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Originally posted by ahana1994

sorry for being late Ouch Ouch well coming to the update it was awesome and romantic (dream part) Embarrassed u know when raya kissed i was dancing in my heart Embarrassed Embarrassed but than it was a dream Ouch Ouch thats not fair Unhappy hmm... seems like ram has hurt priya a lot Confused letc c what happens next Smile waiting for ur next fab update Big smile and thanx a lot for the pm dear Hug

thanks ahana ... for linking update...Smile  even thank to god no chapples LOL
 i m really glad you liked it... & for  comment Embarrassed   Embarrassed  don't worry this kiss was just start keep loving n keep commenting like this there is lots of in store for you all LOL  yap past have lost of 
pain in store for RaYa  Cry

awww love ur appreciations it means a lot to me regarding past it will out soon   so  just wait & watch stay tuned dear will update next soon 

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leena04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 October 2012 at 10:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Birdy91

Originally posted by leena04

Originally posted by Birdy91

Originally posted by muskan087

<font color="#990000">engagement shangamentBig leenaBig smile</font>

<font color="#990000">so happy for uBig smile..i wish ur life fills widlots of love and haappiness..god bless u dearBig smile..par hume bhool mat jaanEmbarrassed

<font color="#009900">kiss imagination scene specially for us awwwHug</font>

<font color="#009900"><img src="" alt="" /></font>

<font color="#009900">fruit to bhut zyaada meetha laga but ye kya baahar se itna meethaa meetha or andhaar se i like itTongue ..and wowww kya emotions describe kiye hai priya dis lovely updatesBig waiting for next update plz update soonBig smile</font><font color="#003333"><strong></strong></font>

Muskaan Di... Dekh liya fruit..LOL nxt update k liye toh taare ginne padenge..Wink

<font color="#660000" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="1">not really birdy ji aur muskaan ji chalo yehfruitaaccha toh laga warana tum dono milkar din main hi tare ginwa detiLOLLOL</font>

LOL LOL Di agar is Baar update late hua na toh Sacchi M taare Ginva denge din m apko..Wink
Shocked Shocked Shocked omg main toh dar hi gayi ab kya hoga mera?????????????????????????? Wink Tongue LOL

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leena04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 October 2012 at 10:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Birdy91

Originally posted by leena04

Originally posted by Birdy91

Woaaahhh Diii.. U r gng to Marry Heart Congratulation n celebration Party
Omg omg omg... Haaayyyeee Diii... Kya kahu mae... Umm... Raya's kissing part was Jzz Outstanding... Clap Iiieee... I was dreaming n *shy shy* while reading dat part... Heart Sooo butiully written n kya express kiya yaarDay Dreaming Faabulous... Star lip lock scene was Jst awsm...pta h i was like.. Dil smbhal jaa zara...Heart Heart Heart but hey dat was jst an Imagination..Unhappy Bt fir bhi M happy happy happy happpy happpyyy...Embarrassed coz u kept ur promise... Haayyyeee Di ye intezaar ka fruit toh Kuch Jyada hi meeetha ho gaya..Clap Hatttsss Off to you di...StarAwww priya di left golu...Unhappy Acchanak se ye kya ho gaya..Day Dreaming Hey DM is like a God father for Golu.. haayyyeee i like him alottt...Smile Awwwiiieee Di loved d way u expressed Priya's di emotions in balcony. awww lotss of quetions r hanging in her mind.. she is damn hurt...Unhappy Dii loved each n evry emotion..Awww sanju is swt..Smile Diii Awsm Awsm awsm...Clap Lovveee u For dis... Muaaahhh...Heart

<font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" color="#660000">
thanks birdy ... for linking update...Smileeven thank to god no chapples spi from uLOL

thankyouso much for all the wishes & blessings formarriageitmeansa lot to meHug
i m really glad that u liked it... & for the longgg commentEmbarrassed</a><a href="">Embarrassed& yes that is i think myspecialtyto jive jahkas to all of u... don't worry this kiss was just startkeep loving n keepcommentinglike this there is lots of in store for you allLOLabt Priya's balcony part i was had in my mind RaYa'sconversionpart before Priya firstengagement that was really cute part bas yeh dil me aaya so put it down...Embarrassed& yes Dm is very close to Ram & knows abt hsi each & every feeling deeply...Tongue

awww love urappreciations it means a lot to me regarding past it will out soon sojust wait & watchstay tuned dear will update next soon

Diii No chappals for u.. only huggiiieee..Heart Priya's 1st engagemennt???? Unhappy

awww one for u too Hug Heart abt Priya's 1st engagement are wahi yaar kissi langur k saath ki thi phir hamare Golu ne tudwa di thi at the same day of Nuts & Kartik's engagement Embarrassed Golu ban gaya tha us din Hero... Embarrassed

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leena04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by sss283

 next will up soon btw loved the pic... thank you Wink Tongue LOL

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leena04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 October 2012 at 10:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Birdy91

Diii Waiting for d update ya...Unhappy

beta next wala jaldi hi up hoga till then wait & watch... TongueEmbarrassedWink

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leena04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 October 2012 at 6:40am | IP Logged

Now I m back with new part really very very sorry guys made u all waiting a lot sorry had some personal work...  as i have got engaged now & in some months also going to marry so will going to be more busy in coming days...  so sorry again as now update will get more late but i will try my best to update as soon as possible i can in coming weeks...  

plz bare with this what ever crap u feel i have written on RaYa...  if u feel i m drugging the story be feel ur self free to comment on it... next will surly up in soon  so till then enjoys this… hope u like it Smile

Part 13Love & friendship


Ram hearing all this Priya & Sanju's conversation standing a bit away from them near to balcony. He knew Priya must be to there as when ever she upsets. She always find her peace in nature & for that she always loves to spend time in balcony of house with fresh air… but before he could go there & talk to her Sanju reached there & takes Priya with her in to party now he need to talk to Priya making her away from here.

Its several time passed Ram finding way to get Priya alone as his eyes just on Priya but Neha or Sanju always around her… she always surrounded by peoples so Ram doesn't get right time to talk to her. After sometime, he got busy with his some business associates. Here Dm sees Priya talking with Neha when he moves to her with huge smile to talk to her. Priya & Neha busy in their conversations.

Dm: hey hi, beautiful girls (he comes closer to Neha & Priya flaunting his dimples) and congratulations darling. (Priya smiles broadly… Dm calls Priya as darling always when he is in fun mood)

Priya: thanks Dm… (Gives side hug to Dm) btw how was ur US trip? (She asked with her sweet smile)

Dm: it was awesome darling (showing his dimples) but end was disaster (making annoyed face) & that is also thanks to ur sis. (Making face but also flaunting his dimples)

Priya: my sis… u mean Sanju (She confused) what she did now? (Now confused changed into surprised look)

Dm: what she did… ask me what she didn't? (With making face with annoyed, look)

Priya I didn't understand what u wanted to say dm can u clears it please? (Asked him normally without smile & confused)

Dm: u know at the airport she broke my cell phone and… (Before he continues with, his complains but before he completes she cuts him in between)

Priya: I know that but it was b'coz of ur all flute… (With teasing smile) if u had not broken her cell she wasn't did that. (With sweet naughty, grin on her lips)

Dm: ya but darling it was by mistake I wasn't did it intentionally. (With formal looks with slight smile)

Priya: but Dm you don't know her she is just like that stubborn from childhood… if something happens to her favorite things or someone hurts her closed ones.  She just gets really very angry & out of control even she never know what she will do with that person but she won't let that person easily without teaching that person gud lesson. (She said in one breath with seriousness)

Dm: r u scaring me or what darling??? (Asked flaunting his dimples feeling it as fun)

Priya: I m not securing u I m warning u Mr. Dharamraj Kapoor either she will… (With winning smile of her sister, but this is naughty one)

Dm: hello…!!! don't forget Dharamraj Kapoor doesn't scares from anyone (with determined look) that doesn't matter to him who ever is front of him… (Now with seriousness in strong voice) after all she is ur sis & I know she can't be dangerous b'coz you r so sweet heart. (Teasing her with his killing dimples & ear to ear smile)

Priya: Yes, she is my sis but not like me… (rolling her eyes) actually its like u don't know Sanju at all but don't worry slowly… slowly u will get to know abt her… (With pleased smile on lips) when u will know abt her fully then we will talk abt it (before he could he say anything she just said to cut it) by the way meet her she is Neha Vikram's finance. (Looking at Neha who is next to them silently listening their convey with sweet smile)

Dm: ohh ya I heard abt her (looks at Neha with sweet smile) nice to meet you Neha… (He offers his hand to shake font of Neha) I must say Vik is very lucky she is going to get gorgeous wife… (He wink at Neha & she blushes hearing his compliment on her)

Neha: Thanks, I also heard abt you a lot from Vikram… (She gives pleasant smile to Dm) Ram & Vikram adores you a lot… (Priya blushes hearing Ram's name looking down which didn't go unnoticed by Dm's sharp eyes)

Dm: it's just their love I m not that much special… but I m really blessed to have brothers like them. (He said with pleasant smile on lip[s looking at Priya)

(Before Neha can say any thing, further she got some call & moves away with it while talking. Dm left with Priya alone… he find this time perfect to talk with Priya abt her & Ram before anyone come & disturbs them. He was abt to talk to her when Sanju gets angry seeing Dm talking to Priya from away. She thought he must have been complaining to Priya abt her… so she hurriedly moves to them.)

Dm: ok Priya we had did lot of fun I want to talk to u something very serious. (With serious look on his face)

Priya: ya tell me Dm what's there? (She been equally serious don't know what is coming next to her)

Dm: Priya I actually I wanted to talk to u abt… (But before he could go farther Sanju starts her talk with angry tone)

Sanju: that Sanjana is very bad girl right Mr. Attitude??? (with small angry eyes looking at Dm where Dm just have annoyed ness in him hearing her voice)

Dm: (ohh god not again look hey look while fuming looking at Sanju) miss look I just don't want to argues with u once again it will be batter if u will stay out of this. (He indirectly but clearly said her to get out he again turns to look at Priya)

Sanju: why??? Why will I stay out of this??? (She fuming in anger makes him looks at her as he still looking at Priya)You came to my sis & then talking bad abt me to her & then you asked me to stay out it… how the kind of person you r.  (She glares at Dm with roaring eyes Dm gets angry the way she hold his arm n make him turn towards her)

Dm: how the kind of person I…??? (He now looking at Sanju were Priya shocked to see this both fighting like kids) don't you have the basic manners in u that when two elder peoples r talking kids does not puke their tiny nose in that. (He pinches on her nose as he is calling her kid flaunting his dimples)

Sanju: how dare u to call me kid??? (She almost shouting where Priya getting annoyed seeing them both trying them both to stop) Is I m looking you like kid listen & look at me I m an Indian & I m 18 year old. (Dm makes confused face hearing her talk where Sanju just filling with anger more & more)

Dm: so what??? Should I throw party for it??? (He said while making funny face)

Sanju: ohh crap I did not mean that I was mean as the Indian law I have the whole right to talk whatever I want & wherever I want… understood (Dm & Priya both r not getting any senses in this argument… SanRaj looking frustrated with each other & Priya looking annoyed with SanRaj)

Dm: miss r u really mad or u r just pretending like to be mad??? (He completely shocked) Now what is the connection between our talk & Indian law? (He spelled the last words l\ a bit long in disbelieve)

Sanju: it is see it like… (She continues the argument in her anger)

Priya: shut up both of you… (SanRaj looks at Priya) what r both of u doing??? (as the way her shouted voice rings in their ear) Is there is any point to argue like this that is fount of so many people??? (She looked around hoping no one is seeing them) God I cannot believes this… is you both r the same people whom I know so well??? (She looks at Sanju first then turn to Dm in disbelief, SanRaj have guilty eyes)

Sanju: di why u asking me ask him na he only started this things… (However, she pointed finger at Dm for starting the fight)

Dm: ohh hello what do u mean??? (He looks at Sanju with anger) I didn't started it all you came in our discussion. (Priya gets angry now as both of them again start with the silly fights)

Priya: ohh please u both don't starts it again, please. (She folds her hand front of SanRaj being helpless to control this both grown up kids) Sanju say sorry to Dm. (she looks at Sanju n ask with angry tone)

Sanju: di what is wrong with you he did so wrong to me yet you want me to say sorry to him. (Pointing at Dm, she looked at Priya with disbelief)

Priya: Sanju please stop this childish act… & say sorry as I said… (Sanju for second keep quite didn't argues with Priya still isn't it said sorry to Dm) Sanju say sorry… (Priya repeats it with angry but louder voice Sanju looks at Priya who is angry she put his anger down)

Sanju: sorry…  (Still in anger neither seeing at Priya nor at Dm Looking in side way)

Priya: Dm can we talk abt it later on…please (Dm looks at Sanju who is still angry & then at Priya & then slowly nods & moves away) Sanju what was you doing? (She took deep breath & asks her in claim voice) He is not just elder then u but from me too at least respect him. (Sanju turns her face to Priya)

Sanju: respect him for what for broking my cell… or insulting me front of people… or not to apologies me on his own mistakes… (She even reply in claim but in disappointed voice)

Priya: try to understand Sanju he is not that bad that the way you thinking. (Trying to make her anger claim but Sanju is in no mood to listen abt him)

Sanju: ohh please di lets not go there I know how kind of person he is & not interested to talk abt him. (She makes disappointed face even fuming in anger too)

Sanju walks off from there with anger… Priya try to stop her but then thought leave her alone for sometime as once her anger claims down she will surly understand the things… while moving away in hurriedly Sanju was abt to bumped with Ram but before it happen they both hold themselves back & shocked.

Ram: ohh I m really… really sorry young lady… (He looks at Sanju with smile) is r u ok?

Sanju: ohh its ok sir… I am completely fine (she looks up & find Ram there with his charming smile) by the way congratulations. (She smiles seeing him he is looking so cute)

Ram: sorry I didn't get u… (Ram gets confused as e didn't get her talk)

Sanju: I mean u have won the award along with di that's why. (Ram's cheek turned red remembering small flashback receiving award along with Priya, which noticed by Sanju)

Ram: ohh ya thank you (he back from his FB) well how is ur papa & mom in US? (He asked very kindly with soften voice)

Sanju: ohh they are good well do you know them personally. (She asked with big smile ear to ear)

Ram: no not personally but yes heard abt them lot of time from Priya & Sudhir uncle. (With sweet smile)

Sanju: seems you r very close to bade papa (Sudhir) right. (She asked sweetly while looking at him)

Ram: yeah he is like teacher for me who teach me a lot abt business after papa passed away. (He had sweet smile thinking abt Sudhir)

Sanju: wow nice, and what about Priya di. (She wants to know his real feelings for Priya)

Ram: Priya… (He takes a pause) Priya & me also… a nice buddy's. (He said buddy's with lot of effort as he just know what she meant for him more then just a friend which were clearly show in his eyes)

Sanju: (Sanju now get to know what she wanted that is Ram's feeling for Priya) I guess not all Kapoor's r same everyone have their different personality. I mean just look at you, you r so humble, kind hearted & understanding (she gives sweet smile with pleasant look) & look at ur elder bro rude, arrogant & stubborn. (Making face thinking abt Dm)

Ram: it's not like that Sanjana he is not even that much bad that the way you thinking. (He repeated the same words for Dm which she heard sometime ago from Priya she smiles hearing it)

Sanju: really but I must say ur & di's thinking is so similar its like u both r thinking with same heart… you both so complimented to each other in business… you both r very close to each other… like u both made for each other isn't it? (She asked with question look at him very smartly waiting for his answer but Ram refused to answers her but she got her answer in Ram's eyes)

Ram: sorry I have important work so talk to u later bye take care. (He rushed to move away without even meting his eyes with Sanju)

Sanju left there alone while smiling thinking "this is great di I m proud on ur choice. I can see so much love for you in Mr. Ram Kapoor's eyes & I must say di he is really very nice person… but now I will have to find what is wrong between u both. Never mind (She takes deep breath) very soon I will find the problems & will clear it from ur life for lifetime & then will see who will stop u to be Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor…" Sanju smiles in herself & moves from there here party come to at end Priya finding Neha in party when she found Neha & Vikram again fighting & arguing. She sees them standing away she talks to herself "this Neha & Vikram is too much in just 7 days they r going to engaged & see how the way they r fighting. I think I need to talk to them both but I think I won't be able to do this work alone. I should take some ones help b'coz as alone I can handle Neha but not Vikram… but whose help I will take???" when her eyes falls on Ram he were talking to his business collogues. "Yes Ram only can help me in this matter as he is very close to Vikram but how will I go & ask to him for help." She worriedly takes back but then again thought "I will need to take his help at least for Neha & Vikram as a friend they both need us at this time."


To be continuing…


Recap: Priya moves to Ram to talk Ram's back facing Priya she took deep breath & spelled out.

Priya: Ram… (Ram's heart skips a beat hearing Priya's voice & she called him by his name)

Ram smiles looks back were Priya standing front of him with love in his eyes.


Ok sorry I know u all were waiting for Precap scene but it is not the included this part of FF but I actually changed it a bit so u will get to know abt it in next with RaYa's face to face talk.

Plz press the Like This Post button & post ur valuable comments if u likes this update  thank you for reading this… 

Evan if u want to add ur name in PM list on next update do like this or add me in ur buddy list... or like this post or comment on this part of FF...

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Nice update ram priya ke misundestanding kab kahtm hogi aur dono ko kab pata chale ga ke dono ek dusre se love karte hain please continue soon

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dear...4 ur hard work...Thumbs Up
 m really enjoying tis FF

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