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11 7 12 WU Dressing down between G and TVS

PutijaChalhov IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 July 2012 at 10:45am | IP Logged



  •          Child Dhanuma's grand daughter
  •          Dhanuma makes the guards throw G out they  shut her up in a room
  •          Dhanuma tells Reva that women is bad
  •          Reva says she looks nice hard to know by face
  •          TVS comes and both he and G have a big dressing down
  •          G refuses to believe TVS that he did not know Reva was alive
  •          He came to know few days back D found her in Ashram.
  •          Says otherwise would not have gone further with Sugni
  •          TVS says he will not let anyone come between him and Sugni
  •          G says she knows her blood Sugni will never accept his lies
  •          G takes oath that marriage wont happen
  •          He says  Sugni wont believe
  •          Wah wah kya scene hai
  •          Sugni is cleaning the puja near Reva picture
  •          She feels Rreva is very beautiful and asks Amu
  •          Amu tells the truth and Sugni is tearful
  •          They had everything except love
  •          Amu says VS and Sugni have perfect love and rapport
  •          Amu feels jealous of them Sugni says she and CM are perfect billi me
  •          Amu laughing corrects her
  •          Both exchange notes how Sugni will become tip top
  •          Sugni to teach Amu how to have perfect relation with SE
  •          Jiji comes and breaks their talk Amu goes Sugni uncomfortable
  •          G and Dhanuma have a dressing down
  •          She does not believe Reva is mad
  •          She says is a mother is  stone hearted for Sugni's enemies
  •          Dhanuma says she does not like Sugni but is faithful towards TVS
  •          G says she will tell everything to Sugni
  •          TVS watches her go
  •          He asks Dhanuma to get ready to leave this place
  •          Reva is listening to all this

PRECAP Gulabiya wants to tell Sugni she does not listen. G shouts at her and asks her to stand and then tells her she saw TVS wife at Reva Sugni stares at G

The episode starts at RM and Dhanuma comes and scolds G how dare you come here go out and G says Dhanuma this woman is telling that she is VS wife .Reva looks up and says how many times she is repeating Dhanuma who is she. D tells the guards to take G  out who says throwing me out will not hide the truth and the little girl comes and says Dadi she is the same women who came the other day and asking me who I am G is shocked and Reva also looks D  says she is my granddaughter  I brought her to stay along with  Reva and orders the guards to take her away. G is shouting I want to ask her something . As she goes Reva says  Dhanuma she wants to ask something  D says its not important you draw pictures G is shouting I will reveal the truth Reva says she want to say somthing and you sent her out despite my saying so she is talking about some secret .D says trust me if I kill or will be killed it will be for this family that woman was bad could hurt you  that's why I separated her you paint and Reva is thinking.Reva says she did not appear a bad women don't know what is hidden  inside while camera is focusing on D she takes the girl and starts painting.

G is shouting I want to talk with her don't shut me down.She looks here and there and finds VS who comes inside and says after all you learnt about my secret. Both stare at each other and then G says not only the secret I saw your true face I am a mother and they say if a child is about to fall sick then she gets pain in her chest then how would I not understand that my Sugni is about to fall into the trap of a clever and two timing  person.  I really feel there is a higher authority above who made me aware of you on time and now I will tell Sugni the true face  of TVSM. All type of expressions flitting across TVS face still keeping  his cool he says I can understand a mother's anger and being upset but sometimes truth is like a waning moon  mostly hidden what you know is less then half truth. G sarcastically says what is your hidden full truth TM .TVS says my fate is my enemy my marriage was settled by my sister and I did not know there were some behavioral lapses in her anger losing control over self anyway life was going on one day we were returning then our car Reva insisted she will drive and lost control  hit a big stone and fell into a ditch I came out of the car and fainted but the car got burnt and I was told Reva also expired I thought Reva was killed but D found out she is alive and saw her in an ashram.

The scene is  shown D showing VS. He says by the time he knew both their(VS and Sugni) love had gone far ahead . You may find it hard to believe but had I known Reva was alive I would not have looked at any other women and this is a thakurs oath.But now Sugni has become a part of my life and if Sugni is not there my life is not there. G is looking totally unconvinced. She says you knew about RT but kept Sugni in the dark . He tells I wanted to tell but as I love her very much I was scared that I will lose her she will leave me and go I wont let anything come between us not even my previous life. G asks did you not think that this secret will come before Sugni and VS says one day its bound to come. G sarcastically says one day you are conveniently  using time you would never have told Sugni the truth as she will leave you when she knows it. You talk sweetly to Sugni but then you have imprisoned your wife like a animal in this place TVM your talk about being good and moral is all a show and not true actually you are a coward and selfish person as you only see your love and a liar as the foundation of your marriage would have been on untruth. My Sugni is true despite being a Bedni's daughter do you think she will believe on your untruth and specially a mother will never believe she thought you were Godlike but what happens when she finds you to be a cheat. TVS is getting increasingly angry G continues despite your talk you are insulting  like other thakurs if having a wife you bring her in your life what place and honor will she have in your life she will also be called by the society a Bedni. TVS threatens her  you feel Sugni will believe when you tell her all this earlier also you brought her here what happened. Look keep the little love you have between you intact and you also know I will not keep Reva here. G says what little respect I had for you and the will to listen to you, you have lost that instead of correcting your mistake you are falling further  and TVS shouts back this is not my mistake but an effort to keep my love intact. You can call it my madness my being adament rigid you can call whatever you like but for me it is my love and no one can separate Sugni from me now every thing is a lie RM me being a thakur Sugni being a bedni the only truth is My wanting for Sugni and her wanting me. G shouts back only your truth as she is born in a Bedni's house she understands the hurt of betrayal. I am proud of the way I brought her up and the day she knows your truth whether she forgets you or not she will leave you. She tells them I am giving you a oath that on the day of teej both of you will not be married  and both stand looking at each other both adamant and determined (what brilliant piece of acting by both of them the rendering of dialogues and expression  superb)

At TVS mansion Sugni is cleaning the puja place and TVS wife's picture in a thoughtful mood.Amu comes there and asks what happened and she tells I am looking at her she appears like a queen and Amu says yes she studied at the best schools in Delhi and was very classy well educated and when both mamaji and she went out people used to compliment them Sugni has tears when Amu asks her she quickly wipes them and says she will clean everything and go Amu tells they had everything but the heart was missing I have seen both you and mamaji connected and when both of you are together you emanate love Sugni feels happy and praises her and Amu says I feel sad that I don't have the same feeling with Adi but Sugni says both of you are good. Amu says do you think I am disgruntled and Sugni says all girls are like this and as both laugh Sugni asks her whether she will make her tipam topam like Reva Amu says you are sweet like this but Sugni says TVM has done so much for me so she wants to be like that and Amu asks her  to give her tips to make her and SE's relation better  Uma comes and breaks their talk Sugni is thoughtful after Amu leaves.

G is leaving RM in a huff Dhanuma(D) comes and stands before  her she asks her to Move D says I just want to tell you I would not have behaved like you G says you are also a mother how can you ask me to commit this sin ok let Sugni be but about about RT she is your thakurian she is kept here and he roams about loving everyone. D stops her and says I am a woman a mother but also TM's servant and that is more important than all this.TVS comes there  and listens . D says I don't question him nor expect any answers and all this happened because of your daughter. TVS nods and she also nods G senses and starts to leave D stops her and tells her I did not want Sugni to come in TM's life and If he is keepng RM here he has a reason.TM is not bad but I not want a worst man to get a wife like RM. G looks at her RM has lost her senses many years ago. G says you and repaying your salt D I saw RM she was in her full senses and no insanity in her. She says behind me your TM is standing and gesturing you to say all this tell him Sugni's heart may be soft but her mother has stones in her heart for her enemies  she leaves as D glares at her . TVS comes there tells D get ready to leave this place and Reva is shown listening to all this.


TC God Bless .

Waiting to see the next episode tomorrow after such a interesting one today

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kamala2012 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 July 2012 at 10:48am | IP Logged
OMG! What an episode!

Varun Badola and Narayani Shashtri outdid each other today! My god, what a performance!Clap

Is there any other serial on air now which has such excellent acting and writing? I am stunned by the dialogue. Amazing writing! And superbly delivered by the two actors!

At this point, I really don't care about the raaz. The real pleasure in PSH is watching VB and NS!

Now where is Jwala Thakur? Want to see more good acting.

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atria Goldie

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Posted: 11 July 2012 at 10:57am | IP Logged
Thanks for the fast update...Clap
And thank heavens the child is not Vik's, the wife I can deal with.Big smile

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daffodil81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 July 2012 at 10:58am | IP Logged

Thnx for the update. Take ur time as ut was awesome episode.

I am glad to see such a show where each actor surpasses his own acting ability every episode.
Today was like clash of titans.
An enraged gulabia vs a trying to be calm vikram.
It was a treat to watch varun vs narayani.
Man oh man what an acting.

Well 2 truths came out today for audience
1. the kid is grand daughter of dhanuma who comes to haveli simply.
2. Reva is mental andcit looks so the way she is dressed up,speaks and paints a wall in a haunted house.

I am really interested to see how cvs take this show forward.

Liked Sugni amrita convo which was so genuine and simple.

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radev24 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 July 2012 at 11:04am | IP Logged
MY MY MY Putija !!! I've seen 2 parts so far, and decidedly only partial truth is out. That doesn't necessarily mean that TVS is still hiding something more. Remaining 2 parts and upcoming epis may reveal a lot more. But in my years of serial watching, I have NEVER seen a MORE INTENSE version of two people, two very strong people, portraying their respective characters/roles so so so power-packed, so genuine, so real, so human-like, so nerve-tingling, so thrilling, exciting, sooo larger than life! StarClapStarClapStarClap Like VB, me a big time fan of Narayani too from Piya ka Ghar days and even a bollywood movie and equally seasoned like VB. And when these two maharathis come face to face and  confront each other for a common link called SUGNI, sky's the limit as to how far each will go, one to protect her and the other to practically "own" her, both at any cost.
I'm totally floored today and virtually dumb-founded as to the extent to which an actor is capable of reaching the heights of histrionics, and reach for the sky if they have the warewithal, which these two indicated that they have IMHO, without the shadow of a doubt !!!
The very definite grey part that I saw in TVS today is when he nearly warns Gulab and tells her ~~ what if Sugni NEVER EVEN BELIEVES YOU about whatever truth you know now. This is the height of his NEED for Sugni now. Dekhna ye hai ki if indeed Sugni DOES NOT BELIEVE her own Mai. A BIG IF ?!?!?!

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Shaili001 Groupbie

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Posted: 11 July 2012 at 11:07am | IP Logged
Thanks for the written update

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ShellJA IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 July 2012 at 1:17pm | IP Logged
Thanks!  Can't wait to watch. 

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bumtrinket IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 July 2012 at 1:23pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update @Chalhov!

What a pleasure to see two great actors in a intense scene like this. Narayani Shastri has always been a favorite but I didn't really appreciate what a fine actor Varun Badola has become until I saw this show. Clap

I'm so glad this is his junoon for Sugni instead of some twisted Thakur game. And the creepy child isn't creepy because her mother is mad and her dad keeps her locked up in a haunted house, but because she's descended from creepiness aka Dhanumma. very nice. LOL

This is a track I can live with. Star

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