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Louian Newsletter Of the Month - 3rd Edition

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Khushi: Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!

Agent X: I think you mean Sunday?! Ermm

Khushi: Errmmm, no? It's Saturday.

Agent X: It's sunday now in India! Tongue

Khushi: Don't you feel superior because you know what time it is around the globe and..

Juleka: Weren't we here to post the newsletter for this month?

Khushi: But ofcourse!

Agent X: Khushi always distracts me with her stupid blabbering.

Juleka: Not again. Get on with it guys, honestly. You guys are boring me. And I'm pretty sure everyone else reading and waiting too.

Khushi: That makes me sad, Di. Cry

Agent X: Ignoring Khushi, we are here with the NL of this month! DancingDancing

Juleka: That's what I'm talking about. Big smile Go on...

Khushi: The much awaited Dil-Dosti-Dance NL of this month is finally here and ready to be published. Clap

Agent X: Published, you say? Confused

Khushi: Not in the literal sense, yo! Cool

Agent X: Oh okay, so presenting to you THE NL. 

Juleka: I think we have already established that this is the NL, guys. Get on with it now. Sleepy


Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more is everyone miserable in St. Louis right now. Everyone and everything is back to square one. Team Weaklings is yet again on a hunt high and low for it's sixth dancer.  And the reason here for once is Taani, the darling sister of our Majnu. She has already done the damage in order to impress her Prince Charming by creating  problems between everyone. She helped break the friendship and almost brought back the divide.

After quite a while the same question is there on everyone's tounge: Who will be the sixth dancer of Weaklings?

Also, this month saw another great change. Sharon and Swayam are finally developing a better understanding towards each other. Everyone who loves SwaRon seems to be beeping, dancing and singing their hearts out. These are early days in their relationship and it still feels like a dream to most of us. This is what everyone was waiting for since long. It is like a bliss to see SwaRon in happiness with each other. I hope they keep on going like this, and develop a stronger bond with time. I pray for them to become more mature from now on.

All we can do now is keep our fingers crossed and wait for the future.

This month we only got one rap of our cool rapper Nilesh. Looks like the D3 Team is on a One-Month-One-Rap mission. LOL. This month the rap was when Nilesh and Simmi were hosting the Charity event. Here it is...

* scratches head* Okay... uhm Soumya asked me to find the YT link and write it as she's on vacations but I can't find it either. Ermm I watched the whole D3 episodes where Nilesh and Simmi were but still can't find. Nevertheless, we all know the scene and NiMmi had rocked as hosts Big smile 

They are both sharon' we had a swaronified month...

1. "Girlfreind hoon tumhari itna toh karhi sakta hoon"- said by our diva Sharon to Swayam...
2. "AGS as in Swayam ke bina kuch nahi kar sakte"- also said by our Sharon in reply to Shivam...

TabzyBig smile


Dil Dosti Dance of the month asmaju 
Give me the news guys/Chugli of the Month Aquilia_Aditi
Headache of the month Sawyer_Tom
Tears of Joy -.Preet.-
Baat of the month Tabzy 
Dil Waale of the month ..first.rain..
Rap of the month Saumya_D3
Dazzler of the Month ..first.rain..
Aaya Mausam Dosti Ka ..first.rain..
Dance-Joy to the world Kasurbest
Unforgettable moment ..first.rain..
Tearful part of life -.Preet.-
Unity of the Month Saumya_D3
Recycle Reduce Reuse Saumya_D3
Ras Rachila of the Month Aishh.
Ramaira of the Week/Month ..first.rain..
Chubbylaal of the Week/Month ..first.rain..
Sharinder of the Week/Month ..first.rain..
Majnu of the Week/Month ..first.rain..
Siggy/Video Siggy creator ..first.rain..
Avi/Icon of the week Aishh.
Visual/ Video creator of the Month ..first.rain..
If only life could be Re-winded Kasurbest
Rating of the Week/Month ..first.rain..
Behind the Curtains Kasurbest
Winning siggies & Banner -.Preet.-
Text titles -Stutz-

Special thanks this time to ~Saraa~ for the script. NB loves you Hug

We take this opportunity for everyone part of the News Letter on submitting their sections in on time. Hug

Regards, News Letter Heads
Khushi {..first.rain..}  and Juleka {Illyria}

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Welcome guys.

Here goes a  recap of the happenings of D3 in the past month.

The month had a great start with the Charity fest.Tanni miffed up with the lights and Rey  helped her with it.The event started with the slide show of the achievement by the St.Louis trust. Swaron had a conversation at a beautiful place arranged.Sharon told Swayam that she  is comfortable by keeping the book shut and was about to say something but Swayam moved out from there.The dance performances started with a new couple  Nimmi dance on Tum se mili nazar tho hua asar hai aaj song.The gang had a convo at the green room .Sharon wanted Swayam to see that she was wearing  the shoes gifted by him but Swayam didn't see.Shivam came and informed that next was ShaRey performance.

The most avaited performance began when Sharon and Rey set the floor by the wonderful contemporary dance on Its too late to apologize.At the end of the song Sharon was seeing Swayam and Rey sensed it.In green room Rey tries to ask Swayam did he propose but Swayam just avoids to answer it.Next was an amazing performance of the  whole louians.the charity event ended and the  gang was havinh a party at the cantee.

Swayam and Taani didn't turn up.Sharon felt sad that she was the reason why Swyam had not come.After the party S haron drove to Swayam's home. The kaka opened the door and let her in and she moved to Swayam's room.Swaron tried to open the door at same time and Sharon was in Swayam's arms.Swayam asked was it a dream and straightened Sharon.


Swaron had a wonderful convo.Sharon accepted that Swayam affects him.She does feel his presence.She  asks him Does he still loves her and hopes that he does.Swayam cuped her face and tells her that he will love her always,can never ever hate her.They shared a cute "yes yes "moments.Sharon wanted to give their relationship a chance.Both agreed for a Trail relationship which was hidden from the gang.Sharon askes her what does she expect from him and he replies that he justs wants her.

Sharon leaves to her home .on the way we have a cute dream sequence of Swaron on the track Baatein Kuch ankahi si where Sharon let out herself and danced.Next morning Sharon wakes up and checks her mobile if there are any calls or messages from Swayam.As she finds none she waits for his call.Here Swayam too wants to speak to Sharon but thinks its too early.Sharon calls Swayam after waiting and they share their Sorry session.


Everyone reaches college.Rey is searching for Swaym.Vicky comes and pullsd Rey to Boys locker room as he needs some help.Here the rest of boys were making fun of Vicky just then Swayam enters.

Swayam wants to tell Rey about their Trail relationship and same with Sharon.



Rey too wants to speak with Swayam about Taani andShivam.

Guys reach class .Shivam tries to sit beside Sharon but just then Swayam enters and Reminds Shivam what they had spoken during the charity event.He remind that Sharon never bees with looser and by looser he means  ____.Shivam goes ansd sits behind.Sharon addresses Swayam to sit next to him and he does.

The boys get confused and they chat that has Sharon accepted Swayam and Vicky says Sharon will never say s.The professor comes in and classes start.Sharon looks at Swayam but he is busy with the class and books. Sharon gets upset and passes a chit to Swayam saying that he did not see her even once.Both Sharon and Swayam texts Rey to meet them at 4 'o clock.

Sharon wants to meet him in fire escape and Swayam in basket ball court.


Taani is sitting in Atrium taking up some notes .Shivam comes there and tries to speak with her and convinces her for lunch.They both go on a lunch date..Evening 4 o'clock arrives and Rey gets confused whome to meet where.He moves towards the fireescape thinking to meet Swayam but sees Sharon there.Sharon tries to tell Rey just when his phone rings.He seesxit was from Swayam and moves  and picks up.Swayam tells him about the relationship in excitement his phone falls down.he hugs Sharon and  runs to see Swayam. While speaking with he remembers he has to see Taani and goes from there.Taani tells she is not capable to be the sixth dancer and quits weeklings.Next day she puts it up on notiuce board.Vishika yells at Rey and Swayam for this.The  gang moves out from there leaving Rey,Swayam and Sharon.Sharon tries to comfort Swayam.

The gang is in the rehersal hall when Taani comes to asks sorry but Vishaka shouts at her.The VP calls ReYam and yells at them for the irresponsible .Shivam comes and tells Rey that Taani thinks him as his good friend.Swayam goes home and ignores Taani.


The gang meets at the basket ball court leaving Rey and Swaron.They all decide to boycott Taani.

Next day Swayam comes to know about this and is upset with the gang.the boys tell taani not to come inside the rehersal hall as she is not a member of the dance team neither AGs.Rey gets angry on gang for boycotting Taani.Just then Swayam enters asking if he misses something. And comes to know about"Mission boycott Taani".He asks if all have agreed eyeing Sharon and she says yes.He gets angry and moves out from there.Sharon meets Taani  and tells her that she must have told Swayam about this.swaron meet in the abandon corridor,Sharon tries to explain yet Swayam is still angry.Sharon then meets Rey in the canteen and Gives an idea to make taani as Ags.Rey likes the idea and moves to VP's roomHe finds Vp is scolding Taani and she has been punished with an dispersion  for a day.Rey gets confused if this is the right time to speak with Vp but after seeing Shivam he moves in and asks Vp that he wants to make Taani as Ags.Vp agrees after Shivam to tells that taani is hard working.

Later in the evening Rey goes to Sharon's house to inform her about the Ags.He gets Swayam's call asking him where is Sharon's room aa he wants to ask her sorry.Rey directs the room and tries to go out but Shron does not allow.They were speaking about Taani when Swayam comes in through the window and he hears Taani being the AGs.He asks about it and Rey tells him that Taani is AGS.Rey leavers Swaron for their moments. Vicky calls Rey asking where he is as they have reached corridor.Swayam was asking sorry just when the gang enters into the room.Rey saves them and breaks to the gang about the news of the new AGS.Vishika gets hyper over it and tells all this is cause Taani is Swayam's sis.

Well, once again the whole Taani-Shivam conundrum has put me in a fix. I find it rather hard to choose one of them for the Headache of the month title. They both appear to be extremely deserving. But since I can choose only one, I think I'll go with Shivam this time.

 I'm officially unable to understand what on earth is he doing on the show. His unwanted presence is hindering with the main plot of the show. He appears to be unsure about his own "goals" and just seems to be fluttering from one scene to another without a motive in mind. It is yet to be disclosed as to why he was brought back on to the show. It can't be to mess with Taani as he wasn't aware of her existence till he actually joined the college. So the head hurting question, as of now, still remains unanswered.

He is supposedly one of the main villains on this show, but I have yet to see him do anything remotely evil. Apart from the time when he tried to poison Swayam's mind against Sharon and Rey, which I must say backfired pretty brilliantly, he has done nothing substantial that could justify his presence on the show. Even his whole AGS shenanigan pretty much fell down flat on it's face when Rey volunteered Taani to be chosen as his AGS.

I just hope the CV's get on with it and let him do what he came here for and show a timely exit of his character (with no promise of ever returning), before this headache becomes too unbearable too bear.

This month was full of fighting and disunity. The whole Tanni's descision fiasco was enough to make us all unhappy to see our lovely gang in distress. But amongst all this Rey, Sharon and Swayam were the ones who stuck by each other and  showed how strong their bond is. Agreed that they did have a share of their fights but still their unity was better that anyone else.

In the past month Dil Dosti Dance brought lots of dances and gracious performances for us as the major Charity event had been embraced this month. The dance that captured our heart the most. Rey and Sharon's duet. A simply soul touching performance that both of them do together. It had been a long time since Sharon and Rey shared a stage together. Contemporary style starring the song Apologize. What a wonderful dance. Perfect steps, smooth transitions, awe-ious lifts and superb expressions. Both of them dance making it look so easy taking the audience away to the wonder land. Moreover, watching this dance Shivam states them as "forever green couple" Well, we know that it was just for Swayam that he said. Swayam and We know better. But if a person had known nothing of the story and just seen this dance, they would have believed those three words too. 

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Without doubt: SHARON!! She's been simply the best this month. The change in her attitude and character is simply admirable. Nothing can beat that! The perfect girl friend, perfect friend and like we all know, phenomenal dancer! The way she supports Swayam and is now seeing the good in everyone, even the worst, is definitely touching. At times, viewers might not like it but the change in her is for good; as Swayam said Wink 

HAHAHAHAHA! Sorry for starting with a laugh but the scene I'm going to choose has been just great and can't help with laugh. And blush a little Embarrassed This has to be when Swayam was climbing in through Sharon's window and the scene that happens while stuck on window and after Rey pulls him back. ShaReYam are the best triplet EVER! Rey in between the love birds and the way he handles everything. The cute Swayam eager to say Sorry in a special way. And the naughty Sharon giving trouble to Swayam before accepting the sorry. Like Rey said, "Aise long St. Loui mai hi milte hai." ROFL 

Sigh. Kya bolu mai! Day Dreaming There have been many many many cute, romantic scenes between SwaRon this month! Their trial relationship, the dance, all their phone talks, in class-room, in bed-room, and what not. I'd like to add ALL of them in here. If I could Embarrassed Special shout out to the dance scenes. Sharon blushing and happy big time! Swayam's dream to reality. All the craziness they went through in just that one dance sequence deserves to be chosen this month. It clearly puts forth their emotions for each other. I can write on and on on that scene but that would take forever. Plus, everyone here MUST have seen the scene. So i'll just let you guys re-remember it. Embarrassed

Umm... Yaha pe kya likhu? Oh yes. This won't be any couple scene or anything. Let this be just Swayam. Day Dreaming When he finds out Sharon meant well, he stands on stair-case and decides he has to say sorry to her and talks about the changes for good in Sharon. The picture slide shown during that scene is the one I'll focus on. Takes you through the unforgettable journey of this couple. This is the one unforgettable moment for this month! 

Yes, yes I know there were many others that we will never forget. But for this section, I choose the picture slide one Embarrassed

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A part when one lover is waiting for the right time to express his feelings but still his life, his love just asked him to just let the chapter close as it is. Can it be more hurting? No, so...the tearful part of life includes the same scene when Swayam was excited to confess his love, but Sharon being scared ask him to let the book remain closed as it is. The scene brought tears in our eyes along with SwaRon.

Second Scene that will be in this category when Tani is sad and is unable to express her feelings, her loneliness with anyone and then just let them flow on a piece of paper. That scene really describes How one can be left alone in life. Sharon also read the poem and feels How one can express her feelings so well when Tani is not even able to show them to anyone. 

The one moment which has brought the tears of happiness was SwaRon Confession. Two people who have been trying to confess their feeling, two people who have been trying to be together finally gets together. Sharon has loved Swayam from a long time but she was always scared what if she won't be able to love him back, what if she won't be able to reciprocate his feelings. But, Swayam finally says that he doesn't need anything except her in his life and this one moment was enough for them to come together and give a new direction to their lives.

This month a beautiful function in the form of the charity event was shown to us. All of us enjoyed it to the core. The beautiful performances were mindblowing. but one thing that pained some of us a little was that Sharon had worn the white dress that Kriya a.k.a. Shakti had worn in Footlose. Though she looked amazingly beautiful but it still pained to see another KriYaansh symbol being used.

On a lighter note, apart from this our chotu sa St. Louis ka Canteen was used as a Party Hall in Ek Hazaro Me Meri Behna Hai. it was instantly recognizable by the starred pipes in the corner. :P

Hello my D3ians! Hope you all are doing good!:) Well this month the Ras Rachila title surely goes to SharonShe has been so understanding at various points throughout the month. Plus all the characters all have wrong somewhere or the other. Sharon has kinda kept her calm and been quite cool in hard situations. Plus through the whole SwaRon track, she has been extremely supportive towards Swayam. So yup this week its surely Sharon!<3

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**There will be no FF/SS/OS of the month this month as nish was unavailable and the new members who've joined were added later on. Wouldn't have been fair to tell them to submit it in a few days time. Sorry for that Embarrassed**


By Senorita (-.Aisha.-)
Your Gift: 

Winner: By Aishu.

Your Gift: 

Winner: SwaRon911

Direct Link:

It's a short VM but definitely captured your complete attention. Embarrassed
Your gift: 

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Person Name: sujana9
Your Gift: 

Person Name: swaron502
Your Gift: 

Person Name: marauder
Your Gift: 

Person Name: rachita_1994
Your Gift: 

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1. Pick one scene from the past and describe the scene you picked 
KriYam (Kria and Swayam) Basketball Court Hug: 
It was the day when Rey had put up the notice for the booking of rehearsal hall by dazzlers. Kria misunderstood his intention and thought that he thought low of her and was bringing the divide back between them. She was frustrated and when Swayam was trying to pacify her she shot back meaning and harsh words at him.
It was later she recognized her mistake she went searching for Swayam and found him in the BB Court. There she apologized for her mistake and the sorted out things. This was followed by a friendly hug and a small confrontation of KriYaansh (Kria and Reyaansh).

2. What did you liked the most about this scene? and Why?
The friendship between the two was what held all the charm of the scene. The way they understand each other is highly appreciable. That's how true friends are. He understood what she was trying to say and soothed her seeing that she was going to her hyper active mode. How he comforted her showed us the meaning of true friendship. It was a treat to watch for all the people.

3. One thing you would change about the scene and how would you have preferred otherwise?
There is nothing in THIS scene that I would want to be changed but what follows this scene is definitely what I don't desire to have occured the way it did. Like I mentioned that the hug was followed by a KriYaansh confrontation, I wish it could have been changed. The 'no-talking-from-now-on' rule which was made by Kria is not a memory which I would like to cherish.  Though the outcome of the confrontation was good as we got many cute KriYaansh scenes but still I didn't like the mini-heart attack I and many other fans got hearing that news. The script could've been planned in such a way that the fight ended then and there and we got the cute scenes in some other way.

From: swaron502
1. Pick one scene from the past and describe the scene you picked 
My favorite scene in D3 till now was when the whole D3 gang was in Goa for the India Fest and Sharon had lost the confidence to dance once more when Rey had made a plan to make her believe that she could still dance and the plan included the whole D3 gang including Majnu...So when Sharon was playing with the sand on the beach , the scene had its own charm for me Wink... And the main scene started when Rey fasaod Swayam to speak Rey's dialogues for SwaRon to happen.. After hearing those lines from Swayam , Sharon's reaction and SwaRon scene was my favorite till now ... It was a perfect SwaRon scene ... perfect lines ... perfect expressions ... perfect BG tunes ... everything was just PERFECT 

2. What did you liked the most about this scene? and Why?
I liked this scene very much because of its undemanded yet magnetic beauty and innocence... If you would See Sharon's expressions when Swayam spoke those lines , I can bet no one would loook more innocent and cute... ( hats off Sneha Kapoor )..Swayam was also an attractin of the scene... The feeling with which he said everyhting and the way the scene turned up...nothing can be more mesmorising and magnetic...There is rarely anyone who couldnt get attracted to that scene and BG tune played its role TOO WELL...and and and btw if seen from my POV , SwaRon chemistry , innocence , cuteness and intensity is unbeatable... 

3. One thing you would change about the scene and how would you have preferred otherwise?
One thing I would like to change about the scene would be that if the SwaRon part had been extended a bit longer...What I mean by the same is that I would have liked / loved the scene more if Swayam hadn't spoken "Ye Rey Ki Feelings Hain" or if he hadn't spoken so too early...I hadn't got enough of the nnocence and cuteness when  Swayam's this dialogue abruptly ended the scene...If this thing had been there then surely the scene would have been loved by the audience EVEN MORE (i wold never say i dint love the scene..its my fav till now Wink

Have a wonderful day!
- Monal


Okay I'm sure you all know the many many good reasons for giving such a low ranking. Taani -.- Shivam -.- Boycott -.- CVs kya kar rahe hai?!!?! They're making mistakes on mistakes and then USING SwaRon to make up for it?! Come on na...! SwaRon are not there to use. People are getting angry? Thik hai, chalo, put a good SwaRon scene and pass out promo's. What do they think of us fans and viewers? Anyways, that out of the way, the only good thing in this month was SwaRon. Anything else you ask? Nope. Zero. Zilch. Nada. That is if you don't count a few minutes where Rey was back with VP scene and then the friend in between SwaRon. Really wish the CVs would get how horrible they are doing right now and make a change in the show ASAP!

Taking a look away from the camera, behind the curtains during the month of June takes us to the wonderful chat with Shantanu and Kunwar Amar where they happily share thier latest experiences on the sets of Dil Dosti Dance. Starting this wonderful talk Kunwar Amar states that Shantanu as Swayam has nothing new, just more love. Swayam's die for smile just seems to get broader day by day as he is deeply drowning in love. Where as Kunwar Amar as Reyaansh states that he has no idea what is going on in his life, he is just confused and spread up everywhere. "Raita bana raha hu sabka, khas kar iski behen ka," pointing at Swayam. 

To share more for the off screen moments, Both states how they make up their own scenes. Every time a new script comes in and while rehearsing they make up their own things and change their whole script to something new unknown to the directer and the crew. "Shhh" Wow Kunwar and Shantanu, trend of changing the scripts around and your Creative heads does not even know what you guys are doing when they are not watching. Sounds fun. Keep up the masti. 

Taking about excuses. Both tell that till now they have never had to come up with a excuse to take a day off. Mumbai Rains does their own part of job in giving them days off. Kunwar Amar says that if they are ever in the mood to take a day off and when don't have a leave then they will just go off and have fun. Shantanu seconds the statement. But till now they have never had the mood to take a day off like that. "Plan karke kaun karta hai," Right Shantanu, fun comes on it own. Both tell that they are tired of getting wet. Their perfect day out! "They are at the Marine Drive, and their is a tea stall specially just them." Then they won't mind rain at all. They will just chill with warm tea and bhajiye as the rain soaks them up. 

Going on the duo shares the fun they have with rest of the members of the show, and acts out how each of them are off the cameras. "Guys hai toh hum gossip nahin karte, masti karte hai. Aur itna dhamaal karte hai ki hamari aawaz sab kamre mein pohoch jaati hai." And girls? Don't know. Kunwar and Shantanu share so much of their off screen masti with us that the earlier said sentence of Kunwar, "Masti ka Khajana hai hamare paas," totally proves right. 

We love you Kunwar and Shantanu and the whole Dil Dosti Dance. Keep having fun, All the best and looking forwards to much more fun in future. Keep Rocking!

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Heylo people!! Hug Hug We're back with the edition and hope you all enjoyed reading it!! Congrats to winners and really sorry to all the writers for not having FF/SS/OS section this month. We promise to be back next month Big smile See you all next month. 

Ps: Hope no one has any problem with the banner... I specifically asked the maker to keep SwaRon on limelight and rest on top as I felt SwaRon deserved it this month Embarrassed 

Love you guys. 

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