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FF~Aur pyar ho gaya...1 new thread link on p. 151 (Page 43)

leena04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Now I m back with new part sorry guys made u all waiting a lot was stuck with life so couldn't"t but  finally I m updating… this is a bit long then before so bare with it… if u feel i m drugging the story be feel ur self free to comment on it... next will surly up in 4-5 days so till then enjoys this…

Part 6 - Tit for tat…

Then both leave office to go at airport together. Here Sanju hangs up the call & from the other side Ritz runs to her. She is the best friend of Sanju she is serious kind of padaku girl she loves to read book this is the only things which is similar between Sanju & her. They both just loved to reads books, novels… they both were together from long time.

Ritz: hey Sanju who was on the call? (She had some packets of wafers in hand)

Sanju: nothing yaar I just called Priya di to informs her we have reached to India. (She isn't it looked at her just checking in her mobile)

Ritz:- so what she said? (Enjoying having the wafers looking at her)

Sanju:- nothing she said to stay here she will be here in 30 min to pick up us. (She completes with her cell phone & looks at Ritz she is having wafers Sanju socked with anger) Ritz what the hell u r doing? Kitna kahyegi yar bas kar pura din chabad chabad khati hi rehti hai??? (She snatches the packet from her hand in anger)

Ritz: u know what u always have problem with my food only. (She is fuming looking at her)

Sanju: haan b'coz if u will remain to eating like this na one day u will becomes balloons (Ritz shows her win angry eyes to Sanju) aur waise bhi ab kya karun (even what to do) if u won't take care of ur self mujhe hi khayal rakhna padega na. (If u won't take care of ur self I will need to do that) (She fluent her sweet smile to Ritz)

Ritz: very funny… (She gives strain smile) come we will go & sit in cafeteria. (looking at other side)

Sanju: so u can have more food to eat? (She gives deadly looks to her)

Ritz: no b'coz I heard u said to Priya di we r waiting for her in cafeteria (Sanju bites her tongue with teeth as she saying ooopss) & have this ur bag kabse shambahal rahi hun…. (I m taking care of it from so many time… making face she throw Sanju's bag in Sanju's hand & Sanju give her remaining wafer packets with smile)

Both smiles to each other while moving to cafeteria… they had their luggage with them in trolley. When they were abt to reach cafeteria Sanju got a call she looks at Ritz & says u sit there I will come there in just some moments… she moves away from there. Here Dm also coming to there from other side wearing his casual wears t-shirt & jeans looking handsome like always while talking on his cell flaunting his dimples. He is busy buzzing with Ram asking him where he reached till now. He had just 1 bag with him in hand.

Here Sanju even lost while talking on phone. She is moving around here to there. SanRaj were lost in their conversation on phone… Here Dm moving to Sanju completely lost in call. Here Ritz sees some delicious food restaurant near by she looks at Sanju who were lost in her call so she just took her luggage & moved to restaurant. Sanju here moving towards Dm both were going at opposite side both were lost in them self.

When both where about to pass from each other both were bumped with each other badly. Here Sanju loosen her balance while trying to holding her self her cell fall on floor & brook completely. She almost shocked but Dm just moving in his way not even looked back that what happen behind. Sanju band down n picks up the pieces of her cell phone.

Sanju: hey u Mr. blind can't u see & walk properly. (She almost shouts angrily holding those brook mobile pieces in hand)(Dm just moving in his way Sanju is shocked he just ignored her) hey u in green t-shirt r u even deaf with blindness completely jerk… (She mummers in so much anger these words of her made him to looks at her as he can't imagine that any girl cloud act with him like this. He stops & slowly turns toward Sanju who were angrily gazing at him. This time he looks at her with side & then slowly fully turned to her. Sanju still standing there wanted to see this person's face)

Dm: hey has u said anything to me? (Moving towards her with his usual smile & attitude while looking at her his smile made Sanju even angrier)

Sanju: R u seeing anyone else around here with green t-shirt expects u? (Completely shocked with his attitude on his face she still standing there where she is)

Dm: see this is airport & lots of ppl moving around here so I thought may be… (He said coming very closer to her looking deeply into her eyes till now not a single girl talk with him like this ever he completely shocked)

Sanju: ya here lot of ppl moving around but they didn't brook my cell phone like which what u did… (She fuming over him in anger she showed him broke phone pieces)

Dm: ohh so u r angry just b'coz of this cell phone (He looked at the phone pieces in her hand) never mind how much of was it…  10,000, 20,000, 25,000 or many more (he took out his wallet & taking out money from it) it was not big deal so here u take this & settle this issue ok… (He holds Sanju's one hand & keeps money on it flaunting his dimples)

Sanju: how the kind of person u r besides saying me sorry u r offering me money… (She hold the money in her hand & completely shocked seeing his smiley face he even have not slight of guilt on face) u know what u r not just jerk u r even manner less jerk. (She smiled a bit seeing at his face with full of her attitude)

Dm: how dare u to call me like that u don't know who I m. (Now this words of her made Dm angry the way Sanju were talking to him with smile it hurts to his ego)

Sanju: hello Mr. Attitude I don't know who r u even I don't want to know abt any brainless ppl. (She said in her ego with her sweet smile as she know she is making him irritate with it)

Dm: don't try to mess with Dharamraj Kapoor u will have to regret on it got it? (He rise his hand to her as of he asking her to keep quite)

Sanju: we will see who will get regret Mr. but first I want to settle this issue. (She smiles to him while looking at his cell phone in hand)

Dm: ohh really wow so whom u r going to call court, police or security? (With same attitude on his face asking while making face)

Sanju: no need… no need to call them when I can settle this thing by my self. (She smiles sweetly) Can I have ur mobile plz? (She forward her hand front of him)

Dm: what… but why? (Dm makes face then looking at his cell)

Sanju: why? Is r u getting sacred Mr. Attitude? (She raised her eye brows with smile)

Dm looking at her then again at cell she forwards her hand front of him asking for cell with eyes. Dm makes face and gives his cell into her hand. He has no clue what is running in her mind. Until then he realized without wasting a sec she just grab his cell phone. She sees at Dm then seeing his cell phone & then drop it from her hand on floor front of his eyes with smile seeing at Dm. The way his cell phone goes on floor it gets breaks into two pieces. Dm shocked with open mouth standing there looking at that brook cell phone pieces. He then looks back at Sanju like roaring line with burning eyes.

Dm: r u mad or what do u has any idea how many my very important things where inside the cell & u just brooked it? (He is so furious in anger over her but she just smiling looking at him)

Sanju: u should also think abt this before brook anyone else cell phone I know u didn't did it purposely but at least u were able to say sorry but u just shown ur so called attitude but I m not like u so I m very… very sorry for it (she make puppy face & said with sadness taking his cell phone pieces in hand) & have this money buy some new gud phone. (With his & some more money she took out from her bag) (She pulls his hand & kept money in his hand with his brook cell phone pieces)

Dm: u will have to pay for this very badly… I m not gone leave u so easily. (He said angrily looking at her in her eyes)

Sanju: do what ever u can Sanjana Sharma don't scares from anything she do what is right & she won't look back ever. (she give her sweet smile to him & turn to go but stops looking back to him) btw I m giving u one advice that s also free in future plz pray to god that we never meet b'coz if next time u made mistake front of me with ur this so called attitude I promise I won't give u chance to say sorry even got it? (She grins leaving Dm so angry)

He holds his phone pieces in his grip of palm angrily seeing the way Sanju were going he keeps looking at her until her back fads off from his sight. Here Sanju were moving from their fuming in anger talking to herself "I had taut him gud lesson he will think twice before mess with me again". When Ritz finds her & moves to her with thought.

Ritz: Sanju kaha gayi thi tu kitna dundha maine tujhe (where were u I find u so much) & why r u so much angry?

Sanju: nothing just give me ur cell I just want to call Priya di? (Until she competes Priya & Neha reached there)

Priya: why ab tujhe yaad aayi apni Priya di ki? (So now just u has remembered ur Priya di haan?)

Sanju sees Priya with huge smile on her lips then she runs to her & hug her tightly. Here Priya also take her in her arms with her tread mark big smile. Neha & Ritz both were seeing them with smile. Sanju took her self back looking at Priya with big smile.

Sanju: di how u came here I mean how u got to know we r here. (She asked surprisingly)

Priya: Ritz se pata chala… (looking at Ritz) what it is actually from last 15 min I m trying ur no but its coming switched off then I call Ritz & she tell me where r u both but tell me what happen to ur phone? (She asked with question look to Sanju)

Sanju: ohh my phone is brook so that's I couldn't talk to u. (she said it with sad face)

Ritz: but how? (She completely shocked)

Sanju: its long story will tell u at home… (She gives slight smile to Ritz still standing next to Priya)

Priya: ok then firstly meet Neha Vikram's would be finance & Neha she is Ritz Sanju's friend (showing her hand to Ritz) & she is Sanju… (Holding Sanju from shoulder with smile)

Neha: ur sister right… hi Sanju welcome to India. (Sanju & Neha hug each other)

Priya: ok now let's go its too late now we will talk in car now. (With smile)

All smiles & moves from there to go back to car at parking area. Here Ram & Vik rooming all around the airport & finally they find Dm (he lost in his own thoughts) after so much search at sitting on chair they runs to him. Ram reached there & shakes Dm.

Dm: Ram… Vik u both reached here. (He look up at them then gets up & greets both them with hug first Ram & then Vik) hey congress Vik for coming new life. (Both share sweet smile)

Ram: bhai where is ur phone I m calling for so much time u but couldn't make up & what r u doing here. (Looking around with question look on face)

Dm: nothing my phone has just brook anyways let's go home we will talk abt other things later at home. (While flaunting his dimples looking at them both)

Ram: yes all mast be, waiting for u at home. (They all moves from there with smile)

To be continuing…

Recap: Dm: why Ram why… why don't u tell her everything.

Ram: what will I tell her bhai... that I love her I know she won't accept me ever bhai.

Note: ok before u all throw chuuta's & chapple on me after reading this want to share with u all guys... from this part 2 new parallel lead going to be add in story. 

This both character holding very important place in this RaYa's love story with their own love story so guys I need ur support & trust me… u won't regret on it so now chutaa's & chapples r welcome but one by one... LOL

Plz press the like button & post ur valuable comments if u likes this update  thank you for reading this… 

Evan if u want to add ur name in PM list on next update do like this or add me in ur buddy list...

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wow!! cool update!!! Cool
enjoyed the fight scene very much Big smile Big smile Big smile
the headline was apt for the fight scene Wink Wink   

Well I won't throw chappals on u darling (if I throw, than it won't fall on your face so it is gonna a total waste Wink Wink ).. rather I would like to shower flying kisses to u dear for such a beautiful story... I'm loving both of the couples Heart

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awsome dear.. but plz plz plz update soon!!!!!

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chitloner IF-Rockerz

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Hey nice update yaar

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Posted: 15 August 2012 at 7:47am | IP Logged

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that was awesome,...!!
no jhootas or chappals for you dear...only a big bear sized hugHug
waiting for nextTongue

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awesome update but missed raya... next update raya wala dena...

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Excellent story line

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