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SS: I Won't Divorce You..UPD CH18P125 (final chap)

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Posted: 08 July 2012 at 1:53pm | IP Logged

Oki so for the longest time I have wanted to try my hand at writing a story but was unsure on the plot n stuff and how to go about, but now have finally come up with a plot and managed to pen down the beginning of my story. It is an SS, for now but if I am any good and you guys like it I may turn it into an FF...I dunno lets see. Tongue

oki so this SS starts after this Fridays episode, i.e the one where Arnav kicks Shyam out of the house. I won't really be changing anything that happened before this episode, if I do will let you know of course.

O before I start the SS I need to thank a few people who have inspired me.

-The whole team of IPKKND, who not only inspired me but many other talented writers on this and other forums to write such wonderful FFs.

-The IP REDUXIANS, whose daily analysis moves me so much and teach me how a story works, inspiring me to come up with the following narrative.

-Sheun, Lovely, Shariqa, Eveline, Piya who each have encouraged me to try my hand at writing too.

Oki so I think that is everyone if I have forgotten someone, then am sorry, forgive me I am only human. Tongue

Oki so here it goes...


Arnav has kicked Shyam out of the house after the whole heated argument/debate between Shyam, Khushi, NK and Payal about the truth. Anjali fainted. The family take her to the hospital. The doctor tells them that she and the baby are ok but are in a very sensitive position and require great care. The hospital wish to keep Anjali at the hospital, but she refuses and insists to go home, not wanting to stress her further the Hospital discharge her and give her sedatives, so she can rest.

The family come home after putting Anjali to bed Arnav leaves to (finally LOL) take a shower and clean up. The rest of the family leave for their respective rooms too, each giving Khushi the cold shoulder, clearly still unsure about what her part in the whole debacle is.

And this is where my story starts.

Chapter One: Page 1

My Note

Chapter Two: Page 14


Chapter Three: Page 40

Chapter Four: Page 51


Chapter Five:Page 59

Chapter Six: Page 59




Chapter Seven: Page 71

Chapter Eight: Page 71


Chapter Nine: PAGE 82

Chapter Ten: PAGE 83

Chapter Eleven: PAGE 91

Chapter Twelve: PAGE 92

Chapter Thirteen: Page 100

Chapter Fourteen: Page 100

Chapter Fifteen: PAGE 111

Chapter Sixteen: PAGE 111

Chapter Seventeen:PAGE 112

Chapter Eighteen: Page 125

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Chapter One:

As the hot water dripped down Arnav's back, seeping into each one of his wounds, soothing the stinging and bringing great relief, he slumped back in the shower as the day's events replayed in his head...

What a day it had been...kidnapped, escaped, khushi tied on the road, khushi held at gun-point, khushi unconscious, khushi's soft murmur...the murmur that had run through every vein in his body reviving each cell that had been on the verge of death, shrieking to them that there was reason yet to live...that life was not over but was only just beginning, that he had not lost all but gained more than he could have ever bargained for...khushi...khushi...khushi...what was he to do now, how was he supposed to go on now...everything had changed...

A day...a mere day...24 bloody hours...and so many things had many emotions plagued him...what would he do now...the mighty ASR at a loss to his feelings...his mind giving into his heart...

The jingling of bangles outside snapped Arnav out his thoughts...she was outside. He had to think fast. Figure out his game plan. And stick to it, not letting her change it with her mystical ways.

Plan forming in his head he dried himself off with his towel and put on his clothes for the night.


Di was ok...just shock and stress the doctor had and great care would ensure that she and the baby will be they will be ok...of course they will!!! She would make sure nothing even comes close to harming them...if anything even tries she, Khushi Kumari Gupta - Singh Raizada would stand in between that thing and Di...Sing Raizada...Khushi Kumari Gupta-Sing Khushi Kumari Gupta Arnav Singh good that name sounded...

Of course everything had to be ok, or would be ok how could it not when Arnav ji was back...and not only was he back but he was with her. HER!!! Of course all would be ok, she need not worry about anything now...Arnav ji was here he would make things right...they together would make things right...after all when they were together nothing could ever go yeah all will be need to worry...why should she her Arnav ji was with her.

An anxious Khushi toed into Arnav and her room. There was nothing to worry about, Arnav had understood and sided with her and gotten rid of the demon from the house, there was nothing to worry about...yet an unsettling feeling continued to rise from the pit of her stomach.

Arnav was still in the shower when she came in the room, but the water coincidently turned off after she had entered the room, he would be out now any minute. As the minutes dragged on, her nervousness increased and she began to pace the room. What would he say? What should she do? How will it all be? Will he need her to explain more, or was no more explanation required? If he understood, and all the misunderstanding was clear between them...then what? Would he...should she...

TTRRRIICCKKK. The bathroom door unlocked. Khushi froze. There he stood. Her rakhshas. Her laad governer. In the door frame looking as breath-taking as ever in his cream carpet slipper, black trousers...and that white cotton night shirt...the shirt she had often smelled and slept in, in his abscence...the shirt that made her feel close to him, feel like she was in his embrace, safe from the world.

As she stood there, frozen, taking him in. He dried his hair and walked passed her, to the doors of the room. He threw his towel on the settee, and closed the doors. Locking them for the night.

As the locks clicked, Khushi suddenly became very aware of her every heart beat. That began increasing drastically every second. She closed her eyes. Took a long breath. And turned around to face him.

He was still facing the doors, his hand on the lock. She took another deep breath and began...

'Arnav ji...'

He snapped round and closed the gap between them in two short strides. Suddenly becoming dangerously close to her. He gripped her arms pulling her even more closer, and leaned in...

She closed her eyes. His breath, warm on her face. Her lips. Her cheeks. Her ears. He stopped by her ears and whispered, softly but steadily...

'I'm not going to divorce you.'


Plz do Comment even if you do not like it, I always welcome criticism as it tells me on how to imporve and what ppl want...And I will reply to everyone so do comment n check back, it may be straight away or after a while but will do I promise!! Big smile

N if you want me pm you on updates, then please buddy me.

p.s below is a link of my previous works, i.e. my vms, poems n other threads (this is my first ever ss, so no other stories)


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ni ce concept Clap 
waiting for upcoming partsDay Dreaming

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Devilish.Angel Senior Member

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nice concept

do continue

update soon

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Usma55 Goldie

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Update soon

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ACTywm Goldie

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Originally posted by sunshine94

ni ce concept Clap 
waiting for upcoming partsDay Dreaming

o wow...I already have reader...thank you...I have just posted chapter one lemme know what you think of it.

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ACTywm Goldie

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Originally posted by smkaj1999

nice concept

do continue

update soon

Thank You...I have just read n lemme know what you think of it...Smile

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