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FF~Aur pyar ho gaya...1 new thread link on p. 151 (Page 127)

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Originally posted by viny_queen

. Want Update... Kab de rahi ho...??????

tonight... Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

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Originally posted by name2saakshi

The update was brilliant
dm and priya conv is nice
kiya ram priya ki baat sune ga

thanks name2sakshi ... for linking update...Smile
i m really glad for ur comment Embarrassed   Embarrassed  let's see Ram hears Priya or not...  keep loving n keep commenting like this there is lots of in store for you all LOL  

awww love ur appreciations it means a lot to me LOVELY signs   so  just wait & watch stay tuned dear will update next soon 
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Originally posted by viny_queen

Will be waiting

next will be by tonight but i loved this gif... awesome... WinkTongue
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Now I m back with new part really very very sorry guys made u all waiting a lot sorry had some personal work...   so sorry again as now update once in week but i will try my best to update as soon as possible i can in coming weeks...  

plz bare with this what ever crap u feel i have written on RaYa along with SanRaj...  if u feel i m drugging the story be feel ur self free to comment on it... next will surly up in soon  so till then enjoys this… hope u like it Smile

before i leave want to thanks to all my silent readers and commenters Hug in following list for loving my work  give me their love so much...

a big thank you to my all lovely readers... Hug

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Part 14Destiny game


Sanju smiles in herself & moves from there here party come to at end Priya finding Neha in party when she found Neha & Vikram again fighting & arguing. She sees them standing away she even heard their last some talk after that both goes away from each other being furious. Which made Priya worried after what she head she believe on her ear she don't know what the mess is there but surly something very big.

She sign out deep breath & talks to herself "this Neha & Vikram is too much in just 7 days they r going to engaged & see how the way they r fighting & coming on worst conclusions ever. I think I need to talk to them both but I won't be able enough to do this work alone. I should take some one's help b'coz as alone I can handle Neha but not Vikram… but whose help I will take???" when her eyes falls on Ram he were talking to his business collogues. "Yes Ram is the only one can help me in this matter as he is very close to Vikram but how will I go & ask to him for help." She worriedly takes back but then again thought, "I will need to take his help at least for Neha & Vikram as a friend they both need us at this time."

Priya took deep breath to prepare herself for to face Ram, as after that sensuous dance it was difficult for her to face Ram as his warmth still is breathing inside her breaths. She pushed her all emotions a side she just thinks abt NehVik & makes herself strong then look at Ram who still busy talking with his collages but his eyes never left to get a quick glance over his love with his eyes edged. Priya moved slowly to Ram until then Ram turned his back towards Priya unknowingly. Priya reached near to Ram but his back facing her. She stands near to him Ram feels her presence but just again, make himself busy in his talk feeling it's just his illusion as he didn't expected her to come to him by herself. Here Priya took deep breath & spelled out.

Priya: Ram… (Ram's heart skips a beat hearing Priya's voice & she called him by his name)

Ram smiles looks back at that direction from where the voice came there were he found Priya standing front of him. He can't believes on his eyes his wish comes true she herself comes to talk to him… his face lighten up… eyes twinkled seeing his lady love front of him. He is just gaining his lost senesces back to talk to her but before he could say anything to her Priya look around at bunch of people just looking at them.

Priya: Ra… I mean… Mr. Kapoor (Ram's face falls a bit looking away hearing Priya again called him with his name) I wanted to talk to u something personal. (Ram looks up seeing at her dove shape eyes who were now gazing the bunch of ppl around them)

Ram looks at his colleges & understands Priya wants to talk to him alone. He excused himself from his colleges they moves away leaving RaYa alone. Ram slightly smiles & turns to Priya with huge grin for first couple of seconds they are just been quite looking at each other then looking around complete awkward silence between them. They didn't know how to starts the conversation as after being so close to each other sometime ago for the first time both were feeling uneasiness when Ram just break the killing silence…

Ram: Yes, Priya… say what u wants to says to me. (He asks her with his charming smile)

Priya: Yes, Mr. Kapoor I wanted to talk to u something personal & very important. (She being restless by his naughty grin she directly looks in to his oceanic eyes, which were making her even more restless)

Ram: ohh yes… something personal... (He spelled out each world slowly hoping that she wants comes to talk abt them looking at her being deeply in love with husky voice)

Priya: yes actually its abt Neha & Vikram… (She just burst out in quick manner hearing him)

Ram: what u wants to talk to me abt Neha & Vikram? (He shocked hear that as he expecting she will talk to him abt themselves not of NehVik's)

Priya: Yes, I want to talk to u abt Neha & Vikram (he looked away with shocked & disappointed face, which didn't go unnoticed by Priya) but why u shocked hearing it is u was expecting me to talk abt something else. (She asked him with question look although she know what he wanted to know)

Ram: no… (He looked away trying to avoid her glance on him) I mean tell me what u wanted to talk abt them? (He scratches his side temple with his finger looking around Priya gives slight smile on his curtness)

Priya: it was like (she narrates him whole the incident she seen between NehVik sometime ago) this was I seen between them Mr. Kapoor. (After hearing everything Ram get tensed)

Ram: that's really bad (he lost in thinking) just now in 7 days they r going to engaged & what they r doing. (He shocks his head in disappointment Priya even looked worried)

Priya: I am also worried abt same thing & that's I need ur help in it. (She looked in his eyes with hopes Ram made face looking at her)

Ram what??? How I can help u Priya in all this stuff. (He confused looking at Priya open mouth)

Priya: I think we both should to talk to them as a friend… (Ram looks at her)Vikram is very gud friend of mine but I know he will listen to u more & abt Neha I think I can handle her nicely without much problem. (Priya said familiarly Ram looking at her with lots of thoughts being restless)

Ram: so u wants me to go & talk to Vikram abt this but what will I talk to him… I mean I even don't know what's the problem is there in between them. (He gets furious even a bit irritate too as he didn't understanding what to do)

Priya: I know Mr. Kapoor even I don't know what's the problem but something is there surly & seeing them arguing sometime ago I think there is very big problem. Therefore, I think we should to talk to them & convince them to put all the anger a side & for just sometime, they should think abt their relationship… b'coz I heard they wanted to break this relation being furious. (Priya worried were Ram completely shocked hearing this)

Ram: what the want to break up… is relationships r joke or what for them? (He gets angry hearing this looking side way thinking being furious)

Priya: I know it's not joke but also in anger, we never make correct decisions Mr. Kapoor. Therefore I just want them to seat together with cool mind & talk I m sure everything will be short out nicely. (She said very confidently looking at Ram whose eyes meets with her)

Ram: I think you r right in anger we never makes correct decision it only hurts them later on & also things can be short out by talking not by just leaving person alone in life. (RaYa lost logging in to each other's eyes lost in their past for few time their eyes just locked with each other.)

Priya very well know why ram said that & what he means but she rise this issue now b'coz at this time NehVik's relation is more important then anything but she somehow can't stop her self to gets mesmerized with his those two oceanic eyes which were hides lost of emotions without letting anyone know. She just broke her eye lock from Ram looking away Ram also did the same there is some silent awkwardness growing in between them. Ram thinks for while & then break the silence.

Ram: We will surly do something. (Priya looks at him with surprise look as she asking how) I have plan listen… (Ram looks at her with confidence & with his always-charming smile)

Ram narrates his plan to Priya & after hearing that she smilingly agreed to do so. RaYa shakes both hands with each other very tightly getting exited abt their plan smiling windily. Their eyes logging in each other's eyes lost in their own world without caring of world around them while smiling but their smiles were slowly fading away from their lips while living again in their memory lane both broke the eye lock. Priya starches her palms away from his hands thought grip that got loosen until now.

RaYa looking away from each other just trying to distract their thought that running into their heart being together. Priya took deep sign & excused herself from Ram saying she needs to find Neha & he too search for Vikram both bid bye & back to their work. RaYa moves other direction to find NehVik but they get to know they already left for their houses sometime ago both gets upset RaYa hold on their cell phones to call NehVik to find out abt them as where r they… is they can meet them right now… but they are didn't picking up their calls. Priya decides to meet again Ram & she moves to find him. She found him standing alone busy with his cell phone while calling Vikram.

Priya: Mr. Kapoor Neha left for house & not picking up my calls. (She said sadly coming near to him)

Ram: same here Vikram had also left & not picking up my calls too. (RaYa becomes sad hearing this)

Priya: ok I think I should call at Neha's house I hope she reached at home yet safely. (She said with light smile on face but still worried for Neha)

Priya calls at Neha's house & find out from Neha's mom that Neha safely reached at home right now she is tired so went to sleep. She hangs up the call bid bye to Neha's mom. Then she turns to look at Ram who is reading something on his cell. She looked at him & he keeps his cell back in his pocked with sad face.

Ram: I got Vikram's msg he said he had reached at home right now very tired so he will meet me tomorrow morning at office. (He sign sadly looking at Priya with hope something nice from Neha's side)

Priya: same answer I have got from Neha's house. (Both get upset with it) I think they both are upset & still angry hence; both even don't want to talk right now. (Priya said with determined face)

Ram: yes nothing to worry, we will talk with them tomorrow but not in office somewhere else. (He were thinking abt the place looking away)

Priya what abt CCD (caf coffee day) it will be nice place to talk. (She looked happily at Ram as its their always favorite place)

Ram: ya the same place we always loves to meet & enjoy. (He looks at her small eye lock) I m going to bring Vikram there in tomorrow evening u get Neha there. (He said getting back in his senses)

Priya fine done but don't tell Vikram that I m bringing Neha there nor I will tell Neha that Vikram is coming may be knowing that they won't come. (RaYa looked agreed on this note with smile)

Ram: fine now I think we should to leave as party is almost over. (He looks around lost of guest had already left)

Priya: I guess u r right maa & papa already left with Ritz… now I also should get back to home with Sanju. (She said with light smile with logging eyes who just staring in his oceanic eyes)

Ram: ok then see you tomorrow at office. (He smiles a bit looking at his princess)

Priya nods & leave from there taking last glance of her Prince with smile. She finds Sanju & moves towards to their car. Here Dm & Ram also moves out from party while moving to their car they found Priya & Sanju still in parking area standing worriedly out of car. Ram & Dm both moves towards near the both girls.

Dm: hey Priya is any problem there? (He asked gently coming to Priya & Sanju)

Priya: nothing Dm our car is not just starting. (She said smilingly but Sanju made face seeing him)

Ram: ohh then where is driver? (He looks around being worried to find diver)

Sanju: he went to the garage to find some mechanic. (She smilingly replied to Ram & Dm's smile vanished hearing her voice but suddenly looking at Ram whose eyes on his princess he got some plan)

Dm: ohh but its so late come let's get in our car Priya we will drop you both at home. (He said with smile & even RaYa too smiled to him but before she could answers Sanju said)

Sanju: no its ok there is no need of ur favor. (She didn't seem pleasured with as it was Dm's words)

Ram: its not a favor dear (looking at Sanju) its just our concerned after all we can't leave two gorgeous girls alone at this lonely place at this time of night even don't know when will driver back. (Priya's eyes just on her Prince charming biting her lower lips slightly with teeth she knows very well his too much caring nature which curved her lips in to smile which yet after these years didn't get changed)

Dm: ya everyone almost left now just some people left I think you both should to come with us. (He almost pleading with his flaunted cute dimples Priya sees at Ram whose eyes were saying the same)

Priya: Sanju I think they r right it's already late (looks at Ram with smile then moves to Dm) so Dm I will call to driver & tell him that after repairing he bring car at home only. (She smiles & takes out her cell from purse after Priya's words Sanju didn't argues much she becomes ready)

Priya makes call then all moves towards car Dm had big grin while flaunting his dimples as he is having some plan playing in his naughty mind. Ram moves forward to front seat door but Dm stops him saying.

Dm: Ram where r u coming haan, I mean I think u should seat back with Priya. (He said with naughty grin on his lips looking at Ram Sanju got Dm's plan & smiling)

Ram: what??? (Confused) Bhai what r u saying I mean why should I seat back??? (Looking at Priya who even looking at him being confused)

Dm: b'coz… (He looked around) b'coz of… (For finding some gud strong reason) b'coz of sweat… (he just prompt out) (Now RaYa confuse more looking at him) I mean see u always getting so sweat due to heat right & in front seat of car there is engine which is always hot so u will get hot more & will sweat more so I think you should seat back for coldness. (Sanju gets furious closing her eyes hearing his silly reason which were not at all impressed RaYa)

Priya: but Dm this isn't a big problem I mean this reason is… (RaYa were completely in confusion & feeling awkwardness after hearing Dm's silly reason trying to find out logic behind it but somewhere Ram aware of it)

Sanju: but there is one more reason for this Di I mean… I want to sit at front seat you know na how much I love to seat there from always so plzz…. (Looking at Priya) Plzzz sir… (Looking at Ram) can I seat there plz… (RaYa confused what to do & what to not seeing Sanju's pleading then looking at each other but Dm is happy as Sanju helping him in this situation he didn't expected that he wonders why but then putting all thoughts a side says in middle before RaYa could say anything)

Dm: what to think & to ask (looking at Sanju with smile) come on get in the car, we r getting late… (Saying this he sits in the car at driving seat)

Sanju: thank you (biding to RaYa she moves to front car seat to sit with smile)

RaYa looks at each other with slight smile on their craved lips they both don't know why destiny is playing with them again… what destiny meant to tell to them with this… why destiny is bringing closer them more again & again… what this destiny wants from them… they just completely unaware of the answer of it but they just know they need to let destiny wherever it wants to take them… they will have to move with the flows of life… with their faith in life that whatever will happen it will be only just their destiny.

Dm setting in side looks at Sanju who were sitting next to him. He wonders the girl who is always against him why she is helping him what could be the reason behind it… may be she also wants the same what I want whatever unknowingly she helped me a lot  today I m just happy with that. Where Sanju is thinking I know Mr. Attitude you wants the same thing I want bring my di & sir to get closer to each other may be like me you also seen logging love in their eyes I m happy for that even I m helping you just b'coz of it. SanRaj lost in their thoughts while thinking of RaYa promises to themselves "I don't know what destiny wrote for you both but I promises I will bring to two together & for that whatever I have to do I will do for it."

To be continuing…

Recap: Dm plays his game to bring RaYa closer.


Ok sorry I know u all were waiting for Precap scene but it is not the included this part of FF but I actually changed it a bit so u will get to know abt it in next with RaYa's face to face talk.

Plz press the Like This Post button & post ur valuable comments if u likes this update  thank you for reading this… 

Evan if u want to add ur name in PM list on next update do like this or add me in ur buddy list... or like this post or comment on this part of FF...

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sorry double post Smile

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Yippee me first
 so beautiful when raya lost in eachother eyes u know na ur action speak more than ur words
raya conv was nice priyawant to talk about vikneha and ram think she want to talk about their realationship
 bachara ram
thank  sanju understand dm plan and using her mind 
precapvalentines03 smiley, static smiley, happy smiley, smiley, valentine smiley

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ossum di too good continue ASAP n precap wow yaar jai ho Dm ki hehehe

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