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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Nautanki Times #2- Tumse Milke Dil Ka Hai Jo Haal

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Posted: 11 July 2012 at 6:01am | IP Logged

**At the NautankiTimes Office**

Shivangi: Ohh...!!! I love my VivianDay Dreaming He looked sooo cutee in that Black Suit he wore on Monday...
Dimple: Ohh!! C'mon Shivu... help me with intro parts naStern Smile
Shivangi: Keep Vivian... It'll be good...apne aap...

**Shifali Enters the Office... Moderating the Work**

Shifali: Hows the work going on...?
Shivangi: ohhh... Vivian!!!
Shifali: D'oh
Dimple: LOL I am listening to this since past 2 hours 27 mins preciselyWacko
Shivangi:Vivian... Sexy...Day Dreaming

**Splish Splash**

Shifali: Evil Smile
Shivangi: *coughing* Shifu di...ShockedEmbarrassed
Shifali: Where's the NL sweetie pie??
Shivangi: Don't ask me this time Approve... I am ready!!!
Shifali: GO ON...Galzz!!Tongue

Welcome Peoplezz!!!Hug Thanks alot for appreciating our First Issue... We are here...with full on Dhamaaka this time...Wink

DVD are on with their we are on with our Samachar Patra!!

Welcome all of you too...

Nautanki Times #2
u m s e   M i l k e   D i l   a   H a i   J o   H a a l...


Story So Far = ..tora.tangled.
Most Romantic Moment =  ..tora.tangled.
Scene of the Week = jigyasa28
Worst Scene of the Week = lovelygeet24x7
Character of the Week = princess163
Worst Character of the Week = Phoenix.Xeelan
Hilarious Moment of the Week = lovelygeet24x7 
Stupidest Moment of the Week = Armu4eva
Fashion Icon of the Week =  -DamnedDrooler-
Fashion Disaster of the Week = Phoenix.Xeelan
Picture of the Week = harshdb
Siggy of the Week = .SilentPrincess 
Icon of the Week (Animated) = _Aanchal_
Icon of the Week (Non-Animated) = _Aanchal_
VM of the Week = bubblygal1711
FF/SS/OS of the Week = Xx-Shama-xX
Most Active Post of the Week(Sticky) = x.Maaneet4eva.x
Most Active Post of the Week(Non-Sticky) = -NaGs_BaBy-
Article of the Week =  Jyo_Ksg
Latest Fb/Twitter Update = deboleena.manna
Quiz of the Week = swaron502
Contest of the Week = swaron502
Ratings of the Week = --Shivu--

Heads- Shivangi (--Shivu--) & Dimple (-Dimple-)
Banners- _Aanchal_
Logos- -Stutz-

:: Information for the Team ::

 >>You all have been sent the buddy requests from NautankiTimes Account, ensure you guys have accepted it.

>>From this week... that is from 7th July, all the entries must reach this account till Saturday Midnight or Max Sunday, 12:00 noon IST.

>> Any person who is unable to send the Section within the prescribed time for 3 consecutive weeks... will be called off from the NL Team and the Back-Up will take over.

>> If for any particular edition, some volunteer is unable to do the section...PM the back up at least 4 days before so that he/she can comfortably take over their duties

>> During some weeks... you may face some problems in penning down your sections... If you feel so... Just leave a comment in our Official Chat Thread made by deboleena.manna

>> Do NOT PM me or -Dimple- with the problems and issues... it'll be tedious for us to check 2-3 things together... its better to use our Chat Thread.

>> If you have any suggestions on how Nautanki Times can be improvised... Post in the CC itself

Please do leave your comments People... it'll help us to improve!

**Scroll Down for the Newsletter**

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Posted: 11 July 2012 at 6:03am | IP Logged

RK attends s a press conference where by his charm he manages to win the press over to his side.As he is showing his press around the sets where a romantic sequence of his film will be shot,Madhubala arrives and for the first time RK and Madhubala come face to face. Madhubala tells RK that she will not rest until she makes sure he has got punishment.Then she leaves.Inspector Pradhan comes to the hospital to meet Mukund's mother and tells her that the person offering money is RK,the superstar.He then tells her that all she has to do is give an interview saying that her son's condition is critical and she will get a lot of money.
 RK phones Trishna and tells her to come and meet him at his home.Trishna and Roma are very excited and they go to meet RK without telling anything to Roma and Padmini,who at present are both not at home.As soon as Roma and Trishna reach RK'S place,RK orders Bittoo to close all the exits from his home.

Madhu and Padmin i on the other hand,get very worried on not finding them home.Madhu calls Trishna but she does not receive her calls.Instead,RK receives the call and tells Madhu that Trishna is with him.Madhu is scared.She goes to RK's place but the guards deny her entrance.Inside,Rk offers Trishna a chance to dance with him in an item song in his film.However,acting according to a plan,Bittoo arrives at that moment and tells RK that it will not be possible to start shooting by the next few days due to the ongoing accident case.Trishna and Roma get agitated and Trishna promises RK that she will tell her sister,Madhu to take back the case the next morning.RK is inwardly pleased that his plans are working.However,on reaching home,Madhu and Trishna have a fight again because Madhu refuses to withdraw her case.Padmini tries to explain to Roma and Trishna that RK is creating a rift between the two sisters but Trishna does not understand.She is hurt and believes that her younger sister is standing in the way of her dreams.Roma supports her.

 The next morning Roma and Trishna go to the hospital to meet Mukund to talk him into taking back his report as then Madhu's case will have no value.However before they can speak,Mrs.Dixit arrives and takes him away.Just then,news reporters arrive for the interview.Mrs.Dixit tells Mukund to act unconscious and then she gives the interview,all the while acting as though her son his dying and only a miracle can save him.Trishna and Roma witness all this.Madhu and Padmini see this news on television and are very worried as they think Mukund is seriously ill.They rush to the hospital.On the other hand,after the interview,the police arrest RK and take him to the police station for questioning.

Madhu and Padmini arrive at the hospital and are relieved to see that Mukund is allright and that the interview was just for show.At the police station,instead of questioning RK the police are busy clicking pictures with him.At the hospital Bittoo and a lawyer arrives and promises to give 25 lakhs to Mukund's family if only Mukund signs a statement saying that RK was not responsible for his accident.Mukund doesn't sign the paper and instead tears the cheque.

okay this is a tough one,seeing as romance hasn't really started..okay but if i have to choose..i will choose RK and Madhu's first encounter on that bridge...although it was more feisty and intense than romantic..


This week was dedicated to full-on drama but still it was pleasing to the eyesMonkey Emoticons.the only moment when I was like 'yeh-kya-ho-raha-hai' types when after coming back from R.K's house,Trishna & Roma revolt  against Madhu for not taking the case backOnion Icons.Madhu tries to make them see-reason but neither Trish nor Roma understand that R.K is just using themMSN Onion IconsAre they so blinded by their dreams that theu have bridged the gap between right & wrong?Onion Emoticon Set


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Posted: 11 July 2012 at 6:04am | IP Logged

This week we have more than one character to say worse. Be it because of the greediness, foolishness, for being too stubborn or because of their ability to react.Wacko But the ultimate character who literally could be called "worst' is Mrs. Dixit aka Mukund's mother. 

Yes, she got the title of worst chracter of this week for her hideous act of selling his son's accident in exchange of money. Too greedy and unrealistic for a mother. Certainly she is not making a good example for being a mother who can care less about her only son lying in the hospital or getting justice to people who did it but more busy in trading the news for money. and also for the outstanding act infront of camera... Without considering their family reputation, his son's health of how powerful RK could be and most importantly not even taking the example of Madhu who is fighting for justice of her son's accident she was busy making money. She proved, "sabse bada rupaiya!!LOL

Okay if you scan the episodes of this week under the microphono,Monkey Emoticons,you will realize big time that there were no hilarious moments momentsMonkey Icons.Wait a minute...err...some scenes are scratching my memoryMonkey Icons.CAN Aai's nautanki in front of the media can be termed as hilarious???Monkey the words 'Golmaal hai bhai sab golmaal hai' were ringing in my rear when I saw her shedding crocodile tears in front of 'Aaj Tak'Monkey Emoticons Cici


Hello shellos .fellos... n ahem.. pesh-e-khidmat.. the STUPIDEST SCENE  of the week...(please padhkar ...thode joote kum marna)LOL... Wink

Well its none other than the PHAMOUS  -- RK PRESS CONFERENCE --

OMG someone tell me was that really reporters who attended the conference or hormone high squeaky phangals?? Silly Not only did they not know WHAT TO ASK.. they seemed to easily forget WHY they came there Confused (ABS touching notwithstandingEvil Smile) ... Hats off to Vivu for carrying off the scene with a strait face.. main hoti to. .sach  me... haste haste.. pagal ho jati! R these people there to do a job.. or get done?? LOL

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The tuxedo and the attitude ... VD for sure he was smashing in his tuxedo in the confrontation scene and the attitude added to the appearance .. I am sure many of you were in short of breath ... the 3 piece was like it is made just for him ... it was like direct from some movie set will was suppose to be that only ... hit hai boss ... droolworthy time ladies 

special mention : manine was looking stunning in the get up of journalist ... The hair ... large bindi n nose ring with sophistication ... bang on 

Helloo everyone, There are more than one fashion disaster in this week.  but when I piled up the entire week scenes i could short it down to none other than Roma.
She always wears too loud and gaudy cloths. But this one took all the cake for her other dresses. Yellow, orange, white, blue combined geometry printed kurti with the vivid golden orange glacy tights. In addition, yellow flower on the curls... so not cool Thumbs Down

RK posing at police station LOL

BY : SweetAddiction.

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BY : ArShiGurTiKaSh

BY : akki-rockstar

Replies: 147
Views: 3887

History on India Forums - VD fans

By Nishi.Singh with 24 pages,190 replies and 2129 views

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 i didnt find any VMs in the forum for this week...Guys... please... Post your VM Galleries Link Here...or in Media that good VMs can be recognised!

so i found this on youtube



FF/OS of the week - Heights of obsession! by- Bhanu_rekhag
scoring the maximum of 50 Likes! :)

Article Of The Week

It is Article Of the Week because it was added on May 21st 2012 but still is the most popular article amongst the others. It got about 329549+ views with 1589 comments & about 1291 votes which is most high rated than all.
In this article we got information about DD's future plans where she said that she has no immediate plans to enter the film industry as she takes life day by day & goes with the flow. She further added by saying that she wants to concentrate on her show Madhubala for now as its going to be a challenge for her after her successful potrayal of Geet.
Even after a month people are still drooling to keep reading the article again & again.

This week we got some tweets from Rabindra Gautam n 1 from DD...I announce this Tweet from RG The Updt Of The Week-

Madhubala finally gets RK nailed. Will his clout n power steer him out of this mess??

  • Reply
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  • Favorite

which is posted by afsh4a...this Tweet got 27 likes,35 replies n 1003 views...


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DancingDancingQUIZ OF THE WEEK  DancingDancing

Welcome all to the Quiz Of The Week...a pretty simple one I assure you...So wazz this quiz all about?? the Quiz is known as " Madhubala GK Quiz "

Yes u got it right !!!! Lets test your general knowledge on Madhubala...The quiz maybe an easy one ... VERY Simple !!!! 

I ll start with a question and the next person has to answer it ... and the person hu answers it also has to ask the next question so that the quiz may move on ... 

Try not to ask very difficult questions coz the game may come to a halt then bt dnt ask too easy ques LOL...

if by chance dere is a ques that evry1 is unable to answer, the person who gave the ques will answer it and ask another ques for the game to move on ...

so lets get started and lets test our general knowledge of our fav show Wink

:: Ratings of the Week ::

Ratings of this Week

Dil ka hai jo haal...kaise main batau...
Teri tasveer...Aankhon mein kaise bithau...
In aankhon ke sapne lage hai ab muskurane...
Yeh dil ki dhadkan...lagi hai ab gungunane...

This was the first song I remembered when I saw the episode on Monday...Embarrassed Vivian in Black Suit

His magical fingers running through the keys of the piano... when Madhu entered the scene...

And for both of them... the earth stood still for a MOMENT... and then... When RK spoke up... "Aap Mujhse Baat Kar Rahi Hai?" The change in RK's tone...after seeing Madhubala... Kudos to Vivian...Clap

The scene was so beautifully enacted... Then the week went by... and Madhu sulking over RK... uff...!! Whole time... she was busy fighting RK...the Siperstar... and then... RK comes again with his cool dude look in green tee with a muffler kinda... Dashing...

Average week with some MAJOR high points...

>> RK-Madhu first Face-Off
>> Tit-bits of Mukund Hospital Scenes
>> Trishna-RK... and RK's shatir dimaag...typical brat...
>> Final Trishna-Madhu c***ch...
>> A dhamaakedar Friday End...

So... this week's ratings would be...

See you all next week...with another Analysis Review!


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Posted: 11 July 2012 at 6:42am | IP Logged
Editorial Note:

Made this Post in such a hurry!!! So...hope you guys liked it!!!

Get to work team...for the Next Edition!!

-Shivangi and Dimple!!

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