Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Arjuhi SS: ||Demons Of His Charms|| Part-7/Pg-24 (Page 4)

lazyblues IF-Rockerz

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Ana?? Where r u?

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mysticlover IF-Dazzler

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i really liked the prologue... 

do continue dear... 

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..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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thanku sooo much my sweetie-pies for liking the prologue...
always feel great to see lovely response from u guys...

ahem title...lets c if there anything coming up as sexy as the nameWink

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..oneOone.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Part 1

Arohi was marching behind him, following his booted steps carefully in her soccer shoes. Her hairs were tied up neatly in a ponytail with the front ones nicely caught in a cloth hair band. Her sky blue sleeveless tee was drenched in sweat after playing basketball while her white shorts were unable to wipe off the sweat drops from her long milky legs.


"Arjun" She called him in an irritated tone, holding him from his hand in order to stop him as he did.


"I am asking something yar" Arjun sigh. How can he ever get away from this girls' thousand questions.


"Ok. Ask me for the last time now" He said in a defeating tone.


"what do you think this all is gonna be about.. I mean...Why mom dad and uncle aunty want us...Both of us be present infront of them at the same time" her look was dreadful. Arjun wanted to seriously laugh off seeing her like this for the first time.


"Arohi" and he gave a soft chuckle. "You were never even so worried about your result when it has to announce infront of uncle and aunt plus a thousand students" He rubbed her arms softly to calm her down.


"Cause then I would have known that i did good in my exams...I will pass...but here, I don't even know why we are called for" Arohi said rolling her nose. "It seems like i murdered someone and gonna be present infront of the judge whole will pass my death notice" She mumbled making Arjun laugh even more. But just her one narrow eye look was enough to stop him "Ok i am serious" and he hold her hand and made her sit on the nearby 2 step stair.


"Well i think its all about the issue we raise a few days back to go abroad for our further studies" Arjun said logically. even he was worried thinking why that sudden notice, he received from his mother on breakfast that he and Arohi would have to see them and her parents in her house at 6 pm sharp. He didn't concentrate on it then as he was more thinking about the lunch, one of his friend offer in a exotic restaurant in order to celebrate his promotion. He barely took notice of this but now as he look at it, he get restless too.


"May be" Arohi mumbled. She just hoped it should be about that issue as sometimes, she really get tensed whenever her parents ordered her like this rather than sharing it at the same time. She have a very friendly relation with her mother and father. Her mother may get strict sometime but her father, Shashank Gupta was her ideal and her bestest friend along with Arjun.


"Don't worry...That all will be ok...and plus, this time i am gonna be there with you na" Arjun raise up her moral as she hold his hand, squeezing it lightly and gave a warm smile.


"You are gonna face this with me is the only thing that saved me to not go into a deep strain" And her weak smile was enough to tell him that she is ok now.


"Ok now...go and take a shower...God!!!! Seriously stink right now" Arjun rolled his nose and made an eww face to see her twinkling eyes.


"Arjun are dead" and she put forward her sweaty hands and took hold of his baby pink front buttoned shirt to wipe off her face with it making him squeak while leaving behind some light black dirt marks.


"Aaooo...Arohi...damn this is my new shirt" He said examining his shirt with a dull face


"You deserve this'.." Arohi said getting up, pointing a finger at him with a smirk and before he can catch her, she jogged away from there, turning in between to show her tongue and laughing, turned back. Arjun sigh as a smile pop up on his face seeing her childish side. Now who could say that this girl just passed graduation. Getting up after a moment, Arjun turned to the stairs where Arohi disappeared a lil back to go upto 2nd floor to his house. They both have shared so many memories in these stairs that other rarely use as they enjoy the facility of elevator but Arjun & Arohi, being the ultimate health conscious, prefer using stairs. Arjun moved up remembering how they use to sit in their free time while sharing a chocolate, or college and school stories as they had two year difference in classes or Arjun helping her with the topics, she didn't get in her classes well enough. More than the house they found peace in there.


Arjun took a small nap and then rushed up to get ready to meet the PARENTS at her place


"Bhai sahib''Do you really think that this is a better idea?" A confused Juhi asked Shashank who gave an assuring smile to both the ladies and look back at Rahul. Due to Arjun and Arohi's friendship, even there parents have become good friends. Where Rahul and Shashank will share the craze of a same sport i.e Golf, the ladies will do shopping, gossiping, parting and cooking together.


"Bhabhi G''I do think this is the best we can do here" Shashank hold Rahul's hand with a great smile lightening their faces, that left no doubt in ladies mind.


Soon Arohi joined them outside wearing a fresh pair of blue jeans and emerald color tee shirt and took place infront of the parents, avoiding eye contact playing with her fingers. On Arjun's arrival, they just let him sit beside her as parents lean a bit forward to start this discussion.


"Arjun, Arohi" Rahul took their names to gain their attention. "We have been thinking about something" Rahul turned to look at Shashank letting him continue. Feeling the seriousness of their tone, Arjun and Arohi felt a lump forming down in their throats


"We've been thinking about your wish to study further in abroad which is seriously a great idea as it you who have to continue the business and you will learn a lot out there. We even still have the house out there in USA so there is not issue of staying also''" Shashank words brught a wide smile on Arjun Arohi faces "BUT'." As Shashank said that word, a fear grip araan Arohi knowing there comes more to the story.


"But what?" Arjun spoke up as he saw Shashank sharing smile with Rahul Smriti and Juhi. To them it was a smirk, but to Arjun Arohi, the smile look devilish.


"If you want your wish to get granted, you both have to fulfill one of our wish first" Now is there a wish competition going on. Arjun and Arohi thought looking at each other and then back at there parents saying together. "What wish?" But the look told them that its gonna be a scary wish.


"We all wish''''''that you both can only leave'''.if you agree''' get engaged to eachother before that" Rahul said increasing the length of gaps between his words showing excitement but the last words made Arjun and Arohi jump onto the floor with shocked faces.


"What??" They both screamed and that was just the natural reaction, the parents expected


"Calm down you both" Shashank said as Arjun and Arohi still looked at them shocked, their eyes popping out hearing the weirdest request/wish of their parents.


"But Mom'.Dad'..from where this hell engagement idea came up? I mean '''..seriously are you guys serious" Arohi said in a bewildered tone


"We are pretty much serious out here Arohi" now Smriti spoke up in her stern tone making everything clear. "We all have thought about this the whole week and this is the best, we all could come up to let you both go on your own"


"But why engagement? Is that necessary?" Arjun look at his parents who nodded.


"yes it is''." Juhi spoke up


"Look Arjun" Rahul rose up from his position and walk to Arjun, tucking his hands in pockets with a serious face. "You both aren't kids anymore. May be you both willn't face any problem or criticism living there together but here, we have a family to answer'''we need to think about our values and customs and we can only answer them back if you both are in a relationship" Rahul explained.


"Dad, if that's the matter''We both will like to stay in hostels rather than in the same house" Arjun answered logically.


"then forget about your dream to wish abroad" Rahul said in a stern tone that matched Smriti's.


"That's simply Blackmailing''you want us to get into a relationship when we are not ready for that at all" Arjun said with a hump.


"Well we made this clear'''..If you wanna do your diplomas abroad, then you have to accept our wish or else, just forget about it" Juhi said coming to Rahul and hold his hand. "Rahul we are getting late for Mr. Grewal's Party" Juhi said getting there attention to the clock which struck 6:30 now. They have to reach to the party at 7:00 and it was 45 min distance by car. Shashank and Smriti too stand up as they both too have to attend this function as Rahul and Shashank have same group of business circle and wishing their children bye they left.


"What the heck?" Arohi stomp her foot and rushed to her room leaving Arjun taking a sigh as he fall back on the sofa, taking his head in his hands. "I surly never wanted it to be like this" he mumbled "never''."


"Bhai'." An excited Rashi ran into his room and jumped on his bed to sit beside him. "I am so happy" Rashi truly showed her excitement as she gets Arjun in a side hug who was sitting on the bed, crossed legs.


"Rash''.." Arjun detached himself from Rashi whining and look other side.


"What Bhai''.you are not happy with it?" Rashi said after observing him for a minute. "I thought you must be ecstatic with the news of your life" She asked confused at his brother's weird expression.


"Ecstatic''..after knowing that this relationship is just getting imposed on her''." Arjun got up with a groan.


"I thought you love her Bhai" Rashi looked up at his brother who was looking so angry at the moment.


"I do Rashi''''..I love her too much'." Arjun confessed. "But I wanted her to realize her feelings for me on her own ''if there are any''..without feeling forced or pressurized by anything''..and here, my very own parents are doing that" Arjun's sarcasm made Rashi jump off the bed stand beside him. She hold his shoulder giving him the strength he needed.


"this friendship means too much to me Rash''.I never wanna loose a best friend to take a chance of having a lover" A lone tear escaped his eye as he turned and hugged his lil sister who after Arohi, was a constant support in his life.


Yes, Arjun love Arohi. Not remembering the time from when but from the time, he saw he first time dating another guy, he got this weird feeling of possessiveness about her and with time, he realized that he is jealous just cause he can't bare seeing anyone else with her other than himself. They have been one of the hottest couple of their college. Arjun and Arohi always stick to eachother and that let most of their mates think that they are together and neither Arohi nor Arjun thought to cleared this misunderstanding as for Arohi, its just useless to waste her energy to made other's see the reality of their pure friendship, and for Arjun, he was just relief to think that due to their name sake relationship, the other guys have stopped approaching Arohi that was another sigh of relief for her as the few she dated before were just jerks and now, she is adamant to only date after completing her studies and till then, she just wanna enjoy this beautiful period of her college life with her best friend. Arjun along time realized his love for her but he never want to risk her old friendship for anything new like love. So he decided that he will give her time till she realize her feelings. The girls of the college wouldn't stop flirting with Arjun even after knowing that he is taken, supposingly though. He had this charm that would attract even the fresher's who would just look at him dreamingly and would fell head over heels in love with him, just seeing one of his killing smile. And Arjun knew, one day his charms will surly attract the only girl who's charm has overtook him.  

"Bhai" Rashi's voice bring Arjun back from his imagination as she break the hug and said


"I do think Mom Dad idea is not that bad'''" She looked up to see Arjun glaring at her with narrow eyes.


"see''.from 3 years you been trying to make her realize your love''..but nothing worked out. May be, after being fianc she will feel a lil different about you" Rashi said bringing hope to his life.


"Rash, but what if it destroyed everything?" Arjun said totally getting Rashi's point.


"Bhai''" Rashi smiled assuringly. "You don't know girls that much yet'''when we have our name attached to someone, no matter if we like him or not''his actions are gonna affect us badly'''..We took him as our possession just like boys do''and I do think, with time, Arohi too gonna be affected with this engagement" Rashi's thoughtful idea struck Arjun but he was still unsure.


"But Rash'..In all this, I don't think she is gonna say YES to this engagement at all" Arjun said and Rashi give an evil grin and whispered something in his ear that brought a smile on his face too. "You are the best sister of the world" Arjun said hugging her once again before he kicked her out from his room to get started with Rashi's idea while she whinned now.


"bhai'..that's so evil of you''''''you got your way and now, instead of being thankful to me''you are kicking me out" Arjun chuckled standing on the door and moved back with a smile to shut the door on his face as she looked at the door, shocked with open mouth.


"bhai''..that's so rude" Rashi banged the door and then evilly smile. "I am gonna call mom and dad that you are taking me out for dinner first and then bowling'''.and you better not disagree with me or else I will tell my plan to mom and dad" Rashi shouted that made Arjun scowled. So much to have a briny sister. "Ok'.go get ready" Arjun shouted to shoo her away as she jumped up in the air clapping her hands and ran to her room to get ready.


Arjun just took hold of his cell and smile. "Mission Make Arohi Realize MY LOVE Starts" He said as he located her name in his phonebook and dialed her number.



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Omg omg
That's superb awaomeee start Anna
Rashi is Cupid here so cuteee
N their parents hahahaha really evil
And I have feeling tht may be arohi also like him but do not realize or same feelings like Arjun
But Arjun like her now our hero is on missionyeeeipeeer
Plz update ASAP
Superb Ana :)

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cooljaya11 IF-Dazzler

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Omg me first :)

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superb...just awesome...

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comment after class ;p
@jayu huh :@ third :(

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