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2 Jul-WU-Caring Indu, thawing hatred, blooming luv

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Well into the pangs of night, Shukla seretly orders a handful of accomplices to paste a bunch of posters all over the university. NEWS FLASH - Indu and Sanchi are together in the entire 'Swetha Jha' conspiracy. This ploy would be the ideal means to sully both of them and bring about their downfall in the university.
Shukla mutters to himself 'I'll teach them a lesson for having dared to go against me. This is the right time to play my part and destroy them!'

Forest dwelling
Her hair tied back into a messy ponytail, Sanchi is engrossed in cleaning up their murky dwelling. 
Holding onto a kerosene lantern, Indu walks up to her 'Busy cleaning up the place..why can't you clear up my side too?' he pauses 'anyway, just wanted to know.. are you hungry...would you like something to eat?'
She snubs him 'I'm not hungry'
The weary man gets miffed 'All my good intentions go to waste... I just came by to find out that if you were hungry, I'll get something for you...' his tone turns into a mocking mime 'later on... don't pester me, that I didn't ask you...' 
Flashing him a false grin, she replies 'I wouldn't...and do whatever you want to do but, don't disturb me...'
'Whatever! I'm hungry, I'm going out to find something to eat for myself...'
Saying so, he hangs the lantern on the wall and then strolls out of the place. Watching him walk away, sanchi irately throws the broom down and slumps on the floor.

A while has passed by and there is absolutely no sign of Indu's return. Sitting all alone in a deserted dwelling in the midst of a forest, unnerves the helpless girl 'It's been so long...he's not back yet... has he deserted me and run away...'
Taking a nervous gulp, Sanchi anxiously stands up and darts a few glances around. Wondering what to do, she plans to take a peek outside the house and hastens forward towards the door to do so. Her vision obscured by the dim surroundings, Sanchi barges through the entrance, when she suddenly bumps into a tall figure. Knocked off her balance by the unanticipated collision, she is about to fall when the young man protectively slips his arm around her waist to break her plunge. 
Apprehension apparent in her eyes, the stunned girl looks up to observe the athletic young man studying her face. His silhouette close to hers, the soft breeze wafting through blows a few locks away from his fatigued brow. Thoroughly dazed, Indu is whelmed by their unfamiliar intimacy. However, an agape Sanchi stares at her partner, perplexed by how to snap out of the awkward moment. Soon enough, she nudges him away and straightens herself. 
In an attempt to cover up for the embarrassment, he stutters 'T...That... were you planning to run away from here? I wouldn't let you run away anywhere'
She grumbles softly 'I wasn't running away...I was stepping out to make a search for can also run away leaving me all alone here...'
The caring man replies gently 'Where could I run away leaving you behind...' quickly amending his manner, Indu explains 'I mean...we are surrounded by an extremely dense jungle on all sides... filled with dangerous animals...' noticing how his explicit description of their environment daunted Sanchi, Indu proceeds 'This place is doesn't know when an animal could pounce upon us and be done with was a matter of satiating my I went out...' he pauses teasingly 'Why, were you scared?
'No...No..I'm not scared' she lies
He mocks her 'Oh yes why would you be are one brave girl...' he then lifts up a pot 'By the way, do you want some water..I've eaten.. had my I'm going to rest... will enjoy a long restful sleep...'
The exhausted girl watches him retire to his portion of the room. Rolling a sack, Indu picks up a broom and makes two quick sweeps to his area 'See I'm busy carrying out all the wifely duties here.. you're just standing there and watching me'  
while she sulks at his rebuttals, Indu eventually falls on the sack, stretches out his legs and shuts his eyes with the arm on top of his forehead. 

Profoundly jealous, Sanchi criticizes Indu childishly 'What a selfish man...stepped out ... ate his food all alone...just asked me once... couldn't he spare a thought for me too...' 
walking over to him, she shouts 'How could you do this to me.. are you not ashamed of yourself... you appeased your hunger alone and have left me to starve...'
Frowning, Indu opens his eyes with mild annoyance 'Are you you have any brains...' the man sits up flustered 'Before leaving, I asked you...if you wanted something to eat...if you were hungry...but had to show off that you weren't hungry at all...and now you're breathing down my neck...not allowing me to sleep or do anything else...'
He falls back on the sack and closes his eyes once again
'Yes... it's all my fault that I tried making you fact, I'm not hungry...I shouldn't even be speaking to you!'
The provoked Indu ridicules her 'Seems like all her nuts and bolts are out of place...she is one senseless girl'
Throwing the broom once again, Sanchi mutters back 'Selfish...'
'You're selfish.. the one who says it first turns out to be the culpable one'

A good part of the night had passed by with Indu snoring loudly and with Sanchi finding it difficult to even shut her eyes - forget catching a few winks. 
Peeved with hunger and restlessness, she gets up once again and moves to where he was lying 'Wake up'
She nudges him and he tries battling her hassles by shaking her hand off. 
kneeling next to him, she rattles his arm once again 'Are you not ashamed of are letting me remain hungry, and sleeping peacefully'
He groggily turns around 'How am I to be blamed for this?'
'Yes its your get up at once and get me something to eat'
'WHAT? Please be rational and decide once and for all...' letting out a tired sigh, he sits up sleepily 'Are you really hungry...sometimes you say you're not hungry...and then sometimes you order me to get you food as soon as what's this melodrama on about...' she looks on helplessly, as he continues 'I'm not your servant that you can order me about...'
'Fine! Stop lecturing me...I'll arrange for something myself'

She walks up to the kitchen in a huff and ties her dupatta into a knot. Looking around, she finds a few grains in the ransacked utensils. Steeling herself, she realizes that she needed to have whatever was available, lest she became weak. Having come across a few ingredients, she then needed water. Glimpsing around mischievously, Sanchi quietly walks up to the hall and steals the pot of water that Indu had brought. When he catches her stealing it, he warns her not to waste any water.
However, she brushes off his concerns with little heed 'I need to tend to my hunger... will worry about your thirst later on...'
While Indu observes her curiously from the hall, Sanchi arranges the handful of ingredients she'd accumulated around a chulla. Rummaging the place for something to light it, she manages to find some firewood in a corner and then a box of matches.While Sanchi desperately tries to light the firewood, she remains unaware of the fact that Indu was now leaning on the kitchen door and observing her immature actions unhappily. 
Eventually annoyed by her lack of ability to light the firewood, Indu steps down and asks for the match box. When she initially refuses, he takes her to task for wasting the match sticks and snatches the box from her. 
Lighting the firewood, he goes about the chores very deftly - the small flare soon grows into a steady flame and Indu places the large cauldron onto the chulla. Standing back, Sanchi watches the rogue in amazement, as he measures and pours the ingredients into the pot, managing to stir up a wonderful kichdi in no time. 
'Everything here is topsy turvy...whatever you need to be doing as a wife, I'm busy doing here...' he whines
His reaction forces her to break out into the slightest hint of a smile.

Once the porridge was done, Indu attempts to lower it down with his bare hands, but ends up burning his fingers instead 'Oh look I've burnt myself in my efforts to make your kichdi'
Amazed by his skill and yet amused by his plight, Sanchi smiles softly 'What happened...your kichdi is not ready yet?''
'What to do? I'm the husband here...I've wedded I have to do fulfil it...bear the pains too...'
Losing the grin on her face, Sanchi returns to her usual self 'Listen...stop harping on about this husband-wife drama...'
He questions her 'So, you don't recognize this wedding?'
'Then why am I busy doing all this for it yourself..' he walks away in a fit and sits in a corner of the kitchen, brooding to himself. 
Sitting beside her boiling kichdi, Sanchi doesn't understand how to proceed from there. Stealing a glance at her hesitation, Indu can't stop himself from letting out a haughty smile. 
However, he quickly regroups himself, before she turns back to him pleadingly 'Please lower this cauldron for me...please...'
Blowing over the fingers he'd just burnt, he comes over and kneels beside her 'Why do you have to throw around so much attitude all the time?'
While she silently accepts her defeat, he makes a quick survey and picks up two strong branches. Using them, he lifts the hot cauldron from the flames and then douses the fire with water. 
Truly impressed by his skill around the kitchen, she pays him an earnest compliment 'You definitenely know your way around the kitchen'
He gladly takes out a few spoonfuls of the hot porridge and serves it to her on a plate. Sitting beside her, he watches the beautiful girl in astonishment as she begins gulping down the simple yet tasty meal. Only after helping herself to a few morsels does the famished Sanchi realize that she was being closely observed
'What are you looking at? Haven't you ever seen a girl eating before...'
He starts blushing 'No I have...but I haven't seen you eating...'
'What do you mean? I'm really hungry...that's why I'm eating like stop staring at me like this...turn away'
'Wow this is hooliganism... why should I turn I stopping or harrassing you...'
'If you keep staring at me... how can I go away'
'Where can I go now...its very dangerous outside in the jungle with wild animals...' he pauses 'Do you want me to go out?'
She nods 'Yes go'
He tries goading her to let him stay 'You REALLY want me to go out...' when she does not budge, he relents half heartedly 'Fine...its your can I disobey it?'
She grits her teeth 'Now GO'
' to your fill...' Saying so, he strolls out of the kitchen 

Tarachand and Veena are shocked to know that Sanchi had run away with Indu. They surmise that Indu must have kidnapped her and worryabout her well being, barely aware that she was busy enjoying home cooked meals prepared by her husband

Forest dwelling
Just as she'd finished eating, Indu enters the mansion with a bang - scaring her. He had brought some bales of straw to make a soft bed to sleep on. Setting it down, he makes a nice bedding and lies down on it. 
'How selfish of him' she tells herself 'Brought bales of straw for himself and nothing for me...cares for himself alone...not worried that I'm with him too'
After a while, Sanchi takes advantage of the fact that he was fast asleep and then steals a few heaps of straw from his bedding to level them down for herself. No sooner than she lies down and shuts her eyes, she hears the howls of wolves and guttural sounds of other animals in the jungle. 
Terrified, she sits up and then looks around. Indu was fast asleep. The nervous Sanchi gets up, walks to the window and then closes the panes. 
Once again, she tries to lie down and fall asleep. However, in a short while a strong gale of winds blows open the windows and the startled girl wakes up horrified yet again. The sounds of the animals seemed even louder now. 

Unable to believe how Indu could get himself to sleep, she repeatedly calls out to him in fear 'Indu Singh...are you asleep?'
Frustrated by her nagging disturbance Indu spews out irate words, his speech slurred by his slumber 'Madam this lifetime I've met you...can't help it..hopefully, I don't meet you in the next don't bother about the time of the day...constantly interrupting my sleep...'
She quips back in fear 'You are just acting...if not,  how are you able to answer me...'
Extremely irked, Indu shouts back at her 'Why are you disturbing me over and over was right about letting myself in for trouble...' 
His voice trails off as he turns away to return to his slumber. 

A short while later, she is woken up once again by the noises of dangerous animals. Only this time, the rattled Sanchi does not find Indu Singh lying on his bed. Panicking, Sanchi stands up and calls out to him. Quickly discovering that he was not in the mansion, she slowly gathers her courage and steps out to inspect.
Fearing the worst, the quivering Sanchi constantly mutters his name and aimlessly wanders about in the disturbing darkness of the forest. Suddenly a gust of strong winds bring a small branch tumbling to her feet, intimidating the lone girl even further. She turns around, ready to make a dash back into the mansion, when she unexpectedly dashes into Indu Singh. 
Overwhelmed with relief,  she lunges forth and grabs him in a tight embrace. 
Taking a few moments to come to terms with the reality, Indu gauges the bewildering situation. Beginning to revel in the feeling, the stunned Indu closes his eyes for a short while and then brings his protective arms up to gradually entwine her within his arms. 
Precap - 
A few mean looking villains have found their way into the dwelling and are looking to do something nasty to Sanchi. Sanchi is all alone, cornered and desperate!

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Chemistry between the two was great. again funny coversation made the entire episode entertaining. The long awaited hug made my dream cm true... btw yeh ek aur poster kand in the university.( oh lashy thanks for the update ... u rock

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Thank you Shraddha !

May I say that you must have found it difficult today to come back from La La Land and set yourself to this task of writing the update ??? Wink LOL LOL

Thank you my dear.

It was lovely. Wasn't it ?

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Beautiful update Shraddha. Love it. super awesome. I killed myself laughing watching the episode. Love their bickering, they are so damn adorable.LOL
I loved that their BG music is back...when they hugged...yipppeeeParty

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thanks usual chauchak...u hav a flair for writing

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Thank you dear for the entire written updateClapParty
Interesting episode and more interesting written updateEmbarrassed
Loved today's episode very much especially the tight hugDay Dreaming Dancing

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Thanks for the update Shraddha!! 
Today was a fab episode especially their mini quarrels with each otherROFL it was soo cute and the HUGGG YAAAYDay Dreaminga beautiful moment!!

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Thanks for the updates Lashy ...lubbed the episode ...waiting fot tomorrow though precap is bit scary.

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