Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2



Arjuhi FF ~ Sajna Main Teri - 2 |CHP 19 PG. 47||

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Part 15


"Romancing outside of your not such a good idea lil' bro" his elder sister Madhu commented with a devilish smile on her face?"ESPECIALLY when your sisters are around" she winked and pointed towards herself and Priya standing next to her.

 "What do I do di, itni khoobsurat bride hai..oh sorry, Sajni hai, pyar to kahin bhi ayega.." he bent his head in a little closer to Arohi's ear and said in a dreamy tone.

 Arohi's face turned the deepest shade of red, if it wasn't already! She shied away from him and quickly ran inside the room and closed the door, leaving Arjun and his sisters 'Awwwng' behind her. Their playful laughter followed her inside. She walked straight to the dressing table and sat on the stool and looked at herself in the mirror. The glistening eyes, beating heart and crimson cheeks ? she was a new Arohi today. But Why? Nothing had changed, then why did she look so different. She Felt different. Was it because she was married to Arjun? But there was nothing between them yet everything. She had gone through a journey of emotions since last night. No wonder she felt unlike herself. No wonder she felt as if something had changed.

 She never knew this side of Arjun, but then there were too many things she didn't about. She didn't know why it felt so right when he touched her, why her heartbeat went wild when he came close to her, and neither did she know why she felt like a new person with him. Looking at herself in the mirror, her eyes caught the flower tucked behind her ear, making her face look elegant and regal. With the touch of an angel, she ran her fingers over the soft petals. A vision of her 'Sajna' ran through her mind; he stood there with a flower tucked between his lips, and his eyes brimming with passion. A wave of emotion surged through her, somewhere deep inside.

 "Hey bhagwan?aik hi raat main kya hogya hai muje" she whispered to herself and got up from the stool and moved away from the mirror.

He reminded her of him, even when she looked at herself in the mirror. What had happened to her suddenly? She twisted her fingers in nervousness and unknowingly started walking towards the room door. No..was it a sudden change, or had it happened over time but she didn't realize it?" Her self assessment stopped when she realized when she had reached the door and stood there staring at it. Slowly confusion took over her thoughts, and she looked at the door with a questioning look.

"Huh..main yahan kaise..uffhooo?" she slapped her forehead lightly. "Ye larka muje pagal karke chorega.."

She opened the door a little bit and peeked outside. Relieved that no one was there, she stepped out of the room, and closed the door behind her. She went down the stairs with steps, so quiet that it could give complex to a cat. Her heart was beating so wildly that she couldn't hear the noises coming from downstairs. Her palms were sweating just at the prospect of going down and facing her sisters ? in ? law.

"Wo mere bare main kya soch rahi hongi?hayee, main kaise unse baat karongi..?" her thoughts moved faster than her feet. The moment she reached the last stair, she heard Bari Maa in the kitchen. Other than her, there was not a sound in that house. Everybody was probably sitting outside in the garden to have breakfast. Her hands tightened themselves around her Sari's pallu, and before she could turn around and run back upstairs, she heard Bari Maa's voice.

"Arey Arohi..tu agai puttar.." Now she couldn't even move, let alone running back up.

Arohi looked at Bari Maa with coy eyes and lashes that rapidly rose and fell on them. In two quick strides Bari Maan was standing in front of her. With both hands, she held Arohi's blushing face in her palms, and kissed her forehead with a motherly warmth. Arohi didn't realize when her eyes filled up with tears and trickled down her cheek. Bari Maan looked at her surprised.

"Arohi?puttar kya hoa..?" She sounded alarmed and concerned.

Arohi shook her head while trying to hold her tears back. Bari Maan quickly wiped her tears away, with her gentle pores and extended her arms towards her. Arohi quickly wrapped her arm around Bari Maan and hugged her as if this was exactly what she craved. She placed her chin on Bari Maan's shoulder and closed her eyes to stop them from tearing up again. She missed her mom right now, and only her heart knew how badly. After some peaceful seconds, she broke the hug and stood up straight. With her finger she wiped the moisture in her eyes and tried to smile that didn't reflect in her eyes.

"Arohi..muje pata hai, tuje apni Amma yaad a rahi hai na?" She asked gently.

Arohi shook her head in approval.

"To roo kion rahi hai puttar..main bhi to teri maan hoon, balke Bari Maan hoon. Yehi bulat hai na bachpan se muje?" She said with sincerity reflecting from her words.

Arohi looked up at Bari Maan, and realized she might have hurt her.

"Nahi Bari Maan, wo to bas aise hi, Amma ki yaad a gai" She tried to sound cheerful.

"Arey jhalli, Abhi sham ko ayegi na teri Amma or Bauji..Phir mil lena. Cha lab shabash jaldi se apna mood theek kar aur sab se mil" She sounded like a mother and a 'saas' at the same time.

Arohi nodded her head and smiled for Bari Maan's satisfaction, who went back to the kitchen. Arohi inhaled a deep breath and turned around to go to the living room, where all the noises were coming from. She was almost about to bump into Arjun who was standing there, with both his hands crossed on his chest, a serious expression on his face, and a bit of concern in his eyes. Arohi looked at him with wide eyes and placed one hand on her chest to calm her wildly beating heart.

"Yeh har jaga takra kion raha hai mujse.." She whispered to herself and tried to move away so she could walk around him.

He knew her more than she realized, hence his feet moved with hers. She moved to the left and so did he. If she tried to move to the right, he was one step ahead of her. Irritated she looked up at him and there was not a hint of smile on his face. She raised her eye brows and looked at him as if asking him what his problem was.

"Roo kion rahi ho?" he asked with such authority and seriousness that she had to blink her eyes and look at him again.

"Huh..?" that's all she could manage.

"Not huh..tell me, tum roo kion rahi ho?" he repeated his  question again.

"Wo..main ro nahi rahi.." she looked away from his face and answered him.

"Ro nahi rahi to apna face meri taraf karo.." he held her chin in between his thumb and a finger and turned her face towards him.

She tried to look up at him but she knew her eyes were still moist, so looked away again.

"Tum jhoot acha nahi bolti.." With the pore of his finger, he picked up a tear from the corner of her eye, and brought it in front of her eyes.

She looked at is surprised and then at Arjun again. He was not going to make an easy husband and neither was he going to let anything pass by him, unattended.

"Wo.." she tried to speak but Arjun placed his finger on her lips to stop her.

Her heart skipped a beat at his touch and her eyes forgot to blink. As she stared into the depth of his concerned eyes, she could see his emotions running around like swirling glitter. He shook his head from side to side, as if stopping her from speaking.

"You're missing your mom and dad!" he told her what she hasn't said yet.

Was there anything out of that sentence she understood? Probably not.  But she didn't think she was listening to what he was saying anyways, because his finger had not only halted her lips, but also all her senses. When she didn't say anything or react to what he said, he realized he'd spoken English and she didn't understand it. Little did he know!

"Maan aur Bauji yaad a rahe hain?" he asked her in hindi this time and she heared him.

She shook her head from side to side in denial. Arjun looked at her with a confused expression. She saw his face and suddenly realized she had said no. Quickly she nodded her head again in approval to answer his question.

 "Hmmm.." he said, and moved his finger from her lips and crossed his hands on his chest again.

Before they could speak another word, Amwi's crying ended the moment. Both of them looked at each other startled and looked over Arjun's shoulder to see if she was there. But there was not a person in that room, and the sound came from the bedroom. Before Arjun, Arohi quickly walked passed him and ran to Bari Maan's room. She knew Amwi would only sleep with her, because she was used to her other than Arohi and Arjun.

The room was dark and Amwi was sitting up, with her blanket stuck between her legs. Arohi turned on the lights in the room and walked up to the bed, followed by Arjun. Seeing Arohi, Amwi automatically extended her hands and her crying intensified. Arohi picked her up and hugged her so tightly as if she was seeing her after ages. The moment Amwi felt the warmth, her cries started to subdue and her body started to relax. Arohi kissed Amwi's forehead and cheeks, while trying to calm her down. Amwi was clinging on to Arohi as if that's where she belonged. Arohi ran her hand over Amwi's back trying to sooth her and paced around the room. Her cries had died down to hiccups but Arohi still held her close to her bossom, as close as a heartbeat. The feeling of calm the seeped through her when she hugged this little being, was unbelievable and unparalleled. Suddenly she realized that's how badly she needed her mother in the morning. This was the warmth she craved for. Strange how this little girl always tied her so close to motherhood, and today she had made her realize, no matter how old you are, a mother's hug and her touch was always the most soothing thing in the world.

 Arohi's arm around Amwi tightened as she realized that she had a responsibility of a mother to this child. This baby needed the same warmth, the same love, the same caress of love from her, that she needed from her mom. Arohi closed her eyes as she felt tears welling up in her eyes again. Amwi was absolutely quiet now, but still clung on to Arohi's shoulder. Arjun stood in the doorway, with his body leaned against the door, his hands in the pockets, he watched all of this quietly. More than anything else, today he felt how important the bond of a mother and a child was. Strange wasn't it? They were both feeling and thinking the samething? Arjun watched Arohi in awe. Just some moments ago, this girl was crying for her mother, and now she had become a mother. She had taken in all the tears, pain and lonliness of a child so effortlessly that he saw a new Arohi in her. Life with these two looked bright and beautiful. A smile brightened his proud handsome face.

He turned back and walked out of the room. He went to the kitchen, and warmed up some milk for Amwi, and brought the milk bottle back to the room. Arohi was sitting on the bed with her back resting against the headboard and Amwi still clinging on to her chest. Arjun smiled and walked over to them. Arohi's eyes were closed and they both seemed as if nothing else in the world mattered. Arjun bent down and kissed Amwi's head and then his lips touched Arohi's forehead. That kiss was a gesture of love, respect and pride. Arohi felt a warmth travel through her entire body. She quickly opened her eyes and saw Arjun standing there, so close that she could feel his breath on her face. Before she could say something, Arjun immediately moed away and showed her the milk bottle. Arohi turned her head and saw Amwi, who was still resting her head over Arohi's shoulder but her eyes were open. She was awake but didn't want to move away from her. Arohi kissed her cheek.

"Isko uthalo Ar?." She stopped before she said Arjun and looked up at him.

The victorious smile on his face made her smile too.

"Isko utha lain.." she said softly.

He took Amwi from her, and turned her face towards him.

"Hello my baby?how are you? Did you miss papa.." He started talking to her and she smiled in his response and said something in the language only God understood.

Arjun kissed her cheeks and forehead and then cradled her in his arms and sat down on the bed beside Arohi. She quietly lay there and took the milk bottle. Bari Maan had walked in just at that moment and had seen that perfect moment, that perfect family. With both hands, she did the 'nazar utarne wala' gesture. She touched both her hands together and looked up in the sky and made a silent prayer. She wanted to see nothing but happiness and love between these three. She quietly walked back out leaving Arjun and Arohi, sitting beside each other, watching Amwi drink milk from her bottle. If somebody could've seen them like this, they would think it was their child that had born out of their love. Amwi was holding onto Arohi's finger to which, Arohi kissed every once in a while.

Like every perfect moment, this one also passed. When Amwi's milk bottle finished, Arohi quietly took it from her and walked out of the room, and straight into the kitchen. What an unconventional morning it had been. No treatment of a newly wedded bride, no Rasams and no Riwaj. But one thing was visible; and that was the peace, love and the sense of belonging in that house! She felt at ease with everything, thanks to her childhood and adolescence she had spent there. She was washing Amwi's milk bottle when Arjun's mother walked in.

"Arohi, beta tum uth gayeen! Muje bataya nahi kisi ne.." she said warmly and gave Arohi a hug.

She kissed her forehead, and took off her Kangans and put them around Arohi's slender arm. Arohi quickly bent down to touch her feet, but she stopped her and gave her a warm quick hug.

"Khush raho, sada suhagan raho.." she said, making Arohi smile.

Arohi stared at the Kanagans and then looked back at her.

"yeh?yeh to apke hain, muje nahi chaey.." she couldn't understand why she giving her such an expensive thing.

Before she could take them off, Arjun's mom stopped her.

"Nahi beta..yeh moon dikhai ka shagun hai..rakho isko pyar samajh kar.." she said.

'Shukriya aunty.." she wasn't sure what to call her.

"Aan aan..not aunty beta, Mom, bolo.." she corrected Arohi nicely.

"Mom..?" Arohi tried to copy the accent, but failed miserably.

"Bilkul theek..Aaj se main tumhari Mom.." Arjun's mom smiled and nodded her head.

"Jee..Mom ka matlab Amma hai na.." Arohi's question was innocent.

 "Yes beta..Mom, Maan ko hi kehte hain.." she was patient with Arohi's question.

Arohi smiled and nodded. Her eyes shone brilliantly as she realized how lucky she was to have three mothers. Bari Maan and Arjun's sisters also walked in the kitchen.

"Ohooo?hamari newly wed bhabhii?" Madhu who seemed to be the most vivacious of the two, said loudly and walked over to Arohi.

Arohi's became a blushing beauty once again. Her eyes automatically bent down as the memory of the morning incident had come rushing back. Madhu walked over to Arohi and gave her a quick hug.

 "Buaht pyari lag rahi ho Arohi..lagta hai apke 'Patti' ji ka pyar rang ban kar jhalak raha hai chehre par.." she whispered in Arohi's ear.

Arohi's head bent down a little bit more and her smile wouldn't leave her lips. She could feel warmth omitting from face and her palms sweating again.

 "Oye hoye..itna sharmao mat Arohi, hum bhi married hain, hamain sab pata hai" Priya, their elder sister said while giving Arohi a hug.

The kitchen filled up with the melodious laughter of all the women in that room, except Arohi's. She wanted to vanish in thin air. She bit her lips while trying very hard to hide the nervous smile on her lips. If their playful comments were not enough, the entire night was running through her mind and she felt a strong urge to look up and find Arjun standing up in front of her. She did look up and the dreams running through her eyes gave away what she was thinking.

"Arjun ko dhoond rahi ho kya bhabiii.." Madhu teased her and Arohi started to fumble with thins on the kitchen counter.

Everybody's laughter was light hearted and hinted of true happiness. Arjun's mom saw a very very nervous Arohi and walked over to her and took her hand.

"Arey beta, itna sharmao mat..chalo ab tang nahi karate.." she said trying to make her feel at ease.

 Madhu and Priya both looked at them and said 'Awww' in a chorus. Both of them came to her and hugged her at the same time, taking their mom in a hug as well. She had found a huge family, and sisters she never had. Bari Maan had to 'Nazar Utar' them again and prayed for their everlasting happiness.

"Oh wow..a Family Hug and that too without unfair is that" Arjun's voice echoed in the kitchen.

 Everybody looked up at the same time and smiled, however his eyes were only for Arohi, who didn't even look up at him to meet his eye. He figured the girl talk that would've happened here, no wonder she was turning crimson. That innocent face, bent eyes and pink put made his heart beat wild. In a trance he walked over to them, with Amwi playing in his arms.

"Not fair di, she's my wife, and you guys are hugging her without my permission" he knew Arohi didn't understand anything, but continued.

 "Oh really now?" Madhu turned towards him and put both her hands on her hips.

 "Ahaan?I have the rights on her now.." he walked over to Arohi and placed his free hand around her shoulder, pulling her a little closer to him.

 "Awwwn..the perfect family.." both the sisters said at the same time.

 Both the moms looked at each other and just walked out of the kitchen, smiling.
"Chalo besharam..move your hands from her shoulder?Kuch sharam karo..subah apne room ke bahir, aur ab yahan?tut tut?" Madhu teased both of them, while her eyes danced with joy. She high five'd with Priya and both of them laughed.

 Arjun felt Arohi move an inch away from him, but he pulled her back again.

"Kion.., meri Sajni hai..Main jo marzi karoon. Yahan pyar karron, ya kamre main karoon, apko koi aitraaz hai..?" he was crossing the boundaries of being Besharam.

 Arohi pinched him in his ribs to stop his blabbering mouth."Ouch..Arohiii?" he said loudly and stared at her.

She stared back and then looked away. Both of the sisters were having a ball because Arjun immediately stopped talking and winked at his sisters.

"WOW ? abhi se biwi ke ishare samajhne lag gaye ho?I'm proud of you brother.." Madhu patted Arjun's shoulder and walked out of the kitchen smiling, followed by Priya.


Arohi immediately turned to Arjun and gave him a death stare. He bent in and kissed her blushing cheek, winked at her and walked out of the kitchen, leaving her alone.


"Ullu, gadha?goora, badmaash..URGH?Arjuuunnn" she cursed him in frustration and embarrassment. "Dekh longi bacho tumko main.."

Arjuhi FF ~ Sajna Main Teri - Thread# 1
Part 13 (in thread #1 - The Link is missing, so posting here)


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yipee new thread...i am reserving tooBig smile


   So so sory di for being soo late!!!!!!Sleepycumin 2 d update nw aww it was so damn cuteEmbarrassedfrom d beginning where Arjun's sister's tease them and Arjun stil not giving up on his besharmiLOL Arohi thnking why does she react in dis way wen Arjun touches her and why it feel's so r8Day DreamingBlushingd way u wrote dose parts was jst fab!!!!and Arohi and Badi maa's bond was so very pure and beautifull!!!!Badi-maa assuring her dat she wil always be dere for ArohiEmbarrassed
Bachu Arohi Arjun ne apna aasu chupaana mushkil hi nai naamumkin haiWink
I luvd Amwi and Arohi's bond.Perfect mom daughter.and aftr dat Arjun's entry too.As badi-maa said kisi ki nazar na lageDay Dreaming hahaha seriously Arjun's sisters are xperts in teasingROFLand Arjun to apni besharmi waha bhi shuru kar diyaLOLand he got a pinch for dat tooROFL
On d whole lovd d update diSmilesory again for being dis late

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Congo on New Thread Di!!

wow the update was so fun to read...
Arjun is so naughty, doesn't leave a chance to embarrass Arohi
he is in head over heels love with her, jaab dekho flirts with her, never backs away to express his heart out, this bilati gora toh pura fida hai desi chori par
dono taraf aag barabar lagi hai
Arohi is in mix of emotions, his every touch makes her heart flutter, she is feeling a whole new different person with him, she is so innocent n pure...
Di u expressed Arjun's respect n love for her so well while giving the feel of a blooming flower to Arohi in her Sajna's warmth...
he is a winner...tum nehi aap aur Sajna ki Sajni...loved it...
she really got a beautiful family...loved his 2 sisters...
Arohi's self talk about Arjun is just mind blowing...he confuses this poor girl so much but I just find it very adoring...
what shud I say about Amvi, Arjun n Arohi's bond especially the mother n daughter refection u have created...they r so cute...a blissful feeling pass through a reader...
Arjun is so beharam, forgot the boundary even in front of Bari Ma n his mother...his dialogues r awesome...
ah ha so Arohi wants to get even...really need to c her skim now...I'm eager to read further...plz update soon...loved every bit of it...

n btw thanx I had no clue what the flower petals r called...heard somewhwere in TV maybe but don't know what it is exactly...the last update

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Sreeju Shona kill u
Me 3rd

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Sorry guys..! The update is ready, but my stupid stupid net is down..! Putting ths mag through phn..! Plz wait .. Embarrassed Thanks guys..! Lots of luv..!

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Originally posted by cooljaya11

Sreeju Shona kill u
Me 3rd
hahahaha u r always late diLOLLOLMe firstWink

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Originally posted by sreeja_rox

Originally posted by cooljaya11

Sreeju Shona kill u
Me 3rd
hahahaha u r always late diLOLLOLMe firstWink

Cuz m not spamming queen :(

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Yay! New Thread! You spammers rock yarrr!!


such'a cute update! I just couldn't stop smiling and blushing! Blushing

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