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Now I m back with new part sorry guys made u all waiting a lot sorry had some personal work... sorry again for this so will now gonna update as soon as possible i can in coming weeks...  i know u know all want RaYa & waiting to know the truth of past will revel the past story soon guys just wait & watch... plz bare with this it have less RaYa but lot of story as story also need to move on if u feel i m drugging the story be feel ur self free to comment on it... next will surly up in soon  so till then enjoys this…


Note: sorry Vini may be u r expecting RaYa spi again this time but i need to move on story but next will be of RaYa surly... n it will dedicate to u... enjoy Smile

Part 9Understanding in love…


Here Dm lost in his thoughts that who was the girl whom he just talked her voice felt him so filmier of that yesterday's girl voice. He remembered the entire yesterday incident he fuming in anger. He has to teach good lesson to that girl to be messed with Dharamraj Kapoor. He can't let her go so easily then he makes few calls & gives them Sanju's full name then told them to find out abt her every small detail & give him as soon as possible. Here after that he gets busy in work.

It's been evening now Priya, Sanju & Ritz back after their shopping. Priya is too much tired but went to get ready for function as today was one of the biggest day of her life… she were going to awarded for her hard work. all Sharma family is so confident that best leader personality of business award will just goes to Priya but they were have doubt too as Ram is her tough competitor for this award but Sanju make them assures that her this award just belongs to her Priya di as no one is batter then her. After that everyone went to get ready Mr. & Mrs. Sharma in their usual outfits' suite & sari.

Ritz wearing too short black midi with simple look & light make up. Sanju wearing white short grown till to knee with light diamonds work on it along with open z black hair for the award function & party. She insisted to Priya to wear something like that too but she refuses to wear such cloths so finally they bring a beautiful red net sari for her with simple yet elegant. She looking prettier with simple look & open long black hair flowing on her shoulders both the sisters didn't did make up as they r naturally very beautiful. Sanju herself made Priya ready for party & function Priya insisted her to let her as simple as she can. Sanju let her wish granted… Ritz & Sanju smile seeing at her in mirror as she looking really gorgeous in that sari which she actually wearing for the first time.

All the three comes out of room with big smiles lost in their talks coming down from satires… Shipra watches them coming down lost in them her eyes just on Priya. Priya is in middle of Sanju & Ritz seeing Priya in sari Shipra's wish again runs front of her eyes. She smiles seeing her.

Shipra: jaanu don't u think that now that time is arrived when we r going to see our little angle in weeding attire… in bridle outfit… (She already even imagined Priya in that)

Sudhir: yes Shipra I think you r right… (with teary eyes) but why our girls grown up so soon that one day we have to hand over them to some one who made for them (being restless looking at Priya) & they happily goes to with that person leaving that house where they decors their childhood happily to decorate their own new world with their life partner… in their new life. (Still looking at girl happily with teary smile)

Shipra: this is the rule of life Mr. Sharma after all girls come only to give in their life… sometimes being a daughter… sometimes being a sister… sometimes being wife & sometimes being mother they only showers their love on loved once but never expect same in return but no one can denies this truth that its just women who is strongest pillar of men's life & just make them happy they r always ready to do anything just for them.  (With broad smile looking at Sudhir)

Both were sharing sweet smile looking at each other when this trio reached at down. Here Sanju's comes in her teasing mood seeing the couple lost in their thought with sweet smiles on their faces.

Sanju: kya baat hai muaka mila nahi k love birds again starts… (She teased Shipra & Sudhir with her sweet smile Priya & Ritz even giggles)

Shipra: shhh naughty girl come we r getting late let's go. (Shipra & Shudhir got embarrassed & pull her with them towards out)

All shares big smile & moves out of the house sitting in the car to leave. Here Kapoor's even reach at the party venue… its all abt grand event function of the year. Ram, Dm & Vik step down from the one car. All the media covering them Ram looking killing in his black 3 piece suit with pink shirt in side without tie where Dm is just breathtaking in his black waist court & trousers with white shirt & black tie. Here Vik & Sid wearing casuals like jeans with tee with court. Nik in exclusive sari & Nuts in her own designed long grown. All moved on red carpet after captured some pictures by media people then all goes in side the function. Here Sharma's even reached at the function.

Neha didn't wanted to come as she was upset by Vik as she feels he is ignoring her but after insisting by Priya she agreed to come for her only. Here she gets down from car with Priya & Sanju in her see green dress with light make up. The media immediately comes there to capture their pictures from the 2nd car Shipra & Sudhir gets down with Ritz & all moved in side while moving on red carpet. Here still was time to get function start so all were gathering with each other in side the main hall. Everyone busy with buzzing with their friend circles all the 4 girls were lost in their talking & while talking to Ram & Dm Vik's eyes catches Neha. He so wanted to talk with Neha & wants to clear everything as he fails to understand why she is not even picking up his call from noon here Neha even looks at Vik but then ignored Priya senses it. Vik excuses himself from there & moves to Neha.

Neha finds out Vik is coming to her she don't want to create any scene there so she just excuses her self from there & moved away Sanju & Ritz lost in their self when Priya sees at Vik & singles him to go behind Neha. Vik assures Priya with his eyes & moves to where Neha was going. Neha speed up from there as she hears Vik is behind her & calling her to stop but she don't want to talk to him.

Vik: Neha yaar at lest listen to me why u r running like this… (Neha just moving ahead Vik is behind her) Neha stop it yaar listen… (Vik comes very close to Neha as their distance decreased) why u r running away from me Neha what's wrong? (He holds Neha at the corner of place they were alone no one is around he asked her fuming)

Neha: what's' wrong… I think there is nothing right Vikram. (She throws his hand on her arms angrily & makes him away)

Vik: what is happening yaar why u r so angry? (He looks to her totally confused) will u tells me is I did anything wrong… (Being frustrated)

Neha: u did… (Amazed with his answer) now u r asking me now what u did? (With shocked looks) God I can't believes this u know Vikram this is ur problem u never know what r u doing & will that will hurt anyone or not. (She said looking in his eyes with anger)

Vik: hey one minute hold on… (He tries to make Neha claim) will u plz first tell me what happen? (With soften voice) Why u r so angry darling? (Again trying to hold her shoulder)

Neha: (take a pause n said with soften voice claming her anger) I m angry b'coz of u demit can't u see how the way u r ignoring me? (She tried hard to control her tears which is brimming in her eyes but were almost rolled down from her eyes)

Vik: no Neha jaan why will I ignore u? (He understood her pain & cups her face between his both palms wiping her tears with thumbs he asked very gently feeling her pain)

Neha: I don't know Vikram but I just feel like u r ignoring me Vik from the day of our alliance has fixed I am feeling like… (She takes pause & controls her sobbing) like u r not happy with this & u r ignore me. (She closed her eyelids as bundle of tears rolled down from her eyes)

Vik: Neha there is nothing like that trust me. (He moved closer to her still holding her very gently in between his arms on solder)

Neha: see Vikram its ok I can understand may be nothing is easy… (She had tears) I know arrange marriages r difficult to spend ur whole life with some one whom u even don't know properly (she looked away don't want to show him her pain) but I want to clear all these things before it got anything late there is still time in our marriage & if u want to think abt this marriage once again I m completely ok with it as I don't want that we both get regret on this later. (She said with claim voice trying to control her tears which were flowing from her eyes continually)

Vik: Neha listen… (He wanted to stop her but she just runs towards washroom while crying)

Neha walks off from there with tears Vik remain there being silent seeing Neha walking off he wants to talk to her but he feels she is hurt now & he should give her time this things can't be discussed right now like this. He will need to takeout some personal time for them in alone to make her understand the things until then he need to give time to her. Neha cries a lot in washroom as may be Vik have no feeling for her but she likes him & may be loves him it was hurting her badly but she need time to come up from all this she clean up her face & back into party after while Vik also reach into party but VikHa's sadness was not hidden from Priya she know something is wrong between VikHa as Neha's eyes swollen due to crying & face looks pile where Vik became silent being upset.

She still standing with Neha & thought to talk to with VikHa after the party & function completes. Vik standing alone lost in his thoughts here even Ram standing alone with his lost gesture into Priya. Priya is lost in to talking with Neha where Ram's eyes just on her he were just lost in her beauty.

He thought she is looking so killing… breathtaking in her red net sari & black blouse small sweet smile curved around of his lips seeing Priya front of her. Her dove shaped with kohl wetted eyes making him crazy… her luscious red rosy lips like just calling him to take its pleasure… she having natural beauty who doesn't need touch artificial make up Ram's heart filled up with joy seeing his angle front of him like this. He knew that the time has passed but she didn't change a bit… her figure… her eyes… her beauty… her charm was the same what it was 6 years back… just mesmerizing… killing. Ram took deep sign just looking at her with his jaw drop & open mouth his eyes r just on the only one gorgeous girl in the event who is his life… his everything…

He wanted to go near her & hold her in his tight embrace from where she never can go away… crushing her soft elegant body in between his strong arms while taking her away from the whole world to just to be with him… but he knew that is not ever going to be possible it will be just remain his dream always. Ram staring at Priya with full of love when Dm sees with distance while passing from there that Ram is just busy in his dream world while gazing at his dream girl with big smile.

He smiles seeing at Ram & moves toward him where he is standing alone with grin & then looks back at Priya. Ram is so much lost in Priya with his day dreaming that he even doesn't realize that when Dm came there & stands next to him some more few seconds passed when break the silence.

Dm: wow what a beauty feeling like to stay there staring at her. (He smiles seeing at Ram)

Ram: yes she is so gorgeous just like an angle never wants to let her go from my slight. (His eyes just on Priya lost in his thoughts)

Dm: really then why doesn't u just speak up to her everything. (His strong voice bring back Ram into reality)

Ram: what to speak bhai what r u saying I didn't understand. (He turns his eyes away trying to hide his feeling from Dm pretending to act)

Dm: see now don't try to act front of me at least (Ram sees in to his eyes) when u love her so much why don't u speak up to her yaar why? (He is so furious over Ram for his childish act)

Ram: u knows very well bhai there is nothing left to talk. She had left me years back & now there is no way of ours to be get together just forgot it bhai. (He just said it with no pause but his eyes where telling truth as it got blurred with tears which he controlling to not to roll down from cheeks it was telling that how much this lines hurt him inside)

Dm: what the hell u think of ur self… (He gets angry seeing Ram state) u will decide anything & the whole world will be follows u… (Fuming) then u r wrong Mr. Ram Kapoor b'coz in this case I won't gonna be follows u Ram… if u can't say then I will go & tell her everything. (He tries to move on when ram hold his hand & pulls him back)

Ram: no bhai u have promised me u won't ever tell her anything & u can't break ur promise let it be the things the way they r as they won't do anything else hurting us more. (He said in determined voice) U have my promise bhai u won't tell her anything. (Ram holds his hand in between his both palms & took promise from Dm which he agrees looking away with sadness)

Dm: but Ram… Ram… (Ram just walk off from there without listening him anything) doesn't know when u will listen to ur heart then guilt. (He talks to himself with being hurt)

Dm then looks at Priya & while completely lost in his thought of RaYa he moves from there goes to meet Priya. He has no idea what is next coming to him to hit badly once again this time it is not going to be easy for him to handle his anger as he already frustrated due to Ram & another now this earth quack is abt to come in to his life. He is moving in his thought when mistakenly he once again bumped with one girl but this time it was his turn to pay off back as the soft drink which girl is carrying with her due to bumped with him the whole drink spared over his cloth.

He completely shocked with it & don't know what to do or say. He is now fuming in anger & frustration he just look up at the person who did this while saying sorry again & again… but gets more shocked as the person is non other then Sanjana Sharma. Sanju even looked at the person & her guilt turn into anger seeing non other then Dharamraj Kapoor standing front of her.

SanRaj: tum… (Both muttered together with same strong voice filled with anger)

Dm: what r u doing here & what u did? (He looks angrily at Sanju & then on his cloths)

Sanju: I didn't do anything intentionally I was just going & again u came in my way the flute wasn't mine still I said sorry. (Looking away being frustrated)

Dm: what the hell is sorry u have spoiled my whole cloths demit. (He stronger his voice getting more irritated with her he moves closer to her showing his big angry eyes)

Sanju: (Sanju also not going to back) I said it was mistake & at least I have said sorry to u unless like u after doing mistake I will show u my attitude what was u did. (She said with the same louder voice like him n more forward to him with same anger & attitude which Dm is having)

Dm: ohh so this is the thing finally u took ur revenge like this Yesterday I broke ur cell phone today u did this just to insult me in the party. (Not much people was around when tease two were arguing in full of anger & lost in their argument)

Sanju: ohh so finally u agreed u started it off nice but for ur kind information I don't play such cheep game like ur thinking… (Dm got super angry hear this) & u knows I wasn't known that u r here or I will took my revenge more batter way but unfortunately we got here like this. (SanRaj both standing very close to each other while arguing in anger)

Priya & Ram watches this two from distance as they came to search for them both as function has almost start they sees SanRaj being angry arguing both feels something wrong seeing their talk like this RaYa moves to them & found them fighting both runs to them when they see they throwing fire with eyes & to stop them they reach to them Priya pulls back Sanju away so as Ram did with Dm. RaYa holding SanRaj tight to stop them.

Dm: Ram just leave I will not leave this girl today she just brook all the limits. (He looked at Ram & asking him to leave his hand)

Ram: bhai wait a minute what has happened at least tell us. (He tried more to hold him back seeing him so much in anger)

Priya: Sanju… Sanju relax now… (She tried to claim down Sanju)

Sanju: di plz leave me I want to settle the thing with these men right now its enough now of his too much attitude. (She looked at Priya who were holding her tightly & pulling her back)

Dm: (he heard something & got confused) wait a minute what she called u Priya (he looked at Priya) di… is she is ur sister? (With shock & disbelief)

Priya: yes Dm she is my younger sister Sanjana just came yesterday from US. (Sanjana shocked to see Priya talking to Dm with so familiarly)

Sanju: and di u knows him??? (She looks at Priya then looks back at Ram & Dm)

Priya: yes his is Ram's elder brother… (She looked at Ram who is grinning hearing his name first time from her mouth after 5 years) I mean Niharika auntie's nephew Dharamraj Kapoor. (She looks away from Ram but Ram just gazing her with grin)

SanRaj is staring at each other with anger in their eyes were RaYa's eyes meet up with each other with the spark of their beautiful memories.


To be continuing…

Recap:- love is in the air with RaYa romantic dance...

Plz press the like button & post ur valuable comments if u likes this update  thank you for reading this… 

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YAY!! me 1st - once again Star Star StarNICE UPDATE..   

All I wanna say is:

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Lol these two fight like teenagers.n ram is so hurt hope everything goes update raya dance sequence asap

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Haayyyeee... Lovely update DGazingear... Love Sanju DM Nokzonk... N RaYa's Scenes... Da way u describe Ram Gazing Priya... Haye...Day Dreaming

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Thank u for the pm nice update  waiting for Raya dance update sooon

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Hey that was a grt update... Loved SanRaj fighting... And feeling bad for RaYa... Just hope things sort out btw them...

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WOW   update  soon  i  will  love romantic updates

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Your Special pictureYou Are The Best pictureMake Me Smile pictureHugs picture

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