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FF~Aur pyar ho gaya...1 new thread link on p. 151 (Page 108)

leena04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 October 2012 at 1:37am | IP Logged

Now I m back with new part really very very sorry guys made u all waiting a lot sorry had some personal work...  as i have got engaged now & in some months also going to marry so will going to be more busy in coming days...  so sorry again as now update will get more late but i will try my best to update as soon as possible i can in coming weeks...  

plz bare with this what ever crap u feel i have written on RaYa...  if u feel i m drugging the story be feel ur self free to comment on it... next will surly up in soon  so till then enjoys this…


Note: hey Vini, Muskaan, Mani, Bridy & all who r waiting for this Tongue as i said shabar ka phal RaYa hota hai... so here is RaYa romance the sweet fruit of ur patients  & it will dedicate to u both ALL thous RaYa lover reading this FF...  

also one more thing we have crossed 100 pages of this FF thread so here r the small calibration... its all meant to be by ur support & love...


luvbalh,   ranii.sharma
Anu Shriram,  preet_21 coolabb,  varshathakkar,  meera19,  
krishnalahumdildechuke,  lalmadhu,  P_sree_89,  
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sss283,  fanrayabalhfan22karamsekhongarima.khawaja 
asheema_sharmaluvsakshi,  Lavi_961,  
Siacutieneelanjanasingh,  cuterosy
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ChitaRK,  SanRaj.RaYa,  viny_queen,  muskan087 jakther,  lipshaa, 
 ...RamonaG...,  debasree04,  _xCIOT_TVserialfreak,  salsaly,   
00Princess00 tasshuu  Sonakshi-grp ,123fiza1 Anamika163,  
,--SHWETA--  AamiraDM--Mita--desi_baby07fanbalh, ramsakshiroxxx,
veena23 alfy,  saranyakanchan,  parulkhare13eli01janu_2006

and all those others if i forgot to mention here Thanks you so much guys for ur love n support...

 so now enjoy... hope u like it Smile

Part 12Love of life…

Ram's both hands still on her bare silky waist his touch had leave a different magical effect on her. She is unable to handle this anymore. Her both palms now on his shoulder holding him very firmly both r very much closer to each other... Ram slowly moves his palms on her bare waist to passing by her small blouse strip to her bare back (as she wearing long backless blouse tied with just a hook) both breathing hardmoving unknowingly towards each other to seal distance between them with their lips which is just inches a part to meet. Their emotions were overwhelmed for each other it was difficult for both to control.


tab se rehti hai dil mein kasak tumhari… (A wish to have you remains in the heart…)

ya allah… ya allah.. (Slow version) (O God… O God…)

RaYa just lost in their eye lock sessions it was still dark no one around have any clue what is happening between RaYa. Ram slowly slides her towards back as it was still dark. He takes her at corner of dance floor behind the pillars… Priya let him to take her where ever he wants without any objection Priya just follows him lost her all senses in just his eyes… there was nothing left between them expect just love & true love for each other… no one have any clue of RaYa when & where they just slid away from party…

Now lights are back on dance floor but RaYa were apart from the party away from it… behind the pillars hided under the big curtains of party area… in their own world lost in themselves… Priya's eyes still just locked with him… waiting for some magical spark coming from her love from her Ram… Ram gulped his thought licks his dry lips lost in her beauty sliding down his thirsty lips towards her wet lips to filled his thirst with her love… to have the pleasure of his angle's soft rosy lips both breathing heavily…

RaYa now can't take it more Priya just closed her eyes as off Ram too she moved forwards without any delayed she just pressed her lips on his waiting desired lips completing the distance between these two thirsty lips… Ram just takes her in his arms without any hesitance with gentle yet tight grip… Priya made her self comfortable giving him more access to fulfill his most awaited desire with his own way…

RaYa is testing each other lips slowly feeling each other's lips smoothness… softness of their desire filling their pain with joy of love… RaYa are equally testing each other giving each other equally space to feel their joy… their love without any awkwardness. It is the first ever kiss RaYa having in their lives but feeling it very own… very familiar… RaYa just lost in each other as the way their kiss is turning to passionate.

Ram's arms on her slim body feeling her warmth ness while pulling her more and more closely to him… even Priya's arms wrapped around his neck holding him tight to her. RaYa giving each other equal accesses to love each other the way they want… some times Ram gets harsh on Priya & some times Priya gets harsh on Ram… but both not letting other to win fighting with equal strength & love to win this love battle… their long awaited desire… Ram were moving his palm up & down on her bare silky back & waist… while Priya playing with his tiny hairs on head & pulling them harshly when ever he tries to bits her lips or tongue… which is making Ram even more mad for her both breathing heavily in their long lip lock…

RaYa bitted… loved… felted each other love with their passionate desired lip lock… it was like they just touch each other soul with this. RaYa were still kissing each other almost after some times they just breaks a part with long breath of oxygen they were just lost looking in each other's eyes… when their desired get fulfilled with each other's unconditional love… they still very close… hugging each other… they were unable to express their feelings in words but their eyes were enough easily to do this need of them…


(ok this was just imagination of my viewers in actually FF it isn't it happen… as my this thread completed 100 pages & as per my viewers wish I had to penned down so in FF  what actually happen u will see after this… so all jhutas & chapples r most welcome for this but story demands this I can't help…)


Ram slowly moves his palms on her bare waist to passing by her small blouse strip to her bare back (as she wearing long backless blouse tied with just a hook) both breathing hardmoving unknowingly towards each other to seal distance between them with their lips which is just inches a part to meet. Their emotions were overwhelmed for each other it was difficult for both to control.


tab se rehti hai dil mein kasak tumhari… (A wish to have you remains in the heart…)

ya allah… ya allah.. (Slow version) (O God… O God…)

When Priya suddenly shrugs off herself from Ram's grip with a jerk… Ram even back in to his senses. RaYa were just looking at each other their eyes were talking when song finishes & lights back everyone starts clapping as all were clueless what just happen between right now sometimes ago. RaYa breathing fast then looks around the crowd were clapping or their wonderful dance. Priya take last glance at Ram give fake smile & moves away… SanRaj witnessed all of these things as threw out the whole dance their eyes were just on RaYa they understand something goes wrong between RaYa the way Priya pushed Ram away.

Priya goes away from party venue no one have clue were she went alone… here Ram also moves away standing alone at some corner of party with his drink he really felt heart broken the way Priya pushed him away he remembers the moment & gulped down whole glass of wine in one go… Dm sees Ram with sadness he moves towards Ram when he picked up one more glass of wine… Dm took the glass away from him at the movement he reached near to Ram… Ram looks at him with surprised sad look…

Dm: Ram what the hell u r doing here? (He gets furious seeing him drinking again)

Ram: bhai plz leave me alone for sometime. (He tries to grab glass of wine from Dm's hand)

Dm: no I won't leave you Ram what the hell you r doing here… (With angry but claim voice) go and talk to her like this killing ur self slowly… slowly keeping the things just inside you won't help u… (Ram looks at him with pain in eyes) nor will reduce ur pain ever it will make the things more worst my bro… (He hold Rams' shoulder) go… go to her… talk to her I m sure everything will be fine. (Ram sees the confidence in his eyes)

Ram: r u sure bhai… will everything will be all right ever? (He still not convinced with her words)

Dm: trust me… everything will be all right go find her… and talk to her b'coz you r the only one can make the things correct now forgot what ever happen in past just remembers now you can't live your future & present without her. (He asked him to assures him once again that everything is in his hand only)

Ram agrees & leaves from there but still in dilemma thinking will Priya ever talk to him after what ever happen between then in dance. He knows very well Priya must be sad due to what happen… how the way he came closer to her… she must be hurt that's why she just moved away from there without saying anything to him. Ram searching Priya in party area but he unable to find her in party he knows very well at the time where she could be he hurriedly moves from there to reach at her as soon as possible he can. Here after dance all couple gets separates. Here Neha & Ritz were talking to each other when Sid while talking to his friends & who had his eyes on Ritz from start of the party, sees that Ritz is alone now as Neha goes away from her for some moment he goes to her with huge smile to talk to her.

Sid: hi I am Sid… (He forward his hand to her for hand shake) Sidhaant Kapoor… (Ritz still didn't recognize him so stay there with plain face looking at him) with whom u just dance sometimes ago… (He said with his charming smile looking at her & smile also aprs on Ritz lips as her remembers him now)

Ritz: ohh yah hi… (She shakes hand with him) and sorry for not recognizing you before… (She makes pleased face Sid also nods his head as its ok) here is Ritz Khurana… (With her sweet smile looking at Sid)

Sid: nice to meet you Miss Khurana. (He smiled & tries to stand closer to her)

Ritz: don't be so formal u can call me Ritz Sidhaant. (She moved a bit back seeing this Sid stop)

Sid: I will but then you will also have to call me Sid. (He had different grin on his face now)

Ritz: ok… (With smile) btw you dance really well Sid. (She said just as formal way)

Sid: thanks btw you also… (Ritz gives smile as saying thanks) I guess you r not from India so with whom you r came here? (He blinks his one eye to his friend who sand drinks for them by waiter Ritz don't know that)

Ritz: you guess me right I m from US… (With smile) I came here with my best friend Sanju… I mean Sanjana Sharma. (He took 2 glass of wine from tray with huge smile)

Sid: ohh you mean Priya Sharma's sister right… would you like to have drink? (He offered one glass to Ritz with smile)

Ritz: no… no thanks I don't drink… (She said with smile where Sid gives expression sorry) so do you know Priya di? (She ask excitingly He left one glass again in tray & waiter moves away from there)

Sid: yeah very well we are family friends also Kapoor industries & Sharma industries have tied up business… my father & Sudhir uncle was running the business together from so many years & after them Ram bhai & Priya is doing the same and you know… (he trying to be very familiar to Ritz while talking sweetly when Neha back there & shock seeing Sid next to Ritz she heard their convey)

Neha: hi Sid what r you doing here. (She comes to RiSid with smile looking suspiciously at Sid)

Sid: nothing we were just talking Neha. (He got scared seeing Neha there & his expression got changed)

Neha: nice if your talk is over can we move Ritz actually Shipra aunty searching for u. (she looks angrily at Sid then turns to Ritz with smile)

Ritz: ohh ok we can move Neha di bye Sid. (She said with smile looking at Sid)

Sid: bye Ritz… bye Neha… (With making face looking at Neha)

Sid's friends were seeing all this standing away comes to him with laugh.

Sid's friend: forgot abt that girl (Ritz) Sid she won't come under ur spell she is different man. (He actually laughs on Sid making his fun)

Sid: I know & that's why my desire to get her is increases one day she will be with me you will see. (With his cunning smile looking at Ritz who is talking to Shipra now)

Priya here standing alone in balcony away from the party area lost in her thoughts… lost in her emotions how the way she was so lost in all of that what was just happened some times ago… how??? How could she let Ram to come closer to her to make her fun again??? How she could let Ram to touch her the way he wants??? How could she let Ram to feel her emotions which she till now kept hide it to just herself only??? How she could allow Ram to play with her emotions once again how??? How??? What if she wasn't stopped him??? Would he really kiss her??? Is he really wanted to do it with his heart or was it just his another act to play with her feeling??? Does he know abt her feeling for him??? does he really know she even wanted to kiss him… feel him… love him… at that moment but how he could guess when she never showed it to him??? Why she can't stop thinking abt him??? Why she can't stop loving him??? Why this is happening to her??? Why??? She unable to understand these last 6 years just hanged everything g in her life.

She closed her eyes with tears drop brimming from her cheek… she know there is so many questions in her mind but her heart is not having any answer for them. She really now need to move on in life she should stop to think abt Ram but she even know this is impossible for her as she never can stop thinking abt Ram nor she can stop loving Ram… he lives in her breath… in her soul & she will only stop loving him with her last breath. She wiped her tears with her fingers leaving deep breath out controlling her emotions…

When she feels two familiar pair of hand from back holding her shoulder from back… She put back her fake smile on lips & turns to see the expected view her little sis Sanju standing front of her. She can't exposes her feeling front of her she don't know anything abt her & Ram. Even this is not right time to talk to her abt it.

Sanju: di what happen why you standing here alone everything is all right. (She asked with sad expression seeing Priya's pain in her eyes)

Priya: ya dear everything is fine just was feeling uneasy in party so thought to come here in fresh air. (She put fake smile on lips trying to hide her pain behind it)

Sanju: di then why I feeling ur eyes swallow like u was crying sometime ago & came here to cover it up. (She asked with pain as first time Priya was trying to hide anything in her life from her)

Priya: no yaar its nothing like that I m not hiding anything I was just came here for fresh air trust me… (She tried to convince her with her fake smile but Sanju know the truth)

Sanju: I hope what ever you r saying is the only true & you won't ever hide anything from me (she looked away with slight smile) anyways let's go in everyone is waiting for you inside. (She holds Priya's arm n takes her inside the party with smile)

Ram hearing all this Priya & Sanju's conversation standing a bit away from them near to balcony. He knew Priya must be to there as when ever she upsets… she always find her peace in nature & for that she always loves to spend time in balcony of house with fresh air… but before he could go there & talk to her Sanju reached there & takes Priya with her in to party now he need to talk to Priya making her away from here.


To be continuing…

Recap: Ram overhears Priya & Neha's conversation over trust, love & relationship… & how someone broke her trust & heart in past... 

Plz press the like button & post ur valuable comments if u likes this update  thank you for reading this… 

Evan if u want to add ur name in PM list on next update do like this or add me in ur buddy list... or like this post or comment on this part of FF...

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fanbalh Groupbie

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no jutas and chappalsSmile 
only lots and lots of appreciation for penning down the update sooo beautifuly
must say u write very wellClapClapClap
thanks 4 d update
continue soon...

Edited by fanbalh - 14 October 2012 at 2:14am

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Harshida_Rani Senior Member

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Posted: 14 October 2012 at 2:16am | IP Logged
Hi Leena di! Well I'm Sona! N u know what di.. Ur such a great writer... N this is not done yet dii .. Lipock scene was ur just imagination! Huhh.. Dat was not the part of FF... Agghhh... Me padh ke Itna khush hui ki Itna passion se kese likh lia apne.. Kitna achha likha Tha! N hua kya... Breckets me note likh dia ki just imagination Kia apne. Huhhh.. Well chalo koi baat nai.. But seriously it was really hawwttt n chexy one di! Hatss off to u di n a bow to u... N for the FF part update... Have to know ki aakhir past me esa kya hua tha dono Ek dusre se apne dil ki baat nai bol paa rahe hain.. Dil me dabake tadap rahe hain dono! It's soo sad di.. Waiting for next part di.. Update soon n plz PM me next time... Smile

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luvsakshi IF-Sizzlerz

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So my dear Leena ...going to Marry ...Congratulations ,I'm so happy for you ,May god bless you dear ,I wish all your dreams come true ...

Omg Omg that was outstanding dear , cool but that was just an imagination but you made my day ,oh god so beutifully penned down their burning desire to kiss their partner ..ClapClapClap

Goshhh in reality ...No kisss Cry Cry
But it's ok ,the story is going very intresting with each update ...
what was the past behind it , He loves her and she loves him madly ,sooo whats hanging them ...
Awesomly written ,felt amazed the way you expressed Priya's emotions in the balcony..woowww superb dear ..way to go girl ..Keep rocking with your posts ...superb...
Thanks for the fantabulous update...

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now 1st i say plz dont wait us so long
and now update ki baat karte hain
1st part read karte hua i feel heartbeat smiley, animated smiley, animation smiley, heartbeat smiley heartbeat smiley, animated smiley, animation smiley, heartbeat smiley
but what is this its a dream i m sad smiley, animated smiley, animation smiley, boy smiley
the way dm tell him talkto her
i thinkpuzzled smiley, puzzled smiley, befog smiley, bewilder smileybefore ram was funof her emotions that bcoz she dont want him to do it again
btw  update superb tha

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Part 11 – Passion of love… backless blouse...always itClapHug

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veena23 IF-Rockerz

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Part 12 – Love of life…

ufff...imagination...not done yar...haye itna dil se padha..aur dil hi tod diya..hhuuhh..


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Woaaahhh Diii.. U r gng to Marry Heart Congratulation n celebration Party
Omg omg omg... Haaayyyeee Diii... Kya kahu mae... Umm... Raya's kissing part was Jzz Outstanding... Clap Iiieee... I was dreaming n *shy shy* while reading dat part... Heart Sooo butiully written n kya express kiya yaarDay Dreaming Faabulous... Star lip lock scene was Jst awsm...pta h i was like.. Dil smbhal jaa zara...Heart Heart Heart but hey dat was jst an Imagination..Unhappy Bt fir bhi M happy happy happy happpy happpyyy...Embarrassed coz u kept ur promise... Haayyyeee Di ye intezaar ka fruit toh Kuch Jyada hi meeetha ho gaya..Clap Hatttsss Off to you di...StarAwww priya di left golu...Unhappy Acchanak se ye kya ho gaya..Day Dreaming Hey DM is like a God father for Golu.. haayyyeee i like him alottt...Smile Awwwiiieee Di loved d way u expressed Priya's di emotions in balcony. awww lotss of quetions r hanging in her mind.. she is damn hurt...Unhappy Dii loved each n evry emotion..Awww sanju is swt..Smile Diii Awsm Awsm awsm...Clap Lovveee u For dis... Muaaahhh...Heart

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