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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

:Nautanki Times #3:Madhu-Trishna Apno se Parayon:

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** Nautanki Times Karyalaya(Office) **
Dimple chewing the end of the pencil... and going through the sections over and over again. Shivu enters with the week's Ratings Paper.
Shivu: Heya Dimple!!!
Dimple: hmm' hola shivs!!
Shivu: o!! oww!!! Somethings wr
Dimple: yep it is' I am not getting a title to assist Nautanki Times this week!
Shivu: hmm' lemme think too
Dimple: yeah please!!! Last 2 issues'had very romantic kinda titles!!
Shivu: MSM v/s RK?
Dimple: something aur mazedaar sa??
Shivu: Tritiya Vishwa Yuddh?
Dimple: This is sounding cool' kuch aur??
Shivu: urmm' Madhu-Trishna Apno se Parayon Tak'?
Dimple: lovely!!!
Shivu: your take now Dimpy'choose whichever you like!!

  Nautanki Times #3


Heads- Shivangi (--Shivu--) & Dimple (-Dimple-)
Banners- _Aanchal_
Logos- -Stutz-

:: Information for the Team ::

 >>You all have been sent the buddy requests from NautankiTimes Account, ensure you guys have accepted it.

>>From this week... that is from  21st July, all the entries must reach this account till Saturday Midnight or Max Sunday, 12:00 noon IST.

>> Any person who is unable to send the Section within the prescribed time for 3 consecutive weeks... will be called off from the NL Team and the Back-Up will take over.

>> If for any particular edition, some volunteer is unable to do the section...PM the back up at least 4 days before so that he/she can comfortably take over their duties

>> During some weeks... you may face some problems in penning down your sections... If you feel so... Just leave a comment in our Official Chat Thread made by deboleena.manna

>> Do NOT PM me that is -Dimple- or --Shivu-- with the problems and issues... it'll be tedious for us to check 2-3 things together... its better to use our Chat Thread.

>> If you have any suggestions on how Nautanki Times can be improvised... Post in the CC itself

Please do leave your comments People... it'll help us to improve!

**Scroll Down for the Newsletter**

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(By  ..tora.tangled. )

Mukund throws the torn cheque into Bittoo Ji's face.Madhu is proud of Mukund while both Shuvangi and Bittoo are furious.Bittoo tells him that he has not done well to insult him and leaves.Shuvangi insults Madhu saying that "Tu lagti kaun hain iski?"Madhu is hurt and goes away from there.
On the other hand Bittoo and RK's lawyer are unable to bail RK out as the cort is closed and will remain closed for the next few days.They also fail to bribe the senior police officer.This means that RK has to spend a few days in jail until he gets bail.RK is furious.He is taken to the VIP cell where he comes face to face with Balraj Chaudhary,Madhu and Rk's father.
Madhu recalls the words of insult which Shuvangi said to her and is hurt.She goes to drink a glass of water and is surrounded by reporters who say that she must be very happy now that RK is behind bars.Madhu gets angry on hearing this and says that there is no reason to be happy as one son from one family is in hospital while the another son from another family is in jail.The reporters look ashamed.The interview is coming on radio,and one of the police guards give RK the radio saying that it's Madhubala's interview.RK hears madhu saying that now after his arrest,people  will have more faith on the police.Balrej tells him that even he is here because of one Madhubala whom he finished twenty years ago and advises RK to finish off this Madhubala as well.
RK has gotten hold of a piece of coal and he uses it to write Madhu's name on the wall.On the other hand,Trishna and Roma arrive with food for RK saying that they work for him.The senior inspector tells one of the police men to take the food to RK.
RK refuses to take the food saying that he doesn't have a house and instead,Balraj starts to eat it.The food reminds him of Padmini's cooking.
Trishna and Roma somehow visit RK's cell to hand him fruits.Rk is furious to see them and he tells Trishna that he will destroy her future career in the film industry.Then he tells the guards to take them away.The fruits drop on the floor,and seeing the apple Balraj is again reminded of his past.He tells RK that he is here for Madhubala.He had come to stay in a hotel built in the place where his wife Padmini died,and the hotel manager asked him to show ID proof.In anger he had shot some hotel stuff with his gun and he had been landed to prison.He then starts hitting his head on the bars to injure himself.The police panicks and takes him out.
Madhu comes home and is glad to see that Samsher is back and hugs him and cries,saying that she had missed him.Just then,Trishna and Roma coma and Trishna accuses Madhu of trying to ruin her life.She says that Madhu is worse than a stepsister and has destroyed her own relations for that of a stranger. She takes a family photo and says that either she or Trishna will remain in the photo.Madhu takes the photo from her and tears her picture from the photo.
Madhu goes out of the house,recalling her and Trishna's fight.On the other hand,Mukund has discharged himself and left the hospital.He comes across Madhu and confesses his love for her.Madhu is shocked.But he tells her that he never expects to be loved in return.Madhu tells him that she will be there to hold his hand when he stumbles provided he doesn't stumble on purpose.
Mukund's father is proud of Mukund and tells Shuvangi that this is the first time his son has done something right.
Madhu and RK go out together and spend time together as Mukund looks  for jobs.On the other hand,RK finally comes out of jail.While on the road in his car,he spots Mukund and Madhu.Rk says that Madhu can laugh as much as she wants now for he'll soon destroy her life.
When Mukund reaches home,Shuvangi asks where he went.When Mukund says that he went to meet Madhu,Shuvangi is furious and forbids him from meeting her again.Mukund tells his mom to show Madhu respect as he loves her and is going to marry her.
RK reaches his home and still acts as if he's in jail.He orders his room to be cleared of all furniture an sits on the floor on a mat and eats roti as he did in jail.He tells Bittoo that he doesn't want to hear the name of Madhubala from his lips.He orders for his car to be taken out and leaves for Madhu's house.When Bittoo says Madhu's name again,he stops the car and tells Bitto JI to check the tyres.As soon as Bittoo Ji steps out he starts the car and drives away alone.
Madhu decides to tell Padmini about Mukund but just then the phone rings.It is Shuvangi.She tells Padmini that they need to have a "meeting" as soon as possible.Then she keeps the phone.
RK  has arrived at Madhu's house and when Roma and TRishna sees him,they think he;s come to take revenge and they run and hide.RK knocks on the door.Padmini goes and opens the door to find RK standing there.Scene freezes.

PRECAP:Rk is making a claystatue of Madhubala with clay and blood(?).He says that he spent four days in jail and Madhu will pay for it dearly with four years of her life.
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(By  ..tora.tangled. )

Well,not much romance on the show right now,mostly it's obssession that RK has for well since I have to  when she and Mukund givar something,i'll choose the one where RK spots Madhu from his are laughing together.He sees her laugh and says that she can laugh as much as he wants he will take revenge soon.It's Madhubala everywhere in his life now...RK officially has Madhu obssession...

(By jigyasa28 )



(Sorry for the Caps this time)

(By lovelygeet24x7 )
Well there were a couple of worst scenes in this drama-filled like Roma telling Trish to belittle Madhu in front of R.K & Trish agreeing to it!Monkey Emoticon & thern Madhu tearing herself from the family photoMonkey Icon .It all showed how Roma & Trish's love for Madhu is subject to certain conditions.Monkey Winks   


(By  Phoenix.Xeelan  )
Same like last week, more than one character has take the credit for irritating us by their presence or activities. But the ultimate Bakra of the week goes to Roma. Trishna, Mrs. Dixit aka ayi and Mukund for his hideous 70s tortured heroine who burns herself in the kitchen act - all was in the list but Roma made the final one.
Her obsession for making Trishna a successful actress was tolerable till it was in the limit but she is taking desperate attempts to fulfill her dreams through trishna only because she has failed to do it herself. Her manipulative behavior has fueled an already dream absorbed Trishna to cause rifts with her sister Madhubala. Whenever Trishna was hesitated to say something to madhu Roma is continuously manipulating her to go against Madhubala.
the most disgusting one surely goes to when she suggest Trishna to say bad words for Madhu infront of RK to woo him only when they went to meet RK in jail. Trishna was not really ready for it but Roma has surely poisoned her mind.Her obsession will ruin a lot relationship and also trishna if it goes by this rate. 


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(By  lovelygeet24x7  )
Let me come straight to the point,there were no hilarious moment in this week!That's it!Onion Emoticon Set.Ballu was hilarious but it was all dark dark humourOnion Emoticon Set.Okay I will be less harsh by considering one scene i.e the scene when Mukund declares to hs family that Madhu will become their bahu,Onion if R.K will let that happenMSN Onion Icons. Anyways,if such serious episodes continue,then the future for comic moments is uncertainMSN Onion Icons
(By Armu4eva  )
Take 1

Take 2

The sling is gone, the limp is gone... in the time gap of  a mere 4 days.. Shocked

Wow.. did someone feed BOURNVITA to our Mukku Dixit? or did he get blessed with Magical Healing powers courtesy our Madhu EmbarrassedWink ! It cant get weirder than this... as poor RK was busy eating roti in the jail ki kalkothri ... Mukku was busy maroing chance on RKs future botti (wife) Angry!  And boy o boy.. Mukku is superman indeed..landing a job in one go Shocked ki baat hai boss.. tussi to cha gaye.. ClapLOL (werent u a FAILURE AVERAGE ur own words?)

I did really have enjoyed the Madhu-Mukku scenes had they been spread over a period of time... !! But *sigh*! 

Indeed.. this sequence shall proudly feature in our list this week!Tongue Hope the future weeks will be kinder on us all! LOL
(By DamnedDrooler-)

It has to be Vivian again ... The simple look white shirt and blue jeans was perfect match. The facial hair and shades where add on ... it was total eye candy for drooling ones LOL ... 


(By Phoenix.Xeelan  )
Fashion Police alert to Roma, trishna and Bittuji for wearing flashy, too eye catching, loud colored and gaudy cloths all the time. but the ultimate fashion sense which needs to be trashed for this week goes to none other than Bittu ji LOL
Whats with his silky, shiny shirt with Prem Chopra effect Confused Last week he was wearing shirts from which you could make good shiny curtains for your house but since he wasn't shown much I spared him but this week twice in the same type of satin shirts all shiny looks like villain from some 70s-80s movie  Thumbs Down

(By   _Aanchal_   )


(By .SilentPrincess   )

Made By --Shivu--




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(By   _Aanchal_   )

by Lola13
(By  _Aanchal_  )

by Lola13

(By x.Maaneet4eva.x    )
Most active post (sticky): Madhubala EIEJ Promotional Siggy Contest
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(By  bubblygal1711 )

( Request every VM make to post their works in the threads to find them and create many VMs)

(By Xx-Shama-xX  )

FF/OS of the week - Bhanu_rekhag once again
with a maximum hit of 48 likes! :)
Congrats!!!!! :')
(By  Jyo_Ks )

It is Article Of The Week because now viewers will get to see some interesting twists & turns behind the upcoming track between the duo Cool,how RK takes the much awaited revenge from Madhubala after he had to spend days in the jail. Day Dreaming
The article got about 45233+ views with 1180+ comments & about 654+ votes. Clap 
People are eagerly waiting to know what next is going to happen in the show. Embarrassed So keep watching Madhubala-Ek Ishq Ek Junoon to know more.Wink
(By --Shivu--)
56m Ravindra Gautam [email protected]R25G

Much more of RK n Madhubala in coming week. Keep watching.

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(By --Shivu--)

This week... this padhwi goes to the actual Supa Star!! a.k.a Rishabh Kundra ala... RK

Can't you just get over him...? OMG... feels like i'll do the Fashion Star of the Week Section... oh no!! chill guys!!! but yes... RK ruled this week... from his smacking TrishnaGeek that was soo needed... after Trishu-Roma going all mad over the stardom thingy... jail... with Ballu Chacha!! OMG...!!!

 soo well enacted by Vivian... sharing screen-space with Raj Zutshi... is a miracle indeed... and his MADHUBALA OBSESSION...!!! His Nafrat for her..!!

Finally... the week had to end... with...

RK in Madhu's Chawl... Silly

Amazing RKlicious Week...!!! loved it...!!!!



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:: Ratings othe Week ::

(By --Shivu--)


 >> Ek garam chai ki pyaali ho'
Koi usko pilane waali ho'

Mukund proposed Madhu' yah'why wont he' he's a getting a permanent "nai" for him. Who'd shave him whenever he wanted. How very nice. No love' nothing' just mere infatuation driving Madhu-Makkhi crazy for each other. I just   this drama' uff' Public Display of Emotions. Sometimes I feel ki Shubangi is right'what is Madhu to Makkhi that she keeps coming and visiting him every now and then? Anyways' pathetic drama whole week'

#2 >> The Mr. Attitude is BACK!

RK... arrested because of Madhu Rani Bad Bad..!! RK... wow!!! you got fans in Jail...loved when the constable got his children clicked with RK the Superstar!

Madhu...girl... beware... RK is working out to revenge u... 

#3 >> Madhu-Trishna... Step Sisters?!?!?!?

Just like the name Madhubala is always in and around RK's life these days... so is RK's name in Madhu's... With Trishna's Rejection for her their c***ch... RK's always involved somehow...!

RK... is 

and then his ego slips over... 

Anyways... a full confusing week... RK RK RK!!! can't get over with him...!!!

urmm... so confusing to give ratings... umm!!


Yup...dats right!! 3 stars... would have given less... for the pathetic Makki-Madhu...but then our very beloved Ballu Chacha is here... need to give him space too!!!

Enjoy the NL people!! do leave your suggestions!!

:: Most Discussed Topic::
(By  -NaGs_BaBy-)

Most Discussed Topic

Supernatural Vs. Superstar!!! by Nishi.Singh with 33 replies. 395 views
~Dimple & Shivu~


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This Week Nautanki Times is Up.

Hope you guys Enjoy readingHug

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leverne IF-Stunnerz

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awesome...enjoyed readng
goldrush IF-Dazzler

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fantastic work everyoneClapThumbs Up
waiting for more NAUTANKI TIMESBig smile

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