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RASIA FF: OUR STORY- Chapter 25 (Pg 121) (Page 7)

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Originally posted by sakura_bb

<font color="#660099">Jerry on Friday I will update!</font>
Wow.. friday means 2morow.. eagerly waiting..Smile

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Chapter 7


She didn't know….for how long she stayed like that……in Raghav's embrace.
Suddenly her phone started ringing.

Sia let go of Raghav and searched her bag……..her phone was in a side pocket in her gym kit.

It was Mamaji calling.

"Hello? Mamaji?"

"Sia…hum Delhi paunch gaye he…station par he abhi.."

"Acha? Mamaji…station ke bahar koi bhi bus le lijijye….Academy ke raaste se hi jaenge sab! Ab bas conductor ko bol dena ki aap APK Academy ke stop par utrenge!"

"Ha ha thik he…Gauti ne sab dekh liya he…tujhe paresaan hone ka zarurat nahi he…..hum bas adhe ghante mein paunch jaenge….thik he?"

"Thik he mamaji….aur Gauti ko sambhalna…..yeh Delhi he….Dehradun nahi!!"

"Ha ha..thik he"

Sia cut the phone. Chalo acha he..thik thak pauch gaye dono….ab jaldi hi Mamaji aur Gauti se mil payungi!

Raghav chuckled.

Sia turned to look at him.

"Kya hua? Tum has kyun rahe ho?"

Raghav nodded his head and said, "Dekh raha hoon…tum aaj bhi kaise Gauti ko chota bachha samajh te ho……he is a grown up guy now.."

"Toh? Who mera chota bhai he…chahe wo kitna bhi bara ho jae…..mere liye wo chota bachha hi rahega!"

Raghav smiled, "chalo thik he……toh ab tum jao…aur tayyar ho jao….I will be leaving now"

"Tum Coach Sir se nahi miloge?"

"Pagal ho kya Pushpa? Mujhe unhe heart attack nahi dena he! kahan wo sochte he….ki at last Raghav se chutkana mila he….aur me firse agaya to……No…me unse nahi milunga"

Sia took her bag and got out of the room… Raghav was walking with her.

"Nahi Raghav…..mujhe wo bataye to nahi….par mujhe laga ki…shayad Coach Sir bhi tumhe miss karte the…..wo tum……"

"Please..Pushpa!! Bulldog mujhe miss??? Aisa ho hi nahi sakta!"

" Thik he…..agar tum unse nahi milna chaho to thik he…me kya bolu?"

Sia and Raghav's conversation got interrupted. The guy approaching towards them was almost of Raghav's height… he had slightly brownish hairs made into spikes and an impressive face cut, the branded shirt he was wearing made him look even more attractive.

He came near Sia and smiled,

"So Finals ke liye practice shuru?"

Sia grinned and nodded.

Raghav eyed the guy carefully…it seemed like he knew Sia well.

The new guy looked at Raghav's direction confusedly. Sia turned to Raghav and said,

"Yeh Anurag he…..wo ihaan pe padta he……aur wo….boxing ke hi student he"
Acha toh yeh boxing ke student he……tavi Pushpa usko janti he shayad….

"Anurag bohot acha boxer ha…National level par bhi khel chukka he!!", Sia went on, "Isiliye…me use thoda tips le leti hoon….."

Anurag smiled, "Sia tum bohot zada bol rahi ho..mere bareme…me itna acha bhi nahi hoon!"

Raghav didn't say anything. National Level? kya farak padta he…..National level par kitne log boxing karte hein….sab ache nahi hote hein waise bhi…

"Aur yeh kaun he Sia?"

"Oh…..Anurag….yeh Raghav he……."

"Hi…I am Raghav……Sia ka dost….hum ek saath padte the school me", Raghav completed the sentence for Sia…..and shook hands with Anurag.

Sia was at first a bit surprised…..and then relieved by Raghav's words. She was not sure how she would introduce Raghav to Anurag. What would have she said? Raghav is her……boyfriend? She was not confident enough to use that term…..and if she would have said that Raghav was her friend……maybe Raghav would have thought something. It was good that Raghav himself introduced himself.

"Oh..hi..I am Anurag……Sia is such an awesome Boxer…..hats off to her dedication… to bas aise hi….elimination round dekhne ayatha…and when I saw her fight…..I became her fan!!"

Raghav smiled a little, "Yah I know….."

Sia could sense a change in Raghav's mood….his way of talking was not his usual…

"Ah Anurag…tum kuch zada hi bol rahe ho….tum mujhse zada experienced ho…..", she said.

"Experience se kya hota he Sia? Talent and hard work is all!"

Uff! Yeh to Bulldog ka vashan shuru kar diya!

Raghav was getting irritated by the new guy. He didn't know why he was feeling very angry….and he wanted that guy to leave!

"Toh…", Anurag now turned towards Raghav, "Tum APK Academy par?", he said the word 'APK' with slight airs….as if to mean…what is someone like Raghav doing at such a prestigious Academy??

"Sia ko support karne aye ho?"

Raghav smiled casually and then answered,

"Nahi….uske liye to tum ho…… Sia ko jitaane aya hoon!"

Sia was smiling. Bechara Anurag….use pata nahi kisse pala pada hein!

But she was also surprised by Raghav's answers…why was he acting rude?

Anurag was a bit taken aback by Raghav's tone, but he immediately recovered.

"Acha he…confident rehna acha he….well Sia I got to go now…..bye"

Anurag gave a somewhat look at Raghav and then went on his own way.

"Tumne to yahhan par family bana li he", said Raghav," pehle wo ladki…ab yeh…sabko bohot fikar he tumhari"

Sia knew he was angry.

"Me kya karu…..Naina mere room mate he….aur Anurag acha boxer he….isiliye…me……"

"Ha ha…pata he…kitna acha boxer ha…."

 "par tum gussa kyun ho rahe ho?"

"Me? Me kyun gusaa hounga? I just don't like people who show off"

Sia now broke into laughter!

"Kya hua?", Raghav asked her, " has kyun rahe ho?"

"Tum bol rahe ho….ki tumhe show off pasand nahi!! Toh? Tum kya karte the?"

"Pushpa…me…..Forget it!!!"

Raghav started walking. Let her laugh and let her talk to Anurag or whatever! Anyway his work here was done…..and it was getting late…so it was better that he leave for home. He could not believe that he was so pissed off by that guy…even though he didn't do anything irritating in particular!

No no….Raghav was wrong……that guy did misbehave! He talked to Raghav as if Raghav was a nobody and then what about those looks at the end? As if to tell……this is my area…stay away?? what the hell he meant?

Raghav suddenly felt a pull from behind. He stopped and turned. It was Sia holding his hand.

"Kya hua?", he asked

"Tum itna jaldi ja rahe ho…..mujhe dwarrna pada!"

"Tum kyun daur rahe ho? I am going home now…tum hostel chali jao", he said coldly.

Sia still didn't seem to understand the reason for his anger. Why would it matter to Raghav if she had made friendship with Anurag?

"Raghav…..tum naraaz kyun ho?"

"me naraaz nahi hoon Pushpa….me kyun………"



 Oh God! Firse koi friend nahi!

But thank was not another friend…it was Gauti!


Sia ran to him. Mamaji was there also. Sia hugged them,

"aap dono itne jaldi paunch gaye!!"

She was so happy to see them here! The 3 of them got busy talking among themselves.

Raghav was watching them. He smiled. It really felt good to be with ones' family. During the time of his mother's treatment……he had always stayed with her…….spent as much time as possible. He was not sure whether he would ever be able to spent time with his mother again….and so he had spent each of those very carefully……and yes he had grown a lot closer to her at that time.

He was thankful to God……..that he have got back his mother……that things have got sorted out between them…


Raghav's thoughts were interrupted by Gauti's shout. Finally he had noticed Raghav there also! Gauti looked both surprised and happy to see him there! Raghav went up to them and smiled,

"Kaise he aap mamaji?"

"Arey…tum to wahi hona…Elite se…jo Sia ko Boxing Tournament me madat kiethe!", Mamaji said.

Raghav nodded and said, " Ha…."

"Par tum yahhan pe kaise?", Gauti asked, Tum to America gaye the na? wapas kab aye? Sia tune mujhe bataya bhi nahi?"

"Dhire dhire Gauti!!", Sia stopped him, "Baad me yeh sab hoga…..pehle….kam ke baat…..Mamji…aap dono yahhan ka student lounge pe wait kijiye please…..Raghav tumhe pata he na kaha he…tum please inhe wahaan le jao……tab tak me phatak se tayyar ho ke….aapke friend ka ghar ka chabi le kar ati hoon….thik he?"

Everyone was ok with the decision. Raghav took them to the students lounge area. Gauti and Raghav started chatting. Sia came there after a few minutes with the key.

"Chaliye… sab arrange karke ayungi…varna aap dono aise hi so jaenge!"

"Are Sia…tujhe paresaani uthane ki zarurat nahi he…hum karlenge…tu bas chabi de de….abhi practice ki he…itna dur dhup me kyun ayegi? Phir tujhe wapas ana padega" Mamji said with concern.

"Mamaji… aap logo ko chor deta hoon..", Raghav said, " mere car yahhan pe hi he…..aur agar Push…..I mean Sia jana chahe…to me use wapas drop kar dunga Academy pe"

"Are nahi nahi…tum itna takleef kyun uthaoge?"

"Koi baat nahi he….its fine by me"

Mamaji agreed.

They got into Raghav's car. Mamaji and Sia sat in back…while Gauti sat beside Raghav. He was so excited to see the car…that he continuously went on asking various questions about the car to Raghav. Sia and Mamaji talked among themselves.

They were soon at the place where Mamaji and Gauti were supposed to stay for 2 days. It was not too far from Academy. There were 2 rooms apart from kitchen and bathroom. There were furniture also and the place was quite clean….so Sia didn't have to work much. Raghav was there to help also. Sia, Raghav and Gauti……arranged the place within an hour.

It felt so weird to Sia suddenly. Her family was here…and she was having so much fun….even though all they were doing was dusting and arranging stuffs. But probably the work didn't matter as much as the vicinity of the close ones mattered.

Raghav and Gauti were arranging the sofa...both were talking more than they were moving the sofa. Sia was smiling looking at them….it was surprising how well Raghav got along with Gauti and Mamaji……even though they were meeting after 1 and a half year.

Suddenly a thought struck Sia……she…..she was already including Raghav as her family!

She was immediately blushing thinking about that……..can she call Raghav her family??

"Oh!! Wahaan khadi hi rahogi? Ya madat bhi karogi??"

Sia chain of thoughts were broken…she was back in reality again….Raghav was calling for help.

"Kya…kya karna he?"

"Kuch nahi!", Gauti said retiring tiredly on the sofa, " saara kam ho gaya he….ab bohot bhukh kaga he…kuch khane ko banade!!"

"Ditto!", said Raghav sitting right next to Gauti.

Sia gave them angry looks.

Wah! Kam to mene bhi ki…subah se….practice karne ke baad..itna saara kam ki..aur khana bhi me banaungi?? Yeh saare ladke ek jaise he! Thodasa kaam ki ya nahi…baas khana do…me nahi banaungi kuch!!

"Kya hua?...tere sar nahi khane he hum e!", Gauti again said.

Sia was now fuming. She wanted to hit Gauti with something.

"Kisisko kuch banane ka zarurat nahi he", Mamji entered with some packets in his hands, " Me baharse khana kaya…raghav tum bhi kha lo humare saath"

"Thank you Mamaji! Sirf aap ko mere fikar he…yeh dono to jaise maharaj aye he…khana lao…Huh!!"

Raghav and Gauti exchanged some looks and then got up. Raghav called home to say that he will be having lunch outside. Sia arranged the food for all….and before they knew…it was all gone! Everyone was very hungry!

Sia was very happy today…….Raghav was there and also Gauti and Mamaji. After a long time she was enjoying doing something other than Boxing. She wished this happiness in her life continued for some more time…..she would not ask forever….cause that was too much given the conditions she had been for the past 1 and half year. She still believed that this all happiness could vanish just in one moment…because life had never been good to her. All she wanted now….was a little more time of happiness…that's all..
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yeahhh once again i  got the chance to comment first...riku i am actually addicted to your wht if v cant see sira together on television but these wonderful writings from your side r enough to keep the memories of sira alive...i always look forward to your updates riku..and v never got a chance to see a jealous raghav in hhl...but it was great fun to see the jealous side of raghav in your always this update was amazing too...and thanku sooo much riku for these updates...luv u ...

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WOW it ws rely awesum wat i read just nw !Clap

I cud picture every single line of this in front of my eyes..

Hee Hee raghav getting jealous ws mndblwng we got to see hs dat sde too..Wink

Amazing ! Thnx 4 the Pm.. !!

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pia.raha IF-Rockerz

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its so nice to see all of them like a sweet family,and jeeju saale ki jodi to rocking ekdam!!! and raghavs dialog to anurag was soo cool,typical raghav!!! raghav se koi bhi panga nehi le sakta!!!Smile

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Superbbb part Riku!!! Clap
Thanks for sharing! love u... muaah!! Hug

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Awesum update riku.. nw who d hel is anurag ? i hpe woh raghav aur sia k beech na aaye.. i love dat jealous raghav.. convo btn gauti, mamaji nd sia was realy v sweet.. lovd d way raghav interactd wid dm.. kya baat hai? sia abhi se raghav ko apna family maanne lagi hai... overal it was a v gud update.. Smile continue soon nai tho phirse mai tumhari dimag kharab karungi..ROFLROFL

Edited by Jerryberry - 06 July 2012 at 11:42am

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Originally posted by jane_krittzz...

WOW it ws rely awesum wat i read just nw !Clap

I cud picture every single line of this in front of my eyes..

Hee Hee raghav getting jealous ws mndblwng we got to see hs dat sde too..Wink

Amazing ! Thnx 4 the Pm.. !!
Thank you so much Kritika!!Embarrassed
I always wanted to see jealous side of yup...uska yeh side yahann show kar diLOL
you are welcome!Smile

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