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*This is the story of the serial Iss Pyaar Ko Kya naam Doon. I am so inspired by this work of fiction- the story, the performance and the presentation that I managed to put the story in words as I saw it...

Story between a variety of Rabba ve... (Chapter 1)

In June 2011 Arnav, a shrewd young man, avenges his sister by destroying his paternal uncle. He marks his victory by staging a fashion show in Sheesh Mahal: the house he was once thrown out of along with his sister. Khushi, a chirpy girl, on her way to meet her jiji's would-be-in laws, lands up in Arnav's fashion show. She freezes on the ramp, trips over her dress and falls in to Arnav's arms. Arrogant Arnav holds Khushi hostage and misbehaves with her. Payal's barat returns back since Khushi goes missing along with the dowry papers. Khushi finds Arnav's 'mannat ki chabi' that is meant for peace and harmony in Arnav's life. Her attempt at making Arnav respect Devi Maiyya angers Arnav. Arnav makes arrangements to humiliate Khushi on television, resulting in loafers teasing Khushi. Shyam Manohar Jha, smitten by Khushi's beauty, saves her from the goons. Khushi and Payal move to Delhi where Khushi and Arnav keep running into each other time and time again. Shyam too keeps running in to Khushi. Khushi accidentally reaches Raizada mansion to sell lucknowi linen. Khushi's Buaji catches Shyam Peeping in her house but he manages to sweet talk and then offers to help her with her pension case and establishes that his job demands him to travel very often; he is has no relatives in town and lives in motels to avoid hassles of home-ownership. Buaji is impressed by his pleasing presence. He offers a reference for Khushi to get a job at the go-down in AR group: Arnav's Fashion house. As the 'fate' would have it Khushi Kumari Gupta begins working as an assistant to Arnav Sing Raizada.
It is also established that Arnav's Mami was once a servent in Raizada house, and became a member of Raizda family in ways that Nani doesn't approve of. Her behavior establishes her to be an insensitive and a shallow person. Arnav, however, appreciates Mami's help that she offered when he started his business. Anjali is portrayed to be a stanch believer of idol worship. She is deeply in love with her husband and often executes difficult fasts for him. Akash, Arnav's cousin, is also his business partner, and is a rule abiding young man. He meets Payal in chandani chauk and falls in love with her simplicity.
In July 2011 Arnav along with his girl friend Lawanya behaves disrespectfully with Khushi in the office. On questioning his behavior, Arnav offers a work contract that Khushi should last 15 days in his office or pay him 1 lakh Rs. On accepting this contract, Arnav puts Khushi to tasks that would make her uncomfortable enough to break his contract. Khushi, however, finds her way to success through every challenge. Buaji offers Shyam to move in to her house as a paying guest and Shyam accepts it. Khushi keeps visiting Raizada house while working for ASR. Arnav's Nani and his sister, Anjali come to like Khushi. Khushi fulfills almost all the unrealistic demands that Arnav makes from her as his employee. Her beauty draws Arnav towards her and her spirit mesmerizes him. He resists his feelings by acting unreasonable with Khushi. Arnav intentionally risks her health and then accidentally risks her life; which makes Khushi confront him. She quit her job before the contract ends on the grounds that Arnav crossed his boundary as a boss. Mami, Anjali and Nani witness this confrontation. Nani finds Khushi to be a 'resolved person', she notices the spark in Khushi's eyes and the guts Khushi carries in that frail figure. Arnav is disturbed and sorry, while Khushi feels sad after the confrontation and misses working for him. Frustrated Khushi is pacified by Shyam, making Buaji like him further. Arnav and Nani have a heated argument over the topic of Arnav's choice of life partner. Due to plethora of coincidences, Arnav smears Khushi with sindur and lands up breaking Khushi's fast on the day of Karva Chauth. He breaks Lawanya's fast as well. We find out about Shyam's connection with Anjali the same evening. Shyam is loved in the Raizada house. everyone trusts him and enjoys his presence. Shyam relentlessly lies to the family about his whereabouts and fools Anjali.

In August 2011 Shashi loses his shop to the lender and comes to Delhi. Buaji becomes an easy target for Shaym. He manages to get himself noticed as a prospective husband for Khushi by staging an accident and putting sindur over Khushi's photo. Khushi runs into ASR when she goes to the office to collect her belongings. 
Shyam manipulates Arnav and Nani brings them to a compromise. Arnav agrees to stay in Shantivan if Lawanya is allowed to live in Shantivan (Raizada Mansion), Nani agrees to consider Lawanya for Arnav's life partner if she learns to be respectful of the Indian culture. Khushi, yet again, accidentally lands up in Shantivan to serve sweets on Anjali's anniversary. Khushi Arnav begin to sense each other's presence by now. Shyam manages to escape Khushi by fleeing from the event. Khushi, however, is noticed by Nani as a sensible girl with good moral values. Khushi keeps showing up in front of Arnav out of need/majboori and Arnav keeps insulting her. Arnav notices Khushi's payal falling and keeps it in his possession.
Nani gets upset with Lawanya's overly liberal behavior and asks Anjali to stay out of the matter, is when Khushi is forcibly commissioned to tutor Lawanya. Khushi's and Arnav's protest against this arrangement fails because of Anjali's monetary blackmail to Khushi and emotional blackmail to Arnav. Shyam tries every trick up his sleeve to get Khushi fired from Raizada employment. Lawanya creates a fuss over Khushi's employment, but learns to like her when she realizes Khushi's dedication to her work: making Nani like Lawanya.

In September 2011, Shyam manipulates Buaji such that she pushes for Khushi-Shyam engagement, Payal beings to yearn for Aakash, Shashi begins to doubt Shyam and Khushi begins to leave an impression on Lawanya. Arnav gets upset with Khushi for causing the change in Lawanya. Khushi tries to sympathize with Arnav on his parents' barsi. He accuses her of being fake only to realize later that she too being an orphan actually understands his pain. For the first time in a very long time Arnav apologized to someone besides his sister for hurting her emotionally. Arnav breaks up with Lawanya for wanting a 'marriage' with him instead of his live-in arrangement. 
In October 2011, Khushi goes to all possible extremes to keep Lawanya and Arnav together; but gets a sinking feeling when she sees them together. Arnav realizes that he never really loved Lawanya, but he appreciates her feelings for him and accepts her back in his life. Khushi, while teaching Lawanya lands up in situations where she helps Arnav with his sugar deficiency, makes him smile and finds her heartbeat rising when Arnav walks by. Arnav too has similar reactions, throttles the goons for pushing her, takes care of her in sickness, gets mesmerized by her beauty and amused by her innocent antics. Khushi struggles with the confusing feelings she has towards Arnav. Shashi discovers Shyam's reality and confronts him. Shyam manhandles Shashi to kill him. Shashi gets a stroke and is paralyzed. Shyam flees from hospital as Akash reaches Shashi's room. Khushi finds comfort in Arnav's arms at the hospital, which stirs up Arnav's emotions. He is surprised to realize that his heart wishes for Khushi to be in place of Lawanya. While preparing for Diwali the two feel a strong pull towards each other. Arnav secretly begins to try n put smile on Khushi's face.
In November 2011, We saw some heavy emotional turmoil. Arnav's edgy behavior is toned down in Khushi's presence. Mesmerized Arnav returns Khushi's payal and almost kisses her. The same evening also announces his plans to get engaged with Lawanya only to save his family from a social show-down. On the last day of Khushi's work in Raizada house Arnav keeps lashing out at every other person including Khushi. Khushi returns Arnav's 'mannat ki chabi' that she had been holding in her possession over the months. Yet again, as the fate would have it, he ties a string/bandage on Khushi's ring finger at an auspicious moment. He says, "I don't wanna see you again" when he means, "I am angry because you are leaving."
Shyam uses Shashi's cripple to his benefit and Khushi gets engaged to Shyam the same night. Raizada ladies manage to convince Khushi to keep visiting Shantivan until Arnav's engagement with Lawanya. Khushi and Arnav keep coming face to face sharing beautiful moments together, giving each chances to understand the other better. Arnav is shaken by the news that Khushi has gotten engaged. The first "muze fark padta hai" happens in November. Arnav keeps rubbing his engagement in Khushi's face hoping for her to revolt and confess her love for him; he is abrasively vocal about unhappiness on Khushi's face. Khushi questions uneasiness in his behavior each time he hurts her.
We caught a glimpse of Arnav's mom's letter to his future wife and also watched Arnav share his deepest sorrow with Khushi. Then we saw Akash's grand proposal to Payal and watched him get turned down.

In December 2011, Khushi and Arnav Scheme to bring Payal to confess her love. Arnav convinces Mamiji for the new relationship. Khushi Finds Shyam in Raizada house married to Anjali but refrains from exposing him for Anjali and Payal's sake. She finds comfort in crying on Arnav's shoulder but refrains from revealing anything to him fearing his anger would hurt the newly formed relations. Arnav wishing for Khushi to be place of Lawanya. Khushi breaks the engagement with Shyam and alongside Lawanya realizes Arnav's affection for Khushi, breaking their engagement too. Both news are revealed the same day as payal and Akash's engagement. Nand Kishor aka Nanhe visits Raizada house for the wedding prep. Nanheji partners in all of Khushi's fun schemes.

In January 2012 Nanheji's mispronunciations and use of wrong words lightens audiences' mood. He plays along with Khushi and is open to the idea of making Khushi Happy. Khushi keeps clashing with Arnav and keeps apologizing. Arnav participates in all the rituals to meet Khushi as often as possible. Shyam keeps fuming as he watches Khushi avoid him and get prompt attention from Arnav and Nanhe. Nanhe's flirtatious intentions go unnoticed by Khushi but Arnav begins to grow possessive about Khushi. Arnav is happy to see Khushi dedicate one of her performances in Sangeet to him, he is happy to see her concerned for him and have his initial in her mehendi. Khushi secretly blushes at each of Arnav's advances, but pulls a brave face and completes his challenges that seal their romance: the dance and the kisses. 
Watching Nanhe and Khushi getting along very well makes Arnav Jealous, Nani and Anjali notice this, and so does Khushi. Khushi enjoys teasing Arnav, whereas Nanhe enjoys Khushi's company.

In February 2012 The second 'Fark padta hai, damn it!" happens when Khushi goes missing for a few hours. He says it. On a remote street in Delhi, cupping a her pretty face, staring in her startled eyes, he scolds her, yelling, "WHAT IF I LOST YOU." And the girl completely misses his point.
With each argument, each apology, each challenge and each victory they slip closer to each other. Closer to being aware of the other's heart beating for oneself. Shyam witness this budding romance.
And then all hell breaks lose. Shyam tricks Khushi to meet him on the terrace. Arnav, on his way to propose to Khushi, sees her in Shyam's embrace, and hears her asking Shyam to leave Anjali. Khushi accuses Shyam to be a ridiculous human but Arnav never hears this part. Arnav refrains from exposing Shyam since Anjali announces her pregnancy. Khushi decides to keep quiet, yet another time, since Anjali's pregnancy brings a new promise for harmony in Jha family. Furious Arnav, blackmails Khushi to marry him for 6 months. The family gets upset with the two for such an action but they eventually come around.

WHY 6 months???

His temporary fix for the situation is to marry her and keep Shyam away from her. He wishes to give her the life that she wished for Anjali to have- abandoned by her husband. Well! Isn't that just one part of his reality? The man felt ownership over Khushi, he couldn't see her with another man. With a quick wedding he gave her a legal permission to express her concerns instead of hiding behind those futile denials. He gave her a better chance at falling for him yet another time. His actions/behavior keep pushing away his chance at having her confess her love for him.

He expresses his anger with, "I hate you." when he means to cry out, "How dare you not see how much I love you. I am hurt because I thought you loved me too. Your association with my Jija complicates four lives. You have the power over me. You have the power to destroy me completely."

Story between a variety of Rabba ve... (Chapter 2)

In March 2012 Both families let go of all grudges against Khushi and Arnav for their haisty decision. Drunk Khushi, admits to love Arnav and drunk Arnav responds with as much love. In his senses, he fails to decipher all the signs of love and care from Khushi. For a long time Khushi keeps struggling to get an answer from Arnav, until a final threat to her sister's marriage makes her promise him 6 months of loyal stay. Khushi goes on a parallel track of playing pranks and silly fights. She takes over half his space, intending to irritate him in every possible manner. Mamiji keeps accusing Payal of conspiring to kill her, while Akash keeps stepping in to save Payal. Shyam begins harassing Khushi. Arnav stops supplying money to Shyam, which results in Shyam manipulating Anjali to sponsor his expensive wishes. Khushi's new entrepreneurship begins with her need to be independent of Arnav and return every paisa he had loaned her. Arnav resists her catering idea for various reasons but she continues with her venture. The family arranges a pseudo honeymoon for the newly weds, which results in Khushi and Arnav sleeping on each other's shoulders for the first time.

April 2012: Anjali grows concerned with Shyam's behavior but he manages to fool her yet another time. Arnav keeps a copy of certain legal document in his locker. Shyam continues harassing Khushi and keeps trying to access the documents. Arnav has an allergic reaction and can hardly speak. Khushi understands even the unspoken words and she saves him from a fraud. He admits to love Khushi while performing in a competition but refuses to accept those to be his true emotions when Khushi confronts him back stage. At the same event Arnav spots Shyam grabbing Khushi by her wrist. Shyam's harassment is now perceived by Arnav as Khushi's wish. The two die a thousand deaths while Shyam enjoys causing a rift between the two.
Arnav is shocked and disgusted to see Khushi behave innocently; while Khushi is shocked and disgusted to see Arnav become a monster. 
Arnav gets two more pet-names added to his previous list: SWAMI and Shaitan. Khushi offers prompt attention to Arnav's needs and Arnav notices her dedication to his wellbeing and her dutifulness. Anjali helps Arnav introspect and realize that both of them deeply care for each other. Young, obnoxious Babali enters the mansion at this point and gets jealous to see her dearest friend Mr Akash preoccupied in romancing Payal. We also saw Arnav long for Khushi's company, her touch and her attention. He has a difficult time adjusting to poorer lifestyle in Gupta house but we also saw him claim his position as the damad and care for Gupta family.
May 2012: Khushi's folks help Arnav tone down his edgy behavior from time to time. He learns to respect the upbringing that Khushi has had and is humbled by Khushi's attempts at hiding her pain from her family and pretending to be happily married. We saw Arnav gain enough faith in Khushi, to confront her. Shyam manages to get his hands on the legal document that will Arnav's possessions to Anjali and prepares a similar document for himself. Babali begins her nasty tricks to get Payal in trouble with Akash. She is caught and sorry and sent back to her hostel later. In a fit of antics, Khushi wills her possessions to all her loved ones and attempts a suicide. Arnav saves her from jumping from a roof and reveals the reason for which he married her. Khushi decides to offer no answers initially but when probed she reveals the entire truth. Angry Arnav refuses to believe her, which makes her desperate to prove her innocence.
Khushi makes it evident to Shyam that she belongs to Arnav and she can't stand the thought that Arnav misunderstands her to be after Shyam; when the reality is the other way round. Striking a deal with Shyam, Khushi gets Arnav's signs on a document which turns out to be the will that makes Shyam the executer of Arnav's property. Shyam doesn't keep his end of the deal of telling the truth to Arnav. Khushi stops all that bothered Arnav previously, including her business. Arnav leaves for London but is kidnapped at the airport. Khushi senses trouble around Arnav. Arnav's kidnapping is kept secret from the family members by sending messages from his cell phone and making him call home. Arnav admits to love Khushi over the phone. His abrupt confession and inconsistancy in all the information that Khushi has of Arnav, makes her suspect his whereabouts. She receives a call that confirms her doubts. Mami further confirms Khushi's suspision and the two begin their detection.

June 2012: Khushi follows the trail of diabetic medicine and reaches Arnav; loses him again to circumstances and returns home clueless. Shyam's involvement in kidnapping is exposed to the audience at this point. As per Arnav's will amendment (or something like that) the willed inheritance requires his death to be a 'natural' one. Legally reversing this condition takes 15 working days, which puts Shyam in a fix.
Khushi finds clues that lead her to believe that Shyam is the kidnapper. The new information is kept from impatient Mamiji. Khushi accidentally reveals the kidnapping to Nanhe, and lands up getting his help in finding Arnav. 
With Nanhe's assistance she brings Shyam to believe that she seeks to avenge her life ruined by Arnav. Shyam tests Khushi for her intentions and makes her sign some documents, Khushi believes them to be fake since the lawyer they visit is not the real Mr Rai. (Arnav's lawyer). Khushi and Nanhe further spy on Shyam and discover the truth about the will papers. Nanhe also learns the truth about Shyam's sick behavior towards Khushi. In highly emotional and stressful moments, Khushi and Arnav develop a strong telepathy, where each can hear the other's heartfelt plea/wish to be together.
As Nani grows suspicious of Arnav's whereabouts, Shyam sends gifts to Riazada house to cover for Arnav's absence and Arnav manages to send a clue of his location with the gift package. Khushi tricks Shyam to sign new will documents that would make Arnav own Shyam's property. Mami witnesses Khushi asking Shyam to help her destroy Arnav by divorcing Anjali. Mami runs to Anjali and blurts out this news. Meanwhile, Khushi and Nanhe reach the area Arnav is held in. Shyam discovers Khushi's trickery and orders his goons to kill Arnav.

In July 2012: Khushi reaches the go-down that Arnav is held in and informs Nanhe. Shyam confronts Khushi and accuses her to have betrayed his 'love'. Khushi calls his bluff saying that- He is only after wealth. His claim to love her is a part of his manipulation. Shyam reveals his plan to kill Arnav. Khushi admits to be in love with Arnav and protect him come what may. Khushi loses her phone and the new will document in their hathapai. Shyam possibly views Khushi as the 'prize' for a successful con. On realizing that he stands no chance at conning her, he arranges to kill Khushi and flee from the location. Confirming Khushi's assessment, he drives his car into a tree and returns to Shantivan. Arnav fights goons and returns home with Khushi. In Shantivan, Anjali, already in state of shock from Mami's news and Shyam's accident, is further shocked to see Khushi and Arnav walk in with bruises and scratches. The duo keep mum until Mami reveals the news of Arnav's kidnapping. Thanks to Mami, a pseudo court is held in Shantivan with Khushi and Shyam accusing each other of misdoings. Mami, Nanhe, Arnav and Payal as partial judges and partial witnesses; Nani, Anjali and Aakash as judges.

Accusations against Shyam:
  • Had kidnapped Arnav and deceive the family (by Nanhe and Khushi)
  • Wants to kill Arnav (by Khushi)
  • Wants Arnav's wealth (by Khushi and Nanhe)
  • had a pen-drive with password "ILOVEKHUSHI", and contained the will document
  • Has been deceiving everyone for a really long time (by Payal)
  • Wants to divorce Anjali (by Mami)
  • was engaged to Khushi (by Payal)
  • has been harrassing Khushi (by Nanhe)
  • hid his marital status and his connections with Raizada family (by Payal)
  • Was living as a paying guest in Gupta house (by Payal)
Shyam's counter arguments
  • There is no evidence that Shyam would want to kidnap and kill Arnav.
  • Blood on his shoes may have been from some morgue or some other criminal case he is fighting. (element of doubt)
  • Any will documents do not exist. (Missing evidence)
  • The pendant with pen-drive does not exist (Missing evidence.)
  • The Scotland's visa was required in a case he is working on, Nanhe never heard Arnav's name. (element of doubt)
  • Khushi is making indicative (without evidence) accusations against him
  • Khushi has been seeking attention from Shyam.
  • Khushi is trying to break the family with her sister's help
  • Khushi is trying to break up my ties with Anjali so that she can have me.
  • Khushi has lost mental balance and has stooped to low moral levels.
  • If all accusations against him were true it would mean that Payal hid this information to make sure she marries a boy from a rich family.

Arnav's previous misunderstandings are now cleared as
  • Shyam's new claims contradict his previous confessions he made on the day of Akash's wedding.
  • Nanhe confirms that Khushi tricked Shyam to rescue Arnav.
  • Payal confirms that Shyam had conned Gupta family to get engaged to Khushi.
Arnav admits Khushi to be one of the most important persons in his life. He throws Shyam out of the house without explaining to the family. Neither does he take any immediate legal action. Anjali is in disbelief and in a state of shock, the entire family is in despair.

Story between a variety of Rabba ve... (Chapter 3)

In July 2012: Plenty Happens Arnav is rescued, but Khushi loses all substantial evidences against Shyam. At Shantivan, Mami opens a long confrontation that leaves Raizada family in a state of shock. Shyam and Khushi accuse each other of misdoings. Nanhe and Payal speak up for Khushi. Shyam uses foul language for Khushi, Arnav slaps him for deceiving Anjali and disrespecting Khushi. He throws Shyam out of the mansion but doesn't take any immediate legal action.
The family is in a state of shock. Arnav reveals to Nani that he was aware how sick a man Shyam was. Khushi is requested to not appear in front of Anjali for a few days; she however is drawn to take care of sulking Anjali. Anjali decides to abort her child, for it will remind her of a man no one loves or respects. Arnav manages to stop Anjali from hurting herself and the baby. Anjali, still in denial, pleads Arnav to reverse everything that happened. Mami reveals to Arnav that Khushi had met Anjali despite Nani's request for her to stay away. She expresses her opinion that Khushi's conversation with Anjali must have led to Anjali's decision. Arnav, in his fit of anger, blames Khushi for Anjali's sorrows. He blames her for Shyam's interest in her.
Arnav, in retrospection, realizes that he had been unreasonable and apologizes to Khushi; but realizes that his words were far more damaging than he had imagined. In stead of pleading, he blackmails (good old contract marriage to save Payal's marriage) her, so as to keep her from leaving him immediately. He says, "you can't leave." when he means to say, "I can't let you go, my love."

He pledges to win her back before the contract is over. Khushi is too hurt to telepathically understand Arnav's intentions. Gupta parivaar- unaware of the Mahabharat in Shantivan- reveal to Arnav that its Khushi's Birthday. (Mark-14th July) Arnav wishes Khushi only after she retires to sleep. Khushi continues to pretend to sleep while he leaves a red rose by her pillow and wishes her happiness for life. Anjali comes to believe that Arnav now choses his wife over his sister.

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