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3rd Jul WU- INSA -A war of wits, ego and emotions

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Please press like if you appreciate the efforts Smile

We revert back to the dreamy state that we'd left the couple in...
Just as Indu begins enjoying the enticing feel of his girl within his strong arms, Sanchi gradually realizes what she had been doing. Opening her eyes, she pushes Indu away. Recovering from the brief outburst of affection, Sanchi is very perturbed while Indu becomes embarrassed. As the abashed pair try straightening themselves, Indu stutters in an attempt to overcome his discomposure 'I...I thought you were a very brave girl... but in fact, you are very timid...' he smiles inquisitively 'Why did you get scared...did you see some bad saw my face in it?'
A tearful sanchi interrupts him 'Stop with the nonsense! Why did you leave me alone and vanish off?' 
Indu tries explaining himself 'There was a monkey hovering around this place...I drove it out.. all the way back to the jungle...'
'Then couldn't you have told me before you even care for me or not...' she enquires agitatedly
Masking his bewilderment, a candid Indu asks her 'Why should I care for you..who are you to me...' watching her fidget, Indu prods on 'Tell me what am I to you'
Trying not acknowledge the awkwardness between them, Sanchi retorts angrily 'Enough don't start with another bout of lecture...'
Just as he starts smiling in response, Sanchi fumes aloud 'Wonder when it'll be morning and when I can rid myself of you'
Saying so, she storms off back into the dwelling, followed closely by an irritated Indu 'I'm waiting for the same too...trapped with a silly girl who says one thing and does're mad..that's what you are...'

Downing a few pegs of alcohol with his brother-in-law; Shukla wonders how Sanchi ever agreed to abscond with Indu Singh. Tiwari advices Shukla to stop worrying about the matter so much. Just then Tiwari gets a call from his mistress, but he cuts it - covering up with a mention that it was from some random client. 
Shukla observes Tiwari's reactions and suspects foul play, seeing that Radha was asleep inside and the hour too unseemly to be receiving calls from clientele.  

Indu had probably managed to catch up on his sleep after all - because, he appeared nothing short of refreshed and lively in the morning. Styling his hair using a broken piece of mirror, he admires himself as he strolls through the hall. Eventually being woken by the peaceful sounds of chirping birds, Sanchi sits up and wraps her hands around her knees, as she observes her partner's newest antics. 
Just as he notices Sanchi waking up through her reflection in his mirror, he greets her cynically 'Good morning dear wife...waking up at 9 am is not a small tell me how I can serve you... something else...'
Gritting her teeth in frustration, Sanchi replies 'Instead of taunting me.. couldn't you have just woken me up?'
'Why? Am I your personal alarm clock...that I have to wake you up as you please...' He jests as usual
Studying his demeanour something suddenly strikes her and Sanchi stands up to join Indu 'By the way, where did you have your bath here in the jungle?'
'There is a large pond in the middle of the forest...' he explains 'Cool refreshing water... removed all my clothes... prayed to God and took a dip...' He then turns to her and notices a glimmer of hope in her eyes. He teases her nonchalantly 'But then, even if you want to you can't do would you do it?' he says, acting like he was mildly abashed. 

Though annoyed by his provocative remark, Sanchi decides against a retaliation and stays silent.
He then picks out a twig from his pocket and hands it over to her 'Take this neem twig and brush your teeth...freshen yourself..I'll arrange for something to eat...once we've done that...let's worry about the proofs...'
Forcing her to take the twig, he strolls out.

Irritated by how he had been able to enjoy a bath but that she wasn't, Sanchi sets out to hunt for the pond that Indu has boasted about. 
With the mornings obviously bringing about a different shade to the forest, the girl takes in the beauty, lushness and divinity surrounding her. Skipping through the greenery, Sanchi finally comes across a pond and surmises that it had to be the one. 
'If Indu Singh can have his bath here...then why can't I?' she says to herself and decides to take the plunge

Oh My god at 6:30pm India time, I didn't expect we'd get to see a half-nude Sanchi Mathur having a bath in the pond. What's worse, Indu Singh casually walking up to her and laughing out aloud. (In poor taste CVs - if Sanchi had to wear Indu's kurta there could have been many other scenarios than this)
While Sanchi is shocked to find him standing there, an amused Indu justifies himself 'I brought the food ages ago... I knew you would be up to something like this, hence I came here searching for you'
She returns his mockery with a sly comment 'Is it...since when have you started caring so much for me? Last night, you left me alone...and now that I'm here to followed me here.. I know all about guys like you...' she pauses 'Anyway, now that you are here...please hand me over my clothes...'

Briefly taken aback by the tone of her voice, Indu grumbles as he is forced to make a search for her clothes 'You keep ordering me around...anyway, I'll get them for you'
After surveying the place for a few moments, Indu finds nothing and lets her know of it.

Sanchi is furious 'I know you've taken you better hand them over to me or else...'
'Do I look like a thief to you? Why should I take your clothes?' Indu argues angrily 'Anyway, I have no interest in watching you like this...I'm leaving now..'
In desperate need of help, Sanchi instantly makes up for her arrogance 'All right I'm sorry...your monkey pals must have stolen it..' she pauses helplessly 'Now... please think of an idea as to how I can step out of here'
No sooner than she says so, a notion dawns upon her 'Please remove your kurta and hand it over to me..'
Appalled by the suggestion, Indu refuses her straightaway, but she manages to coerce him to give in to her.
Unhappy with having to part with his favourite blue kurta, Indu strips it off his torso and hands it over to her, sulking all along 'You force me...order me around... and have now stolen my kurta too...needlessly, sullying my name in the process...'

Hopping out of the secluded spot, a half-dressed Sanchi happily joins Indu 'I never thought I'll have to experience something like this'
Turning around, Indu notices her - her semi-drenched form now sporting his kurta. Studying her all the way from her anklets to her wet hair, Indu is compelled to control a smile from escaping his lips. He makes a frank remark 'Now that you wear this, I can see how much taller I am to you...'
'All right stop showing off...' she groans 'Now I can't wear these clothes and go what do I do'
He goes on to calm her apprehensions gently 'I have money... I'll get new clothes for you...just tell me your size...' 
While she nods her head in approval, Indu continues stealing glances at her anklet-adorned feet. 
Blushing mildly, Indu then decides to pay the girl an earnest compliment 'Shall I tell you something...I've never seen such beautiful feet in my life...'
'Oh is it?' she asks sarcastically 'So, are you appreciating me or ridiculing me?'
Just as he gets peeved by her retorts, Sanchi blurts out 'I don't trust you...'
This statement of her's had probably come out a bit too soon. Just as Sanchi realizes her mistake, Indu mutters a dejected reponse 'You don't trust me...I am supporting you in your time of need and you claim to distrust me...'
She apologizes half heartedly and the couple then leave from the spot.

As the pair return to the dwelling, Sanchi discovers her clothes near the steps 'I'm sure your monkey friends must have dragged them here' she muses
'Good' he states chirpily 'Now I don't have to spend on a new set of clothes'
When the miffed Sanchi is about to grab the clothes and return to the mansion, Indu ends up blabbing 'Now I'll go and arrange for our food...' he quickly corrects himself 'I mean...I've already done it...' observing her annoyance, he concedes 'Fine fine...I'm going...'

At the university, the students (who by now must be so used to coming across news flashes on their walls) read the posters and proceed to believe all that was written on it.
Dismayed by what had been printed on them, the girls begin bad-mouthing Sanchi and her intentions - unhappy that they all had been taken for a ride!
Just as she parks her scooty, Mehek overhears the students criticizing Sanchi and instantly jumps to defend her friend. Theorizing that all this could be the work of an enemy, she chides them for letting such a small speculation blow out of proportion. 
Having unhappily observed the events so long, Janardhan steps forth to the grounds and orders the students to have the posters removed. He wonders who could be behind this new scandal, seeing that neither Sanchi or Indu were there.  
Watching all of this from a distance, Shukla is happy to see his plans take shape and at having escaped uncaught! 
However, Mehek does not fail to guess that all the rumours must be Shukla's doing. She curses him for his misdeeds. 

Now thankfully dressed up, a worried Sanchi ponders on what must be going on back at home. Suddenly a group of 4 ruffians walk into the hall unannounced. Their faces reflecting ill intentions and menacing smiles, the men advance towards the solitary girl. While two of the men walk up to grab her, the trembling Sanchi continues reversing behind, warning them to stay away! Ultimately cornered with her back to the wall, the defiant girl notices a branch on the ground and picks it up to threaten them with it. Striking the branch around a few times, the shaken Sanchi tries to keep their looming figures at bay for a few seconds. 
However, the hooligans finally manage to the snatch the branch from her and break it off into pices. 
A short while later, the shrieking girl is forcefully restrained and dragged from the hall through the steps outside the dwelling.

Violently hauled out of the mansion, Sanchi screams out to Indu Singh for help all along. Thus, watching his timely arrival, Sanchi breathes a heavy sigh of relief. She begs him to do something to help her, but instead he requests the vile men to introduce themselves first.
Stunned by his strangely unmoved stance, the vulnerable girl reminds him 'They are kidnapping me me...'
However when the gang warns Indu to stay away from their business, Indu ends up nodding his head obediently. Not minding Sanchi's pleas for aid, Indu adds fuel to the fire, by instructing the men callously 'Brothers please take her away... she is a whole load of trouble.. she eats my please take her away...' watching the horror on her face, he elaborates ''ve troubled me so, I have to take my revenge right!'

Vehemently shaking off the kidnapper's grip around her wrists, Sanchi boldly walks up to Indu 'Revenge? These men are kidnapping me in front of you and you seem to show no concern...'
He questions her indifferently 'Why should I save you.. are you related to me in any manner...what relation do I have with you...why should I risk my life to save you...' he then looks up to the villains 'Don't waste time... just take her along...'
The men proceed to grab her wrists again, but she orders them authoritatively 'Wait!'
Startled by her command, the gang briefly let go of her hand. Aggressively stepping up to Indu, the indignant girl then slaps Indu across his cheek using all her might. Following this, she willingly walks off with the goons to their vehicle.

Shukla plots to get rid of Swetha before Indu or Sanchi could reach her.

Sanchi appears to be quite comfortable in the van sitting in the midst of a dangerous male mob. Not intimidated in the least by their presence, she even takes the men to task for needlessly staring at her. 
Just then van is forced to come to a halt - its pathway blocked by a temporary barricade.
From the shrubbery emerges the figure of a dashing and well built young man. Watching the familiar profile of Indu now leaning across the barricade, Sanchi does not hide the grin on her lips - it was almost like she was confident he'd drop in unannounced at some point to save her. 

As the men get off the vehicle with Sanchi, Indu Singh deftly jumps across the barricade and faces the group in a formidable manner.
Breaking the temporary silence between them, Sanchi grills Indu yet again 'What are you waiting for...are you trying to display heroism here?'
He laughs cynically 'Its your wish..I can be a hero if you want me to...or be a villain...' he turns to the men coolly 'Now tell her that if she wants me to save her, she must confess what I am to her...then I'll provide you with such entertainment, you'd have never witnessed it before!'

Indu fighting off the goons

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Thank you Shraddha. Smile

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Thank you so much dear for the written updateClap Embarrassed Wink

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Now we get to c INDU in normal mode...not in his majnu avatar nor in his destructive mode...N i think this one suits him best...Tongue.
And this attitude of his is defenitely gonna provoke saachi to love him back...HE looks so cute n smart n a bit flirtatious...N V R LOVING IT...Thumbs Up
.Even a friendship track iz gonna shoot up INSA fans spirits...The wait proved worthy...WHEN IT RAINS,IT POURS...Sleepy

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Immensely enjoyable written update! Thanks. 
Unfortunately I don't get to watch episodes until the weekend.

Episode seems very predictable but hey what's not to love about the haters discovering primal love for each other in a jungle. Embarrassed

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Thanks for a wonderfully detailed update. Can't wait for tomorrow's epi.Day Dreaming.
I just hope Saanchi doesn't act like an Ablaa Naari - watching Indu fight the goons, and screaming out his name intermittently. Instead, our lil' tigress should help out with stones, sticks, etc..

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Thanks Shraddha!! indu definitely knows how to annoy sanchi but it was just waiting to hear her say im your wife looolLOLDay Dreaming

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Thanks :)

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