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I killed Uday- OS! PART 3 on PAGE 12 Updated. (Page 6)

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Posted: 08 July 2012 at 5:06am | IP Logged
PS:  Adden plz do continue Smile

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Cont soon

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Jarin04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 July 2012 at 8:59am | IP Logged
Superb adden. Continue the next part soon. Don't forget to pm me

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SRJKiMahakaali IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 July 2012 at 10:27am | IP Logged
loved it adden!

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Ziva01 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 July 2012 at 8:56am | IP Logged
Sorry for coming late Adden...lovely OS...thxs for the pm Hug

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Add123 Senior Member

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Part 2
I could go on and on about my misery, I could write a novel called "The Misery Mystery of Manyata", but then again who would buy that crap? Who would care enough to read about a princess that has isolated herself from the rest of the world, yes! I have isolated myself ... I don't go on shopping sprees anymore, I have people to shop for me ... I don't go out to parties unless it's for social appearance sakes, I hardly attend charity functions ... however I'm still well known for making the highest donations, I am never really the centre of attention, and I bet half the world has forgotten whether Princess Manyata exists or not. I don't really care, I have myself and my DS's blessings with me, and I'm alright with it! But Uday, I miss him!

Writer's POV...

Manyata puts the pen down, she can't take it anymore ... the guilt haunts her, even when she's talking about being "alright" ... Uday's name shows up, he's always there ... she closes her eyes, tears drop down, she looks around the room, it seems to get smaller by the day, she's scared she might get suffocated in this room one day, so she gets out of her bed, carefully tucks her diary under her pillow, steps into her slippers and steps out of her room ... only to find a pin drop silence in her entire house, she wonders where everyone is, She has never been this curious about where her family is before, she's always known her family always on the move here and there either partying or spending time with a few family friends, but this time she just has to ask someone of where her family is, she calls out for a palace worker, "where's everyone?" ... the palace worker puts his head down in respect and replies "Your highness, they have all left ... amm...", the palace worker hesitated in replying back, "What is it Mathur? Why the hesitation?",  Manyata asked as her curiosity increased, "I'm sorry Your Highness, but I refuse to tell you, I mean I can't hurt you, forgive me Your Highness", Mathur replied back.

Manyata could take the suspense no more and she firmly ordered Mathur to speak up the truth straight away, he could not refuse or argue with her further so he gave in to her and told her, and what Manyata found out made her eyes teary instantly and she ran upstairs, all the way to the terrace, she got out and took a deep breath, she closed the terrace door behind her, and she knew she had to get hold of herself or she might just cry every ounce of the tears in her. Manyata unlocked the terrace door again, and went running down the stairs, she went straight into her room, got her diary and made her way back to the terrace. She sat down with her diary and the pen in her hands, and tears in her eyes to accompany her.

End of Writer's POV...

Dear diary, why does this have to happen to me each time? Why does God hate me so much? Why does he play games with me? Am I really that bad? Don't I deserve any happiness? Or has God decided to burdenise me with sadness on the behalf of the rest of the world? No! I can't take this no more, I have been patient enough ... but this is too much! I can't live like this anymore, I'm sorry I can't, but I can't kill myself because I promised my DS that I'd never give up on life, then what can I do?? Yes!! Run-away ... run-away from this world of sadness, run-away from this life of a gold prison, run-away from my identity ... anything but RUNAWAY!

I see how you get wet, really wet ... as my tears drop onto your white pages, smudging the pen ink all over you, but lucky enough my handwriting is still readable.

But since you're my newly found friend, I shall tell you the truth I had to face today...

Mathur told me that my one and only sister, Jaynandini is getting engaged today ... Wow! My family hate me so much they didn't even bother invite me for my only bloody sister's engagement! Forget invite, they never let me even know something of that sort was happening! Am I really that estrange for them? Did I really do so bad to deserve such a treatment? I hate them, I hate them all ... they are nothing but a bunch of stuck up snobs! I hate Ma, I hate Dad, I hate every single one of them!!! Aghh!

But what they don't realise is the fact that I Manyata, am the Yuvrani of Devgadh! All their enjoyments are possible because I sign their checks! I have every power to banish them from my estate, and to be fully honest, I so feel like doing so ... But I won't, because I can't hurt my DS... I can't let her family struggle and end up on roads ... I can't!

Wait Dear Diary, that's not it! Do you want to know who Jay's fianc is? Do you really want to? Well here goes, it's none other than Yuvraj Udayveer Singh of Jaigadh!

I know a shocker right...?

Well that's how cruel reality is, I know I said I killed Uday ... and Yes! I did KILL Uday ... my Uday, my halkat veda ... the guy who I fell in love with, the guy who called me his "Princess" ... he died 2 years ago!

This new guy, Yuvraj Udayveer is not my Uday! My Uday would never even think of getting engaged to another woman, my Uday would never flirt around with others, my Uday was not a Playboy, My Uday did not believe in one night stands, my Uday was no less than a saint, this Udayveer is nothing compared to my Uday, I killed Uday ... but I created a monster! Monster! Yuvraj Udayveer Singh, the heartthrob for girls these days, a huge part of media these days, I don't know why this guy is wrecking himself, he doesn't realise what he's doing is ruining him ... he's always the centre of attention for one scandal or another, it pains me to hear controversies about him saying, "UV, the playboy" ... "UV's spotted at a hotel with a different girl tonight" ... and what not! And now he's marrying my sister ... I have no words to say in order to explain my inner pain, because my tears on your pages speak louder than words can ever do.

Dear Uday,

I love you, simple as that ... those three words may sound too casual for you ... but those three words I repeat every second of my life along with your name. I close my eyes, I see you! I open them I see you! If I can't see you, I look at your pictures, I remember all the times we spent together, the day you died, the world stopped orbiting, time stopped, and all the things came to a halt, the excitement in life was gone, the joy in the atmosphere vanished, the ones I love abandoned me, it was like you were the gateway to all the good things in my life, and as the gate closed, I was left alone into the darkness of the dark side, I remember you walking out my palace saying you are walking out of my life forever and will never return, you said you hated me, you said that my Uday was dead, you had rage and mixture of tears in your eyes, enough to show me that you loved me, and when you left, walked out of that door, I could feel my soul leave my body and follow your shadow, you were mad at me because you thought I was cheating on you, because you thought I ran away that day from our wedding because I loved Akash, but I ran away that day so I could tell Akash how much I love you! Uday, where ever you are in this world, a part of yours lives inside my heart ... a part of you is the reason my heart beats, but guess it's too late now, feelings portrayed as words, will be left in this diary forever, sadly I would never be able to tell them to you in person, because you are no more ... I'm sorry for killing you Uday, seeing the hurt in your eyes the last time I saw you, hurt me so much, I can imagine how much of a pain it must have been for you. But if you could, ever consider me worthy of forgiveness at least, please do forgive me, and if Uday ever surfaces Yuvraj Udayveer Singh, then please remember me as someone who once was your world, and whose world you'll always be, Yuvraj Udayveer Singh, I wish you a happy life ahead with whoever you may chose to spend it with.

With lots of Love,

Yours and only Yours,


Dear diary, I laugh reading the letter I wrote on the previous page, it's a total waste of time I know, it's not like Uday or anyone is ever going to read it ...  but I had to get my feelings out, or they would have killed me on the inside!

Enough from me today or ever, I'm sorry to leave you dear Diary, Leave you in this cruel world and leave to which I believe would be a better place, but I can't take any memories I have had here anywhere with me, I refuse to do so for the best of me!

Love you dear diary, Good Bye!

Writer's POV...

Manyata gathered all strength in her, wiped away her tears and promised herself not to cry ... she went down stairs and into DS's room, she looked at DS who was fast asleep, smiled ... went over to her and kissed her on the forehead, whispered a tiny goodbye ... and left her room, but paying her one last look ... she tried hard to not cry.

She went into her room, looked around for the last time, and took only Uday's picture with her, and as she was to leave, she saw the entire staff standing outside her room ... they wanted to know if she's alright, to which she replied, "I'm fine, but I'm leaving, leaving this hell ... going to a better place where ever it shall be, promise me none of you will tell anyone, anything, they won't notice a thing, it's not like I exist for them anyways ... It's my last order to you guys as a Yuvrani, Thank you for always being there for me!" Believe it or not, her words shocked the staff and someone of them even had tears in their eyes, their best royal person is leaving them.

With that said, Manyata left the palace, to where ever destiny took her...

One of the palace workers went to the terrace for some work, and noticed a diary on the bench, he held it and noticed it was Yuvrani Manyata's ... he took it down stairs straight away, and showed it to others, they promised themselves to not read it, and kept it safely in their custody as their Yuvrani's memory.

In the meanwhile the family returned home, they looked around, the palace looked extremely quiet. Brijraj, Komal, Menaka, Giriraj, Unnati, VB and Jay walked in ... all decked up because they just came back from the engagement ceremony. They all sat in the living room ... On the other hand, Uday entered the Devgadh Palace, it was his first time in 2 years he was stepping foot in this house, he had promised himself not to do so, but now he's was Jay's fianc and he had to,  he looked around as if searching for someone and then stopped, walked to where everyone was sat, all were having a lively conversation when Brijraj wanted some drinks, he screamed out for a palace worker, and no one listened ... "Where the crap is everyone?" He screamed on top of his voice, and to the whole family's shock, the entire Devgadh palace staff including the Security Guards came forward in a pack. All the royals got up ... in shock to their disrespect!

"What the hell is this?" screamed Brijraj ... "What's going on?" he asked!

"Sorry Sir, we refuse to work!" answered back one of them.

"What?" all the royals gasped.

"Do you need a raise in your salaries?" asked Komal politely.

"No Mam! All we want is our Yuvrani ji back" replied the workers.

All the royals were shocked to hear this, especially Uday; it was like his ears stood up straight at the mention of the Yuvrani.

"Oh God, what has this drama queen done now?" Jay spoke bluntly ...

Uday turned to Jay angrily but controlled before anyone noticed.

On the questioning of everyone, they were shocked to find out that Manyata left, at first the royals suggested she probably ran away with Akash again, but the staff backed Manyata up that she was upset with her family, people who she thought were her family, don't even bother telling her that her sister's getting engaged , let alone invite her! They also told the royals, that she was not needed here, and that if she continued to live this hell, she would have committed suicide, so she left for a better place.

The royals were shocked hearing this, Komal's eyes went teary and even Jay's expression showed guilt, everyone looked dimmed, Komal brokedown  crying while Uday stood shell shocked, everyone felt at guilt ... Uday stormed out of the living room ...

Uday had bottled himself inside for two whole years, he tried keeping Manyata hidden in him, but found her everywhere, he felt guilty for punishing Manyata soo severly, He was hoping to see her today, but he didn't know he's be at risk of not seeing her ever again.

He leaned against a pillar in a hidden corridor, and cried his heart out ... and then he saw DS ... she was holding onto a palace worker for support, she weakly walked towards him, and Uday just looked at her in awe ... he wanted to go hug her, and as he did, DS refused to hug him ... and she said, "Only hug me, when you bring my grand-daughter back, Uday you have let me down, You have to bring her back, do you know she's all by herself somewhere out here at this time, you know how dangerous that is? Oh and you might want this" ... she handed Uday a diary, indeed it was Manyata's diary...

Uday went into Manyata's room as DS walked to make her appearance before her family, of course she was weak, what made her even more weak was that she won't be seeing her Manyata first.

He read the diary, he read everything, he even looked into Manyata's secret cupboard, she really did love him a lot, and he knew she did a mistake but the punishment for it was far too harsh, he was angry with Manyata, but he never wanted to hurt her so bad, she even started hating herself because of him, Uday hugged the diary close to his heart, opened his eyes and knew that the only thing in his life now was to find his princess!

Uday left the grieving family who were drowned in guilt of treating their daughter soo harshly, Uday drove his car to look for his princess ... he had to find her ... he searched everywhere but could find her nowhere. He was scared something had happened to her, or she had gone too far ... he was scared he might lose her again ... he was scared she'll be gone forever.

On the other hand Manyata walked lifelessly on a secluded road near a forest, in the darkness, she wasn't scared of the darkness because she has already seen far worse things than darkness, she didn't know where she was going to go, but she was going where her feet took her ... all the while tears dropping down her cheeks, and clutching onto Uday's picture close to her heart.

Uday searched and searched, until he reached the highway, it was dark and quite, a secluded place a remote area, he had the car headlights on ...

Manyata walked until two bright lights from a car shone onto her face, she was in the middle of the road, and was about to be hit, Manyata covered her eyes to protect them from the bright lights, and the car stopped just inches away from her ... the driver got out, he couldn't see her face because she had her eyes covered ... but he was immediately drawn to this girl...

"Are you okay?" the guy asked.

"Yea I'm fine" Manyata replied.

She slowly unmasked her face and stood still to the spot, as she saw the man before her ... and similar was the expression of the guy...

Manyata was soo shocked she had to pinch herself to believe her eyes... she almost met with an accident with Uday's car ... and the man before her was Uday...

Manyata's eyes teared up ... and she led her hands to his face, felt it ... and then realised all this was too good to be true and it was just a coincidence she met him, it's not like he came looking for her ... she let go of his face and turned around and was about to leave, only to be held back by Uday's hands around her wrist. She slowly turned around ... and he stared at her intensely ... pulled her close to him ... Manyata could feel his heartbeat, she knew his heart was beating for her, she looked into his eyes, that had tears in them ... and knew he was here for her ... she didn't say a word and hugged him tightly ... cried into his chest and he kissed her forehead, she slowly looked up ... "Uday..." she whispered, Uday put his fingers on her lips ... and kissed her tears away ... she closed her eyes, and let the moment take over ... he then looked at her, and she opened her eyes, both of them stared into each other's eyes, as if conveying their feelings through them ... he leaned in for a kiss, and both had their eyes closed as their lips intertwined for the first time, it was a soft kiss, gentle and pure ... Manyata immediately opened her eyes and pulled back ... Uday looked at her questioningly ... "No, Uday... we can't do this ... we can't cheat on Jay, she's your fianc" ... Uday clenched his fist in anger and punched the car as realisation struck him, why did he propose Jay?? He questioned himself; Manyata looked at Uday's hand in horror, as it was bleeding ... "Uday! You don't have to hurt yourself for this, it's okay ... I know you have moved on in your life, I was your past ... Jay's your future, I understand ... but please don't hurt yourself!" she said, holding his hand in hers ... Uday looked at her ... "When will you stop running away from me Manyata? When? Don't you love me?"  He asked with pain in his eyes... "I love you Uday, but you're not mine anymore" she said as tears rolled down her eyes, he could take this no more ... and "Don't ever say that Manyata, I'm yours only and only yours and You're mine and only mine!" ... with that he took his blood and filled Manyata's centre line ... marking her as his ... Manyata looked at him ... and then hugged hum ... and then looked up at him and smiled for the first time in two years ... he looked at her and took her lips in his ... and passionately kissed his wife. He slowly carried her in his arms and sat her in the car, breaking the kiss ... he sat at the driver's seat...

Manyata: "Can we not go home please?"

Uday: "Where do you want to go Princess?"

Manyata: "Can we go to your penthouse?"

Uday looked at his princess naughtily ...

Uday: "Woah someone's in a hurry"

Manyata blushed as the car sped away ...  


Woah, this turned out to be extremely long and extremely broing Confused But because you all were being soo lovely and lots of you requested me to continue, I did so Big smile Thankyou soo much for such a lovely response to this absolute boring OS! Hug

Do hit "Like" if you liked it Big smile This was the last part Smile Do leave your comments, all criticisms welcomed Big smileWink



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Mahibeejay Senior Member

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Adden dear u rocksss!!! Loved it what an emotional discription of manyata's thoughts!!! Hats off to u... Thanks for such a lovely OS...

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fia21 IF-Sizzlerz

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Omg Adden this was sooo good Day Dreaming
I honestly am short of words to praise you.
It was flawless!
Great job girl Clap

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