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Devon ke Dev Mahadev
Devon ke Dev Mahadev

Devon Ka Dev Mahadev Written Update For 13 July 2012

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Hi all, I'm Sia.Big smile
I have got this privilege of updating the Written version of the show for Mondays and Fridays.

I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev

13-July-2012 : I'll call it as the 'super fast express'

The Episode starts with a dialogue between Nandi and Mahadev about Parvathi,who has made it clear to Nandi that she would pass the tests and her sadhna on her own.Nandi shows his concern about Parvathi's sadhna.However Mahadev is confident  of Parvathi's determination ,also she would succeed in her tapasya.

Humpty-Dumpty had a great fall.
..LOL yeh our own Indr dev is thrown into a kinda dark cave where he discovers Ex- Arrogant -Ignorant- Indr devs .even there he tries his Ego show by demanding respect from them only to be muted by there gag at him, as he too is one of them now.


On the other hand Parvathi is deep in her tapasya with all that scotching heat around her,where as Shiva is one with her if being there with her in her path of acquiring him.
The fire,the hear around Parvathi slowly diminishes because of her body's Agni chakra winning over the Fire element.
Shiva is glad to see Parvathi get over one element among the 5 elements of the body.


Indr is lonely and depressed..feeling terrible of his behavior with his fellow devas -most of all with his Guru.
He recollects his rude and ignorant actions  and all of a sudden Brhaspati appears in front of him.
Indr goes to his guru and apologies to him by falling on to his guru's feet.. Brihaspati explains to him that "to get-over greed,ignorance is as difficult as managing the thrown of the swarglok.You have left a stained mark behind you doing this.Not only this world ,but you have dishonored Mahadev. "

He justifies himself by saying that " this my misfortune- a live example for being punished cause of my arrogance n ignorance."

Brihaspati utters "A guru(master) never gives up on his Shisy (student),but it is on these times of challenges a guru stands by his student." And he takes Indr to Mahadev-the only one who can bring Indra out of this disgraceful plight.


At the swwarg lok where the asuras have captured (made their new adda).
Changu(Veervan) inform Tarkasur that there is still one thing left..on asked for details.
Changu says "We have no doubt captured swarglok but the leftover -resident devas are not co-operating.Defeated enemies can any time attack ."
"There is only one solution- kill all the devtas n also Indr so that in the future there wont be a problem with his heir." Tarkasur resolves

Shukraharya is as usual freaked out hearing this...Changu n Mangu are giving
*wicked grins*


A bunch of devtas are being chased by the end of the chase the devas take refuge at rishi Dhadhichs ashram (every bodies at time fav spot-as its one of the safest place at the moment on the earth)...seeing this the asuras stop.
And one asura (who looks like Kancha of Agneepath 2012 versionLOL) he swears that he would see till how long the devas stay in the refugee of Rishi Dhadhichi.

Indra falls on the feet of Mahadev with tears in his eyes,repentance in his voice..

Nandi is like aag babula seeing Indra.
Brihaspati too requests Shiva in support of Indr.
Mahadev gestures him to get up..

"Guru is equal to God,and you have disrespected God by dishonoring him.Ask forgiveness from your guru but not me, if you want forgiveness ask from those soldiers whom you left in the middle of the war,if you really need forgiveness apologies to Ganga who left her parents -the earth- just to purify Swarglok ,If you seek forgiveness asks it from Dev Parvathi whom you call as 'Mata' and you tired to kill her!"
Mahadev admonishes.

Indr dev is supper guilty and asks Mahadev to punish him ...Mahadev aptly punishes him by leaving him alive- so that he would live with that guilt and rue..he had to live with this Atmgyani- Brihaspati then only will he be free from greed n hauteur.

Mahadev asks Brihaspati to leave for Rishi Dhadhich's ashram along with the other devtas.
Shiva goes back to his meditation.


At Rishi Dhadhichi's ashram...all the devtas take shelter at his ashram and requests him to hide all their powerful weapons(devastra) within himself that even after innumerable attempts of asuras they wont be able to find them.

Rishi Dhadhich assures them that they can stay carefree.

(One of the best scenes of the show)
Rishi Dhadhich transforms all the devastras and dissolves them into his kund filled with sacred water..he then drinks that water..which made sure the safety of the astras (weapons)


Nandi inquires about what all test are left that mata Parvathi has to go through

"Jal Tatv sadhna- this is the most important one.By the means of water all those kriti's (defects) are neutralized which might effect the nature badly.After the jal sadhna Parvathi would master all these elements-by which the nature was created. "Mahadev replies


Parvathi now does her tapasya on one time passes she is wrapped by thick cover of ice.
Seeing this Mahadev feels happy n honored to be as the guru of such a determined student- Parvathi.


(About this Track ..the way they are rushing things...i felt as if they where tired of seeing Ganga lamenting- wondering the doors of they decided on settling her in the locks of MAhadevLOL)

Bhagirath as advised goes to Mahadev, who suggest Ganga is the perfect choice for bringing purity,abundance on earth...he asks Bhagirath to make his way to Brhmalok.

Poor guy was literally switching between two loks...LOL

Bhgirath now is in front of Ganga requesting her to descend to the earth to free the world n his ancestors from misery.

Brhmadev explains it to her that her creation was just for the betterment of this world .. or else her life is of no use.

But Ganga is stuck in LAMENT MOD due to Shiva's rejectionOuch

Ganga narrates her sob story that she has been rejected by Mahadev
Brhmadev is like Shocked Love-Rejectio
nConfused (hilaa yeh kab huaaWacko)

She is even got plans n a wishlist to come back to earth.
She expects that when she loco mote back to earth she should be welcomed by MAhadev himself.
Brhmadev explans to her that all her dreams are meaningless as Shiv n Parvathi are destined to become one..and that she is left with one most significant thing - to go to the earth.
Bhagirath tells her that it is Mahadev's wish.
Ganga feels supper happy hearing this and decides to go back..But she warns them about her violent currents that may destroy the earth..It can only be got into control by Shiv.
Ganga puts the clause (a relevant one..dnt know how much of this actually happened!)
that she would go down to earth only if Mahadev bears her speed.

Both Brhmadev n Bhagirath are again in a fix.
Bhagirath again comes back to Shiva with Ganga's acceptance,demands n fear of the consequences that her own speed might show.

(Kya SHiv Question bank sab unkhee ke pass chalegate hai woh he tapasya ke beech main..Confused)
Shiva asks Bhagirath to inform Ganga to control the currents n speed of her he himself would contain her into his hair.


Ganga is content now ,that her wish has come true..she takes permission from Brhmadev as she made him  her father...Brhmadev as a father wishes her all things good and blesses her that she would be present in the Brhmalok as 'BrhmGanga'


Mahadev is standing ... on the top of the mountain with his locks open... waiting for Ganga to come down to earth..



Brhmadev allows Ganga to flow down to earth from his kamandal..
Shiva announces Ganga will be famousely called as 'Bhagirathi'


Thanks for reading the update
Have a nice time


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The story of the present Indra meeting previous Indras seems inspired by a story from the Mahabharata which I had posted a few years ago in the forum for Ekta Maiya's MahaSoapBharata.

Basically it was one of several stories and arguments used to convince Drupad to give his permission for Draupadi's polyandrous marriage. Here is the relevant part:

Long ago, the devas had arranged a great yajna in the Naimishi forest near the confluence of Bhagirathi and Gomti rivers. Lord Yama was performing the sacrifice of animals in that yajna. Because Yama was busy there, death had vanished from earth. No human being was dying and the world became overpopulated. The devas became worried that the humans had seemingly become immortal and there was no longer any distinction between devas and humans. They went to Brahma for a solution. He said that things would resume their normal course once the yajna was over and Yama returned to his duties.

The devas then went back to the yajna. There, Indra observed a golden lotus floating along the river. Curious, he followed the lotus to the Himalayas. There he saw a woman bathing in the river. She was continously weeping and her tears were transforming into golden lotuses. He asked her what was the matter. She said that to find out, he must follow her and see for himself. Indra did so and she led him to one of the mountain peaks where he saw a couple on a throne playing dice. Indra introduced himself as the lord of the universe but they paid no attention. This angered Indra and he again said that he was lord of the universe. Of course, the couple were none other than Lord Shiva and Parvati. Shiva paralyzed Indra with a look and continued the game of dice. Once the game was finished, Shiva commanded the woman to bring Indra to him so that he may crush his arrogance. The moment that woman touched Indra he fell down. Shiva told him to remove a large stone and enter the cave where there were four other men resembling Indra and also in a pathetic state. Indra went inside, tried to placate Shiva and asked him about the other men.  As it turns out, those men were Indras from previous kalpas and they had also insulted Shiva out of arrogance. Hence Shiva commanded them all to be born on earth and carry out great deeds so that they may regain the status of Indra which they had lost due to arrogance. The four previous Indras immediately agreed and requested that they should be fathered by Vayu, Yama/Dharma and the Ashwinis so that they will be able to use both human and divine means in their battles on earth and thus ensure that they regain the status of Indra.

The current Indra proposed that, instead of going himself, he would send a portion of himself to earth.

Shiva, out of kindness, granted their wishes and also commanded that the woman who had led Indra to him would be the common wife of the 5 Indras on earth. Vyas says that that woman was the goddess Sri.

The rest is of course, history: the 5 Indras were reborn as the Pandavas (Arjun being the partial incarnation of the current Indra) and the goddess Sri became Draupadi.

Vyas then granted Drupad temporary divine sight by which he was able to see the Pandavas and Draupadi in their original divine form.

It appears that DKDM's creatives took the basic idea (of Indra offending Shiv-Parvati and getting punished by Shiva, then being sent to a cave/underground space where he meets previous Indras also punished for their arrogance and finally realizes his folly) and modified it to suit their storyline. They may have also been inspired by a story in the Brahma Vaivarta Puran where Vishnu and Shiva humbled Indra who had become too proud by revealing to him the fact that his position is not constant, that there have been many Indras before and there will be many after him.

A few days ago I was thinking if they would show these stories, esp the one from the Mahabharata, on the show and now it seems they have, albeit in a different manner.

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Thanks Kal Ei.So dis is da main story behind draupadi's polyandrous marriage.Thanks 4 sharing dis story wid us.It's really sad and pathetic dat ppl make fun of her and mock her  4 hving five husbands without complete knowledge.AngrySome even blame her 4 da whole Mahabharata war and 4 da numerous deaths occured during da war.

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 overall nice epi.  the whole bhagirath epi looked rushed and a case of very poor and amateur editing. one scene and then cut to next scene, the whole 60,000 yrs of hard work tapashya of the family over 3 generations, totally lost.  they should have shown the whole kapil muni story.

last scene was as usual epic. Nice VFX job. Umm was it only me or did you guys also find the background color and texture of the sky, heavily inspired from the Immortals of meluha and the Secret of the nagas?

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@Taani-that texture and coloring is a fav of the Cvs-its been used previously as well...
Even i felt they are RUSHING with the Bagiratha Ganga Track...i fail to understand why considering they had loads of scope to stretch it!
BTW-did anyone notice but when the Devtas were running away from the asurs they looked like they were on a morning job rather than running for thier lifesROFL

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Originally posted by shruti.nil

@Taani-that texture and coloring is a fav of the Cvs-its been used previously as well...
Even i felt they are RUSHING with the Bagiratha Ganga Track...i fail to understand why considering they had loads of scope to stretch it!
BTW-did anyone notice but when the Devtas were running away from the asurs they looked like they were on a morning job rather than running for thier lifesROFL

well IOM released in early 2011 or end 2010, so no wonder CV s liked it. Also in the beginning the show was planned to be an IOM adaptation before Kjo got the rights i think.

Considering the undue fats here and there, this track could have been beautifully used. Also its so confusing, on one hadn we have parvati working hard to attain shiv. Although these r not same, Bhagirath just walks to Shiv and requests and solves it within like 10 minutes?

@bold: and thats why you need to pay the extras a little more or enriching the extras with a bit training to compensate so that it does not look so comical on screen.

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Why is Shukracharya painted as such a reluctant supporter, when in fact, he endorsed all the anti-deva activities of the asuras, and there was never a case of the asuras trying to hurt Shiva, Sati or Parvati that he'd have had to scold them?

I liked Mahadev punishing Indra by just leaving him, so that he remained guilt ridden.  However, the Dadhichi refuge didn't make sense to me - in the other thread OMG!!Dadhichi!!!! I described why Dadhichi's involvement was needed in killing Vritra.  And even that weapon had its limits - couldn't work against Tarakasura, Ravan, Indrajit, Raghu, and a lot of other demons.

So they didn't show Ganga descending to earth today?  Incidentally, I'd like to know that story - in this thread Harsh Vashishth as Bhagirath in Mahadev, I posted the Ramayan version of why Ganga was needed on earth.  But which version is this one?

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vanadhiKal ElLeadNitrateSia889

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Originally posted by .Vrish.

So they didn't show Ganga descending to earth today?  Incidentally, I'd like to know that story - in this thread Harsh Vashishth as Bhagirath in Mahadev, I posted the Ramayan version of why Ganga was needed on earth.  But which version is this one?

It's from Triangle Films Purana, composed by TVRishi Nikhil Sinha LOL

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