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~|Rishton Ka Aashiyaana :: Newsletter Edition#1 |~

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Keep Your Speakers On Guys

Sara: Stutz Hug Hows the NL going?
Stuti: Suggest me a NAME firstStern Smile
Sara: You still haven't got one? ROFL Wait.. lemme thinkTongue
Stuti: Has matAngry Ya please! I don't wanna get away with the prize myselfLOL
Aanchal: *lands* NameBlushing
Stuti: *whats there to blushConfused* CP Hug Suggest me a name!
Sara: "Yeh Gharana Cronicles"
Stuti: Ermm
Aanchal: "Naitik, Akshara aur Naksh ka Yeh Rishta"
Stuti: Geek

*Nadia di enters*

Nadia: StutiStern Smile Stop wasting time! Where has the NL reached? Doesn't it go up on 1st July?
Stuti: Urm di.. I was just..
Sara: "Rishton ka Aashiyana"
Stuti: WOW! Awesome name! I got a name!
Nadia: Great! Start working on the NLBig smile
Stuti: Ready with it!

*clears throat*

So, Rishtedaars Hug
A big hug to all of you'll Hug
Welcome to the first edition of the third series of Newsletters on the Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai ForumBig smile

There are many people who have helped me in getting this up! Lets first thank them.. and then start the NLEmbarrassed

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June 4-June 8:

Naitik & shaurya decides to do a business together.

After the exit of samar, naksh & shava go on a dinner together, where they spent very beautiful moments. They also danced on song "Jab koi bat bigad jaye".

Then there was a leap of 3 months. Akshara was having pain in her back.

Ananya started going to school but varsha was unhappy as ananya didn't get admission in that school which varsha wanted.

Tension starts between naitik and shaurya.Their way of working is totally different from

each other.

Gayatri starts giving duggu too much ghee, due to which duggu became fat.Duggu didn't start crawling.

Akshara's birthday was coming. Naitik gives akshara a guess but akshara didn't understand.Naitik was planning for akshara's birthday.

Maheshwari's also remembers about it n starts planning for birthday party.

Shaurya said that he will arrange the akshara's birthday party in maheshwari's house.

Shaurya calls akshara n reminds her about the birthday.

Shaurya asks akshara that whether he can celebrate akshara's birthday. Akshara agreed.

Naksh went to park where they spent many beautiful moments together.

Vishambhar n rajshri comes to singhaniya's house n invites them for party.


June 9-Maha Episode(Akshara's Birthday)

Naitik wishes akshara at 12 am.

Then all the family members come n wishes akshara. They cut the cake.

Next day, everybody go to maheshwari's house for party except naitik.

Everybody at maheshwari's do a grand welcome of akshara.

Everybody danced on akshara's favorite song.

Then naitik comes n tells shaurya that they didn't get the deal.

Shaurya says to naitik that this all happens because of him.

Manager calls shaurya n tells that he wants money to pay tender. Shaurya goes to office n take money. But on the way,some one takes the money bag.

Shaurya comes home with birthday cake. Naitik comes n says to shaurya that why he took money without telling him. They start arguing.

Shaurya says to naitik that u r forgetting that ur partnership is only 40% whereas mine 60%.

Naitik gets angry n says that I will never again come into this house again.

Everybody leaves.


June 11-June 15:

Everybody was tensed. Akshara tried to talk to naitik but he  didn't talk to her.

Akshara was sad. She feels that her birthday proved very unlucky for her.

Varsha n akshara tries to patch up naitik n shaurya.

Akshara makes a plan n send lunch for both naitik n shaurya.

In office, naitik n shaurya don't talk with each other.

Akshara thought that when naitik n shaurya will do lunch, they will talk to each other n sort out problems.

But akshara's plan failed. Naitik comes home n tells akshara that he sent a message to shaurya to come n have food but he didn't come.

The family members try to talk with shaurya n naitik but nothing happened.

Akshara goes to hospital for her n duggu's check up.when they were coming home, the car stopped. Shaurya was passing through that way n sees akshi n duggu. He says to akshara that he will drop them. Naitik sees them n gets angry. Shaurya drops them in Singhaniya's house n leaves from there.

Then naitik asks akshara that where she went? Akshara tells that she went to hospital for check up. Naitik says that she is lying n she went to meet her brother. Naitik says that she cares for brother but not for him.

Then driver tells naitik that their car stopped on the way n that's y akshara went with shaurya. Naitik says sorry to akshara.

Shaurya was ill n he didn't go to office that day.

Daddaji says to naitik that now we have to do something. He says that today we will make u n shaurya to talk to each other n clear ur misunderstanding.

Vishambhar calls n tells daddaji that shaurya is ill that's y they will not talk today.

Naitik says to gayatri that shaurya is alright but he didn't want to talk.

Varsha get a job in ananya's school.

In office, manager comes n tells naitik that he talked with shaurya on phone n he feels that shaurya is alright.akshara goes to maheshwari's house to see shaurya n there she spent beautiful time.

June 18-June 22:

Shaurya n varsha goes to hospital for some medical tests.

Naitik also goes with daddaji n Rajbanna outside. There naitik sees shaurya n says to daddaji that I feel that shaurya is alright.

Daddaji, Vishambher, Bauji, Naitik and Shaurya meet next day at a hotel.

There shaurya says that he doesn't believe naitik because singhaniya's lose their house because of him. Dada ji gets angry n leaves from there.

Naitik tries to talk to akshara n asks her to go out  n eat ice-cream but akshara refuses.

Naitik tells akshara that vishambar also feels that I m the cause of our business loss. Akshara says that he misunderstood, her bauji cant even think like that.

Duggu got rashes. Naitik asks akshara to go for a check up.

Manager makes the situation worse for naitik n shaurya.

Gayatri n akshara comes from hospital n tells bhabima that duggu got rashes because she has been giving him kheer since two days.

Shaurya tells naitik that tthey should divide the business as they cant work together any more.

Naitik tells this to his family, akshara comes n says that she cant believe this, she will talk to shaurya n make him understand.

Akshara n gayatri goes to park with duggu. There they meet with akshara's friend. Akshara's friend told them that she was going to join the gym but the manager told that the gym is closing.

Akshara says this to naitik but he didn't believe.

Gayatri tells daddaji that akshara is going to gym from tomorrow n she will go with her.

Some relatives come in maheshwari's house. They want to meet akshara.

Akshara meets with them in mandir.

Akshara ngayatri goes to gym.

Manager tells gayatri n akshara that this gym is not good, they should go to some other gym.akshara n gayatri makes a plan to expose manager.

June 25-June 26

Gayatri asks naitik to go to his room. Naitik goes to washroom but akshara does not let him go n stop him n says I love u to him. Naitik also get romantic.

Then the manager calls akshara n naitik also hears what he said.

Vishambar comes to singhaniya's house n asks daddaji to forget everything. They became happy. They wish that naitik n shaurya also forget everything.

Gayatri n akshara goes to gym n there they expose manager.

Manager is thrown out of office.

Akshara n gayatri wishes that naitik n shaurya should forget everything.

Some business guests were coming to maheshwari's for dinner n they want to meet both families. Naitik doesn't want to go there.

Akshara tries to insist him.

The best episode of the month is June 4,2012.

Naksh did couple dance on song "jab koi bat bigad jaye" for the first time in YRKKH in this episode. There was a cute naksh scene. Also, this was the last episode of our first duggu(Harsh).
We got new duggu in this episode plus there was a 3 months leap happened in this episode thats why i selected it.

Filler episode of the month was of 21st June, 2012 was the filler epi of the month.. it had nothing to show.. whole epi wasted in coming of guests from Jaipur and them planning to meet Akshara in her Sasural and subsequent drama.. why the guests came in the first place all the way from Jaipur is a reason unknown to many..Confused

This Month's Rating: 3/5

Ok guys im doing rating of the month in NL so as we all know how is this month of yrkkh LOLfrom  my POV its worstDeadall the characters are changedso much that we are un able to recogniswe them..
fo eg:1:daadi:who use to give useful advises to all family members suddenly become numbOuch
2:vishamber:oh God he used 2 be the sensible character act as elder through thick and thin but he too dissapoint veiwers in this trackD'oh
ok now come to rating...what shat we rate yrkkh in this month of june??if we consider average trp of yrkkh this month than its quite goodBig smile3.4 and always in top 5 across all channels that means veiwers actually like the trackConfused though this track diss apoint naksh fans very badly but its a family show it has shown a reality track and ups and downs in relations very nicely weather its tiff or patchup among family membersBig smileso i think this month yrkkh would be rated 3/5 as the track is not up to the mark is can be handled in much better way by cvs...
veiwers watch it with curosity that what will happen next but cvs actually dissapoint yrkkh fans too...
do share ur veiws that is yrkkh rated 3/5 is right?Big smile

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YR has been on quite a low this June, everyday there was some scene or the other in which people are shedding tears, that's why i have changed the definition of an Emotional Scene. i believe an emotional scene is the scene which touches your heart to the core, and one such scene was aired on 8th June 2012. where Naitik-Akshara-Duggu are in park and spending some family time.. this was the scene which in true sense portrayed where Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai actually belongs. The scene became more effective due to it's BG music, which was a new version of Jadoo Ye Kya Chal Gaya..Smile

thoda hum bhi khelenge, thoda hum bhi koodenge,
hum bhi tere jaise ban jaaenge..
ghoda ban ke tera hum, sair tujhko karaenge,
tere naaz saare hum uthaenge..
har pal naya, aur naya sa lage,
ab har ghadi tu hai palkon tale,
dil teri hatkheli mein khoya,
sang hasa dil sang tere roya,
ho ho ho ho,
jaadoo tera chal gaya..

here's the pic of cutest, most emotional and most meaningful scene in YR this June..Smile

The most funny scene was on the 29/6 fri epi, naitik ka badla roop Embarrassed dressing as marwadi after akshara kisses
naitik: akshara aap ne anjan aadmi ko kiss kiyaLOLLOL

June was more of a dramatic month of YRKKH then a romantic one Unhappy we got very limited Naksh romantic scenes but thanks to CV's for ending this dreadful month with a cute, romantic Naksh scene.Embarrassed so without doubt the most romantic scene of the month is the scene from 29/6/2012 episode.
the scene starts with naitik rushing to house to bring akshara for her surprise birthday party.
he knocks on the door. akshara opens the door..
naitik in a changed look ,pagadi ,long mustages,red colour kurtta,blue jeans etc.. he was acting as a starnger infrnt of akshara "awww he was looking cutie cutie"
he greats her in marwari.. akshara is bit confused she greats him back.
naitik:"In marwari tone",dadaji ghar maah hai .??
akshara feeling sumting fishy than understood that he is none other than naitik so she also act innocent as she didn't recognised him.
            dadaji toh ghar pay nahi hai ,
            daphtar gaaye hai abhi aate hi honga ,
            kuch kaam tha kya..?
naitik :"nodding his head" Un hona mujhe bulaya tha kaam ka waste
             toh mujhe baatiya kya kaam tha
as soon as akshara say this naitik move a step towards akshara,akshara took a step back
naitik:kaam toh maane thaarey say hai bendhni
while akshara continusly walking back and  naitik towards akshara.
akshara:jhi kahiya.?
naitik:the green colour sari looks good on you.
naitik:haah ..!! did your husband never mention it !!
akshara still acting innecent and says...
            unhe toh fursat hi nahi rehthi,pata nahi kaha khoye rehte hai din bhaar
             kher..!! woh saab chodiya aap bhatiya kya kaam hai aapko mujse
             (No, he is always busy, don't know what he does all day.. you say wat do you want from  me)
while saying this akshara reach near the sofa and hit it... she lean back on the sofa a bit...  naitik comes more closer to her. and says..
'jaabse thaare koh dekha hai,maare maan kha toh jaise chain khogaya hai
        Dhin raat thaare hi khayal aavhe hai maane'
(since i've seen you i've lost my peace of mind. i'm always thinking of you)
akshara in confuse look ask
'aap nah mujhe kaab dekha hai' (where did you see me)
naitik:jaab thare shaadi bhi nah hui thi
        taab say jaanhu may taanhe
        baas uss din say maare sapno ki rani hai
        maarhi prem kahani hai..!!
(i know you even before you got married. since then you are my dream girl)
akshara;Sanchi..!! (really)
naitik:"nodding" haah ..!!
akshara:toh phir,aap mujse pehle kyu nahi mile (than why didn't you come and meet me before)
naitik cmpletely bend over akshara and says..
naitik:aaj aaya hua na thaare pass
         taanhe saat leja unga
(today i've come for you and i'll take you away)
akshara in shock look 'yeh kya kehe raahe hai aap.?' (what are you saying)
naitik:Itna pyaar kaarunga thaare kho,ki saab kho bhul jaaye ghi (i will love you so much you will forget everybody)
just then suddenly akshara kiss on naitik's cheek..Embarrassed
naitik in a angry tone...
'akshara..!! aapne appne ek aanjan aadmi koh kiss kiya .may aapse baat nahi kaarunga' (akshara! you kissed a stanger! i won't talk to you)
 saying this he stands angrily.akshara laugh out loudly"
naitik angraly ''arrey haash rahe hai'' (why are you laughing)
akshara holds on to his shoulders and says
 ''naitik..!! bas hogaya aapka naatak? aap chahe kitna bhi roup kyu na badal lha.may aapko pehchan hi lungi kyon ki (by blinking) may aapko inh aankho say nahi maan khi aankho say pehchan thi hu samjha..??
(did you think i won't recognise you? you may use as many disguises as you want i'll recognise you because i know you not from these eyes (blinking her eyes) but from my heart)
naitik nods his kead and says ''samja .abhi baat hu" (understood, i'll tell you) he hold over akshara completely and kiss in her neck...Embarrassed akshara hugg him back tightly"
just thn naitik remember about surprise pull and take akshara near the circus people for celebration.

Haha! There was no blooper this monthShockedLOL

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This very dialogue changed the entire storyline of YRKKH. Not an emotional dialogue, but an assertive sentence which left everybody, especially Akshara heartbroken..

the scene starts with Naitik and Shaurya arguing over some business issues on Akshara's birthday which ultimately became a huge fight which hasn't ended even now..Ouch
the dialogue was said by Naitik on 9th June 12 Mahaepi, Saturday.

Naitik : bus, bus Dado.. aaj aapne apni hadd paar kar di hai.. bus.. aaj se aapka aur mera rishta khatm.. aaj ke baad, main iss ghar mein kadam nahi rakhunga..

couldn't get a pic of the dialogue - but yes, this was the same setting in which the dialogue was said..Wink

Ok, as we all know that in this month shourya character has taken a turn of 360 ...means he has decided to start business with naitik...both had ego problem but shourya had too much...its ego or attitude but  hes is behaving that naitik is some lesser then him in business or something whatever naitik says he completely consider it as waste business partner he should have given naitik sayings equally importanceOuch...the money he lose whatever it may be but on aksh bday he is blaming naitik as if he didnt did anything ...he raised question on naitiks ability!Angrynot a thing to digest easilySmileat resturant also he raised the same question...doesn't he think once that naitik is not only his buisness partner but also he sister hubby...though its not appropreate to say this but this is what reality is u should think as brother too...he didnt once listen to his family members but naitik do.But naitik forgive him so easily at the end is commendable...Big smileso not only 4rm my POV but many other forum members shourya had been the bost irritating character of month...
do share your veiwsSmile

The best character of the month,in my opinion should be Gayatri. For the first time, she stand by her daughter-in-law side and did something for her happiness. She took her DIL side because Akshara was trapped between hubby and brother and G3 felt her pain. She and her DIL came up with a plan of going to the gym together and instead both acted like friends instead of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Choosing Gayatri as the best character for the month was difficult as I could have opt for others. I let the leads aside this time.From Gayatri,we got a little change of character which also left the viewers a little shocked.

^^I selected this picture because this picture shows a perfect family. Naksh with their "naksh".
Trio are smiling. Also after seeing this picture, we smile too.

Undoubtedly, the best costume of the month should be naitik dressing up as marwadi. He was looking so cute in new avtarEmbarrassed

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This month's best siggy is from YRKKH's regular siggy maker, pree4ru
Heres the siggy!

.:Heres your Winner Siggy:.

Avi of this month is made by our icon queen nishi755.It is a perfect avi with a cute and perfect familyBig smile

.:Heres your Winner Siggy:.

A romantic Naksh VM that captured everyone's hearts was, Raisya done by Aish-Naksh aka Ayesha
wow..Embarrassed VM naksh scenes were awesome the song & scenes selection was perfect.. kya scenes haiDay Dreaming

.:Heres your Winner Siggy:.

There are two most active threads, both by the same personBig smile

Is Yr still the best?-moonlight08

An afterthought...-moonlight08

.:Heres your Winner Siggy:.

Best OS Ek Kalma Mohabat Ka written by bebo. aka sonali

sonali ji superbEmbarrassed well done keep writing more OS

.:Heres your Winner Siggy:.

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So guys.. Hug
Remember I had arranged one "fast" contestLOL
And no one participatedStern SmileROFL
But 2 people didBig smile Special thanks to Saraa and Maha for participating Hug

Well...I have a winner!
She gave me the fabulous name for our Newsletter!
As mentioned earlier, she is none other than..


She is MY bananaROFLROFL

Ok Sorry banana.. teri izzat ka falooda karne k liyeROFLROFL

Well.. jokes apart..
The WINNER of the contest is none other than..

I fell in love with the name you suggested instantly, bananaHug
Thank you SO much <33

Here is you much awaited Winner Siggy..
With you "name" on itDay Dreaming

.: Special Thanks :.

Well, this is my first experience with handling/organizing a Newsletter. Its not quite easy, considering you have to manage tons..! I wasn't that good.. (yea.. i don't lie).. But I need to thank some people who have helped me/supported me.. to get this up!

Sometimes helping doesn't exactly mean directly helping! I wanna specially thank the following people for cheering me up, chatting with me.. and turning my work into fun!
Thank you SO much, guys Hug
Well.. I am listing 'em out.. I hope I don't forget anyone!

-Nadii- : Thank you di, for agreeing to this.. and letting me organize the NL! The forum owes you Hug

~Saraa~ : Meri banana Hug Thank you.. for the name, for the small small mistakes, for the different different ideas.. (which i am surely gonna implement!).. Love you Hug

_Aanchal_ : CP Hug Meri thread pe aake atmosphere light karne hetu dhanyavaad ROFL Love you Hug

-.Preet.- : Tera naam pehle likhti toh CP maar daalti.. I would rather pataofy my PJ than CP.. shes difficult to catch Stern Smile Love you.. siggies ke liye! Love you.. for bearing me.. for sitting patiently on the other end.. and letting me complete the NLROFLROFL ILubbYou *muah*

..first.rain.. : cnm Hug Aati nai aaj kal tuOuch Thank you SO much.. for teaching me the BG music ka! The s/w is still not working.. u know? ROFL

-Rasmi24- : RasmiHug Thank you for helping me complete the parts, even when i asked for them at the 11th hour! Hug

Maha_Naksh4ever : Thanks for helping Rasmi ROFL And indirectly me Hug

--Shivu-- : I can never forget her! She should be at the top! Supported me throughoutHug ILY *muah*

Thank you SO much, every everyone involved in this NL, directly or indirectly Hug

I hope you'll enjoyed the first part edition!

(On behalf of YRKKH NL Team)

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Posted: 02 July 2012 at 10:27am | IP Logged
Me First,Me First,Me FirstWink
Me First,Me First,Me First
Me First,Me First,Me First

Finally my wait is over!!!!!!!!Embarrassed

Thanks to every NL team member who made this NL so beautiful with their hard work.
u did a gr8 job.Clap
BTW my speakers r on but i cant hear anything,
arey kahin mere kano ki roshni to nhi chale gai???CryROFL

The thread is managed beautifully. The NL banner is awesome.
The title "Rishton ka ashiyana" is awesome. Thanks sara for the title.
Everything is just awesome. The winner siggies r very good.
My VM is chosen as "VM of the month" very happy for that
Congratulations to all winners.

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Posted: 02 July 2012 at 10:41am | IP Logged
waiting for NL to up

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