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MAANEET FF Ek Main hoon aur Ek Tu#2 LINK#3 pg134 (Page 58)

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Thanks for your love and support dear friends. Here is the next update I hope each one of u would enjoy reading it.

I dedicate this update to my Ritzy Di. Happy Birthday Di I love u loads





Geet got up a little and moved close to Maan; without waiting for a second she placed a loving kiss on his cheek and hugged him with immense passion


Geet: Kuch kehne ki zarurat nahi hai Maan aappar khud se zyada bharosa karti hoon main'kal ki raat aur aaj ki subah meri zindagi ka sabse yaadgar lamha tha [No need to give me any explanation Maan. I trust u more than my life.Yesterday's night and this morning is the most beautiful chapter of my life'I will cherish it forever]


Maan was rendered speechless in front of her soul searing words


He hugged her back with immense love and care thus narrating the tale of his unsaid feelings through his actions


This day marked the start of their new journey as their mind was also trying to give a name to their divine relationship'.


Maaneet's relationship took a beautiful turn and they started enjoying each other's company infact they they tried to find out reasons to be with each other


For the first time in his life Maan was developing genuine feelings for a girl and Geet had also given a special place to Maan in her life


It seemed that they had imprinted each other's name in their soul such was the beauty of their relationship now


One morning,


Geet: Ji Mam saari taiyaariyan ho gayi hai aap tension mat lijiye aaj ka event properly ho jaayega [Yes Mam all the preparations are complete u need not worry the event will run smoothly]


Geet: Everything will be fine Mam


Saying so she ended her call


Geet: (tensed) Mam ko keh toh diya ke sab thik se ho jaayega par I hope meri ye baat sach nikle iss saal ka ye sabse bada event hai jo humara newspaper organize kar raha hai. I hope iss baar chief guest ko lekar koi problem na ho [I have somehow managed to convince Mam but I hope my talks turn out to be a reality and everything goes on as per the plan as this is the biggest event of the year that iur newspaper is organizing. I hope there is no problem related with the special guest]


Geet: Oh God I am so tensed


Before Geet's tension reached the other level Maan placed a loving kiss on her cheek and made her to forget everything in and around her


There was a smile on her face as soon as Maan encircled his arms around her waist protectively


She moved back and allowed her body to rest on his chest


Maan: Geet tumhe ye haq kisne diya ke meri subah ki sabse khoosurat roshni ko tum mujhse dur kar doh? [Geet who gave u the right to destroy the most beautiful light of my morning?]


Geet was confused; she turned around and encircled her arms on his neck and looked at him with a confused expression


Geet: Maine toh kuch bhi nahi kiya Maan [I have done nothing Maan]


Maan rubbed her nose with his nose and uttered


Maan: Jhooti [Liar]


Geet: Maine kaunsa jhooth kaha Maan? [Why r u calling me a liar Maan?]


Maan: Bholi mat bano Geet tum sab jaanti ho [Don't try to act innocent u know everything]


Geet hit him playfully on his chest


Geet: Seedhe tareke se agar aapne nahi bataya toh main toh chali [If u don't tell me in a straight way then I think I should leave]


Geet tried to move away but Maan brought her closer by holding her waist possessively


Maan: Mujhse kabhi bhi dur jaane ki baat mat karna Geet [Never say this statement in front of me that u will leave me and go away]


The feelings of Maan's heart were getting depicted beautifully in this one sentence; Geet melted within a second in his arms and promised him that they would always be together


Geet: Galti ho gayi ab dubara aisa nahi kahungi [I won't say this again I am sorry]


Maan caressed her back lovingly and once again started teasing her


Maan: Chalo ab meri khoobsurat subah ko mujhse judaa karne ke liye bhi sorry keh doh [Common ask for forgiveness for separating my beautiful morning from me]


Geet: Maan aap kis cheez ki baat kar rahe hai? [Maan what r u trying to say?]


Maan cupped her face and kissed her temple


Maan: Mujhe aaj iss ruhani chehre pe  ek sunheri muskurahat nazar nahi aa rahi aur jab tak main uss muskurahat ko dekh na lu meri subah achhi kaise ho sakthi hai? [I can't see the golden smile on this divine face today how can my morning be good without seeing your smile?]


Geet looked at him with immense love as she was rendered speechless in front of his soul searing words


Maan: Ab muskura bhi do jaan warna hume  ek dusra tareeka apnana padega[ Give me a smile darling or else I would have to use another technique]


Maan winked at her and gave her an indication of his plans by moving his fingers


Geet was ticklish and Maan always troubled her by tickling and teasing her


Geet: Dusre tareeke ki koi zarurat nahi hai Maan aapko aapki muskurahat ek anokhe andaaz mein mil jaayegi aur yakeen maniye aaj ki ye subah ki shuruwat aapke chehre par ek sunheri dhoop ki tarah aapke chehre pe dinbhar nazar aayegi [No need to go for the other method Maan u will be getting ur smile in a special way and believe me the beauty of this smile will remain as a glow throughout the day on ur face]


Maan: Thik hai ji doh de dijiye hume humari muskurahat [Okay then give me my smile]


Geet: Aise nahi ji pehle aap apni aakhein bannd kijiye [Not so easily first u have to close ur eyes]


Maan: Geet ye kya mazak hai? [Geet what type of joke is this?]


Geet: Maan ye mazak nahi hai maine kahana ye special wali smile hai toh iski taiyari ke liye mujhe kuch seconds ki zarurat hai issiliye uss time tak aapko aapki aakhein bannd karni hi hongi [Maan this is not a joke. I told u today's smile is a special one so u need to give me few seconds to bring out the best smile on my face and just for those few minutes u need to close ur eyes]


Maan: Hmm'.agar ye baat hai toh mujhe manzoor hai [Hmm' if this is the reason then I don't have any objection]


Maan looked at Geet's face intently for few seconds before closing his eyes


Geet: Maan aap aise kya dekh rahe ho? [Maan why r u looking at me intently?]


Maan: Tumhare chehre ko apni nazro mein kaid kar raha hoon taaki unn chan lamho mein meri aakhon ko koi tumse judaa na kar paaye [I am capturing ur face in the folds of my eyes so that in those few seconds also no one would be able to separate u from me]


Geet blushed hearing his statement


Maan caressed her face and closed his eyes


Maan looked extremely adorable; Geet kept on admiring him for few seconds and then without giving Maan the slightest of the clue she placed a sweet peck on his lips and ran away from there


Maan opened his eyes as he loved the sweet surprise that Geet had gifted him in the morning


Maan: Geet


Geet was hiding behind the door


Geet: Aapko aapki meethi subah mubarakho Maan [Have a sweet morning Maan]


She blew a flying kiss in Maan's direction and went out of the room


Maan: Tumhari yahi maasumiyat toh tumhe mere dil ke aur kareeb le aayi hai Geet  ab bus yahi khwaish hai ke humare rishte se mitaas kabhi bhi kum na ho [Your innocence has brought u closer to my heart Geet I wish our relationship always remains sweet]


He smiled at his own thoughts and left for KC


The whole day was like a beautiful blessing for Maaneet as they were still lost in the memories of the beautiful morning inspite of being busy in their respective works




Maan was trapped in an important meeting but he had somehow managed to inform Geet about this unwanted delay and had promised her to be make it to the event of her newspaper on time


Geet was waiting for him desperately as she was feeling incomplete without Maan


She tried to divert her concentration by taking care of the guests


The party starts and Amrita, the editor of the newspaper, starts announcing her new plans proudly


Geet kept on looking at the watch as Maan had still not arrived


Her thoughts were broken when a husky sound started resonating in her ears


Man: Kiska intezaar kar rahi hai malikaye-husn [Who is the lucky man for whom the queen of beauty is waiting desperately?]


A smile made way to her face as she recognized the voice


Geet: Karan


She turned around and was pleasantly surprised to see her best friend Karan Singh Grover standing in front of her eyes


Karan bowed down his head and opened his arms


Karan: At your service Mam


Geet gave Karan a friendly hug


Geet: Toh the great Karan Singh Grover ko aaj apne busy schedule se kuch waqt mil hi gaya apne purane dosto se milne ke liye [So the great Karan Singh Grover finally could find some spare time for his old friends from his busy schedule]


Karan: Geetu  duniya ke liye main KSG hoon partumhare liye main tumhara wahi flirt karnewala best friend Karan hoon toh ab jab hum itne dino ke baad mile hai toh aisi faltu baato mein time waste karne ke bajaye kyun na wahi apna taporiwala andaaz mein ye waqt bitaya jaaye [Geetu I am KSG for the world but for u I am still ur flirty best friend so instead of wasting time in these silly topics why don't we celebrate this meeting of ours in our own unique tapori style?]


Geet: Karan kahi tum uss gaane ki baat toh nahi kar rahe jo humari gang ka signature hua karta tha college mein? [Karan I hope u r not talking abt the song that used to be the signature of our gang in college]


Karan: Offcourse sweetheart ab itne dino baad mile hai toh purani yaade toh taaza karni hi padengina toh chaliye Madam mauka bhi hai dastur bhi hai toh aaj phir se wahi college ke nashe mein kho jaaya jaaye? [Offcourse sweetheart we have met after so many days it will be fun to rekindle the memories of our past days. Madam time is there; atmosphere is there so shall we get relive the same passion of our college days?]


Geet: U must be joking Karan


Geet hit him playfully on his head and walked away from him


Amrita was done with her official announcements and she invited everyone to hit the dance floor


Karan considered it to as a perfect opportunity and signaled the youngsters to join him in his mission




Humko kehte superman

Oh karlo handycam

From AM to PM

Bande at ur service mam

A group of boys started to surround Geet and tried to gain her attention by doing some silly gestures



Geet could only laugh at their strange antics; her musical laughter got a new essence when she heard the beats of the same musical instrument that her gang used to play in college. She had a smile on her face as she turned in the direction of the rhythmic tunes



Tenu main love karda'bematlab karda

Baho mein aa soniye bus aaj raat ke liye

Karan gives a flying kiss to Geet and invites her for the dance with his killer looks



Saadi ta desi hai adaa; sadi ne hojavi fida

Baho mein aa soniye bus aaj raat ke liye

He bows down like a roadside romeo in front of his best friend and once again requested her to join him in this celebration by extending his hand in front of her eyes



Subah hone na de shaam khone na de ek dusare ko hum sone na de

Tu mera hero ha ha ha o o tu mera hero

Geet melts with the sweet antics of his flirty best friend and joins him in his dance in the same flirty style that Karan wanted to see Geet in



Subha hone na de shaam khonena de ek dusare ko hum sone na de main tera hero oh oh hero oh oh hero

They start dancing and Karan continued to bestow Geet with his flirty ways of affection and Geet continued to enjoy the company of her college friend



Mainu tu hot lagti lakha da note lagti

Mauka mila mila hai abhi hoga na phir ye kabhi

Both of them blindfold each other and did a characteristic act that that was their signature step in college  



Sanu bhi dugde kar le maza too much kar le

Baho mein aa soniye bus aaj raat ke liye

Karan pulled Geet lovingly in his embrace and they share a cute friendly eyelock



Sade the hojaani fida

Baho mein aa soniye bus aaj raat ke liye

Every member at the party was busy dancing when Maan made an entry. The smile on his face got converted into an angry glare as he saw Geet and Karan hugging each other lovingly while doing a dance step




Subah hone na de shaam khone na de ek dusare ko hum sone na de

Tu mera hero ha ha ha o o tu mera hero

Maan's blood was boiling as he could not bear to see someone else touching the possession that belonged only to him'Only he had the right to touch his Geet



Subah hone na de shaam khone na de ek dusare ko hum sone na de

Tu mera hero ha ha ha o o tu mera hero

Main tera hero sun lo zara ameero

Banda main rab tha Dekhe duniya ke kone bus hum dono hi sone

He had brought some roses for Geet; he allowed the thorns of the roses to hurt his palm as his possessive side for Geet was slowly coming out


Kudiyon mein apne charche humpe karti hai kharche

Life ne aisa dhoya main chand pe jaake soya

Guru se maine bola ye bola bola subha hone na de

He threw the roses in one corner and started walking towards Geet with full authority. Within a matter of seconds Maan was successful in reducing the unnecessary distance; he pushed karan with all his force and pulled Geet towards himself by holding her waist



Subha hone na de Saath khone na de Ek dusre ko Hum sone na de
Tu mera hero..O o o..oo Tu mera hero..


Suba hone na de Saath khone na de Ek dusre ko
Hum sone na de Main tera hero.. O o Haan hero O oHaan hero


Main tera hero..O o..Hero..O o..Main tera..O o..Mera hero..O o..Mera hero..


Geet was shocked but her heartbeats calmed down as she recognized the touch of her Maan; before she could think of something Maan turned her around possessively and brought her closer and locked her eyes with an intense eyelock




Humko kehte superman On karlo handy cam
From AM to PM Bande at your service mam


Mera hero..O o..Mera hero..O o..Mera hero..O o..Mera hero..O o..


Boom boom shak shak Maarenge saari raat

Boom boom shak shak Maarenge marenge

Boom boom shak shak Maarenge saari raat

Boom boom shak shak Maarenge marenge


Maan captured Geet's lips into a punishing kiss and left her unsatisfied by breaking the kiss before it touched her soul


Mera hero..

Geet's eyes and mind were full of questions but Maan was in no mood to answer; he simply scooped her in his arms and walked out from the party as he was scared to share his Geet with someone else'GEET WAS ONLY HIS AND TODAY HE WOULD PROVE IT TO HER




PRECAP 1:Geet:Maan aap jaante bhi hai aapki aihemiyat meri zindagi mein kya hai? Aap wo pehle aur aakhiri insaan hai jisse Geet ne khud ko chune ka haq diya hai  [Maan do u realize what importance do u hold in my life? U r the first and the last man who has the authority to touch and claim Geet]Embarrassed



PRECAP 2: Maan: "Zara si dil mein de jagah tu zara sa apna le bana'zara sa baho mein saja tu zara sa yaado mein basa main chahu tujhko meri jaan bepana fida hoon tujpe meri jaan bepana'" [Just give me a little space in ur heart; just make me ur own a little bit. Decorate me a little in ur dreams and pls make a part of ur thoughts a little bit. I love u my love beyondlimits and I am all for u beyond ur imagination o my love]Blushing







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Me dancing... Yepieee... 

After long time I m first to comment... Hehe...

And Piyaaa Hugsss to you...

It was superb update yaar...

The start was awesum... and Then that special subha ki muskurahat...

Hayeee I was totally lost in maan and geet...

And KSG... Uff song was awesum selection... 

Haila maan came and took her... Not bad ha...

And Precap is one of my Fav... Winks...Wink

Waiting Egarly for it...

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fab update...
loved it to the core...
Maan n geet  have fallen for each other badly ...
the part scene was too good...
ohhh so Maan babu can't see his Geet with toh hona hi tha...can't wait for next part...

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amazing updt

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NiceBig smile
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such a cool update.geet dancing with karan.super pics.maan is rt.geet is his possession.loved how he pulled her n danced with her.precap is interesti ng.guess d next part'll b emotional n romantic
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Mind Blowing Update
Continue Soon
Thank You So Much For The PM

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