Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2



Arjuhi FF ~ Sajna Main Teri - 2 |CHP 19 PG. 47|| (Page 50)

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Posted: 16 January 2013 at 9:45am | IP Logged
quick comments are not at all enough to explain the joy of reading your update...hope i get more time to tell you how Awesome the update is with capital A

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Hmmm, where the hell do I even begin?!?D'oh!It's not Easy to talk about the last 19 Chapters in one go but I shall try my best! EmbarrassedBig smile

Amna appi big hug Hugto you first for creating this magical world ! This journey of a week reading Sajna was so overwhelming and I am finally here to express it in words..bare with me as I would not be able to do justice to your work! I know ap ko kaafi wait karaya maineTongue But akhir par liya aur ab comment ka bhi time agaya hai :D Am I like the last person to read this?!?! Embarrassed

You write so exceptionally and extremely beautiful, it just flows gorgeously! ClapClapYou are a very versatile writer Amna appi!Star  Each and every word and each detail is so exquisite that just draws the reader deeper, and deeper into this fantasy world! Your attention to detail is really commendable! The concept is so refreshing and unique, honestly I have yet to see Arohi's character be described more beautifully then you have illustrated!  Her innocence is beyond words, she amazes me! Day Dreaming

From the very start you had me, the whole concept of the gaoun ki larki and foreigner guy is very intriguing and hilarious! So REALISTIC! ClapYou made it so unique the degree of depth you portrayed in Arjun and Arohi's character was like no other. Arohi is such a hardworking girl raised in such a poor area totally opposite Arjun and that's what makes their relationship so unique and adds fire to their love. At the beginning when they met the friendship they shared was too cute..! Both were so unaware of what was happening to them and why they were so pulled towards one another and Arohi is so naive, flowing with purity like a child! Speaking of child, AMVI, IS SO ADORABLE!!!!Oh my gosh, Cuteness Over Load!! HeartThe way she clung to Arohi from the very start and Arohi holds her so protectively right back they are meant to be together! Amwi is really a gift of god to Arohi and she has been given to her to fulfill a mother's role in her life. Again, this is another reason why Arjun so helplessly fell for ArohiDay Dreaming and when he states, "She was a girl he'd never dreamt about, but someone who was more beautiful as a reality than any dream he'd ever had..."(Ch.4). BEAUTIFUL!Clap

Arjun is such a striking character I LOVE HIM!! He's so sensible, caring, intelligent, loving, passionate and romantic the list just goes on and on! He Amazes ME! This was my fav line it is too deep for words MAGICAL, ""He was afraid to look at her lest he destroys her innocence with his eyes."ClapClap ClapClapClapI

His Hindi and English is the most adorable and cutest thing ever! LOLHahahahah, tooo cute! At work he is wholly dedicated and in the farm at home he is a perfect son and now with his wife a perfecto despo hubby! LOL! ;)LOLWink

The Wedding! The circumstances they were married in are very sad and unfortunately the reality many girls are married off to such men because of people's sick mind and mentality especially in small villages. However, Arohi is rather lucky to have found such an amazing and caring man like Arjun. As in such situations  naive girls like Arohi are taken advantage of and taken far away from their family and harshly abused.

Arjun and Arohi's wedding ceremony was very simple yet beautiful, with all their loved ones present. It was so cute to see their daughter present at the wedding. How, sweet!! Amvi taking vows with her parents!Day Dreaming
Now, coming to their first night together "Suhaag Raat!"WinkOh my god I was laughing my butt off!ROFLROFL I'm sorry, but my god arohi is no naive and innocent! Awww!"Hum ek hi bed pe soyenge!" LOL, that's what conversation is too funny! Her innocence is beautiful and protected I love it! Arjun is too funny I loved all your dialogues you have incorporated they are PERFECT! I genuinely love reading their convo's reminds me of kmh all over again!They way Arjun deals with her like a child in these scene was one of my favs! YOU are hilarious!ClapFinally the title comes in play and he calls he tells her to call him SAJNA!! LOL! Oh my, Arjun what shall we do with you?! Too cute this Sajna and Sajni Jodi jiDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
And, WOW! Arjunnn, shaadi ke bad became so romantic!!BlushingBlushingBlushingHe just can't keep his eyes off his wiffey! All his little antics to melt her, leaves her bewildered. The ending to the first thread was really sweet! Arjun with flower in mouth and Arohi in his arms! Soo Filmy!hahaha, I think Arjun's been watching too much Bollywood since he's been in India!LOLLOLThey are really ADORABLE!Day DreamingBlushingDay Dreaming 
The First Thread was beautifully built and developed! LOVED IT and this thread is so very ROMANTICBlushing!
Thank You so much this is an amazing story Amna appi!Hug
 Only PART 1 of my comment btw!ROFLNext comment PART 2 will be about thread 2!Wink - Sorry it's kinda longEmbarrasseddon't worry won't be as long..!hahaha!
Muaah! xoxoHeartHeart

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KaranKittu4eva Goldie

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 Seriously, you leave me SPEECHLESS!!!!!Day Dreaming I enjoyed this thread very thoroughly.Oh my too many emotions going on here! You got it all! Star
Their after marriage life you have described so wonderfully and realistically, and I love how they are still getting to know each other as individuals. Arjun bechara is head over heels in love with Arohi, he's such a sweetheart yaar! HeartHe fully respects Arohi's decision and never has tried to force her but poor guy does loose it sometimes! Hahaha, we don't blame him Wink But I think Arohi's slow change in character is so important for us to understand her background and innocence you have done a terrific job in portraying the slow beautiful development of womanhood and motherhood in Arohi.Clap Since she is NOT your average girl! She is much much more! But now she too is slowly losing herself in Arjun and is unaware of her own emotions! He leaves such a big impact on her and this new sensation she feels and is unaware of. Embarrassed
Arohi's motherly bond with Amvi is lovely, really touching to see them join like a piece of a puzzle, they belong together!Heart They are both such a blessing for one another and Amvi is really her sunshine along with Arjun. Honestly, Arohi is a very lucky girl not every village girl receives such a perfect, loving family like Arjuns and that to with a little angel like Amvi! Arjuns sisters and moms are Hilarious ROFLand truly sweet!!Embarrassed Haha, that must be so embarrassing Blushingbut OMG Arjun is soo Bold!! BlushingHe does not give a damn what others gotta think when it comes to expressing his love for Arohi! Haha! Such a Besharam he loves bugging that poor gal until she's red beet!Embarrassed
All the scenes after the marriage have been such a TREAT!! Big smileReally, sweet and HOT!Blushing Arjun poora despo hai! Awww, cutiee ab isko zaada wait mat karao yaarr! He might just go insane!!ROFL LOL! That one scene was super steamy when Arohi was getting reading in her saari and Arjun came from behind and he left her breathless with his desire! She even lost herself and told him not to stop! Arohi you just gotta go with the flow! Lmao,ROFL she'll figure out the rest later Wink I was actually thinking in last thread that she needs to go back to her mom's house and have the "sex talk" LOL!! That's what exactly happened thank god Amma talked to her and told her it was ok for Arjun to take off her clothes! LMAO! I can only imagine what Arjun would have to go through if he had to explain it to her himself!Hahaha, Aww, Arohi is too adorable, she is easily to be hurt and breaks into tears, so Arjun does have to be gentle with her too !And Arjun does this perfectly, yet still evoking sensation in her!Embarrassed
Ooohh, so they are coming HERE?!?! CoolHehehe, Welcome to Canada Arjun & Arohi!!Hug Arohi darling you got a lot to see and learn here Wink ahahahah this is gonna be FUN!! CoolI'm excited for the next Update!! Big smileBig smileBut that's very sweet yes, I think she will understand Arjun much better once she goes and sees they place he grew up, meet his friends and family! WOW!! I wonder what will happen, and what she thinks of the major culture shock she is about to undergo!?
Love you Amna Appi!!HeartHug

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ishakumar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 January 2013 at 1:10pm | IP Logged
omg amna di!!! this is sooo good! u should like seriously become a writer/creative for shows! hahahah u will do a much better job than the ones that we have right now :P u are really good at writing this and this is a very original story line and i bet no one could ever think of this Big smile

and how do you think of all these ideas for the chapters??? theyre really good! and u added so much detail into this story that i was actually able to imagine it happening in my mind (of course with karan and kittu Tongue) and u probably know what details im talking about Wink hahahahah 

i loved the way that u weaved their actual thoughts into the story and it was just a bunch of lines :) i love the story!!!!!!! just keep writing and never stop :P and please keep sending me PMS about when u update Heart
but when are u going to update again????? am desperately waiting!!!! :P 

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KaranKittu4eva Goldie

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Posted: 17 January 2013 at 8:38pm | IP Logged
OK! Soo now that I have written a two-part essay and my longest comment EVER..! LOL. I think we ALL deserve a treat and the next UPDATE!! Big smile Big smile

What Say Guys?!?!
Half a century hogayii!! Wooohooo!! Is khushi mein treat toh banti haii! Tongue Congratzz Amna Appi! Heart

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cherry227 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 January 2013 at 11:30am | IP Logged
omigod!!! arohi had turned out to be so naughty Embarrassed arjun ko competition LOL 

awesome update amna... im liking this husband wife so in love yet discovering every small thing about each other slowly and steadily Thumbs Up 

arohi- amwi scene was very sweet... she is related by blood to neither arjun or arohi... but the attachment, the love that they feel for this child is like any parent would feel... maybe more!

loved the sindoor scene! moreover loved arjuns reaction in the washroom ROFL 

but didnot like him dropping arohi like this Ouch i seriously felt like smacking him on the head Angry shararat karne ka theka sirf ussne le rakha hai kya!!! but within minutes he realised his mistake and made it up to her Big smile its really difficult to stay mad at this sajna for long Blushing 

"Mom, she put all this sindhoor on my face while I was sleeping" he told her like a little kid, pointing towards his face.

i was like ROFL i cant believe he was actually complaining like a child! his badi maa and maa screaming at him for dropping her was right... for a minute there i felt he forgot his manners and manhandled arohi Angry but trust this guy to change the mood in a jiffy! 

"Ab khush ho mom? Is se ziada pyar se aapke samne nahi pakar sakta.." Arjun spoke like a child, much to Arohi's embarrassment.

aww... this must have been so embarassing for arohi Embarrassed but it was the sweetest thing that he did and said... esp after dropping her down! and then he kept calling her sajni at the table LOL 

lovely progress... they are getting comfortable with each other Smile i cant get over the intense romance in the last updates amna! i hope they progress to the next step soon... love the way you write intense intimate scenes Day Dreaming Blushing

waiting impatiently for the next update Big smile

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KaranKittu4eva Goldie

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Posted: 21 January 2013 at 2:11am | IP Logged
Sajna Aaa Bhi Jaaa, Sajna Aaa Bhi Jaaa!
Nai Lagda Tere Bhina Dil Mera Heart

Waiting Impatiently Sajni Ji...! :P

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amnaaa, pls update dear

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