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ARSHI FF:Unconscious Love!(cr) THREAD THREE

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I hold the soul ownership of my stories.
Please dont copy any concept or scenes without taking my permission otherwise i will report your thread.
FB buddies please stop posting my stories directly. If you wish to post it then post my FB link page.
If i see anybody coping my concept or stories i will stop posting any story.
I strictly mean it.

Chapter 15: Ehasaas

Chapter 16: The Ignition

Chapter 17: My Cravings

Chapter 18: I know your pain

Teaser: Click Here

Chapter 19: Tom and Jerry

Chapter 20: I dont Kiss you, it's you who kiss me

Chapter 21: Kiss Me

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Chapter 15: Ehesaas

(i dont beleive this 299 likes in my last chapter? WOW. when i started this SS i didnot know whether you all will like this concept or not as it is slightly different from the reality, kind of fairy tale types but i am shocked (in a pleasent way) feels really great.)

The chimes were twinkling above the door. Cold breeze started blowing welcoming the winter season.

A girl sat on the window carnish looking outside her house. resting her chin on her knees huggin ger legs, lost in her thought.

Her sentense still playing in her mind "How can I allow someone else to touch me when I am yourz"


Arnav broke the hug and cupped her face.

She was all teary.

She looked at him he looked at her. She touched his hand still weeping.

Khushi: Aaarnav!

Arnav while tucking her locks behind her ear: Hmm?

Khushi totally lost her words.

Khushi: Arnav!

Arnav: Kuch kehna chahti ho?

Khushi nodded yes: those eyes 

Arnav (with an amused look): frowned a bit

Khushi: your eyes

Arnav: What? (he whispered)

Khushi: I dont know, but i think i have seen those eyes.

Arnav brust out laughing: Khushi!!! hahaha obviously you have seen, you are seeing them for last 18 years. (but Arnav know very well what she meant)

Khushi flinched a little for that sudden change in atmosphere.

suddenly she realised what was happening.

She stepped back and arnav noticed that.

Khushi: tum?

Arnav: Haan meye.

Khushi: What are you doing here?

Arnav: Matlab?

Khushi: I mean, NK was here right?

Arnav: bada NK ka yaad araha hai?

Khushi: oh shut up.

Arnav: Looks like someone is missing NK

Khushi: Tumhe usse kya?

Arnav: Kuch bhi nahi khushi. just wanted to remind both of you that kissing is not allowed in the premises.

Khushi was shocked again but this time thinking about NK's kiss. Why didnt she stop him she thought? how can he aloow any random guys to kiss her. and what was that she while he kissed him? who was the guy?

Then suddenly her eyes fell on arnav.

She took two steps forward while doing that she again saw something which she was not expecting at all.


Khushi's POV

Why did i see that? I have never thoguht about him like that then why? why did i see like me advancing towards him in an unknown place then placing a peck forcefully on his lips and him not reacting to it?

She held her head: Oh god!! I am going crazy, uparse this sleep.

Knock Knock

She got down from the carnish and saw garima standing with a glass of milk and her sleeping tablets.

Khushi thinned her lips and hugged her mom.

Garima: Have this first.

Khushi took the medicines and the milk abd had it.

Garima made her sit on the bed.

while caressing her hair she asked

Garima: Kuch farak pada kya?

Khushi: No mom, nothing much

Garima: But beta you cannot have these pills for long time. It is not good for you

Khushi hugged her sideways: I know mom, just that i cannot sleep without these tablets. I dont know whats wrong with me, why i feel the other side of the bed empty all the night.

It really haunts me mom. I tried to sleep with you and dad also but i cant. i dont know why. i just keep staring the emptiness of the bed. I feel lonely ma.

Garima hugged her back: Its ok beta dont worry. now go to sleep.

Suddenly the chimes started making more noice. both of them look at the chimes and then to the window. 

Khushi smiled in excitement: OMG mom, storm.

She quickly got up from the bed and stretched her arms standing near the window.

Garima: Khushi! you should sleep beta



Khushi: Love you mom

Garima: Love you beta

While standing near the window she saw a white SUV entering their premises.

Suddenly her lips curled up in a smile.

Khushi: ARNAV! (she whispered with a smile on her face)

She excitedly got down form the carnish and went down running. She opened the main door and saw him

Arnav saw her, standing, holding the door panting hard.

Khushi: You have come to take me?

Arnav was surprised.

Khushi ran towards him but suddenly she stopped, she frowned, she took some steps back. he held her head which was now spinning due to the medicine effect, she was about to fall when he grabbed her.

She looked at him, he looked ar her with all concern.

Arnav: Khushi tum?

Khushi: Arnav! I...I lov...(she could manage that before passing out)

Arnav panicked... KHUSHI!!! KHUSHI!!!!

Shashi and garima came running.

Shashi: What happened arnav beta?

Arnav: I dont know uncle, she opened the door and came running, suddenly she stopped and fainted.

garima: I think its her meds effect.

Arnav looked at garima surprisingly.

Garima: Dont worry arnv beta, its due to her high dose of sleeping pills.

Arnav: Sleeping pills? But aunty, its not good for her.

Garima: We know that beta, but she is not able to sleep.

Arnav: What? I mean why? she is a heavy sleeper

Garima: Ya, but after that accident she hardly sleeps.

Garima narreted the whole story to him and arnav was intellegent enough to understand the whole things. It was HIM whom she is missing unconscioulsy. It was him whom she wants to sleep beside. This is exactly what happened "that night". 

He closed his eyes and again looked at her angelic face still in his arms. He picked her up and headed towards the house. then to her room.

He placed her on the bed.

Garima and Shashi waited downstairs for arnav to come.

Khushi clutched his shirt stopping him from going.

Khushi: Mat jao (she muttered in her sleep)

Arnav placed a feathery kiss on her forehead and removed her grip from the shirt. He sat for sometime beside her just kept on looking at her.

After sometime he came down.

garima: Arnav beta, think you so much

Arnav: Aunty please dont embarress me like this

Garima: I wish you be my son-in-law someday.

Arnav just smiled.

Garima: Tum itna khayal rakkha hai uska aur aaj bhi rakhta hai

Arnav: Aunty please. Dad and Shashi uncle

Garima: Please beta, humme mat samjahiye. No matter how friendy are we, but this nobody can do it, unless you love her.

Shashi: garima, please

Garima: aap log to meri koi baat ka importance hi nahi dete ho.

Shashi: Beta the papers are ready.

Arnav: Thanks uncle, but did you speak to khushi regarding this? I mean i hope its fine with her.

Shashi: Dont worry beta she will be fine

Arnav took out the pen and signed on the paper.

Arnav: But unless khushi is ok with it please dont force her. I mean i know aap aur dad has decided this but then you know me and khushi.

Shashi: Tum chinta mat karo.

Arnav gave him a tight smile: Ab mujhe chalna chahiye.

Shash: Good noght beta, and i am sorry i had to call you in this hour but i have to submit these papers as early as possible.

Arnav: Its ok uncle. goodnight.

Chapter 16: The Ignition

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congrats on the new thread...waiting for the update...

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tussi aagaye wapa,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,with new thread,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i missed u so much...

congo for new thrd

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wow...i read ur story and it was super duper awesome:):):)
congo 4 new thread dear:)...BEST LUCK:):):)

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congooo for the new thread dear... :-)

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CongratulationClap for thread 3...

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