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Posted: 27 August 2012 at 8:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kritinayyar

when is next part comng? me waitind!.

update will up soon sorry guys it take me long to update but will surly update soon... Smile

sakshi_24 Senior Member

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Posted: 27 August 2012 at 3:48pm | IP Logged
Wow raaz n all haan! nice..continue soon.

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leena04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 August 2012 at 10:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sakshi_24

Wow raaz n all haan! nice..continue soon.

thanks saki... for linking update... i m really glad for it... Embarrassed   Embarrassed

age age dekho hota ghai kya... so  just wait n watch stay tuned guys will update next soon Embarrassed 

leena04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 August 2012 at 10:34am | IP Logged

Now I m back with new part sorry guys made u all waiting a lot will now gonna update just once in week if possible then only twice…  so plz bare for me this is a bit long then before so bare with it also… if u feel i m drugging the story be feel ur self free to comment on it... next will surly up in soon  so till then enjoys this…


Note: i have updated more 3 character sketch of 3 characters 1. Somiya, 2. Shipra & 3. Shudir... if u have interest do read it on first post of first page of this thread  hope u will like it... Smile

Part 8I m truly blessed to have friend like u…


Here it becomes late night in Sharma house when after chit chatting with Shipra Priya & Sanju back into Priya's room with smiley faces. Ritz was very tired so she back to her room early after some talk with them in Shipra's room. Priya & Sanju comes to room for sleep as from childhood when ever they r together they shares only one room. Sanju were sitting on bad after change into night suit.

Priya soon took out her night suit & move towards washroom. Here Sanju jump on bad she lays down on left side of bad she rest her head in pillow but something hits her head hard. She feels something is under the pillow. She just gets up a bit & lays her hand under the pillow. She found a novel there she smiles as she loves books. She sits back on bad then open book to read it. She turns some page & she found one picture in that. She becomes confused as she found Priya childhood picture with some boy (its same picture copy which Priya keeps in her dairy) Sanju lost in thought looking at the picture & wonders who this boy can be do she know him. Meanwhile Priya also comes out of the washroom & found Sanju with picture she shocked moving to bad.

Priya: kya hai yeh Sanju? (She garbs the picture from Sanju's hand)

Sanju: di its ur childhood photo na u were looking so cute its from when & who is the boy haa? (She asked all question in just one breath with excitement of knowing abt the things)

Priya: ya this picture of my childhood when I had took part in one school function. (She smile)

Sanju: par aapke saath kuan hai is photo me… he is looking very cute (with smile) is he is ur friend? (She asked looking at boy in picture with smile)

Priya: yes (looking at picture smilingly) he is Ram… The Ram Kapoor… (Her voice gets louder) he is son of Amaranath uncle & Niharika aunty. (Looking at Ram side picture with shining eyes)

Sanju: ohh wahi bade papa k sabse aache dost right? (She looks at Priya who still just gazing at Ram) but di what is this picture doing in novel don't it should to be in album? (She asked in suspicious voice still looking Priya jugging her expressions)

Priya: (dumbstruck looking at her) woo… wooo… woh… (She finding excuses) haan woh kya hain na kal maim purani albums dekah rahi thi sp may be mistakenly left here. (She looking away not meeting her eyes with her kept picture took in book & keep it on her side drawer)

Sanju: but di… (She feels something suspicious when Priya cut her off between with irritation)

Priya: ab raat ko kya question answer khelne hain tujhe???  bahut raat ho gayi hai now lets get back to sleep we will talk in morning. (She said with a bit irritation & furious voice)

Sanju feels very strange but keeps mum & back to sleep both lay down on bad. Sanju facing to Priya's side face she sees Priya in deep thoughts & thinks "di I know something is wrong. something is surly there which u r trying to hide from me which is paining u either u won't ever hide it from me but I promise dii I will find out it & I will heal ur pain for forever." closed her eyes for sleep.

Priya turns & looks at her she thought "main tumhe yeh baat nahi bata sakti Sanju may be b'coz tum abhi is baat ko janne k liye choti ho… meri ziindgi k baat yeh koi na jane usi me sayad sabki bhalayi hai aur is liye main yeh baat tumse bhi share nahi kar sakti jis behan k saath main apni zindgi k har ek cheez share ki hai I m sorry my little sister." She closed her teary eyes for sleep looking at Sanju.

She turns her side n open the drawer of her side & took out the picture from book very silently that Sanju won't wake up. She took out picture from book & turns to see Sanju she was sleeping silently. She gets up & sits on bad resting her back on pillow. She sees at the picture with smile staring at picture happily. She lost in her thoughts when her eyes falls on trophy laying on table front of her  she lays her head back on pillow with leaving sign of deep breath she closed her eyes with her deep thoughts. She slipped in to her past hugging the picture near her heart.

*flashback starts*

Ram: Priya I told u yaar I can't do this plz don't force me. I am not going to do this I have decided & it's final. (He gets up from chair of classroom… where RaYa were talking alone)

Priya: Ram how could u do this? At least tried once na I m sure u will do it & that is even batter then others. (She even gets up from chair & moves to him)

Ram: I can't do this Priya try to understand now look at myself… how can u think that? I can even dance & that is also in inters college competition I can't do that yaar no… never... (He made face showing her his heavy weight body looking away can't meet his eyes with her)

Priya: without even trying how can u be so sure u can't do it Ram? (She make him face to her by holding his hand) dance nothing to do with body it have everything to do with moves & ability of dance Ram & u have that so u can do that. (She cupped his face making him to look at her he have still sadness on face)

Ram: b'coz I know it's not my cup of coffee & more on that I don't want to see u loosing b'coz of me… (He looked in her eyes) I know how much u loved to dance & participate in this competition… (He holds her hands on his cheek n take them in his hand) even u r so much finest dancer of our college as u win every competition of our college… I want to see u to win this competition too. (He smiles seeing at her n trying to make her understand)

Priya: and I also wanted to win this competition with u Ram b'coz I know u r the best. (She pleading him with her talks but it seems its not working on him)

Ram: how u know I m best I have never dance in my whole life nor I even participate in any single function in entire life… (His voice gets hire & furious he left Priya hand & moves away) look at my self how will a fatty would look by doing dance? (There is sadness in his talk which Priya can senses) There are so many trained dancers in competition they will make fun of u Priya which I don't want. (He said with claim voice now but still furious)

Priya: then I m for what there Ram? (She go front of him) I will help u to learn it we have 2 months for this competition Ram I promise until the final day our hard work will make u the finest dancer of this competition trust me. (Ram looks at her in her eyes there were so much confidence for him which making him more weak what if will fail to fulfill her wish)

Ram: I m sorry Priya I can't do this u will get more batter partner then me plz try to understand I can't do this. (He took away his eyes from her leaving the sign of sadness)

Priya: ok fine if u doesn't want to take part I won't force u but I m also not taking part in this without u Ram… I am backing off. (She let it off with sadness she just turns away from him)

Ram: what Priya… Priya listen to me… Pri…. (He tries to calls her but she went off) Ohh god this girl will make me mad one day. (He keep looking at her going back he wipes off his sweat from his left hand leaving deep sign with air from mouth) (Same as Ram's style)

She moved from there to their dance teacher Miss Kirti ji's room where she was waiting for Priya to know wither she & Ram is taking part in competition or not. Priya held towards madam's room with sad face. She knocks on door & teacher asks her to come in… she stands there with sad face.

Kirti: so Priya what u & Ram decided? r u both r going to take part in competition na? (She asked curiously with smile)

Priya: ma'am it's actually like that we r… (She don't know how to tell ma'am she in thoughts but before she could say anything else Ram came there)

Ram: may I come in ma'am? (He knocks on door & Priya shocked hear his voice)

Kirti: yes sure Ram u can… (Priya & Kirti ma'am looks at door sees Ram standing there) & tells me what happen. (He comes in & stands next to Priya she is not looking at him as she is angry with him Ram glance at her & then looks back to ma'am)

Ram: nothing ma'am I just came to tell you that… (He take pause & looks at Priya) we r taking part in competition. (He smiled looking at Priya n she shock staring at Ram)

Kirti: (smiles) wow u both did right so from tomorrow ur & Priya's practice is going to be start so be on time I hate late comers Priya know very well (she  smiles looking at her) after classes for 2 hours u have to practice hard so see u both tomorrow… u both can leave now.

RaYa said thanks to Kirti ma'am with smile then take leave from there Priya is all the time smiling.

Priya: so u has decided u won't take part then why u had changed it? (She just said to teased Ram)

Ram: what to do if my partner has decided that she wants to loss this competition with me I had left no other option then to do this. (He even said with playful smile looking at her)

Priya: I have not decided to loss I m sure I m gonna win this b'coz I have the best partner besides me. (She smiles confidently looking into Rams' eyes)

Ram: wowowo u has too much over confidence in ur partner ma'am. (He said again teasingly her with showing his cute sweet smile)

Priya: its not over confidence sir its just simply trust & faith that I have in my partner that he won't even let me loss then whatever happen there. (She grins with huge smile to Ram)

Ram: let's see so from tomorrow our hard work going to be start. (With testing his lips with his tongue with curved lips in smile)

Priya nods in yes with huge smile on her lips raising her eyebrow with playful shine then bite her lower lips a bit (how PK do in show) seeing this even Ram's lips automatically carved into his dashing smile then both moves towards their classroom. After that night both gets so much busy in rehearsal of dance day night whenever they get time they become busy learning new steps doing their dance practice. They r working hard on their rehearsals not leaving any single stone to turn up even both enjoying each other company together both r doing this for each other's happiness.

Finally it's come the day when their hard work going to be paid off the final day of competition. Priya were very excited as she have full faith in Ram were here Ram is a bit nervous seeing all the performance of other's as each of them were batter then best but all the time Priya was there by being his strength & trying to make his as normal as she can… her angelic smile were giving her all courage which he wanted. Yes he wanted to win this competition just for her… for to fulfill his best friend's wish & will both… here the all performance were done… here the time comes of RaYa's.

Ram were getting so much nervous hearing all the cheers by audience & seeing the high level of competition set by other participants… RaYa were standing there at the back side of stage just before their performance Vik comes there n hugs RaYa & wishes them gud luck with huge smile. He goes from there in front of stage waiting g for RaYa to come on stage… RaYa now moved on to front stage with their dress code they were going to do salsa on bollywood theme…

RaYa came on stage all the lights were on them audience been quite seeing RaYa on stage no one making noise for cheers like they doing for others due to this Ram grabbed huge amount of breath inside him seeing the reaction of audience. yes Ram was nervous as he was seeing so many people first time front of him… before this he never came on stage to do something like this… he never tired anything like this he was always afraid but Priya senses Ram's restlessness he just hold his hand in her & Ram turns looks at her she just give him her magical smile… he looks into her dove shaped eyes seeing whom he just forgot abt the whole world… here the music starts & he pulls Priya towards him just looking into her eyes. All other lights go off just spot lights on RaYa.

At the background song played "Pyar ki ek kahaani suno" They starts dancing with full rhythm everyone just gets stunned seeing RaYa… the burning sensation between them just burning the floor… with their dancing chemistry. Everyone's eyes just gulled on RaYa no one can believe that Ram could dance so well… everyone knew Priya is great dancer as she had took part in several competition & even won them but Ram… Ram is a surprise packaged for them. Here RaYa is just lost in their world… in the dancing that they even forgot while dancing that they r on stage front of 1000 peoples but they didn't care… they didn't take off their eyes for a moment from each other. They have just lost in each other while doing their passionate dance… lost in each other which were showing in their steps. After being a bit fat Ram is able to carry Priya & move his body efficiently. After all it was RaYa's 2 months hard work whose magic were making everyone mesmerized.

Here the music stops as their performance ended Ram holding Priya banding on his waist on her. His both hand on her waist carrying Priya carefully & Priya's both hand on around his neck holding him tights & he is very close to her. She is assured with that she is in protective arms around her. They were breathing hard their faces r very close to each other lost in each other deep brown eyes. Something was there between them abt what they were unaware yet something which they can't forgot… something which they can't handle… something which not letting them to leave each other… but both just come into their senses as the all lights goes on of the stage on them along with hearing the noise of the claps, whistles & shouts of "Once more… Once more…" from the crowd around there RaYa looks around & take a stand looking at the audience who were cheering them up.

RaYa give huge smiles to them & moves to back stage where Vik & some of their college crowd standing there to congratulate them for their passionate performance. RaYa wanted to share their feelings with each other but seeing all of them there they put back their emotions they greet their friends with smiles & hugs. Here the result times comes RaYa's heart beat pounded louder. They call all the participants on stage RaYa standing together holding each other hand being restless both were taking deep breath in & out. Announcer announced the 3rd & 2nd winners as expected RaYa is not there. Everyone knows the resulted that who is gonna be winner but still he was making everyone restless & finally he is announcing the results "and the first Price goes too… (RaYa closed their eyes tight with getting breath deeply) too non other then… Mr. Ram Kapoor & Miss Priya Sharma…" Priya just wrapped her arms around his neck & hugs Ram very tightly in between her arms even Ram also take her in between his arms holding her by her waist that he almost pick her up from the floor in between his arms hold her to closely him tightly. Ram is just doing this for Priya to fulfill her wish & will where Priya wanted to win this for Ram b'coz she know how much this is important to build up his confidence in him & he did it. Finally they did it for their best friends but was it just friendship or something else they yet didn't understand RaYa just brook the hug. They sees at the crowd were cheering for them both took their trophy & come down from the stage.

RaYa moves to meet Vik both hug him… & he congratulate them. Priya got a call from Sudhir & she went away to talk to him as there was too much noise leaving Ram & Vik alone.

Ram: u know buddy I m so happy today. (He smiles hugely looking at the trophy in his hand)

Vik: yes I know yaar after all today u fulfilled ur one of the biggest dream u always wanted to be a dancer & today u did it. (They hug aging with big smile)

Ram: yes & all this happens b'coz of Priya (he looks at Priya who were still busy in phone) if she wasn't encourage me I wasn't be able to do. (He takes deep sign with his sweet smile)

Vik: ya u should be after all she had promised to herself & she did it. (He looked at her & the words come out from his mouth)

Ram: promise… what promise u r talking abt? (He asked him with question look)

Vik: (smiles at him) remember some months ago we were watching one dance show on TV & u said me how much u loved to dance & all that… that time Priya heard our some talk she came to me. She asked abt it I told her everything that how u loved to dance from childhood but b'coz of ur fatness everyone made fun of u & no one was there to help u after that u have leaved the thought that u can dance ever nor even u shred it ever with anyone. (Ram completely shocked with his talk) That time she promised to herself front of me that she will make u dance & not just make but she will win the competition with u too. Yaar she is ur true friend in true manner just keep her always besides u. (his becomes emotional both looking at Priya)

Ram's eyes got moisture he went to there were Priya standing & talking to her father. Priya sees Ram near her with moisture eyes. She becomes worried that what happen to him & she hangs up the call telling her dad she will call him later. She looks at Ram with lost of questions but before she could utter a word Ram just took her in to his tights embrace hugging… cursing her tights in between his arms. Priya still totally confusing & shocked still consoling him by petting him on his back but when her eyes fall on Vik seeing him smiling she understood he told Ram everything abt their convey of that day & hence he become emotional hearing all that. She holds him tights in hug both were quite for long time. Vik moves away from there leaving them alone.

Ram: (he brook hug & looks at her) I m lucky truly blessed to be have friend like u Priya who thinks for me so much… u r my straight Priya u were always there for me to encourage me & b'coz of u I m able to do this but why did u hide it from me (he controlled his emotion) I would liked it more if u had told me. (Looking at Priya with question eyes)

Priya: I know Ram but I also know u very well if I had told u ever this u never agreed to do this as u will be afraid or be nervous after ur past experiences even u know what I know u did this all just to fulfill my will… my wish… & this was the only way I cloud convince u to do this (she looked in his eyes deeply)but u know I m very happy b'coz not just u but I blessed a friend like u who can do anything just to make my wish to fulfill & for my happiness. (She keep looking in those deep brown eyes)

Both again give each other slight hug from side Ram sees at trophy & keep it front of them.

Ram: have this Priya keep it to u. (he offers to hold the trophy to her)

Priya: but Ram but this is ur first trophy & I want u to keep it to u as the memories of urs winning. (She smiles pulling the trophy to him)

Ram: this is not just our winning trophy but this is the sign of our true friendship Priya & I want to dedicate my this first winning sign to u as it is just b'coz of u plz don't say no (he pleaded to her) & if this will with u so u will always remember that once u was had the best partner of ur life. (He just teased her giggling)

Ram: yes that is true I have the best of my life besides me. (RaYa burst out in laughter Priya took the trophy in her hand both still slide hugging each other)

*flashback ends*

Priya open her eyes & looks at the trophy she thinks "why Ram? Why u did that it was u who said me u r lucky to be blessed friend like me then what happen to that night Ram how can everything got shattered in just one moment… how??? that thing can happen Ram how??? Now nothing can be anything like before everything is destroyed Ram everything… She closed her teary eyes sobbing silently so Sanju won't get hear her sobs. She keep back picture in book & book into drawer she then lay down for sleep with teary eyes. After a long her eyes does off to sleep being normal trying to hide her each pain in her only. Here its next morning now, in Kapoor house Ram & Dm is already left for office. Here in Sharma house everyone having breakfast when Priya were getting to ready to leave for office but Sanju didn't let her go as they met after so many days & she wanted to spend sometime with her di then later they go in award event & party tonight together with family. First Priya was saying no but then after she agreed listing pleading by Sanju so many times.

Priya: ok I will stay today at home but at least call me at office & tell them I m not coming today at office. (She takes her cell n finding number to call)

Sanju: don't worry I will do that honor u just go & change ur cloth b'coz we r going for shopping. (She snatched the cell from her hand with smile)

Priya: shopping but why??? (With giving surprised look)

Sanju: di has u forgot today is ur day… u r going to win award & I wanted u to wear the best collection of this year so we r going to shop for u & I m not hearing anything from u… badi maa plz take her away & make her ready. (She pushed Priya to Shipra & she take Priya with her in to room Priya just mummer "this girl is mad & one day will make me mad also")

Sanju: (she took up diary & dials the number of Ram's cabin from Priya's cell but unfortunately Ram wasn't there so Dm picks up the call) hello can I speak to Mr. Ram Kapoor? (She said with her usual smile on her lips)

Dm: (Dm find filmier voice he suspicious on it) no, he is not here but u can tell me what the matter is.

Sanju: (she even find awkward hear his voice but ignores as she is in hurry) ohh ok I just call to informs him that Miss. Priya Sharma is not coming today at office she will meet him right next in to the award function in evening. (She said in one tone with usual way)

Dm: (Now Dm sure he heard this voice somewhere he thought to ask her) ya sure but… (Before he could ask any further he just cut him off…)

Sanju: ok thank you very much… (She cut the call & went in side to Priya's room)

Here Dm lost in his thoughts that who was the girl whom he just talked her voice felt him so filmier of that yesterday's girl voice. He remembered the entire yesterday incident he fuming in anger. He has to teach good lesson to that girl to be messed with Dharamraj Kapoor. He can't let her go so easily then he makes few calls & gives them Sanju's full name then told them to find out abt her every small detail & give him as soon as possible. Here after that he gets busy in work.

 To be continuing…

Recap:- Priya introduce Dm & Sanju in the award function.

Plz press the like button & post ur valuable comments if u likes this update  thank you for reading this… 

Evan if u want to add ur name in PM list on next update do like this or add me in ur buddy list...

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luvsakshi IF-Sizzlerz

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hey superb,so far the stroy is going great dear ..

yayyy you are fabulous .. thanks that pic is ram's one .. i love it yaar .. thank you soo much for wonderful update ...

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awesome update... update soon...

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yaar plz sab cheez baad main 1st u tell me y they not together uff what happen between them
love the dance part
 if they love then yConfusedConfusedConfused
but update
plz too update soon

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Nice update Leena. Continue soon. 

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