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FF~Aur pyar ho gaya...1 new thread link on p. 151 (Page 136)

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Now I m back with new part really very very sorry guys made u all waiting a lot sorry had some personal work...   so sorry again as now update once in week but i will try my best to update as soon as possible i can in coming weeks...  

plz bare with this what ever crap u feel i have written on RaYa along with SanRaj...  if u feel i m drugging the story be feel ur self free to comment on it... next will surly up in soon  so till then enjoys this… hope u like it Smile

soon this thread is gonna complete so Embarrassed

before i leave want to thanks to all my silent readers and commenters Hug in following list for loving my work  give me their love so much...

a big thank you to my all lovely readers... Hug

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as Diwali is tomorrow so here r some Dhmaka from my side to as i have reveled some part of past in this update hope not getting chappels & juta from u all... i hope no one will throw it after reading the end so just hoping *finger crossed* so enjoy & one more request if u r linking my update plz do click like button & if u like plz comment to b'coz it always encourage me a lot to write more... Embarrassed  Hug Embarrassed

Happy Diwali to u all !!!!!!!!!!!

Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug

Part 15Thanks wala Love…

Dm setting in side looks at Sanju who were sitting next to him. He wonders the girl who is always against him why she is helping him what could be the reason behind it… may be she also wants the same what I want whatever unknowingly she helped me a lot  today I m just happy with that. Where Sanju is thinking I know Mr. Attitude you wants the same thing I want bring my di & sir to get closer to each other may be like me you also seen logging love in their eyes I m happy for that even I m helping you just b'coz of it. SanRaj lost in their thoughts while thinking of RaYa promises to themselves "I don't know what destiny wrote for you both but I promises I will bring to two together & for that whatever I have to do I will do for it."

RaYa were standing out still lost in each other's eyes both still in confusion what to do. When their chain of thoughts got breaks with the noise of Dm… both back in their senses & looks at Dm.

Dm: if u both allow us then I want to go at home… actually its really late & I don't want to stay here whole night in this coldness so plz can u both seat now in the car… (He flaunting his dimples looks at RaYa who were standing out looking at each other lost in their mini eye lock)

Ram nods his head in yes to Dm then opens the car door of his side then like the gentleman he offers Priya to get inside the car first … Priya while smiling bites her lower lip being shy. She gets inside the car & sits behind driver seat where Dm was seating. Ram also slides next to her with his dashing cross smile across his sweet lips both were blushing, as after s many years they were sitting together in the same car. Sanju were observing them with sweet smile all the time she thinks to teas RaYa over this as she unaware of the real truth of RaYa's relationship she just thinking they r in love but both unaware of it.

Sanju: so with both of ur permission can we proceed now towards home… or u both have some plan for stay here for some more time. (She teased RaYa with her sweet innocent questions)

Priya: (she gets irritate with it then gives tigress look to Sanju) no Miss Sanjana Sharma we don't have such plans… (Sanju bites her tongue hearing fuming voice of her di)  Dm can we proceeds towards home now plz… (She said with determined voice)

Dm says with louder voice "Off course with my pleasure" and here the journey starts. Ram & Priya were sitting together but not seeing at each other at all, both were enjoying the outer view from the glass window b'coz of the awkwardness between this two of so many years, which Dm can see from his review mirror he be disappointed. He didn't made this plan to get ruined like this he really wants to clear the awkwardness between RaYa which were working as barriers in their love. He thought of some plan & smile.

Dm: so Priya how was the party did u enjoyed. (Priya's thoughts broke with his voice she turn looks at him)

Priya: yes a lot, it was beautiful evening with all of u.  (She turns her eyes to catch the Ram's expressions whose eyes right now were just on her only with his loving smile)

Dm: yes, but u know what was the most beautiful thing in the party… (Priya nods her head in no) the most beautiful elegant girl in the party who is right now sitting next to the Ram Kapoor. (He said in flirty voice making Ram proud of to be next to most beautiful girl) (RaYa sees at each other with the mesmerize smile as when ever their name comes it always comes together only remembers their dancing moment of party & how much they were closer to each other)

Priya: Really, Dm if some one want learn to flirt they should to get classes from u really u r masters in it. (She said in teasing way to Dm making her eye lock not to instance with Ram)

Dm: very funny but honestly darling you were looking so… so… so gorgeous & charming & if u don't believe me ask it to Ram, isn't it Ram? (He looks at Ram with review mirror here Ram completely blank what to say and what to not with open mouth)

Ram: bhai yeh… what the kind of question is it. I mean… (Ram gives confused look looking at Dm & here Priya's eyes were just on him to hear his answers)

Dm: Hey, Ram leave ur all means on side for moments plz now come on answer me isn't it Priya looking gorgeous & charming?  (SanRaj were waiting eagerly to hear Ram's answer as now it really matters now for Priya too Ram screeches his left temple with his first left hand finger looking down

Ram: Yes, she is looking gorgeous & beautiful (he wiping his dry lips with his wet tongue then looks up at Priya logging in her eyes) like always she does in sari. (RaYa had sweet eye lock, which witnessed by SanRaj with big grins on lips as RaYa lost in their memory lane again)

Dm: (after sometime) yes here u go Golu… u know Priya something its just ur kind of girls who know the simple, sober but important look of sari even it looks so pretty on them when they wear that, either today's girl (looking at Sanju with annoyed look) just know to wear mini's, midi's & all those funky outfits everywhere they really don't know the elegance of this traditional outfits. (He made sad face taunting to Sanju enjoying her annoyed ness. He did just for fun which Sanju gets very well & wanted to give answer to him but she didn't wanted to spoil RaYa's happy mood so she keep quite not to start argues with Dm again but she decides she will answers to Dm for sure. She put teasing winning smile on her lips looking at Dm who gets confused with it)

Sanju: ohh really but u know di today's boys thinks they can look cool in t-shirt, jeans & even they do but the real men looks so attractive & mesmerizing with formals tight 3 piece suite with their dashing smile just like Ram sir… really sir u were the heart stopper of today's party… I really can't take my eyes from u just like Priya di... right di? (She looks at Ram all while who were getting shy with her praising complement for him then at last at Priya to see her actions over his shouted bullet)

Suddenly Ram's eyes on Priya to catch her reaction here Priya completely shocked with it looking here and there wondering what to answers it now getting furious. Dm completely dumbstruck leaving deep breath thinking Priya was right this girl is really very dangerous I need to be careful now from her … Priya causing Sanju from heart to put her in this situation she is in dilemma as Ram's eyes on her she know he is waiting for her answer. This is so difficult for her to accept it in front of Ram. She don't wanted to confesses her love for him right now nor she wanted to lie to him. Priya starts fake coughing just trying to divert everyone's mind from this topic… Ram got worried he immediately offers his bottle of water to Priya.

Ram: Priya what happen r u ok… is everything fine? (He looks at her with so much concerned & love)

Priya drink the water & nods her head in yes while controlling her throat after coughing with sweet smile.

Ram: btw Priya sorry in hurry I give u my used water… (He said hesitantly)  mera jutha tha woh… (He sees at Priya's teeth biting her lower lip of face in shy looking down with his small dashing cross smile)

Sanju: don't worry sir its says jutha kane se do logon k bech pyar badhta hai so I guess nothing is wrong. (While eating jutha it increases the love in between two) (With teasing smile looking at RaYa)

Ram were blushing hearing Sanju's talk were Priya gives angry glare at Sanju & then Sanju turns her face away seeing Priya getting angry then she sit there being quite. Dm thought in his mind looking at Sanju "I was just thinking to burn crackers but she blast the fire in between Ram & Priya but why is she know anything bat Ram & Priya's past??? Or what" Everyone was there become quite it was completely silent around them. All were lost in their thought when due to speed breaker which while having to dark Dm fail to see, due to it, car jumps high in sudden moments RaYa jumps from their seat as while sitting back without safety blast thy got major jerk. Ram's head hits to the roof of car little hardly b'coz of his height. He got little hurt b'coz of that he shouts "oouchhh" rubbing his palm on his head closed his eyes tights in pain Priya hears his scream & holds his hand tightly being tense… She sees his pain on his face & gets furious.

Priya: Dm what r u doing how u r running the car??? (Looking at Dm being furious) Ram r u ok now is it hurting a lot??? (Moving closer to Ram looking at him with worried painful look)

Priya rubbing his head where it got hurt Ram's eyes still tightly closed eyes when Ram's hand also touches his head & his fingers brushes with her fingers. Ram opens his eyes & suddenly they both realized due to the jump they both actually come sitting closer to each other. Ram can she pain & concerned in Priya eyes for him, which is enough to cover up his pain. RaYa were sitting holding each other hand lost in each other eyes BG tune playing "Bade Aache lagte hain…"  Sanju were abt to call Priya to know is she ok… but before that Dm holds Sanju hand asking her to do not with his eyes then both looks back at RaYa who were lost in their world. SanRaj were enjoying this & be quite with sweet smile looking back to each other.

Dm thinks to himself "I always cause this speed barkers for spoiling my car but today I m happy as least they did something gud… thank you god" looking up at god then look back at RaYa while flaunting his dimple. Here Sanju thoughts "Di may be u never shared it to me but I felt this emptiness in ur life from these last 6 years which is no just turning in to happiness with just someone's presence… thank you Ram sir"  Sanju looks at Ram & then looks at RaYa. RaYa just lost themselves in each other's eyes.

After sometime RaYa's eye lock broke with tears in each other's eyes, their eye lock g\has brought so many memories of their past… both had pain as they were together still far away from each other. They looks away then looks at SanRaj both had their pain in their eyes with happiness that after so many years finally they got time to spend with each other. Whatever time they spend together today will be the most memorable time for their rest of the life, which no one can snatch from them not even their bitter memories.

Their palms still are mingled with each other as not one of them wanted to let other go nor trying to pull their hand back… they just let it the way it is. They both very well know there r still differences in between them still among both no one wanted to leave the chance to enjoys this special moment who came after ages in their life. RaYa not looking at each other still have held on each other palm familiarly with whole heart.

The car stopped with sudden jerk as this all four reached at Priya's home. RaYa back from their thoughts & as they see SanRaj Priya let go Ram's hand & pull her hand back seeing at Sanju Ram been  a bit disappointed with it. SanRaj turns back at RaYa with broad smile RaYa tries to hide their emotions.

Sanju: so finally, reached at home sweet home… (RaYa put their fake smile their lips) while talking when we reached at home we didn't realized it was such nice journey… thanks you for the lift sir. (She smile at Ram & Ram greet it back with his evergreen sweet smile)

Ram: no need to thanks again & again it was our pleasure. (He looks at Dm then at Priya with smile)

Priya: Sanju I thinks its getting really late we should go inside the house, maa & papa will be worried & will be waiting for us. (Priya sees Ram & prompt it looking away at Sanju)

Sanju: don't worry di I had text Ritz we will be late as we r going to come with Ram sir & she informs this to badi maa & bade papa so nothing to worry (she winks at Priya with her charming smile then turn looks at Ram) sir if u don't mind as its already late I guess u both should come inside with us (referring Ram & Dm) & have cup of coffee with us would love to serves u. (smiling thinking hopping Ram say yes so RaYa can pass more time together)

Ram: (Ram turns looks at Priya & her sad face) no Sanju its already late & I guess everyone at home must be waiting for us (still looking at Priya then turns to Sanju) so one cup of coffee next time for sure right bhai. (He looks at Dm & Dm understands he don't want to be here more)

Dm: ya I think Ram is right coffee some next other day Priya I hope u don't mind darling. (He smiling looks at Priya & she nods her head in no with smile) I think Ram u should go & drop the girls at door. (He turns his face to Ram with smile… Priya bid bye to Dm & all three moves out from car)

Ram nods & moves out with girl from car then 3 of them moves towards the house. All were silent while walking. They reached at house door Sanju have duplicate keys so she open the door with it & moves inside biding bye to Ram with huge smile. RaYa left alone before leaving Ram wanted to say something to her.

Ram: so meet u tomorrow at evening in CCD hope everything gets settle down well… (He looks away & can't make eye to eye contact with her as he don't want to lost himself again in her)

Priya: I hope so… by the way thanks… thanks for everything. (Taking deep breath looking at him)

Ram: thanks but for what it is? (With question look, turn his eyes to her)

Priya: thanks for helping us, for helping me & for everything. (Her voice gets emotional remembering the whole night she shred with Ram & enjoys it a lot)

Ram: it's fine… thanks to u too for everything… (He even remembers all the moment with Priya) good night… (Before he breakdown he just moves away)

Priya: good night. (Said a loud before Ram can leave)

Priya watches Ram while leaving until his shadow fades off with heavy heart she back in to house. Ram sits next to Dm & both drove off towards house. Here in Priya's room she back from washroom after changes in her night suit she is all alone in room. Ram looking out from the window with memories of tonight & all the beautiful moment he spent with Priya. Here Priya brings out Ram's photo from her dairy. She even lost in her beautiful past memories with Ram. While closing his eyes he remembering all the beautiful memories of dance when suddenly something stuck in his mind & he open his eyes with heavy heart remembering how being hurt Priya pushed him back after dance then how she suddenly push her hand back in car sometime ago. He almost had tears in eyes still trying to hide it he said to himself. "I know Priya why u pulling ur self back for coming closer to me, why u trying to be away from me… but trust me Priya that was my just one mistake I was really didn't mean to it… don't punish me like this Priya that it even become difficult for me to ignores u". He took long amount of breath in side him for stopping all thoughts in his mind.

Here Priya hold Ram's picture near to her heart remembering her happy days with Ram as if she is holding him... hugging him suddenly she got the worst memory alive in front of her eyes… of that night when first time she tightly slept Ram on his face& Ram seeing at her fuming in anger like volcano. She was even on fire of hurt. She remembered clearly, what she said to Ram that night with completely brooked heart.

Priya: until now whatever relationship was between us Ram from today… right now… right here I m breaking all that… & from now I don't know u nor u know me if we meet ever we will meet but just like strangers nothing more then that… (Saying this she left that place in anger & tear filled eyes, which broke down from her eyes after she left her Ram)

It was that incident's part, which separated RaYa 6 years ago & what damages that incident made which never healed by anything ever. Priya looks at Ram's picture then says." How ever I try Ram I always fails to forgot that incident Ram… when ever I remember that night it just broke me from my soul Ram how could u do that Ram… how??? A girl can forgot anything but not what u did… (After a pause) I don't know wither ever I will able to forgot abt that night or not but I know one thing I will always love u Ram just u… u was… u are & u will be only my soul mate always" she hugged Ram's picture again with tears brimming her eyes. She cried a loud thinking of Ram & here Ram is all lost in Priya's thoughts.


To be continuing…

Recap: don't ask me i m even blank...


Ok sorry I know u all were waiting for Precap scene but it is not the included this part of FF but I actually changed it a bit so u will get to know abt it in next with RaYa's face to face talk.

Plz press the Like This Post button & post ur valuable comments if u likes this update  thank you for reading this… 

Evan if u want to add ur name in PM list on next update do like this or add me in ur buddy list... or like this post or comment on this part of FF...

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me too love speed breakers like dm now
priya love ram so much cant see him pain
kiya hua tha past mein that pyiya leave ram
phir end kar diya no raya face off

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 OMG leena darling ..
That was such a beutiiful blossoming update ..Woww i love evry line of it ..
And their hands together in the car no one is letting to go and they kept like that ..
The part was just amazing ..I really loved sanraj knok jhoks and loved them more they were trying very hardly to get these dufferes together ...
Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap
P.S": Hmm i m waiting for PAST to reveal ,I know it will take time but plz plz try to reveal in next update ..Happy diwali to you too dear ..

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Originally posted by leena04

Happy Diwali to u all !!!!!!!!!!!

Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug

Raya held hands...chweetEmbarrassed...loved it when priya got angry on dm cuz ram got hurtTongue
they really love each other a lot...even now...inspite of whatever happened...
very very curious to know what happenedLOL
Waiting for next part

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happy diwali to you too and thanks for this cracking performance of raya thanks for pm and please update soon the reason which broke RAYA in toRAM and PRIYA i guess its rams fault waiting egerly

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was so beautiful.. loved it.. y r u  blank..  give the update soon plzzz

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