Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Arjuhi SS: ||Demons Of His Charms|| Part-7/Pg-24 (Page 7)

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Posted: 24 July 2012 at 7:03am | IP Logged

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arjuhi's friendship is sooo  adorableDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
there parents wnts them to get engaged???ClapClapClap
arjun already loves her?????EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
rashi knws it allWink
wow im loving itHeartHeartHeart
hope aru reciprocate his feelingsEmbarrassed( she doesnt hav ny other optionLOL)
thnx 4 the pmBig smile

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wow ana that was superb.arjun loves her since three long years.
rash u are awsome.
and shashank smriti, rahul and juhi. just wow. those reminded me of sanjivani.

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thanku so much guys
sorry for not replying to the comments individually, will surly reply to all ur commets keep commenting...

luv ya

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Part 2

She was sitting on her bed with crossed legs, constantly  patting the pen she was holding between her fingers on the palm of  another hand trying to think of a solution to get out from this mess,  created by her parents. Thankfully. She thought with sarcasm. Hearing  her cell phone ring, she looked at the caller's ID with a pout on her  lips but seeing his name, she quickly grabbed it and picking the call,  whine taking his name.

"Arjun..." She said helplessly that made Arjun smiled on the other side.

"Yes my LOVE..." he tried to irritate her.

"Forget  my LOVE...what should we do to get out from this mess now" She said  holding her pillow and throwing it away on the floor to put out her  anger totally irritated.

"What mess?? I can't seem to find  anything messy around myself" Arjun replied in a serious tone, trying  to hold back his giggle.

"Arjun...If you don't want me to come down and strangle you right away...then just tell me the solution" She said warning him

"OK OK...Peace" He draw a line to there teasing session and started with a serious point. "Look, the solution is pretty easy"

"What??" Arohi asked excitedly.

"We have to get engaged" He replied totally expecting her yelling voice as she did.

"HELL NO" She shout..."THERE IS NO WAY I AM GETTING ENGAGED TO YOU EVER, Arjun Singhania" She said in pure anger.

"Calm  down tiger...just listen to me first then you can give your verdict"  Arjun's proposal attract her so she get silent and Arjun sigh...  "Making her agree to something is really a huge task" he mumbled to  himself
"What are you saying???" Arohi asked hearing his alien words

"Nothing..."He  shrugged his shoulders "OK, so what i was saying that we want to go  abroad for our studies, You for MBA, and i wanna have some diplomas and  as per our parents, we are only allowed to go if we get engaged...right"  He explained all the facts to her before continuing.

"Yeah" Arohi agreed

"So  we will get engage...We will accept there terms and conditions  but...just for the time, we are here" Arjun said with a wicked smile,  exactly knowing that his point is hitting her

"And then...?" She asked sounding dumb

"Duffer...As  far as we are in america...Who cares then...we will spend 2 years  there, finishing our studies and after getting back, we can smoothly  call our engagement off saying that we had a huge argument over  something and then..." Arjun explained his plan that made Arohi  smirk..

"WE WILL BE FREE BIRDS" Arohi yelled with happiness as she was jumping on the bed now.

"Stupid...don't yell or you will reveal our plan even before its gonna start" Arjun said in an irritating tone

"OK Ok...Sorry Sorry Sorry...But can't help na" Arjun laughed thinking how he will change his plan later onWink

"Waise,  You are getting smart day by day...You are learning something from me"  Arohi said blowing at her nails with a smile, remembering how many  pranks she had played in childhood with him

"Yeah... Whatever..." Arjun said and hearing the knock on the door, bid bye to her.

He  marched to the door and open it to find his parents standing on the  threshold with a serious look. They seem to be just returning from the  party they went on

"Mom, Dad..." Arjun moved away to let them come inside but they stopped

"No  Arjun...we just came to ask you...What do you think about our  proposal?" They both look at him with expecting eyes as he gave a  side-loped smile and ruffled his hairs with a hand

"Do i really  had the option to say NO" and realizing the meaning of his words, Both  of his parents hug him at once, truly happy with his answer.


Arohi  was successful in faking a happy face as she told her parents that she  agreed with the proposal. Both the families exchanged sweets and after a  small ceremony of Roka, there engagement date got decided.

Arjun  wearing a black sherwani that was just having a lil gold work on its  collar, with a gold stole over it was standing in the door with his  parents, muskaan and a few relatives while Smriti did his arti. Taking  blessings from her, he get inside to hug his to-be father in law who  patted his back with a warm smile. He was carefully escorted to the lil  stage made in a corner of the house. Due to Arjun and Arohi's wish,  the engagement ceremony was kept to the level of just family and  friends.

All gazes got fixed on Arohi as she emerged from her  room with her friends. The light gold strap blouse and gold lehnga with a  hint of light blue on the borders was doing wonders to her skin. Her  hairs were gracefully placed on her one shoulder making her bare back  visible. Matching stole was beautifully arranged on the back coming  forward and was settled on her both hands. The light make up was  enhancing her beauty and the kohl in her eyes, making them more deep.  She was just wearing the matching bangles and ear-rings leaving her long  swan like neck bare. Arjun was having a hard time keeping his eyes off  her, even Muskaan nudge didn't seem to work. Arohi herself felt  conscious feeling his intense gaze on herself and look away, not knowing  why her cheeks feeling burned up. Finally Juhi came and stand between  them both, blocking his view when he realize his act and looked away  only to hear everyone laughing.

Soon the time came and both of  them exchanged the rings grinning at eachother while at the back, there  parents too were grinning and gives a thumbs up to each other. Where the  parents grin thinking that they have trapped there children and made  them agree to what they want, Arohi grinned thinking how smartly she  had fooled her parents and there Arjun grinned wickedly thinking how  the planned they made will back fired Arohi. All clapped and blessed  this made for eachother couple.

Soon just after a week of the engagement, they were standing at the airport hugging there parents, bidding bye.

"Do take care of yourself and eachother too" Juhi said cupping Arjun's cheek and moving forward kissed his forehead.

"Arohi,  don't fight with him ok...he is your fiance now and future husband,  show him respect...I don't wanna hear you misbehaved with him...Clear"  Smriti warned Arohi as made a non-so-interested face and look at  Arjun helplessly. Thankfully the passengers were called for boarding  and holding Arohi hand, Arjun rushed inside pushing there luggage  trolley forward.


"Awww...Finally  HOME and ALL ALONE" Arohi shout with happiness, welcoming herself in  there home with open arms. Arjun dreamily smiled looking at her while  leaning against door sill with crossed arms. She rushed in directly to  what he assumed was her room. He followed her looking around the house  witnessing the dust and spider's net all around the hiuse. No wonder the  place was closed from last 10 years.

Arjun reached her room to  found her hugging a huge white piano, placed at a corner. "Oh i missed  you so much baby" She kissed the piano making Arjun giggle.

"Eeeks...even  don't even spare a piano from your torture" Arjun said playfully while  Arohi just removed the sheets from her bed and move it over the keys  of piano to remove the dust with a smile.

"I think, it will took us whole two days to clean up this place" Arjun said looking around.

"Don't  worry...we can call a cleaning department to do the chores...All we  need to do is just unpack our bags" Arohi said moving in her room,  removing all the draped sheets from the furniture around and throw them  in a corner.

And as said was done. Three people from cleaning  department came and made the house spotless while Arjun and Arohi  chilled in the rooms after getting them cleaned first. Kitchen was  totally deserted so Arjun and Arohi planned to go out to shop for  grocery tomorrow. For then, they ordered pizza and had a nice time  watching the movie "Cocktail" in the dim lights of their living room,  stretched lazily on the couches and they don't even realize when they  went to sleep.

Arohi woke up the next morning finding herself  laying on the couch while Arjun was laying down on the carpeted floor  next to her couch, sleeping holding her hanging hand. She smiled seeing  him and went up to get fresh. Later on she came out in small light green  shorts those were barely covering her thighs and a loose white shirt  with a light green sleeveless shirt underneath. Arjun was not in his  place on the floor beside the couch so that means he was in the shower.  Arohi warmed up the left over pizza from last night and sit down with  a pen and paper to make a list of essential things for the house. She  was half way done with her list when the door bell rings.

Arohi  opened the door to find a fat wrinkled face black woman standing in  front of her with a bright smile. She was wearing a long white skirt  with a front button up shirt. Arohi gave her a confused look.

"ummm...who are you?" she asked only to see the woman smiling naughtily

"Oh  dear...sorry to disturb you at such a morning but just wanna ask...Do  you have some sugar for your Aunty Mary?" The confused look of Rddhima  got replaced by the exciting one as the next instant, she moved forward  and was hugging Aunt Mary tightly...

"OMG OMG...!!!!!" she broke the hug, looked at her aunt and again hugged her.

"You still stay here...I thought you guys must have moved" Arohi asked inviting her neighbour Aunt inside.

"Oh we couldn't move away..." She explained and turned to look at  Arohi once again and cupping her face said. "We miss you"

Arohi felt too touched with the affection of her Aunt...

"I missed you guys too..." she kissed her cheek and then ask with a naughty grin.

"So how is MY MIGHTY MIKE" Arohi asked as Aunt Mary giggled at her.

"He  is fine...Still finding his lucky stone in the backyard that you hide  years ago" Arohi laughed with Aunt Mary as she remember that incident

"Who  is it Arohi?" Arjun asked coming out in grey trousers and vest,  rubbing his hairs with the towel. Aunt Mary's gaze quickly turn to him  and then back at Arohi.

"Aunt Mary...thats my best friend from India, Arjun...He is here  for studies just like me and he is gonna stay with me" Arohi  explained with a smile...and turned to Arjun.

"Arjun...thats Aunt Mary...Our neighbor...In childhood, I use to  spend so much time at her place...If i wasn't at home, Mom surly knew  it where to find me..." Arohi cherished her old memories. Arjun smiled seeing her dreamy face

"Why don't you eat something and in the mean time, i go catch up on Mike...then we can go to market, fine?"

"Yeah...i guess soo..." Arjun replied abruptly.

"Mike can give you a ride to the market" Aunt Mary said as she and Arohi moved to the door and Arohi agreed.

Arjun look at the ladies backs and throw the towel on the sofa. He  moved towards the kitchen to have some left over food from last night  but then his head shoot up with a thought, and next moment he was  walking towards the door. He look around to spot Arohi and her squeal  got his attention and he found her twirling in the arms of a black  gigantic man...It was almost like, he was crushing her in his  embrace...Arjun moved to help Arohi but her giggles stop him as  that black man leave the girl and moved forward to kiss her cheek.

"OH...Man...I missed you Girl" He said sweetly.

"Missed you too Mighty Mike...God, You are so grown up" Arohi said touching one of his biceps, poking with her fingers.

"They are tough?" The man asked with a lil proudy tone 
"Very" Arohi replied with a grin.

"wanna say Hi to Granny??" Mike asked her with a raise brow but before  answering, she was running inside the house as Mike followed her.

Arjun saw the whole scene and felt a little insecure. No matter how  much he love her, he never had to share her best friend before and he  will not dare let it happen now.


||Part Three-------page 12||

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me 1st :D

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Finaly dy r engazed:) awsum. Bt arohi stl nt aware of arjun's feelng. Btw arjun is jealous of mike! Cnt wait to read d nxt chap.

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you know i really like mighty mike here dont know why :)
but i really like 
dammm ana its going so much interesting here. hahahah i really want arohi fall for mighty mike and then realise arjun's feeling and all hahahahahahahahahha i know rest of readers kill me hehehheeheheh
plz plz plz ana update next part soon
now no more wait 
again superbo

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