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FF~Aur pyar ho gaya...1 new thread link on p. 151 (Page 78)

leena04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by kavs1

please update karo naa...when will u do it?

just have written next part it's coming soon kavs1... 

leena04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by viny_queen

Originally posted by viny_queen

 plz update bahut saare partsWinkLOLLOLLOL 
Originally posted by viny_queen

ME Waiting...

just have written next part it's coming soon vini... 

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Originally posted by viny_queen

tomorrow night Embarrassedpaka na LOLLOL aur uske baad wala part bhi write karna start ker denaWinkWinkWink

just have written next part it's coming soon vini...  will try my best dear Tongue

leena04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Now I m back with new part sorry guys made u all waiting a lot sorry had some personal work...  sorry again for this so will now gonna update as soon as possible i can in coming weeks...  plz bare with this it have less RaYa but lot of story as story also need to move on if u feel i m drugging the story be feel ur self free to comment on it... next will surly up in soon  so till then enjoys this…


Note: sorry Vini so sorry for not updating as i promised to u Unhappy this have RaYa but next will be of RaYa spi dance surly... n it will dedicate to u... enjoy Smile

Part 10Is my guilt is bigger then my love for her…


SanRaj is staring at each other with anger in their eyes, were RaYa's eyes lock with each other with the spark of their beautiful memories all the four were lost in their thoughts. When Ritz also reach there who came to call Sanju & Priya as the function has started she sees RaYa & SanRaj lost in their world looking at each other she didn't understand anything that what was happening there she just moved to them.

Here SanRaj is still fuming in anger giving each other deadly stare where RaYa gazing at each other with love in past memories RaYa don't want to back in reality but Ritz noise brings them back in to reality.

Ritz: Priya di… Sanju what u both r doing here come let's go function has started now. (She stands next to Sanju & shakes her shoulder)

RaYa & SanRaj back in their senses hearing Ritz voice. Dm makes face where Sanju looks at Ritz here RaYa glanced to each other with side corner of eyes turning their face away trying to hide their emotions.

Priya: Sanju come with me… let's go now.  (She holds Sanju's hand while pulling her inside the function)

Sanju make face but finally decided to leave seeing angry Priya glance at her. Sanju looks back at Dm showing him her angry deadly stare as warning him with her firing eyes. Dm also assures her with his eye's spark that "there is long way to go as war has just began" both throwing fires to each other with their eyes.

Ram: bhai I think we also should go in now. (He holds Dm's shoulder & hearing ram Dm nods his head in yes leavening deep sign)

Everyone back into function area sitting arrangements were like there was small round table & around it there was 4 to 5 chairs for sit. Sudhir & Shipra is sitting with Nik along with some more people enjoying the event. Here Ram & Dm come to that table where Vik & Sid were sitting. Priya, Sanju & Ritz joins the table with Neha & Nuts. Everyone lost in to enjoying the moment but RaYa's eyes were on each other. They were just gazing at each other silently without letting each other to know as when Ram looks at her she turns her face & when Priya looks at Ram he turn his eyes starts to enjoying the event but the reality is they were enjoying each other's presence with slight & cute smiles which carved around their lips when ever they glanced at each other. RaYa were thinking no one have eye on them but both were unaware that SanRaj's eyes were on them they have kept their eyes on them. Dm knew everything what is going on between RaYa.

 Here for Sanju everything is new she does not understanding what is going on between RaYa as she had seen some unknown magical spark in Priya's eyes whenever she talks abt Ram or sees him. She actually willing to know that what is there which is may be her di hiding from her? Is something there between RaYa or is it just her assumptions of her as she is thinking too much abt it. She thought to hold her self for some more time to find out the depth of this issue as she don't want to rise any unimportant issue which will make everyone think in wrong way b'coz she know very well that how much Priya will shows she is strong but from inside she is very sensitive & just to cover up her that sensitivity she wrap ups stubborn cover around it so no one can find out the pain & wishes inside it expect her but Sanju know very well how to take out the things from Priya b'coz she is not just her sis but also her best friend who knows her very well.

Everyone enjoying the event when event's last set of awards now going to present on each & every winner everyone was clapping to praise the person's effort for winning the awards. Now finally decided moment come where RaYa is going to complete each other the best leader of business personality award the award presenter come on stage before the presenter took winner name all gives their best wishes to RaYa & RaYa looks at each other as they are saying "Best of luck" to each other with their eyes without smile as their eyes are enough to talk to each other they need not any words or expression to show their feelings.

Presenter 1: and the award goes to… (He looks around) any guess? (Everyone very curios) Yes non other then 5 year running leading champion of this award the Ram Kapoor… (He louder his voice while clapping followed by other)

Everyone's eyes on Ram but Ram looks at Priya who gets slightly disappoint with announcement along with the entire girl's sitting around her but she just carved her lips into her magical smile as she saying to them "doesn't worry next time". Ram heart feels pain seeing the disappointment in her eyes but he can't do anything as nothing in his hands. Here Priya somewhere into the corner of heart happy that Ram bagged the award once again with his excellence. She knew he truly deserve this. Here everyone is clapping for Ram.

Presenter 2: (he was about to stand but before that another presenter said) but for the first time there is slight change into this year winning list of this award function as for the first time this award going to belongs to not 1 but 2 winners mean Mr. Ram Kapoor is not going to enjoy this award alone b'coz there is someone who is going to share this award this year with him & that person is non other then this year's newcomer of business who with her best outcome just snatched this award from The Ram Kapoor's hand to share with her & she is Miss. Priya Sharma. (She louder her voice being proud while taking her name)

Priya gets exited hearing this she gets up jumping with joy every one start clapping for RaYa together.

Presenter 1: may I have Mr. Kapoor & Miss. Sharma on the stage plz… (He requested to Ram come on stage everyone claps for RaYa)

Priya hugged Sanju & shake hands with the other girl around there then she looks at her parents who blessed her success with their proud widen beautiful smile. Here Nik even hugged go to Ram for his success then RaYa both moved together on the stage to hold their awards in their hands after holding awards RaYa gives their small speech holding mike thanking everyone around there for their support & bless on them.

Priya: thank you everyone in my life my parents my god & I feel I m really blessed with this but I think I won't be able to win it if experience or excellence wasn't with me. (She slightly looks at Ram with grin on her lips) so I m really thanked to all of them who supported me to reach here. (She completes her speech with hr magical smile holding her award in hand)

Ram: (he took another mike in hand & continues to speak) thanks to all I m really happy with this & I m really thanked to god for giving such a hard worked partners who always be there being my pillar of support (he looks slightly at Priya with smile) & I m really appreciate that thank you to all of them.

RaYa moves from there & get down from the stage to enjoy the party with their family. Sanju hearing their speech & smiles in her as now she have full doubt that something is surly there between RaYa which they r somewhere trying to hide giving their success credit to each other secretly like this. Dm smiles seeing RaYa still loves each other but something where surly pulling them back to confesses it but he wills surly do something in this issue he will bring RaYa together at any cost just need right time to put all the things on right place. Kapoor's & Sharma's are moved towards the party area everyone enjoying party with chitchat.

Here Nuts found Kartik standing at the corner of hall talking on his cell sweet smile lighten up around her lips. She runs to him Kartik also notices Nuts to coming to him he hangs up the call then smiles to her. Nuts run to him & both hug each other lightly both were smiling. Nuts surprised to seeing him there.

Nuts: Kartik what a pleasant surprise you wasn't abt to come here right then how u came? (She asked with surprise look still standing close to him smiling)

Kartik: yes I wasn't but then I thought u asked me so lovingly so how can I refuse u so I came here. (He said very wetly with his sweet smile)

Nuts: aww I m so happy to have u here (she hugged him back) but why u standing here alone come let's go enjoy the party. (She hold Kartik's hand & drugs him with her)

Nuts were holding Kartik's hand in hand they stand there in party somewhere alone talking & smiling. At near them some of their friends of college were talking & one sees Nuts & Kartik together & starts their dirty gossiping over them which KaSha both can easily hear it before Kartik & Nuts friendship they were Nuts' best buddies but now KaSha hates them b'coz if their dirty nature & talk abt them.

Rooky: hey guys look there who is there the loser Kartik but what he doing here man. (He said in disgusting tone like he is cracking jokes)

Rima: Rooky doesn't u know yaar but I m sure he is here for some gud reason see this is the big business event party & this middle class cheep people always come in this kind of parties to take the business man's attentions to secure their future & to easily get job nothing else. (She said dirtily looking at KaSha Nuts get angry hear all this she just want to go & brake her face for this)

Shammy: Rima but attention without try he will going get yaar look who is with him Natasha Kapoor the only princesses sister of the Ram Kapoor now who don't want to be Mr. Ram Kapoor by his side. (He said in so cheep way while laughing that was enough for Nuts to get blast on them but before she could react anything Kartik hold her hand to stop her she looks at Kartik & he said her to be quite with his eyes)

Niki: Shammy who knows he will get big role in Kapoor industries only… after all Ram Kapoor does this for his loving sister & don't you think they are the hottest couple in talk of this party & of our college too. (Nuts burning in anger seeing them making fun of KaSha while laughing)

Rooky: (absolutely right Niki (both give each other high five while laughing on KaSha)

Nuts turn to them & are abt to answers their cheep talk but before she could say anything Kartik holds her & take her a side of party area where they were alone. Nuts fuming in anger don't even want to hear Kartik as she knows what will be Kartik's reaction on it. He knows very well how to pacify Nuts when she is angry.

Nuts: Kartik why did u pulled me here I want to talk to those morons how can they talk like this abt u??? (Kartik holds on her tightly stopping her with full force) Leave me I will go & teach them good lesson that they will keep in mind for rest of the life. (She struggling to get out of his hand but fail)

Kartik: Nuts first of u be relax… (he push her back & make her to look at him) see I know whatever they said they should not to be but after giving them answer will they r going to stop their nonsense? (He asked her a bit in louder voice his question made Nuts claim) No never but will make them more against us… so it will be batter we will just keep them ignoring until we can… (He said in claim voice trying to her claim with gentle way)

Nuts: so u want me to be quite & let them keep talking nonsense thing abt u… abt me??? (She asked in claim voice but still angry)

Kartik: no Nuts not at all but today they r talking not much then that & today by making issue in this party will just ruin ur & ur family's respect will it be look gud to u??? (Nuts thinks for minutes abt it she felt somewhere Kartik is right) We will take action against them but on right time & who knows before that time came they will realized their mistake then stop all this so just relax or else who will can afford to have Miss Natasha Kapoor's tight slap on face not me at lest. (With his sweet smile trying to make her smile)

Nuts: (smile a bit) I think u r right Kartik if any scene created here it will be very bad for bhai after all he has just win award this night & I don't want to do anything which will make him upset (she smiled thinking abt Ram) but doesn't u felt bad hearing all this crap I m feeling guilty now for calling here I m so sorry for all the insult u had to face b'coz of me. (She made puppy face saying this)

Kartik: just shut up Nuts now I m feeling very bad b'coz u broke my heart with all this words come on I m ur friend I can understand at lest this u need not to say sorry to me for all this. (He makes plump face showing his fake anger)

Nuts: I know I hurt u but plz forgot abt all this things Kartik. (Smiling at him lovingly)

Kartik: ok if u say s… but want to tell u something yes I felt very bad when they talk like this then I looks at you & my all anger just vanishes… (Nuts face lighten up hearing this he cupped her face) Nuts what ever world says but we know the truth that we were… we are… & we will be the best friends always (she felt the pain in heart but didn't show it on her face) therefore this all talk don't matters to me as long as I know the truth which no one change expect us & that's what I want from u too don't bother what people says just listen to ur heart & u will also laugh hearing all this nonsense just like me… (He pet her shoulders with smiling eyes)

He sees at her lovingly but her heart felt bad she talk to herself with deep sign of sadness "when u will understand Kartik that which feeling u consider as friendship now its become more then friendship for me & now without of it I can't think abt to live my life when u will understand this Kartik… when u will" she smiles to him lightly when Kartik looks back at her with smile. Then both gets buys in their talks.

Here Priya were giving her company to Sanju & Neha but her eyes keep on Ram. She sees Ram having so much unhealthy food like with different types of sweet he so busy in his eating that he even don't realized he had eat so much yet but still he asking for more food Priya knows very well seeing this she can't resist herself to stop him. She excuses herself from there & moves towards Ram. Ram is so busy in eating he even didn't realized that when Priya came there & sit next chair of him observing him. She calls the waiter near.

Waiter: yes ma'am what can I bring for u? (He came near her & asks very gently)

Priya: ya bring some green salad for me & healthy nutrition food u has in ur menu… (she looked at Ram who still busy in his food but inside heart he dancing hear Priya's voice next to him) what it is I hate unhealthy food b'coz it effects on ur health & day by day u r becoming like football so batter to have some health food in daily meal. (She said in a bit louder voice looking at Ram so he can hear it & react on it but besides seeing at her Ram is too busy to having his meal ignoring her but actually he teasing her)

Waiter: yes ma'am… (He looks confused seeing at RaYa as Priya talking to him but just looking at Ram)

Ram: wait a minute (he called the waiter back who just abt to leave now) bring some more shahi butter chicken for me with extra spices & lots of butter on it & ya some more sweets too thanks you. (He just said looking at waiter don't bother to look at Priya once as he can feel how much it was making Priya angry as Ram completely ignoring her like this the waiter leaves & Priya sees at Ram)

Priya: (angry yet gentle voice) this much unhealthy is not good for ur health Mr. Kapoor (he felt pain in heart hearing Mr. Kapoor again from her mouth) will crate so many problems in future for u. (he gets angry again seeing her concern for him but behavior like stranger)

Ram: so what does it make any difference for u Miss Sharma (he called her in a bit louder voice of anger) why u so worried for me haan?

Priya: b'coz … (she wanted to say she care for him but stop herself wait for a bit) b'coz we work together & off course if something happen to u it will effect our business too which I don't want. (She said the big lie of her heart but there was no other option with her too)

Ram: (but this made Ram angry) ohh really then let me clear u I m having this food when I was born so nothing is going to happen to me & if anything happens to me even nothing will happen anything to ur business or ur profit u just don't worry just relax let me enjoy my food. (He said in angry tone not looking at her just having his food as he know if he look into those beautiful eyes he will be weak again)

Priya: Mr. Kapoor u won't ever understand this na that… (She become angrier with his action she was just abt to burst out the truth but seeing Ram staring at her she just pulled her self back as she remember something of her past which bring her back into reality)

Ram: that what? (He looking at her with curiosity to know her answer)

Priya: that… leave u won't get it b'coz u know what may be ur size got change it became bigger then before but u have the same big fat hungry male ego who just know to eat & eat only u can't understand anyone's feeling ever… u… u can just love to ur food only… seriously Mr. Kapoor I can't stand front of u for second… (She said with being annoyed with the situation they r now which were killing both of them from inside but non of them want to confesses it)

Ram: so then who had stop u here I also don't want to talk to u as I just love my food very much & I don't like anyone come in between me & my food. It's my life Miss Sharma & don't teach me how to run it I know what is good what is bad for me u have no right to decides it. (These last words of Ram bring tears in her eyes Ram even didn't realized in anger what he just said but when he realized it was become late)

Priya: yes you r right mr. Kapoor who the hell I m to decide for ur life nothing… nothing…do what the hell u want with ur life who I m to talk to u after all I just a business partner not more then that. I m sorry Mr. Kapoor… (With teary eyes she gets up from there Ram feels her pain he wanted to stop her but he pulled himself back)

Ram push his food away sitting there with teary eyes feeling him self guilty again for hurting Priya like this he asks himself "why…??? Why always I make Priya cry when there is not any flute of her…??? Why always I become the reason of her tears which I never wanted too…??? why I can't give her happiness??? She came here b'coz she still care for me & again I ended up it in fight is my guilt for what ever happen 6 years ago is bigger then my love for her…??? He closed his face in between his palms. Dm witnessing all of this sitting away he tells to himself "now I really need to do something to close this sad painful chapter of their life to bring happiness in their relationship which they truly deserve after suffering for 5 years in separations".

To be continuing…

Recap:- love is in the air with RaYa romantic dance...

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kaparikh1 Goldie

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Ohh wow both won the awards that was grt...Loved the way they thanked each other for the awards...And the nhok jhok which turned to hurt themselves was nicely written...That was a grt update...I hope SanRaj Make RaYa come together soon...

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 i thought i  could be the  first  to  comment  but  no.. dint happen .  

 very  cute update  what happened in the  past  that  raya  are finding difficult to come out of the  cage 

Edited by luvbalh - 22 September 2012 at 6:39am

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first of al a big thanks 4 the update..

bt y s ram doing this???? k i l wait.. bbt plz unite raya sooon!!!

n it ws an awsome update!!!

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Thank god they both won the award... Update was beautiful but kya hua hai 6 saal pahele jo raya ko is kadar tarpa raha hai.. Pls pls pls suspense khatam karo naa jaldi jaan jaa rahi hai.

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