his feet, not sure if he had convinced her.


"ill think about it' she said turning around to go to her room with the bag.

Even though her back was facing him as she slowly moved away he could see the smile on her face and the sparkle in her eyes, to which he smiled and mentally punched in the air and whispered a "yes" in victory.


"Khushi!" he yelled before she reached the stairs, leaving her surprised as he hugged her at the instant she turned around to show his gratitude "Thank You" he spoke in her hair, taking in the cherry blossom fragrance and smiled in contentment.


She hugged him back and smiled as her chin touched his shoulder.

Khushi won, even though she lost, and Arnav lost even though he had won.


So i don't know if this OS even classifies for something good and creative but this is my way of taking my forever pent up anger at Arnav, these are the things I would say if I was Khushi, but Khushi being Khushi obviously wouldn't say anything.

You might have guessed, its based on the promoLOL HAD to write this when i saw it lol

And this time really didnt know what to name it, so went with this

Also I will be only PMing those who I comment/read most of the time:)

Thank you my loyal readersEmbarrassed and those who have never commented or even liked please please please dont add me on your buddy list saves time for the both of us, and why bother adding me when you dont comment/like right?

PMs for this one will be sent in a while.

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Rhysenn IF-Dazzler

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Very nicely written!!

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aww  amazin os

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it was really niCe n cuteEmbarrassed

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so nice dear

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very nice OS...

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Oh Em Geee!!!!!
That was a serious win win situation!!!!!
I loooved it
N Arnav's been a dimwit since the past 1 year n not just months
I sooo loved Khushi's arguements!
Mail them to her, she surely needs them LOL
Write moreee of these
Thanks for the PM Big smile

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