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4th Jul WU - INSA hiding at Sanchi's home

lashy IF-Stunnerz

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Please press like if you appreciate the efforts Smile
The restrained girl becomes irked on listening to Indu's demands - a bribe for saving her from the gang. 
While Indu frowns at her waiting for an answer, Sanchi fumes to herself  'Stupid...selfish idiot...I'm battling for my life here ...and he is interested in his own means'
When Indu questions her by nodding his head again, the helpless Sanchi eventually relents 'Fine... all right...I'm your wife...and you my husband...'
Though blurted purely out of desperation, the very confession from Sanchi makes a dewy-eyed Indu experience bliss.  
His spirits elevated like never before, he smirks aloud while Sanchi requests him once again 'Now that you're happy...please save me...'

Fed up of the couple's strange exchanges, the leader of the pack orders his accomplices to lock Sanchi in the car so that they could clobber Indu Singh. 
However, a calm Indu Singh walks up to the man and interrupts him 'This is not how the story is meant to proceed... no one has the guts to snatch my wife away right in front of my men are provoking me... as long as I am alive I wouldn't let this happen... come on hand her over'
Facing Sanchi he then indicates to their grip around her wrists 'Let my wife come with me'
The leader once again threatens Indu, warning him to let them to take Sanchi away. However Indu flashes him a smug chuckle in return 'Oh brother...abducting her...if you manage to drag her even a step beyond this, I'll consider myself defeated...' 

Seeing that they refused to budge, Indu eventually decides to give them a taste of his physical might, coupled with many light hearted remarks and quips. 
'You want to see an example of what I am capable of?' He says as he badgers one man 
'I've heard of buy one get one free...but this is three for the price of one...' he jests, while taking three of them head on
An excited Sanchi finds herself thoroughly amused by the ongoing encounter - Smiling at every strike Indu successfully made and frowning in worry at any blow that he bore.  
She even begins cheering him happily - encouraging Indu to give the ruffians his toughest punches and knocks. 
'I AM giving them a sound pounding...' Indu shows off to Sanchi 'Now, don't I look like Amir Khan?' 

As Sanchi nods her head in disapproval of his silly pretensions, Indu then proceeds to act upon another idea. He asks the mob to attempt to catch him. Needless to say, a comical clash ensues where the gang try chasing Indu around the car, under the barricade and every other spot they could, but remain unsuccessful. 
Growing tired of his gimmicks, Sanchi reminds Indu to stop fooling around and return to finishing the task.
'As you say dear wife' he replies obediently and reverts to thrashing the villains again. 
Just then an injured man from the group, takes out a knife and slashes it on Indu's arm, injuring him in the process. Sanchi becomes appalled by the injury, while the playful Indu turns furious. 
Just as the man gets ready to wield another strike, Indu curtails the blade with his bare hands and spits out vengeful words 'Bas***d...using a vegetable try to attack me...'
Clutching the weapon from the rogue Indu pushes him away, while Sanchi worriedly notices the blood oozing out of her husband's arm. 

'Anyone else has the guts to face me? Then, come on!'  Indu challenges the mob who were all now down on the ground, grovelling in pain. With little go but to yield, the injured gang decide to take to their heels as soon as they could, even abandoning their vehicle in the process! 

No sooner than they scoot away, Sanchi dashes to Indu and tends to his wound. Tearing a corner from her dupatta, she mutters under her breath 'You've been wounded gravely'
While the confounded girl starts bandaging his arm, Indu enjoys the attention he was receiving from his wife immensely. 
Probably reflecting on her admission a while ago, Indu gazes into her eyes, eager to admit his feelings 'One good thing came out of this adversity' 
She looks at him with suspicion 'What?'
Discerning her temperament, Indu is quick to cover up 'Those men left behind their we don't have to walk back'

'The good thing is that Shukla doesn't know that we know about all of his crimes...but how did those goons locate us here' Sanchi ponders as she squelches a cloth that had been rinsed in hot water. She then dabs it on Indu's wound to clean it.
Wincing every now and again due to the painful smarting, Indu replies 'What do we have to care how those goons found their way here... if Shukla has done this, we have no proof of it...'
'We'll only get proof once we leave this place...and anyway, now the gang know of this hideout its not very safe...' she pauses to glance at Indu 'We have to go some place where no one else would be able to find us...'
'Where would you find such a place...' he nods his head unconvinced 'There is no place where you could hide safely'
'There is a place...where no one would be able to locate us...' Sanchi responds, looking confident
Indu's curiosity is piqued.

Staying obscured in a small lane adjacent to their mohalla, Indu and Sanchi study their surroundings attentively
'I can't understand why you've brought me here' Indu frowns hesitantly
'Till we find proof against Shukla, the best place to hide would be my house' she assures him
'Are you mad? My mama stays just opposite to your house...he is with Shukla in all this...police may find their way here any minute...' he argues 'And you're asking me to hide here...I thought you were more intelligent than that!'
'The police will hunt for us everywhere, but here...because we escaped right in front of their one would suspect us if we remain cooped up here...'  
Slapping his palms together, Indu retorts distrustfully 'You and your're going to have me caught...'
Gritting her teeth, Sanchi orders him to stop taunting her and follow her instead.

On reaching the entrance to the Mathur's residence, an agitated Sanchi directs Indu to remain hidden in the terrace upstairs, till she called him into her room 'I'll meet my parents...tell them everything... and then all about you too when the apt time GO!' 
With little choice but to follow his wife's bidding, Indu faithfully climbs the stairs at the side of the mansion in order to wait for her arrival at the terrace. 
Once he leaves, Sanchi knocks at the door. Not surprisingly, the Mathurs are stunned by the untimely disturbance and anxiously open the door. Startled to find their daughter standing there, they become even more perplexed when the silent girl barges in and locks the door behind her. 

While making his way to the terrace, Indu suddenly detects his mama standing in the balcony of the facing flat, busily engaged in a phone conversation. Barely escaping unnoticed, Indu hides behind the pillar and remains hidden till the man finishes his talk and leaves from the vicinity. 

The Mathurs are very relieved to learn that Sanchi is fine and that Indu had brought no harm upon her. They usher Sanchi in and the daughter loyally updates the concerned parents on everything that had unfolded in the last day or so (I'm sure she left out some of the forest-waala details)

Still waiting in the terrace for his wife to make an appearance, Indu finds his patience dwindling with every passing minute. Glimpsing at his watch, Indu comments unhappily 'Now that she's found her parents...she's forgotten about the husband waiting for her...this is how it's been so long...hopefully, she's not forgotten about me altogether...' he looks around the dark terrace 'Can't trust her...she might have forgotten about me...'
Eventually deciding to give up his fortitude, Indu stands up and hops into Sanchi's room through her window 
Surveying the comfort that the neat room had to provide, Indu muses to himself with a smile on his lips 'Once upon a time, this used to be my room...and now my wife has snatched it away from me...anyway...' he pauses 'Whatever one says, its been maintained very neatly...perfect...'

Having cautioned her parents to keep her presence a secret, Sanchi concludes her instructions by asking them to ensure that doors and windows remained locked at all times. Having come to terms with all that Sanchi had briefed them on, her parents finally leave her alone. However Sanchi feels uncomfortable watching their diminishing profiles. Despite all of her confessions, she had failed to disclose an important truth - that Indu was also a guest at their house now.  

Observing an old black and white picture of Tarachand and Veena sitting on Sanchi's desk, Indu grins 'Sasurji...sasuma... you look nothing less than a hero & heroine...' grinning to himself, he places the picture down and then picks up another photo - it was Sanchi's. Caressing her profile with a few tender strokes, he then places the second frame down too. Walking over to another side table, the restless young man picks up a green bottle of deodorant and generously sprays it all over himself. Locking the window, he closes the curtains and then jumps on the bed. While doing so, he discovers Sanchi's diary hidden under her pillow.
Sitting up, he opens the book and scours through every leaf - he comes across paragraphs that outlined her IAS officer dreams and pages with pictures of her family. Eventually, he stumbles across a para that revealed Sanchi's encounter with him. Spotting his name in her diary, he begins reading the lines carefully 'The biggest truth of my life - Indu Singh'
Just then the diary is seized away from him. 
'How dare you touch my personal diary...' he looks up to notice Sanchi glaring at him irately 'I'd asked you to wait outside, right?'
'I was waiting outside all this while...but you didn't come, so I thought you probably wanted to speak to your parents all through the night... I came long do I wait out...'
'How dare you read my diary...'
He sports an embarassed smile 'All right...I made a mistake...I read your diary' he pauses 'But I've learnt one think about me too...'
She stares at him furiously 'Nothing to rejoice about...' she pauses 'I'm doing all this only out of helplessness...only because you saved my life...once Shukla's truth is out, then you go about your way and me my way...'
Puzzled by her reaction he stares silently, not knowing what to say or how to react. 
Subduing the anger in her tone, Sanchi then briefs Indu 'You can't stay mom would be here any minute with the food and I haven't told her anything yet. Till I inform them about you, please hide in that room...' when he doesn't react for a few seconds, she goads him 'Go Now!'

Not knowing his way around the house or where Sanchi intended for him to hide, the young man peeks through a few rooms. Tiptoing along the verrandah and trying to evade Veena, Indu ultimately enters the master bedroom. Making a quick inspection, Indu opens the cupboard and makes it his temporary home.  
Unbeknown to him, Veena had also planned to enter the same room and open the same cupboard a few minutes on. When she did, she was in for a shock! 
Catching Indu's visage smiling down upon her from her wardrobe was the last thing she expected. The mother screams aloud in terror and is quickly joined by Tarachand. The father makes his usual move of attempting to call the police, when Sanchi's timely arrival saves Indu's skin.
'papa...I'm the one who's invited Indu Singh over...I need his help to solve the Swetha Jha's case!' she hastily tells them

Shukla is carrying out yet another murder attempt on Swetha - this is bordering ridiculous now!

Mehek is at a pharmacy buying some medication (for Indu Singh) at Sanchi's bidding. Tarachand is also there, but speaking over the phone. However, he overhears Mehek mentioning 'Sanchi's' name and becomes alert.

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Lashy thank you so much for the update...
Another funny episode ... CV 's i love u ...
Now we can see indu and sanchi under one roof ... It will be fun watching all of them together especially sanchi s mother LOLBest part was when indu was hiding in the wooden almirah . The way indu was sitting in the almirah omg it was so funny ... Sanchi mom almost got a heart attack
Sanchi I must say u r very lucky to have understanding.parents... Mayray papa toh mujhe hee almirah mein band kar detay aur police ko phone kar detay ... Le jao iss ko hum nahi jantay..ROFL

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Shukla is carrying out yet another murder attempt on Swetha - this is bordering ridiculous now!


Shraddha baby, 

  • Either you need to protect your WU with that non-copy seal to prevent plagiarism
  • Or you need to become a member at all the other alternate sites so that you can ask for the credit.
Yaar, yesterday night I again saw your WU copied over the desi**fo***.net. I feel bad, but I don't get any idea what to do about it. I am not a member there.

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thanks for the update...kash ye jungle scene aur lamba jata

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omg ye kya chakkar h written update ka...mehnat kisi aur ki credit kisi aur ko...

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Rashmi04 IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by shridevigaddam

Shukla is carrying out yet another murder attempt on Swetha - this is bordering ridiculous now!


Shraddha baby, 

  • Either you need to protect your WU with that non-copy seal to prevent plagiarism
  • Or you need to become a member at all the other alternate sites so that you can ask for the credit.
Yaar, yesterday night I again saw your WU copied over the desi**fo***.net. I feel bad, but I don't get any idea what to do about it. I am not a member there.

That s bad yaar ...Confused

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suki11 Goldie

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Thanks for the great update! I feel so bad that people keep plagiarizing all your hard work Lashy! I know it's not much comfort but just remember 'that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery'.
Today's epi was good if a little too rushed and comical for my taste. Now don't me wrong I love all this nok jock between Indu and Sanchi but IMO I think it would be more realistic to portray that at a later date and stage. Right now I think that both Indu and Sanchi should have been shown putting their egos and whims aside and working together reluctantly to gather proof of their innocence.
And being forced to be civil and courteous to each other, would have made them aware of the other's more redeeming qualities.
Scenes where Indu cooked for Sanchi was lovely as it shown her he was more than a common, uneducated and useless thug. He might not be book smart but he's street smart, and he has the basic skills necessary to survive in a harsh environment. Plus I think this scene ironically showed him in a far more chivalrious light than today's gunda bashing segment.
I also appreciated and enjoyed the part in today's epi where Sanchi automatically rushes to Indu and without hesitation tears her duppatta to use as a bandage for his wound. Indu can thus see that she might be an Ice Queen, but she still nevertheless has a heart, and can't bear to see anyone in pain inc. him. This builds upon Indu's first impression of her as a good, sweet-natured and honorable girl, especially after her previous apology to him. These scenes set the stage for a beautiful romance to bloom between the two.
What's ruining it for me is this continued battle of the egos. Was it necessary that we see Sanchi ordering Indu around with her demands of water, food, and clothes? It would have been good enough to see that she missed Indu, and wanted him with her throughout that dark night.
Maybe Indu than would have seen that she's not some Iron Maiden, that she is human, and she's not as brave as she makes herself out to be. I want him to think about why she puts on a harsh front towards him, and acknowledge that it was his brutal actions, that have forced her to become this way.
Also did Indu seriously have to demand that Sanchi say she was his wife before saving her? It doesn't fit in with his character at all. It would have made more sense for me, if Indu had saved Sanchi without question, and whilst Sanchi was chiding him for getting hurt, snapping at her then 'that who was she to him that he should care what she had to say? And or was he to her that she should care for his hurt? She had never bothered about his pain, physical or mental before, so why was she starting to now?'. This would have left Sanchi stunned, confused and hurt which hopefully would have gradually set her on the path to realizing not only the pain she caused Indu, but how her own feelings towards him are changing and deepening into something more.
But no what we get instead is a comical Indu almost childishly indulging in a bout of dishum dushum, with an equally childish Sanchi hopping up down with glee, cheering him on. Reality bit both of them, I'm glad to see when Indu got injured. However I did love their simultaneous reaction of horror and pain when that happened, -swoon- it was so adorable to see Sanchi upset at Indu's pain.
I also don't understand why Indu hasn't returned to his home, at the very least he should have been shown phoning his folks to help him out from a PCO. Their son is on the run from the police, has been publicly stoned and vilified, and is wanted for attempted murder, and kidnapping charges. I think now it is high time that Indu really need's to turn to them, and their apparent high connections to bail him out.
Still I agree it was dumb of Sanchi to suggest staying at her house. At some point or the other the police would have turned up, to see if the Mathurs had made contact with their daughter, and seeing the runaways all shacked up, would have not done Sanchi's rep or her parents any good.
On a brighter note INSA scenes upon returning home where much better and more consistent with their characters. I enjoyed seeing Indu sitting like a good little boy waiting for Sanchi outside her room, but them getting all mischievous and breaking in. Lol I wonder why Sanchi chose out all the possible bedrooms she could have, the one that Indu used when he lived there?! Didn't she find it a little bizarre to sleep in the same bed that her supposed 'biggest dushman' had?!
Lol in any case Indu was damn cute as he shamelessly rifled through her stuff, and read her private diary! I especially liked it when he tenderly stoked her photo, and that little soft smile came on his face. Sigh this boy is a gone case, he always was and always will be latoo over Sanchi!
OMG why did Sanchi have to snatch her diary from Indu just as he was getting to the juicy part! I wonder what she meant about him being the 'biggest truth of her life'?! I can't read Hindi but did anyone manage to read further what she had written?!
Plus I wonder why she looked so flustered when Indu joked over the fact that he now knows she thinks about him?! Rofl Indu, she thinks about you 24/7 but it's always about ways to get you out of her life! Or at least I thought that was the only reason why...
Sanchi's mother catching Indu was hilarious, I was in stitches when Indu cheekily wiggled his brows at her! Lol he is so badmarrsh at times! But awww he was too cute when he was silently swearing to Tarachand that Sanchi had indeed invited him into the house.
I agree with everyone who says that Sanchi's parents are extremely understanding and supportive of her. My folks would have hit the roof if I had pulled any of her stunts. And I don't even want to think  about what my my elder bro and sisters would have done to me...
Pre-cap was again good. We know from spoilers that Sanchi and Indu are going to get caught again, and escape. Lol I'm betting their next going to camp out at their favorite place in the whole wide world; the uni campus!
But what I want to know was it Indu who demanded painkillers, or Sanchi who made the decision of ordering them? And why was Indu walking around without his kurta again? Rofl maybe Veenaji couldn't stand the now obviously sweaty, and grimly smell coming from it and offered to wash it!
Whatever the reason, I don't really care as long as I get to see a vest-clad AD again! Swoon, swoon, swoon!

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Thanks for these lovely updates Lashy ...

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