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RASIA FF: OUR STORY- Chapter 25 (Pg 121) (Page 2)

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The train was leaving the station……and she was running alongside.

"Raghav! Raghav!", she shouted.

He extended his hand……but she could not reach it!

He wished he could stop the train and grab her hand….but the train was gaining speed.

"Raghav! Raghav!..."

The distance was increasing…he could see Sia gradually falling behind…...they were getting separated….and no matter how much he tried……he could not get back to her now…..

She tried one more time to reach him…..their hands barely touched…..and then……..she missed


He could not hear anything else……only her voice uttering his name and then gradually it got hidden under the train's sound……an irritatingly high pitched sound…that didn't seem to stop!

"Raghav! RAGHAV!!!"

Raghav woke up with a jolt!

He looked around…confused…where was he? It didn't seem like the train station…but that sound was still coming……and a voice calling his name…..then where is Sia?

When he could think a bit properly…he saw his mother……doing something near his cupboard and calling his name in interval. And there was also some high volume music…actually noise in his room…..that was driving him mad at this moment!

"Raghav! Isko bandh karo!!! I just cant stop this music system!! It is giving me a headache!"

Raghav jumped down from his bed and stopped the music system.

"Yeh kya he? What kind of music is this?", asked Mrs. Swarika Oberoi, "Aur agar tum so rahe the….then itna high volume me music kyun ON tha?"

Raghav looked at the watch… was 10 o'clock! OH FREAK!!!

"Mom…mujhe bohot der ho gaya he! Mene to yeh 9 baje ke liye alarm diya tha…lagta he kuch garabar ho gaya he…I got to be ready now!"

He took some clothes and entered the attached bathroom to change.

'Yeh dangerous music……alarm tha? Uthne ke liye? Ya chor ke liye?"

"Mom…uthne ke liye…..", he answered

"Isse to insaan heart attack karke mar jaega….uthega kaise?...Anyway..kaha jana he itni urgent me?"

"I will say about this later…bye now mom…aur aap zyada bahar mat jana!", he got out of the bathroom and quickly took his mobile and purse and car keys and he rushed outside.


 Swarika was surprised to see his son so busy all of a sudden. He has not joined college yet……what's the rush?

And then again he returned back to his room. He arranged his hair carefully with some gel and put on his best perfume…..and then again he rushed outside!

Now Swarika was really surprised!

Kuch toh garbar he! Perfume? Kisi khaas se milne jarahe kya? Par…..kon ho sakti he?

She was not sure what was going on in his son's life. She looked at his cupboard…..the music system was placed on one rack beside it. It had got dusty so much! His cupboard was also a mess! She thought of telling someone to clean Raghav's room.



APK Academy

Sia was packing her boxing kit. It was 10:30 A.M. and her morning practice was over. Now the next practice will be at 2 in the noon. But it was not much time for her…..she had to go with Gauti and Mamaji to their place. Although Mamaji had told her that he would manage it perfectly…but she wanted to come. She had also wanted to come to train station to receive them…but Mamaji said NO!

Coach KV was jotting down some points regarding today's practice……what else she needed to do. He looked at Sia…she was quite confident as usual! But…..there was something different about her today……he didn't know what….but he could understand.

Maybe she was just happy because her family is coming today.

"Sia…..time pe practice pa ajana..ok?"

"Yes Sir"

Coach left the Gym.

Sia took her boxing kit and left the Gym.

As she was walking through the corridors of the Academy….she felt that she was extremely happy….she didn't know why….but she was smiling without any reason.

The corridors felt like those of Elites……….she stopped for a while and closed her eyes……

……..So many memories are attached to those corridors of Elite………

……..the flower shower………….

"Kiske khayal me kho gayi???"
Sia opened her eyes…and saw it was Naina…again! Uff..yeh ladki mujhe pagal kar degi!

"Kya tujhe life me aur koi kaam nahi??...apne practice pe ja!"

"Wahi se arahi hoon……baat kya he akhir…kal se bohot weird act kar rahi he tu?"

"Naina!! Please bas kar! Kuch bhi nahi he!"

"Ok..Ok baba!", Naina giggled.

But she continued teasing her. Sia was getting irritated….she walked fast to avoid her…..but she came along with her. Sia did not listen to her and walked in her own…without paying any attention…..and getting lost in her thoughts sometimes.

She was getting round a corner…when…


She bumped into someone head on and fell on the ground! Her boxing kit fell at a distance.

"Sia! Sia!", Naina came hurriedly from behind.
"Ahh! Dekh kar nahi ja sakte?", Sia shouted at the person. She looked at her hand….a minor scratch…thank God zada lagi nahi.
Then she looked at the person…..she prepared for a quarrel with the same!
But when she saw the person……she was dumbstruck!
He was sitting on the ground……rubbing his forehead……..
Sia again could not say anything………. like last night. It will take time till she finally accepts that he is here for real!

He was wearing a navy blue shirt teamed with black jeans. The collision got his hair disarranged a bit…… In spite of the fact that she loved him as a person……she just could not ignore the fact that he is a very good looking guy and she loved that too!! Sia kept looking at him… Raghav's language…… 'She was checking him out!!'

"I am sorry", Sia said finally," mene dekha nahi"

"Its ok" ,said Raghav, "Mera bhi galti tha"

He got up…..still rubbing his forehead….and then gave her his hand.

Sia looked at his hand…..and then held it. He pulled her up.

Raghav looked at her hand in his……it was like in his dream…….but there she could not reach it……but in reality….

….he has grabbed her hand….securely.

Naina was watching the whole scene very curiously…….who was this guy standing in front of them? He was not any participant….he could be a student here……but then what was he doing here? Aur Sia? Usne chillayi bhi nahi? Ab tak to jhagra shuru ho jana chahiye tha?

"Tumhe kahi lagi to nahi?", Raghav asked Sia.

Sia nodded…it was a minor scratch…nothing serious.

"Agar lag jata to?", Naina replied for Sia. She was not a quarreling person…but she wanted some kind of interaction with the new guy and this seemed a good option…..but she was also surprised that Sia didn't say anything…..when she could have been seriously hurt!

"Me thik hoon Naina….", Sia said and then turned towards Raghav, "Tumhe to sar pe laga he"

Naina was even more surprised…..Sia was caring for this stranger??? WHY??

Raghav smiled and rubbed his forehead, 'Its ok…zada nahi laga"

"Mujhe dekhne do…"

Sia walked to him and stood close. She lifted the hairs that half covered his forehead and gave a good look at his wound…..yes it had got red and a bit swollen also. She never liked it when Raghav got hurt… it mentally or physically.

She was standing so close to him……that Raghav hardly cared that he was wounded…….

Her one hand was on his shoulder and the other one touched his forehead…….her face almost touched his……..her eyes…..they looked tensed……..and then their eyes met.

Raghav was losing his senses looking at those beautiful eyes of her……so innocent and yet so sad.


Sia suddenly realized that she was standing way too close to him……she let go off him immediately and stood at a distance. She knew he was still eyeing her……..but she could not look at him again so directly.

It was now Naina's chance to be Dumbstruck!! Her jaw almost dropped seeing the scene before her!! She was frozen at her spot!!

What the hell happened just now? What the hell is happening?? Is this still Sia Dhillon? Ya someone else!!??

"Umm……tumhe baraf lagana chahiye…..", Sia said

"Kya…….?" it seemed that Raghav was not even in this world!

It was getting too much for Naina!

"Sia!! Usne kaha na..zada nahi laga he…..toh tu kyun paressan ho rahi he?"

Sia now finally noticed that Naina was also there with them!

Oh God! Naina kya soch rahi hogi?? Naina ke saamne mene Raghav ka itna pass agayi!!! Bhagwan!!

Raghav also noticed Naina now.

"Its ok……", he said, "tum dono ko paressan hone ka zarurat nahi…me thik hoon", and then he smiled.

And now again Naina got speechless! What a smile! And now she wished she could get that much close to him……..ya may be she can!

"Nahi nahi……tumhe chot to laga he na….me tumhe medic ke pass le jari hoon!", Naina said.

Sia was surprised seeing Naina's sudden interest in extending a helping hand.

"Koi zarurat nahi Naina! Waise bhi tujhe practice nahi he? Me abhi free hoon…me jati hoon"

"Sia….me bhi abhi free hoon! Tu ja…Mamaji aur Gauti ajeyenge na?"

"Unhe ane me der he…tu ja…rest le"

Raghav was enjoying the fight over him between these two ladies…………and he stood there silently…hoping that Sia wins the fight!

Just then Naina's phone rang….it was her coach…..he was calling her for something.

Sia gave Naina a winning smile…and then immediately stopped smiling…..this is so stupid!!!

"Thik he tu le ja medic ke pass", Naina said in a defeated tone and then got a bit close to Sia and said in a lowered tone ." Uska nam aur phone no mujhe chahiye samjhi?", and then she left the place with a disheartened heart…..waving at Raghav. Raghav waved her back with a smile.

"To chale?", he said to Sia then.

Sia nodded. Raghav took her boxing kit and walked along with her.

"mene tumhe fight karte hue toh dekha he……par kavi tumhe mujhe le kar fight karte hue nahi dekha!", he said teasingly.

"Shut up! tumhe sab ko smile dene ka kya zarurat he?"

"Oh ho? Possessive ha??"

"Nahi! Bilkul nahi!Aur…", Sia stopped walking, " Tum yahhan kya kar rahe the? Tum yahhan par kyun ho?"

"Well me yahan par tumse kuch baat karne ke liye ayatha…par ab me yahhan par medicine lagene ja raha hoon"

Sia grabbed his hand and pulled him in a room…it was empty. She made him sit on bench.

"Haww Pushpa! Tum kaise ho gayi ho? Aise empty room pe hum dono?...akele? iraada kya he?"

"Uff!! Itna galat kyun bolte ho humesha?...chup raho do seconds"

"Hmm……ab to mujhe sachme darr lag raha he Pushpa! Isiliye jhagra kar rahi thi uss ladki ke saath?"

Sia didn't reply. The more she will say…the more he will continue. She took out a balm from her kit and then put it on his forehead.

"Ahh! Jal raha he!"

"Acha hi he!"

She spread the medicine slowly on his wound.

For a while it seemed so unreal to Raghav. They are together……she was with him. And she still cared for him so much…….how was this possible?

Is he still dreaming? Or God has finally blessed him with some good fortunes?

But he could feel her touch on him for real……..yes she was there for real…….

He held her hand……and made her sit beside him. Sia looked at him in surprise.

"Kya hua?"

"Kuch nahi…me thik hoon"

Sia put the balm in her bag..and then she asked him, "Tum kya bolne aye the?"

Raghav took out some papers from his pocket….and handed them to her.

She looked at them… had information regarding her opponent in the finals!

"Tumhe yeh kaha mila?", she asked him, "Coach Sir ko bhi pata nahi he yeh sab!"

Raghav sat in the bench relaxingly, "Me Raghav Oberoi hoon Pushpa! Kuch bhi impossible nahi he mere liye!"

"Raghav! Please mazzak nahi! Kahi tum koi galat tareeka to nahi apnaye?"

"Nope! As a coach, Bulldog ke kuch limits he…..but as an outsider and a friend mere wo limits nahi he!"

Sia didn't understand one word of what he said.

'Kya bol rahe ho tum?"

"I mean……tumhare competitor Sonia Mathur ko me janta hoon……we have met before in boxing tournaments…I am a boxer remember?"


"Toh obviously… a hot looking guy……I have some advantage over girls", eyeing her face carefully, "I knew her… a good manner…..and mujhe uske moves…I mean boxing moves ke bareme pata he….matlab usine batayi thi mujhe….and also about some of her weaknesses …….while ….we were having…coffee…..", he looked again at her face carefully…hoping she doesn't get mad again!

Sia thought something for a second…….

"Tum to awesome ho Raghav!", she said, " Coach Sir ko bhi uski weaknesses ke bareme pata nahi tha…par ab toh..", she threw her arms around him, "Thanks Raghav! Tum humesha mere saare problem dur kar dete ho!"

Raghav was not expecting this reaction……but who cared…..she has always remained unpredictable for him……

Raghav got his hands around her……and completed the embrace….

I am glad ki me tumhare problem dur kar sakta hoon…..Pushpa…..

Sia's face was resting on his shoulder….she was relieved of a huge trouble! Sonia Mathur was indeed a strong contender and the fact that she knew so less about her was troubling her so much! But now…

Tumhe kaise pata chal jata he…ki mujhe kab kya paresaani he? kaise tum chutki me mere saare problems dur kar dete ho Raghav? Kal bhi jab me udaas thi…tum mujhe milne….mujhe manane yahhan a gayi…

Itne din tak…..tum mujhse dur the…par phirbi mere parwa karte the….aur aaj bhi…..tum meri madat kar rahi ho……

She hugged him tightly……

This was not a dream anymore…….she was with the person she loved….and it was the reality….


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first of all i am really happy that i  am the first 1 to comment...riku your ff r actually out of this world...just so amazing...simply luved raghav is so charming ...any 1 can like him...and just luved the cat fight between naina and sia...riku its always a pleasure to read your ff...keep writing...

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Haaye...what an update riku..its awesome...totally loved it..i started hating naina from the point she started to flirt with raghav...sia ko bol deni chahiye thi ki he is her boyfriend..thanks for the PM and please please please please do continue sooon... :-D

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Originally posted by Sajan_forever05

Haaye...what an update riku..its awesome...totally loved it..i started hating naina from the point she started to flirt with raghav...sia ko bol deni chahiye thi ki he is her boyfriend..thanks for the PM and please please please please do continue sooon... :-D
Thanks So much DASH!!!Hug
Will continue real soon!!Embarrassed
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Im speechless Riku..Day Dreaming thanks for sharing..Blushing

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Originally posted by Jyo_Ksg

Im speechless Riku..Day Dreaming thanks for sharing..Blushing
Jyo...I am speechless from your complimentEmbarrassed
Thanks a lot!!!Big smile
Will continue soonSmile

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Originally posted by AbiAnshUtpol


~~This Is Like Blessing To Me Cause I Can't Comment On This I'm So Happy For This.I Feel Like






~Only Reading~

~~~Pls Pls Continue Soon~~~    
Thanks so much UPI!!!Big smile
I know when you comment like this it means you have really liked it...and I am so glad that I could make you happySmile
Will continue soonSmile

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