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FF~Aur pyar ho gaya...1 new thread link on p. 151 (Page 52)

leena04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Now I m back with new part sorry guys made u all waiting a lot was stuck with life so couldn't"t but  finally I m updating… this is a bit long then before so bare with it… if u feel i m drugging the story be feel ur self free to comment on it... next will surly up in soon  so till then enjoys this…

Part 7 - What an idea sirji I love u…


Here all girls get in car of Priya while talking & babbling they reached to Neha's house. Priya ask her to come with them but Neha refused thinking may will Vik come to meet her as hardly they had talk in day so she wishing to spend sometime with him by saying to Priya that "they will going to meet tomorrow at award function even also after that there is party too so she will have fun with them tomorrow as she is tired now... she bid bye to Priya, Sanju & Ritz. Then she runs in to her house waiting for Vikram's call.

Here Ram Dm & Vik were in Ram's car moving to Ram's house. Dm is very happy after talking to Ram & Vik after so long time. They have reached at home Vik is even with them. All greats Dm with hug first he moves to Nik with huge smile.

Nik: I m very happy beta to see u here back again how is bhaishahab (Dm's dad)? (With hug n smile)

Dm: ya he is fine… (No one look happy hearing abt him expect Nik)

Nuts: bade bhai first tell me na did u have brought all the stuff I asked u to bring? (She jumps in between near to Dm with big smile)

Sid: no… no bhai pehle aap batayiye mera gift kaha hai hamesha aap is chuhiya ko sabse pehle gift dete hain aaj maine pehle main apna gift lunga… (Even he also comes there making face to Nuts)

Ram: ok kids bhai will give u both ur gift first let bhai take some peaceful breath abhi toh bhai aaye hain aur tum dono abhi suru ho gaye… (Just teasing them as Ram know how much they eagerly waits for their gift whenever Ram & Dm goes out)

Dm: let it be Golu until I won't give them gifts I even won't feel relief… (He flaunts his dimples to Ram) see sorry Sid even today also I will give gifts first to Choti only after all she is our princess of house. (Nuts is having wining smile on face even Ram is too smiling Sid makes face)

(Dm opens his hand bag & took out all the packets from bag for Nuts)

Dm: here it is have this choti… ur makeup kit… ur dresses… ur accessories… & all the other things which u have asked… (He almost took out everything from his bag Nuts expect 3 gifts & Nuts is very happy seeing her all the things here Dm took out one packet & moves to Nik) choti maa this is for u... (he hand over gift packet to her)

Nik: what was need of it Dm it was ok I m happy with that u had bring so many things for kids. (With sweet smile looking at Dm)

Dm: choti maa Plz for me… (After pleading by Dm & Ram she accepted the gift Nuts runs to Nik & opens the gift she found beautiful princess cut diamond necklace)

Nuts: bade bhai when things come to diamond ur choices r always best.  (Nuts are very happy seeing it. Here Dm even handed 2 gifts to Vik from him & Neha after all they r also part of their family without hearing anything from him.)

Sid sees inside the bag it was empty now. He gets irritate Ram & Dm enjoying his irritation.

Ram: what happen Sid why u r looking at bag likes this? (Just in teasing tone to him)

Sid: then what will I do bhai see bade bhai ne sare gifts toh is chuhiya ko de diye mere liye toh kuch nahi bacaha isme. (Showing him empty bag he gets furious)

Dm: are aisa kabhi ho sakta hai Sid I won't bring any gift for u ever? I have one very gift for u (he put his hand in his pocket & bring out one small gift box from it) Have this ur gift. (With smile he hand over it to Sid)

Sid: what is this bade bhai u have brought so many gifts for Nuts & for me just this small box ab isme kya khass hoga I know no one loves me everyone just loves this chuhiya. (He made face in anger & irritation Ram & Dm enjoying it very much)

Nik: how the way u r talking to ur big brother Sid its his gift he had brought for u with so much love accept it happily. (Sid lowers his head as she said in anger)

Ram: ab kahde kahde muh kyun latkaya hua hai gift ko khol k toh dekh. (With his dashing smile of teasing)

Sid: what is this just key??? (He opens the wrappers & takes out the gift)

Dm: yes this r the keys of ur favorite brand new sports bike. (He took out one browser of bike from his pocket & shows to him)

Sid: what par bade bhai aapko kaise pata chala that I wanted this? (He shocked)

Dm: Ram se tune 2 din pehle kaha tha na that u want this bike so I we decided to this gift to u. (Ram & Dm smiles to him hugely seeing surprise smile on him)

Sid: OMG bhai u both r the best brothers in world I just loves u both a lot. (He goes near to Ram & Dm then hugs them both tightly)

Ram: chup nutanki… I know how much u loves us tomorrow ur bike will here in house now happy? (Sid nods in yes happily) then come lets have some food yaar I m very hungry. (He makes please face)

Here all moves to dining room to have dinner after fresh n up. Here all had dinner & then moves to their respective rooms for sleep. Here Ram, Dm & Vik moves to Dm's room for having one round of drinks almost after a month with their chat.

At Sharma house Priya reached there with Sanju & Ritz. Shipra is so happy to seeing Sanju as she always treats Sanju as her younger daughter. Sanju takes Sudhir & Shipra's blessing & gives them their gifts which sanded by her parents for them. Then all get fresh & sit to have dinner. Shipra make Sanju sit next to her for dinner Priya sitting with Ritz.

Shipra made all the favorite items of Sanju. She is serving everyone food on dinning table. She almost pours all the food in just Sanju's plate not just this she even asking her to eat more & more… Sanju is pissed now having so much food but she even can't say no to her badi maa as she know how much she loves her. She is making face but still eating quietly. Here Priya & Ritz r giggling seeing Sanju's state even enjoying too.

Sanju: badi maa bas main aur nahi kah paungi… (She trying to stop Shipra for filling her plate in ever minute)

Shipra: kya nahi kha paungi haan chup chap sara khana kahtam karo yeh… (She said in angry tone)

Sudhir: who sahi keh rahi hai why u r forcing her Shipra if she can't eat any much let it be na. (With smile)

Shipra: janu aap bhi kya haan!!! Aur Sanju tujhe kya kya hua hai dekh kitni patli ho gayi hai jo thoda sa zayda kha legi toh moti nahi ho jayegi pata hai mujhe doctor banna hai tujhe & for that u have to be strong from mind & body if u won't eat how will u be. (She said in angry tone Sanju make face while eating as she is full now)

Ritz: di what is aunty is doing? (She whispers to Priya with smile.)

Priya: nothing bas 15 saal ka pyaar ek saath Sanju pe barsa rahai hai. (She even giggles looking at Sanju & Shipra as she still filling her plate with food)

Ritz: u know di if Sanju will go eating like this na she will be surly becomes balloon in some days staying here. (Priya & Ritz giggling while talking when Shipra's eyes caught them.)

Shipra: Priya beta how many times I told u not to talk or laugh while eating have ur food quietly then do what ever u want. (She is angry now)

Priya: maa par agar aap Sanju k aise hi khilati rahi na toh who doctor bane ya na bane par woh patient toh zaror ban jayegi. (Ritz & Priya burst out in laughter)

Shipra: Priya… (In angry irritate tone showing her big eyes)

Sudhir: Shipra sahi toh keh rahi hai Priya tum yaha aao aur mere paas baithkar kahan kaho aur bacho ko khana kahne do… (He feeds her food with his hand Shipra still angry with him) aur waise bhi tum agar sara khana bachon ko khila dugi toh tumhare haat ka bana itna teasty kahan mere liye todi na bachega. (He said teasing her while feeding food she blushed now hearing him)

Sanju: wowowowo yeh jaan kar aacah laga k bade papa aur badi maa ka romance aaj bhi kitna jawan hai. (Sanju commented while teasing them)

Sudhir: kya karun beta tumhari badi maa kabhi is pyaar ko bhuddha hone hi nahi deti kyun hai na Shipra? (He looks at her with loving eyes & Shipra got shy)

Shipra: kya janu aap bhi (in her own style) chaliye khana kahte hain…

All are talking & laughing enjoying their food on dinning table. Here Ram, Vik & Dm having their drinks with snacks they r not usual dunkers but took one or two pegs when all these 3 r together in relax mood. Here while talking Vik burst out morning incident of RaYa to Dm as he know only Dm can handle this issue being very close to both of them.

Dm looks at Ram but he looks away while having his drink he is lost deep in his thoughts. Here it's been late Vik bid then bye to Ram & Dm go to his house. He makes his way to go out hugs Ram & Dm. Vik moves out of room Ram sited on his chair with his glass lots of his thoughts in mind he lost somewhere. He isn't it meeting his eyes with Dm he know lots of questions r waiting for him. Dm sees at him & starts to talk with him.

Dm: so how was the last month Ram. (He took his glass in hand & looks to Ram)

Ram: it was nice bhai (he licks his lips with slight smile)

Dm: so what I had told u did u did that work Ram? (Ram knew when he calls him with his name something really seriously talk's r there)

Ram: which work bhai? (He looked away just trying to ignore the talk)

Dm: don't try to be with me Golu not just me but u also know what abt I am talking right now isn't? (He just set there adjusting his eyes on his expressions trying to understand him)

Ram: no & that work is never going to be happen bhai… it will be gud if we won't talk abt it ever. (He rubbed his palms on his face leavening upset sign with sadness)

Dm: (Ram starts to go out but stops with Dm words) sachai se bhagne se sachai badal nahi jati Ram… if u do then why don't u just accept it demit… why the hell u r bringing ur ego in btw of all this? (He gets furious over Ram with anger)

Ram: kaisa sach bhai… kunsa sach… sach aap bhi aachi tarha se jante hai aur maine bhi… 6 saal pehle jo sach badla nahi who aaj bhi nahi badlega… (He turn back looks in Dm's eyes with so much of pain & sadness)

Dm: u r doing wrong Ram by not telling her the truth why Ram why u r doing this with ur self with herself why Ram why… why don't u tell her everything. (He tries to awake him from his fake ego but failed once again)

Ram: what will I tell her bhai that I love her I know she won't accept me ever. That night what was happen who main bhi janta hun aap bhi just forgot abt it bhai just forgot… now nothing can happen gud night bhai… (He moves towards his room)

Dm: bhool toh tu use nahi paya hai Ram aur tu mujhe kehta hai sab kuch bhulne k liye… (He smiles looking at his going back talking to himself) par mujhe pura yakin hai mere bhai tera yeh pyar ek din use tere paas aane k liye majboor kar hi dega Ram I know & that time ur ego will even won't be able to do anything. (He grins)

Here Ram back to his room burning in anger. He go stand in his balcony looking out with tears he just hated those thoughts which were coming in his mind… which were making him restless. He knew what had Dm said was true still he loves her… loves her a lot. He can't imagine his life without her that's why he requested to Sudhir uncle threw Dm to make her join their business so he can at lest see her face everyday… he can be happy rejoices seeing her attractive smile which light up his life. He knew very well after what ever happen he won't be able to get back his love… his Priya back in his life… at lest he is happy seeing her smile like he always… he can at least feel her presence near him which make him feel alive in his lifeless life he recalls his memories of past…


It was 6 years ago when Ram was studying in his last year of graduation & Priya was there 3 year junior from him. In the whole collage Ram were very popular for being eldest son of rich businessmen… every girl wants to be in his company but he never give glance to them… he hated all those money minded girl even he very reserved kind of person.  He loves to spend his time with his buddy gang of just of 3 ppl he Vik & Priya they all loves to hang out together.

Even that's why no girl be a friends with Priya as they hates her just b'coz of her Ram never looks at them but after knowing all that she is at least bother for it she were happy with Ram & Vik's friendship along with her books as at lest she were getting much time to study…

Somehow one day due to some reason Vikram had need change his college for his last year of study so there was just left Priya & Ram in college for each other. They were still feeling for each other just a good friend nothing more then that. One day Priya were sitting in canting area alone on a table reading her books lost in her study when Ram comes there & bang on her head with his books lightly with grins. She looks up surprisingly rubbing her head with angry glance at Ram.

Priya: Ram what r u doing here u had ur class na had u bank it. (She asked surprisingly)

Ram: dumbo sees the time my lecture is over now… aur waise bhi mujhe kiski daant nahi khani thi lecture bank karke. (He grins nightly at Priya in teasing tone)

Priya: Ram aap jante hain na studies is so important for us. (She gives him angry looks)

Ram: ya but life me fun naam ki bhi toh koi cheez hoti hai ya nahi? See Vik has went for other college so ab is pure college me sirf ek hi dost bachi hai meri aur who hai sirf Miss Priya Sharma (she smiled looking at him) toh ab usike saath mazak masti nahi karunga toh toh kissi karonga & what is this ur r reading book seating in canting log yaha aakar khana khate hain na ki kitabe padhne. (He teased her taunting with his sweet smile & innocent face)

Priya: yes I know but I was waiting for u as I knew jab aap aayenge aap ko bahut bhook lagi hogi. (She even teased Ram with her naughty smile on his eating habits) U just orders main fresh room hokar aati hun. (Ram calls waiter orders him some food here Priya came there after 15 min)

She came to table & shocked seeing again the things which she hated on table.

Priya: Ram yeh sab kya magwaya hai aapne nahi phir se nahi. (She is shocked while sitting on chair next to him)

Ram: kya nahi u know na I always loves to eats this thing so what the big deal? (He makes face to him with annoyed look)

Priya: Ram this all things have so much facts this 10 aaloo ke paratha with extra butter (she made face seeing them) is not gud for health I m not going to eat this at all. (She pushes plate a bit on table from her side Ram grins to seeing her like this)

Ram: yes I know & I m also not going to share all this with u (she looked at him with surprise) that's why I haven't ordered this for u yeh toh sirf mera kahna hai. (Looking at paratha with love) I have ordered for u this veg sandwich… (He handed her plate of veg sandwiches) have it.

Priya: (seeing Ram looking at paratha smilingly) Ram aap itna kaheynge na toh aallo ki tarha hi mote ho jayenge its so unhealthy Ram plz stop it (still Ram just ignores her then was abt to cut the piece of paratha when she continues) phir koi bhi ladki aap ki taraf nahi dekhgi pata hai kitne mote hote ja rahe hain day by day. (Seeing at him & his dashing smile with angry eyes)

Ram: so I m Punjabi yaar & Punjabi's r always khate pite ghar k ok…. & u knows what Priya I don't care b'coz main khud unki taraf nahi dekhata hun… (She looks away with disbelief seeing Ram so crazy for parathas) toh now u let me enjoy my testy sweet heart & u eat ur this ghas phus… (Stop seeing angry glance of her) I mean ur veg sandwich. (With this he starts to eat)

Priya: ek kaam karti hun Niharika aunty se aaloo k parathon se hi karwa deti hun… phir khate rahiyega puri zindgi use… (In taunting way to him in her anger she even lightly hits him on his chest friendly as he ignored her while eating)

Ram: wow what an idea sirji I love u… (In a friendly tone) phir mere aur mere sweet heart k beech koi nahi aayega… awesome tasty man… (With huge bite of paratah in mouth)


He comes back from his memories with smile on his lips & tears in his eyes thinking… "Those days were so magical Priya. We were together but just that one night… one movement… one mistake has spoiled everything Priya… everything now u r no more mine u r not with me Priya not with me…" with his tears continues to flow from his eyes he take his & Priya's collage picture in hand & sit on chair in the balcony hugging it so close t his heart. He falls in sleep with tearful eyes.


To be continuing…

Recap:- Priya introduce Dm & Sanju in the award function.

Plz press the like button & post ur valuable comments if u likes this update  thank you for reading this… 

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Birdy91 Senior Member

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Ahaaa Di.. tnkuuu For Giving Us Such a Lovely Update... Flashback scene is Awesome... Chotti chotti nok-jhok... ahem ahem... I jst Love it... Yayyy... Bt ye Alag kese huye..??? :O Hehhehee Shipra snju Ko b apni hi treh bana degi *ballon*.Wink Di Loved d bonding B/w DM n Golu...<3 plzzz Update Soon Di...:-))))))))

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Posted: 22 August 2012 at 7:00am | IP Logged

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ahana1994 Senior Member

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Superb Clap ram still loves priya Day Dreaming but i wonder what was the mistake Confused
do continue soon Smile

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kaparikh1 Goldie

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Posted: 22 August 2012 at 7:05am | IP Logged
Hey that was great update yaar...Just loved it... But wanna know as what has happened btw Ram and Priya k now they are far from each other and cant confess their love..Plzz update soon...

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Pinky.Raya Goldie

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yaar aapka brain toh mujhse bhi zyaada khurafaati hain ! kya likhte ho aap ! Mast !

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leena04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Birdy91

Ahaaa Di.. tnkuuu For Giving Us Such a Lovely Update... Flashback scene is Awesome... Chotti chotti nok-jhok... ahem ahem... I jst Love it... Yayyy... Bt ye Alag kese huye..??? :O Hehhehee Shipra snju Ko b apni hi treh bana degi *ballon*.Wink Di Loved d bonding B/w DM n Golu...<3 plzzz Update Soon Di...:-))))))))

thanks birdy ji... for linking update... i m really glad for it... Embarrassed   Embarrassed

heheheh unki choti choti nok jhok hi toh badi badi smile lati hai hamare cheron pe...  ya Golu Dm bonding is just as like their off screen bonding adorable...  LOL  so  just wait n watch stay tuned guys will update next soon

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leena04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Pinky.Raya

thanks pinky... for linking update... i m really glad for it... Embarrassed   Embarrassed

heheheh i seriously loved the GIFS...   LOL  so  just wait n watch stay tuned guys will update next soon

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