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Bade Acche Laggte Hai
Bade Acche Laggte Hai

The written update for July 3rd 2012

SuganthiS Goldie

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Posted: 03 July 2012 at 1:21pm | IP Logged
Hi Everyone, the written update for July 3rd 2012...

The episode begins with the accident site. Ram is looking around when he sees the book he gifted Priya on the ground. He picks up the book and remembers the time he presents the book to her and Priya telling that the ending was sad...since both could not stay with each other. Ram looks devastated. The reporters try to question him but Ram walks away. He sits down near a tree and remembers Priya saying that their love story will not have a sad ending, this time when they meet, it would be forever...they would never seperate ever again. Mmm...forever and ever together seems to be an alien concept for BT production house. :no:

Ram is holding the book against himself. He remembers apologising to Priya for not getting her out and Priya saying that their love was not dependent on any promise. They had their whole lives ahead to fulfil promises and she wouldn't leave Ram so easily. :cry kitty: :cry kitty: Ram looks desolate. The days go by. A policeman comes to where Ram is sitting and tells him that Ram has been searching for his wife for the past 7 days but he hasn't found her. Why wasn't Ram willing to believe...

Neha and Vikram are listening to the news about the natural disaster on TV. The newscaster mentions the list of people who are alive and then goes on to tell the names of the dead...Priya's name is mentioned. Neha shouts saying that it wasn't their Priya. Vikram is shocked and consoles Neha who is crying.

Ram is standing by the window and it is raining. He has tears in his eyes and remembers his time with Priya in her house by the window. A sad version of the title song plays. Ram is totally devastated. Another scene of Priya getting into Ram's car before their marriage is shown. Ram bangs the window shut and moves from there. Ram and Priya's bedroom is shown and their photo on the side table. Feel angry with the CVs, wasn't there a way to avoid the seperation. As compensation, post leap, I want loads of Ram-Priya moments, cute, romantic, explosive in a good way and of course, Ram-Priya-Jr Goli moments too!

Nutz, Rishabh and Vikram are banging on the door, asking Ram to open it. Ram picks up his and Priya's photo from the table and looks at it, ignoring the knocks on the door. Ram holds on to the photo and with tears, asks Priya how she could do that, how could she leave him and go. How would he live without her? :cry kitty: Vikram tells Ram from outside that he understands Ram's sorrow but life doesn't stop. They were all with him, Vikram asks Ram to open the door. Ram has tears in his eyes. Vikram tries to persuade Ram to come out, tells Ram not to do this injustice to himself. Ram shouts that he has no life without Priya...he asks all of the to leave from there.

The 3 people outside the door are feeling helpless. Ram says that injustice has happened to him, if Priya is not in this world, then he too...Rishabh tells Ram not to even think like that, his life was not his alone, it belonged to all of them too. Nutz also pleads with Ram to open the door. Nutz tells Ram that he had promised Niharika that he would take care of all of them. Niharika was no more, Priya was no more and if anything happened to Ram, who would take care of them? Niharka could come back to life, BT style later on! Nutz begs Ram to open the door and Vikram asks Ram not to do anything in haste.

Vikram once again begs Ram to come out and the door opens. Ram tells them not to worry, he's alive and will remain alive. He has not done anything to himself. Priya has taught him that a good human being is one who lives with his responsibilities. Ram says that he will not run, they were all his responsibilities and till his last breath, he will fulfil his responsibilities. Ram says that his life is finished after Priya left him but from today, Ram Kapoor will live for all of them. Priya left him alone and went but Ram promises them that he will not leave them alone and go. Excellent acting by Ram here and in the emotional scene. Nutz and Rishabh hug Ram while Vikram is happy that Ram has shown this maturity.

Next we see a photo of Priya with a garland hung on it. Ram, Vikram, the Sharmas are all sitting down, along with some other people who have come to pay their respects. Ram looks so sad :cry kitty: Shipra, Nutz, Daadi, Sudhir are all in tears. Sudhir remembers the time when Priya got married. Karthik with tears says that Priya has done so much for him, there is no count. During his exams, Priya would keep awake the whole night with him so that she could wake him up. She would take care of his smallest wish. We have 2 flashback scenes with this dialogue of Karthik. Karthik says that he would wonder if Priya was his sister or mother.

Shipra with tears says that she was the mother but Priya was the mother to them at home. She would compare Priya with others. But it never mattered to Priya, she was ahead of them in thinking. But today she was not with them. Again we get 2 flashback scenes here. Ram is shown with tears and then we shift to see Priya in a hospital, unconscious with a bandage around her head. She wakes up with pain. The doctor asks her how she was feeling, they were worried about her for 20 days. It was a miracle that she did not get too much of injury. 20 days have passed...Yay a leap of sorts! :wacko:

The doctor tells Priya that a lot of people had lost their lives but Priya was not hurt much. They were worried that she might be internally injured but Priya was lucky. She survived. The doctor tells Priya that along with God's grace and their medicine, someone's willpower also saved Priya. Someone who was waiting for Priya go gain consciousness for the past 20 days. :eek: Priya asks who? The doctor goes to the door and asks someone to come in. Its the little girl who comes in and holds Priya's hand. Priya asks about her mother. The little girl says that her mother, like her father has left her and gone to God. mother, no father, so how is Mr Haddi related to the child?

The child asks Priya whether she would leave like them and go too. Priya remembers the child's mother telling Priya that there was a card in the bag, her friend's number was in it and she also had an elder daughter. She requests Priya to take her child to that person. Priya promises the child that she will not leave her and go. She asks the child if she would come home with her. The child nods her head and Priya says that she will take her home. Priya thinks to herself that perhaps her responsibilities have not finished yet, that was why she had this second birth. Priya asks the doctor when she could be discharged, she wanted to go home, to her people. Touching performance by Sakshi.

We are taken again to Kapoor Mansion. Nutz looks at Priya's photo and tells her that she knew right, at one time, Nutz did not like Priya. But Priya did so much for her brother, for all of them...there was no one like her. Love for love and love for hatred too. The love that they couldn't give their brother, Priya gave Ram, changed his life. Priya kept all of them together, made Kapoor Mansion into a home. Ram with tears looks at Priya's photo and tells her that even today, he loved her very much. Wherever she was, Ram tells Priya to know one thing...he was hers yesterday, today and forever. Priya is shown sitting in a taxi with the child, telling the driver to go to Mumbai, Kapoor Mansion. Hats off to the all the actors for their performances!

Its raining and Priya closes the taxi window. She looks happy that its raining and she is going home. The taxi stops outside Kapoor Mansion. The driver asks Priya for the fare. Priya says that she doesn't have money but will get the money from the house and give him. The driver doesn't believe that that was Priya's house. He insists on Priya paying him the money. Priya tells the driver that this was her house, she was involved in an accident and hence looked the way she did. But she did live in Kapoor Mansion. She tells the driver not to worry and would go in and get the money. In fact she would pay him more than the fare.

Priya and the little girl come through the gate. Priya calls the little girl Chutki and tells her that this was her house. They both would live here from today. How wonderful if this were true! Priya sees Vikram telling Ram to control himself, Ram getting up and walking away and then sees her photo with the garland. Priya is shocked to see everyone crying. She wonders what game is destiny playing. God sometimes gives everything and then takes everything away. He gave her life but took away the reason to live. What is the meaning of this line? Priya thinks to herself that she was happy that she was alive and would come and tell everyone that she was alive. But everyone here thought that she was dead, including Ram.

Priya sees Ishika talking to Nutz...telling her that it was just a matter of time. Ram would come out of this tragedy in time. Whatever happened was very bad but in a way it was good for Ram. Can we whack Ishika! :furious: Ishika further says that Priya was a good woman but her 14 years imprisoment would not have let her live in peace nor Ram. Priya is listening to all this. Ishika says that by the time Priya comes out of prison, half of Ram and Priya's life would be over. Priya would be in jail and Ram outside, both suffering. Priya's death has given Ram a chance to move forward in life. Its official, I hate Ishika! :furious: You don't speak such things at least at the funeral wake.

Priya outside seems to be affected by these words. Ishika continues that she knows its very difficult for Ram to live without Priya but time teaches everything. Perhaps in the future, something good will happen in Ram's life and he could start his life afresh. Priya listens to this with tears. Ishika tells Nutz that if Priya was alive, then this possibility wouldn't be there. :anger: :anger: Priya's death has set Ram free. The CVs have chosen Icky Ishika to mouth these terrible things! :mad:

Priya thinks that they are right, if she came back into Ram's life, he couldn't move forward. She has to leave, she shouldn't come back into Ram's life. The sad version of the title song plays. Priya sees Ram serving the people sitting on the floor, food. Ram looks like the life has drained from him and Priya has tears falling from her eyes. She gets a slightly determined look, sad at the same time and leaves from there with the child. Ram stops serving, he stands and has a look as if he senses Priya there. See Ram bring a subtle look of realisation that Priya is no more. Priya who is leaving, turns around and looks at her house.

I couldn't write too many of my comments because it was an emotional episode, sad. :cry kitty:

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thnk u for the update suganthiHug

adithya_sid IF-Dazzler

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thanks for update... i did not have guts to watch it
lil_Ritu Goldie

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Posted: 03 July 2012 at 1:50pm | IP Logged
What the hell...this is so weird..Priya is in the Kapoor Mansion and nobody sees her, and Priya is shown so stupid..why would she leave leaving her own parents and!!

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martyr complex...

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What the hell is this ishika... she just got a chance to talk and she start to blame priya everything.hw did ishika forget what priya did for her family

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thanks for the nice update
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