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Glow or Glare-Hope for sunshine or only despair

manzilmukul IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 July 2012 at 2:21pm | IP Logged

Hiya everyone.Embarrassed.I am really sorry for not replying on my last thread will surely reply to each of the wonderful analysis by and by'Big smile..Thank you so much for chipping in'.HugSo here is my chotu ramble for today's episode


There are two kinds of light - the glow that illumines, and the glare that obscures.  ~James Thurber

Wow!! What a thunderous finale to the simmering anger since yesterday and we see an EPIC lashing out by Vikram in front of those Thakurs and as a matter of fact the whole gathering that he is DETERMINED to marry Sugni on teej'.Wonderfully done by Varun..The pride ,the reprimand,the anger was so evident from his body language..But why do I have this inkling that the OBSESSION  part is now coming more into play with Vikram showing streaks of urgency and demand to claim her ASAP.Loved the way he held her hand and gave it back to everyone that he treats her as a HUMAN and not a toy'Which makes my conviction that it is not LUST more true..But then I can very well see streaks of obsession coming into play'.Though I see Vikram as a light in Sugni's life but the form of light is just a glare maybe which is going to blind everyone,obscuring the view of Sugni and others so that the real darkness is not evident at their faces..But hats off to Varun who did a fabulous job in the scene'

There is also an interesting referral OF Sugni being compared to behti nadi..Though said in a very cheap sense by the Thakurs but I had always said that For Vikram Sugni had always been that untamed River..and Vikram  Is he really the glow or the Glare ?This only time will tell..Also an interesting facet of the conversation was that He challenges all the Thakurs and aks them to scream at the Chaupal'.Does that signify that He does indeed have ulterior motives regarding the elections with JT ..Coz we see everytime he does something BIG ..It is against JT always'



The mother daughter conversation was something so heart wrenching..Gulki and Narayani just nailed it (BTW Gulabiya had a little exposure of her bare back)

The exuberation in the eyes of a mother and the utter anxiety in the voice of Sugni instantly warmed your heart.The unshed tears in Gulabiya's eyes and the way she smiles and rejoices while lamenting on her absence was so heart wrenching..Kudos to both of them'Finally the way a skeptikal mother though scared for a bit by the talks of the women yet we see Gulabiya too has been finally blinded by the goodness of Vikram and she too puts him on a much higher pedestal referring him to GOD'..

Ahhh the AWAITED heart break when hopes will be shattered and the glare will finally fizzle'..

People are like stained-glass windows.  They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within.  ~Elisabeth Kbler-Ross

The darkness of the night brought forth with it the slow a dreaded build up for the mystery to be revealed'..Its indeed the darkness which actually reveals the true beauty of souls'PARADOX isn't it ..but night does bring in the some dark secrets still held under wraps ..Gulabiya had to be the one who had to find this darkness 'Coz we have seen that though Sugni always talked about hope and light ,Gulabiya was the one who had always seen the darkness too 'The nervousness of being seen and the surreptious mannerisms of Vikram are indeed very DANGEROUS HINTS.

So will TVS actually come out clean sparkling and shining due to his inner light or will he be equal to that glare which is blinding and momentary only externally ..We still have to wait and watch'.

In near future I do see Gulabiya and Sugni against each other ..Yes I do see that and I have this inkling that Vikram too might have a wonderful face off with Gulabiya

"Said a gracious wolf to a simple sheep "Will you not honour our house with a visit? And the Sheep's mother  answered : We would have been honoured to visist your house if it were not in your stomach"

So Is TVS really a gracious wolf who actually wants to Devour Sugni luring her or is he a man who is in TRUE love'Time has to tell'.

We also do see a very important scene where Vikram contemplates alone and thinks of giving his mother's ring to Sugni..but the ring falls and he desperately searches for it..INTERESTING SYMBOLISM'.In my opinion it might just symbolise that once again Vikram might end up losing Sugni or may not be able to accomplish what he wants.The desperation for the ring does surely indicate his future OBSESSION with her'

This whole scenario does bring me BACK TO SQUARE ONE!! What love really is..?

"When I stood a clear mirror before ,you gazed into me and saw your image.Then you said , "I love you..But in truth you loved yourself in me'."

While it might seem most unlikely but it might be that Vikram indeed fell in love with the idea of seeing himself in her eyes'.I go back and rewind to the CHALLENGE of Sugni '"Kis Thakur mein itna dum joi Sugni ko bandh sake'.'

What if Vikram indeed fell in love with his image which he wanted to see in her..Her whole existence in complete charge of Vikram''

The level of his OBSESSION or his URGE to POSSESS her completely is yet an UNEXPLORED territory..But enough hints already''He might be tall..he might be her saviour'.But I still cannot get out of my mind,the statement which Vikram made..Some relationships have to be nurtured ,watered and taken care so that finally you can relish the fruits of your endeavour'.

Ahhh this show makes me pull my hair'.I LOVE THIS BECOZ OF ITS UNPREDICATABILITY'.

Finally coming to the most crucial and the most striking part of the EPISODE'.Adi and Vikram scenes'.Two most crucial moments and both standing face to face with each other.

1.Adi being stopped and reprimanded by Vikram'I just loved the confrontation..the way Vikram hushes him ..Yes I loved it not because Adi was great but the sacene did give some possible hints in future where we might get these two against each other..Ahhh if this POPAT could act..

2,Second one again is a very crucial one..where though not agreeing we see Adi still holding Vikram at a very high him a status of his father..a revered one..

Both the scenes had a common tone..We see Vikram having the upper hand in both the scenes..Strange but I do have this inkling that we will get situation which will definitely lead to switiching positions between these two when Adi might have the upper hand '.

I really loved the way both the scenes were crafted with lots of hints at the future'.

Finally last but not the least'.One thing is STRIKING that three people in Vikram's life rever him as God and  he certainly commands a respect with these people who trust him including Gulabiya who had finally started TRUSTING  him'.and TRUST  is the word which Vikram keeps on repeating very often'

So will this TRUST be broken or STRENGTHENED'.Still remains a MYSTERY'

Hiala.LOL.If you all have survived this post then Chip in guysHug


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-Deepzz- Moderator

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Posted: 02 July 2012 at 6:55pm | IP Logged

Yet to watch the epi..From what I have read so far...I could almost visualize every expn , nuance and the tension in the air  :)
 will drop by later  to edit This spot Cool

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PutijaChalhov IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 July 2012 at 8:26pm | IP Logged
Piu again a fab chotuLOL post by you love to read it full of poems and quotes.

Today i have only one doubt about Reva manzil  a mad person?spirit lives there and  the only entertainment is painting which looked quite fresh if its a person then who is looking after her all these years??????? and that Manzil looked quite deserted. waiting to see is mystery  unravelled. and of VS 1st wife

Delhi do they have another Mansion so in all how many do they have and what about Adi's father does he not have any Haveli or Manzil at his disposal

Just read about the promo of child so is the wife also alive? who takes care of them does not Jiji know about the child

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kamala2012 Senior Member

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Posted: 02 July 2012 at 9:42pm | IP Logged
Hi Piu,
I forgot to reply to your previous post. But for me, in response to both that post and this one, I do not think that at this point, Vikram has any idea of wanting to possess Sugni. I am trying to see the story without thinking about all the articles that appeared about Vikram later negative.  And my feeling is that this man is in love, for real. Even he is surprised because he didn't expect it to happen. But he and Sugni are the same. They both do not accept the seema and rekha that their communities have put for them. They both challenge old ideas and traditions. They both believe in doing this differently. So it is not surprising that they have fallen in love. It has happened fast because i think TRP ke liye they had to speed up the story. Also, the age difference makes it difficult to accept immediately. But truth is that Vikram really loves Sugni and wants to give her respect by marrying her.

There is some secret about his past, which I think he was hoping will be over soon, and he will be free to marry Sugni. That is why he said sahi waqt and sahi samay and all. He has no intentions to make Sugni wait for ever because he cannot wait for ever. But the incident at Adi's engagement has made him realise that as long as he does not actually marry Sugni, she will always be treated only as a bedia. That is why he has announced a date.

I think his wife being alive or being cured will be a shock for him.

But both he and Sugni need to step back and look at their love again in a mature manner. They are both overcome with passion right now. So they are not seeing all the problems and dangers. Their marriage will not happen on teej, and once that breaks, and Vikram's secret comes out, and Sugni loses trust in him, that is when we will see their love put to test.

But for the moment, I am going to stick to my view that Vikram has no ulterior motive.

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cupd Senior Member

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Posted: 02 July 2012 at 10:16pm | IP Logged
It look like vikram was surprised and was not expecting to see what he did see in that house. It look like vikram is in love with sugni... But the path of them getting together looks far away. Vikram still need to handle his past and he also need to let sugni know about it. How does dhanuma fit into this situation? Why did she go to the house... as if she was hideing something.

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EXOL IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 July 2012 at 10:52pm | IP Logged
very nice post piu...
only time will tell how pure is TVS's love...i mean why is he risking his love life by keeping any secre which he doesnt want sugini to know about ??? moreover the place looked very can anyone live in such a deserted place? weird !!!..lets see how the mystery unfolds...

btw after hearing about the promo..i do feel his wife is dead...and there is someone else... but then again that place is not for any sane person to live...

also from precap it looks like dhanuma is playing double game or was it deceptive !

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pyar-ishk IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 July 2012 at 11:22pm | IP Logged
Amazing post

Today was a a fantastic episode all round with writing and fabulous acting by the enigmatic Vikram / Varun Badola Clap Clap

We can call TVS feelings obsession, possessive or love what ever you one but it on comes to this they're real. Yes he's no angel but man who just want to be with the woman that makes him feel happy and if comes with some political perks so be it, if that's even the case. I never doubted his feelings for Sugni but for the first time I felt beyond a shadow of a doubt his feelings for this woman is 100% real. Gosh CV can't play such a cruel joke and have Vik express wanting family support and by giving his mother ring to Sugni he had that support be natak. It would be cruel

I saw actual vulnerability for the first time in Vik eyes the man was emotional and when that ring dropped the urgency to find it that he didn't even hear his phone ring until he had it in his hand again beautifully done by Varun.Clap I don't know what it means really some might say he'll lose Sugni momentarily but get her back or the thought of losing Sugni is scaring him to death.

Gulabiya & Sugni gosh I miss there scenes even on the phone there chemistry is mind blowing, it even had the free loaders forget about themselves for a moment LOL

How I wish I could enjoy Adi scenes cause he had such a poignant scenes today and the dialogue written for that scene was just superb. But Adi delivery may it sounded like blah blah blah and Vikram wasn't shouting or being arrogant but spoke in a soft well manner tone and left you scratching your head asking what did Adi say again.

It was painful to watch every time the camera will focus on him when Vik was giving the Thakur a tongue lashing all his expression are the same. I feel rob cause I need to feel for Adi too but it isn't happening.

Vik seem rather surprise Dhanuma called him and where to meet her seem to even shock Vik. Who is Dhanuma working for cause is certainly not TVS and the same warning she give Sugni is what Vik is getting now why she smirks in the BG.

Gosh I really with we stop doubting Vik every move the man is dame if he do and dame if he don't, Ouch there just no winning where he's concern. Even the bedni had there theory while he's want's to marry Sugni to save money ROFL

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-rupa- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 July 2012 at 3:43am | IP Logged
Wonderful post piu .
Vikram does loose his temper now then LOL...when it come to sugini . It shows very clearly that he loose his self when he get angry . Yesterday episode did make me wonder ..why did he ask all thakur to go for panchayat if they want ...may be earlier it happened or he really want to stand against JT . If thats case he has done anything to win the heart of village people .
Some how this this line nurture the plant to relish is actually make me think what he is up to . Though his every move make me feel more that he is truly love sugini .
Dhanuma is def up to something ..does vikram trust her so much Ouch. She dont like sugini or is she actually trying to save her life ..gosh dont know who is part of this reva ..but affect will be more for TVS . Even vikram was shocked to see the room & i didn't understand what was there in room other than some drawing & paintings .
I did like adi & tvs scene lot ..ADI respect vikram as father ..but he stand on the other side of descion ..wish to hear from adi why is so against vikram relation with sugini . For vikram family matter most that is why he expect them to understand ...
Why vikram keep saying trust just not sugini by exepcted from family , sugini mother .all who are part of his life . I wonder how badly he will be hurt or broken when everyone will loose trust on him  in future ...if sugini is going for heartbreak ..i guess vikram will also get affected

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