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Monday  9th July 2012  Episode - 718   

CM comes rushing to the hospital, the nurse brings her to the ICU where she sees a Kamini who is bruised badly and is attached to many tubes.  Remembers it to be Kamini, calls out her name.  Kamini opens her eyes.  What happened CM wants to know.  Kamini who opens her eyes says God has punished her for plotting against CM.  Kamini wants to tell about CM's child before Kamini's call sheet expires. Takes out her oxygen mask.   CM is updated that SS tried to kill Kamini once she got to know that Kamini had informed CM.  Kamini has given the baby to someone of her acquaintance.  But why didn't you come to me asks CM.  Even now she has been beaten up by SS's men.  Be careful of SS,  Kamini warns CM.  Kamini then tells in mute to CM as to the place where she has kept the baby with a warning - never let SS know that you have got your kid.  SS is waiting to harm the baby (thirundhura ideavE illaiyO)  Kamini is happy that CM's baby is reaching CM because of Kamini who was the reason for baby napping.  Kamini starts gasping, the nurse is called and rushes in.  CM is asked to wait outside.  She rushes off.  The nurse tries to thirugufy some stuff near Kamini's bed ( she never bothers to call the doctor - great) Kamini breathes her last.

Sethappu carrying a cute looking Bharathi, gives her the biscuit packet.  The thaNNi mama of Dhanam who is also Black's friend sees Bharathi.  Thinks to himself that this is the same child that Sethappu brought to their house to hide.  Looks like Sethappu has not refined.  Follows him.  Sees Seththappu entering Black's house and wonders aloud - what business this man has here.  He calls Sethappu "pangaaLi", sethappu leaves Bharathi down, sweats.   He tells Seththappu his friend Black lives here.  Sethappu lies that no black or red lives here.  The friend raises his voice, wants to see Bharathi's father.  Sethappu too raises his voice.  Tells that he is a refined man now - after Dhanam and this  man left him in the middle street.  The friend roars in laughter.  The mama friend wants to tell Sethappu's thiruviLayaadal to Bharathi's parents.  Sethappu asks if mama friend is an uththaman.  MF accepts that he is not, he has suffered for it. Dhanam is settled with some rich fellow.  But Sethappu kidnapped the baby and blackmailed.  Sethapps is also confident that Vadai with the hole will not believe the story of MF.  MF shows him the photo of Dhanam and Bharathi when she was abducted.  Sethapps wrestles with MF for the phone.  Vadai arrives.

Seththaps tries to normalise the situation, showing MF as his friend.  Vadai did listen to the whole conversation.  Sethappu giving an apology speech, continues with some senti emotional talks on Vadai being his only aadharavu (ugh- and you swindled all his money) The MF warns Vadai that seththappu would throw a rock on Vadai's head and take away all his belongings (innum enna irukku) The MF is driven away, and seththappu gets disowned by Vadai.  Vadai goes on to enlist how they all pawned their brains and listened to Seththapps, Vadai is sorry for his treatment of CM.  Vadai in tears.  Sethapps is willing to accept his faults to CM.  Vadai yovs seththaps and asks him to get out.  (aamaam andha Madhu enga??) and shuts the door on him.  Flash back begins of Vadai saying that he does not believe CM...

CM in an auto near some beach area - slums.  CM asks for some Rajeswari amma to a passer by who tells her the location.  CM reaches Rajeswari amma's residence.  Identifies herself and asks for the baby.  Where is Kamini asks Rajeswari amma - in the hospital injured is CM's reply.  veNumkattiku vENum says Rajeswari amma, CM probes about her child.



Updates by Shree

Sorry for the delay...


Chellama comes to maragatham's house and asks for her child...Maragatham says she will not give the child...Her mom scolds her and tells her to give the child...She says they need money for maragatham's hubby's treatment...Chellmma gives her bangles and also her visting card and tells them to come and meet her anytime...

Maragatham comes out with kannamma ...the baby...CM super happy konjo konju nnu konjufy her daughter...says thanks to maragatham...and leaves the palce...

Maragatham crying...urundu porandu crying...Mom samadana paduthings...Maragatham saysthat is my baby...naan petha baby...Mom consoles her saying baby is with chellamma...she is a magarasi and she will take good care of ur baby...take this bangles...sell and make money and use this money for ur husband's treatment...MAragatham continuos her oppari...

Vadai's house...Vadai sogama sitting...kalavani and karuppu comes and karuppu tells abt beach's Will...Vadai praising chellamma...says chellamma kku nalla manasu...naandhaan drogi...says he wants to be alone...

No...says kooda standing...Vadai happy...Chellamma says unga CM ungala thedi vandhurukken...that too with a big gift...See our daughter...kannamma...Vadai and co super happy...CM gives the baby to vadai...Now vadai's turn to konjufy the baby...

CM tells abt kamini...Kamini told me abt kannamma...i went there and kannamma kedachutta...kalavani brings bharathi and two babies indha kaattu kottathukitta maatikittu crying...

CM asks sorry...Says learnt lot of lessons from my brothers and their family...From now...namma mattum dhaan irukka porom...u , me and our baby is our family...i cant live without u ourusha...

VAdai asking sorry...nee illamma beraiya anubavichutten...this is our family ...Kalavani suthi podings...karuppu photo eduthings...Then kudumbathoda saapida poings...

Sneha and kaamini convo...Sneha gives money to kaaminia nd says ur acting super...Kaamini says this is my nadrikadan to u...ur dad saved me adhukku indha help...Sneha says beach story over...CM also gone...So no more problem for us...Sneha says i thought CM will come and fight with me...but no...becoz of ur super acting CM nambufied everything...

Sneha gives a dupilcate passport and tells her to leave for canada...rendu villiyum laughing..



Updates by Selva

Wednesday July 11,2012
The episode starts with CM and vadai's sweet talks after their batch up. Both Bharu and new Kannamma sleeping.  Vadai tells he missed CM and Kannamma and feels sorry for his bad behaviour towards CM. CM consoles him and asks him to forget the past. She expresses her happiness of getting back Vadai and her babies. She says she did venduthal for palani murugan if see gets back kannamma. Vadai assures to go to Palani. CM continues that they can leave from the town and go somewhere else where no relatives around them. Vadai asks the reason. CM tells her parental home members are avoiding her and she couldn't enter to Beach home to see MA as Sneha is there. She tells she has finished all her responsibilities and handed over garments to Suresh. Now she is gonna live her life with Vadai and babies. Vadai accepts her and asks her to take AV also with them as he has no one to take care now. CM super happy. Both of them smiles on seeing each other.
The scene shifts to Kerala, Aalapuzha. In temple two new characters mom and daughter lighting lamp and praying. Mom character played by Megala's mom in Megala serial and daughter character name is Gayathri and its played by Vijayalakshmi (Nayanthara sister char in Boss movie). Gayathri gonna get married to bus conductor it seems. One tharagar comes and updates them about marriage preparations and scolds them for their sl*gness in their marriage preparations.
Then in jail one more new character introduction. He too acted in may serials and movie but I don't know his name. But he is a comedy actor.He is putting some useless mokkai with his jailmate and that too in Malayalam and warden comes and warns him.Then he comes and meet Bell and asks why he is sad (i don't know whether its TN jail or Kerala
jail). Bell replies he misses his wife nad child. Then some mokkai talks between both of them. He gives his visiting card to Bell and tells him to ask any help in this address by telling his name after he goes out from jail.
CM's house. AV super happy that Vadai has invited him also for their new place. But he says he is planning to go to Kasi and asks CM and Vadai to live happy and his blessings will be there with them. CM forces him but he denies.
Screen Freezes...
I saw one new promo of Chellame in TV where CM and Vadai are known faces and rest are new characters. And the director also has changed. So the serial will not end so soon...


Updates by Nithya

Thursday July 12th Updates

Episode 718

Credits to



Gaya's mom tells her flashback to Gaya.. This is the house we started off our life.. Much against his wishes I dragged him to my city and wanted to do be a successful farmer there.. Gaya asks why did you drag dad to your city.. Mom says insecurity and feels Gaya will also do the same.. Gaya says I will never feel insecure but will worry about you being alone.. Mom feels bad about taking a wrong decision years ago and losing out on all relatives and standing alone today. She says your father at his death bed told me that this home will help you one day and his words came true.. This house is helping us fund your marriage expenses..  A couple arrive and settle the agreed upon money and take over the house ownership.. Gaya's mom (GM) is happy that house is given to a good party.. The new owners extend a hand of relationship .. GM says marriage in 2 days at Coimbatore.. after an emotional moment the duo leave.. 


Visagam is anxiously waiting for the return of Amudha.. Vasu refuses to bring back Amudha after all the abuses hurled by his mom at his wife.. Visa cries, apologizes, vows to have reformed and gives them all liberty to throw her out if she misbehaves . Vasu too gets emotional and goes to bring Amudha..


CM comes to MA's home.. A perplexed MA hides Ratna aka original Kannamma and runs into the kitchen.. Ratna runs to CM and calls her Amma.. CM konjufies the baby.. All this is witnessed by Sneha.. She fuels MA to take the baby away from CM.. MA does as instructed.. CM updates MA..our family going to Pazhani and on our return we plan to settle in some other city.. MA wishes her all happiness in life .. CM misses Ratna.. Sneha cuts them off by chasing MA & Ratna to kitchen..

CM follows Sneha and questions if you are afraid of me.. Sneha stammers and says Don't bug me.. CM angrily says I know you kidnapped my child.. But I will not let it out since I don't want my brother's family to suffer.. God will definitely punish you for making suffer for 2 years.. My SIL is innocent and you are taking advantage of it.. Don't dare to harm her.. Sneha says ask my akka (MA) knows about me.. CM says MA does not know your true colour.. illata she wouldn't have shared her life with you.. If I get to know that she is suffering coz of you I will finish you off.. Your countdown will start the moment I feel you are hurting them.. Sneha stands speechless.. CM says Openly challenging and winning is my style unlike your backstabbing style..



Updates by Swash

13th Juy, 2012…Friday episode  722

Chellams warns Snake that wherever she is, her eyes will be on her anni and even if snake's breath falls on her, chellams will be there. Sollaama seiyyaradhu un style, sollittu seiyyaradhu en style.

She comes inside and takes leave and MA asks if chellams trusts her. chellams answers that whatever MA does it is for chellams good and MA reiterates that and chellams takes leave while Snake thoughtfully watches.  MA cries and snake asks her to go inside.

Kalavani is serving food to Black, vadai and chellams while AV watches over granddaughters. Black teases vadai that he will become fat with chellams attention and she asks kalai to say bye to amudha and maniarasu.. vadai says they will stay in a good lodge and their car comes. They take leave,  and AV gives money.  They all leave for Pazhani.

Snake meets AC SR and informs her abt duping chellams with the fake baby..AC is now happy that chellams is going to Pazhani and may be settling there.  She can take revenge at an unknown place and is waiting for this opportunity.  The villis laugh…

In Pazhani, the family comes to a regular restaurant to eat and vadai goes to the register to get a bottle of water when he overhears the owner talking to another guy abt leasing this restaurant…looks like the owner is going to US to his son's place and wants to give this restaurant for lease for 5 yrs for a total of 20 lakhs and that guy says his boss will not give that much.  Instant flash bulbu in vadai's brain and he says he has had hotel business and will take up the lease. That guy and vadai talk and the latter is all excited and promises to come back tomorrow with the money and is so excited and goes on and on and talks abt their future to chellams in the car and how in 5 yrs they can come up in life and maybe buy this same hotel. Chellams is perturbed and silent.

At their lodge, she tells that he is a real hurry and why saami kumbida vandha idathula indha maadhiri business? First let vadai learn to walk and then think abt jumping. Vadai is impatient and chellams is real disturbed….


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Is kadarkarai alive ??
watch today ..
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it's kamini...telling the truth to chellama
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No updates??
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Hi People - I live in a place where I do not get to see the serial and entirely depend on websites that upload them .  These days the upload gets delayed - it is up invariably only on Wednesday mornings.  My Wednesday mornings are busy - so please bear with me.  If any of you who watch it regularly can update -  will be very glad.

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Thanks Eclat - sorry if I sounded pushy in my previous message - You are usually so good about putting up the updates on time that I was a bit puzzled that it was not up till now.

Thank you for your peristance!  I wish I could assist with the updates but unfortunately circumstances do not allow me to do so!  Maybe one day...

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Serials2010  - The delayed upload jolts my otherwise organised weekly routine :)  You can see that I post the updates in bits and pieces for the last couple of weeks. 

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Thanks eclat .Chellame - Aadhiyum Anthamum illadha serial. The only change I find in this serial is change of directors. 

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