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IBADAT- RTMC ff (part 4- pg no. 7) (Page 7)

sweetsanyo IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 May 2013 at 11:39pm | IP Logged
phewww, post ho gya oh gyaaa...

shivji ka naam leke kiya tho hona hi tha!...Clap

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ridzzi Goldie

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Posted: 27 May 2013 at 4:21am | IP Logged
after a long long long long LONG time, finally u hv updated...phew
loved ur discription ...
but nandu ki memories main kahi bhi pathu nahi tha?????...she had forgotten him or what?????
it was really very nice...last humara hero tha na???????
hope wahi ho, with an angry young man attitude...
update soon...
luv u...    :-)

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mddmayuri Senior Member

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Posted: 28 May 2013 at 4:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Asyalover

wow great update after so long...but it was awesome and loved the way discribed the station and train believe i could never do that even though i have been in those trains so many tyms...cont tell me when will u updt next?

thank u dear for reading it..i m glad that u liked it..
thank u for ur wonderful commentSmile i'll try to ud nxt part in few hours

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mddmayuri Senior Member

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Posted: 28 May 2013 at 4:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sweetsanyo

3rd time post kerr rhi hu- last dono time bda bda cmnt likha poora waste-..
hey shivji abki baar post kerdo!...

o namah shivay!!

Part 3-kitne dinno baad aaya h ye update!...


After 10 years - o teri- direct itna bada leap-, itne tim emei tho pta nhi kyaa kyaa badal gyaa hoga?? Ouch   

nandini's description is cute- sweet!..lovely...she is adorable, sensible...and yes- indian-ly decent-which is most remarkable feature of we indian girls!...

loved her talks wid herself- train aayegi, aayegi!!...

she is fashionable too- gud- girls shud be trendy!.

london??ShockedShocked london mei a gyi nandini-wow!!...Cool

why do i feel humara hero bhi yahin h!..Day Dreamingjaise khoon khoon ko bolata h- vaise pyaar pyaar ko!..

3 hrs wait- big deal-Ouch mere liye thi ekdum impossible hi ho jayega!...

ho sakta h mei aise mei wait kerte kerte so jao...and next train bhi miss ho jaye!...Wink

but meri baat alag h- nandini is much more patient then me!.LOL

ohoo- tom cruise, salman , rajat- di ye teeno merebhot psnd h- n tom cruise tho kuch jyada hi!..Embarrassed..

meri n nandini choice badi same same h- and yes, hum dono k best friend bhi- SHIVJI, aur kaun??

the way u wrote abt station- wow!- its is a visual treat to imagine...

though we all know how a station luks- but phirr bhi- usse padne ka aapna maaza h!!..iys enjoyable..

pisto- i liked her-loved her actually- vry sweet! kunal n pisto- ccoooiieettt  (*cute) si love story.

chalo nice- london mei bhi ek frnd n brother mil gyaa h!..

ab bass nandini ka pyaar bhi mil jaaye!...

love d the way u had written her 10 yrs journey in just her sweet imagination...her parents insistence to pursue her studies in london...

lekin di- prithvi k naam ka ek zikrre bhi nhi...kahin bhul tho nhi gyi na usse??Cry

 but suddenly a hand comes in between the gates that were few inches away from meeting each other (yeyey!..Dancing.aa gyaa apna hero...haina di?? Party))she sucked in her breath((uff! abhi se itna chinta...oyye hoyee!))A hand wearing a black Montblanc watch ((ohooo! aamirr ladka h..prithvi hi h pakka- vo bh amirr tha n!))was pushing the gate back to get into the compartment.((pheww ye D'ohganda sa gate khool kyu nhi rhaa??Angry))

Nandini panicky clutched her backpack close to her chest and closed her eyes. ((why closed her eyes- madam help him!))..

you know di- ekdum love in air ki feel aa rhi h! bagvaanji ne koi saazish kerke dono ko mila rah h..
 dreamland ekdum!Day Dreaming..

aap jaante nhi ho di-iss story se muje kitni hope h- first update padte hi mien isse aapni bed time stories mei include kiya tha!- 5 yrs of hostel aise hi pyaari stories se beetani h-
i know friends h yahan- masti bhi hoti h- but as said- private self time...((jo nandini station per beta rhi)) i wil read such stories in time for myself...

di i want- ki inki first meeting shud b most magical-
nandini ko kudh b kudh lagna chahiye k ye prithvi h- his talks, his expressions, his attitude...
 not just her, evn he shud remember her healing touch, wid which childhood nandini aaplied d ointment, when he saved her from dat horse...

di.plzz, make its super duper magically, adorable..plzz!/...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

i know aap karoge...
n i lov u for dat!.Hug. i lov u for giving me such a lovely story!..

jaldi se ek aur update dena...

chote chote hi do- but jaldi jaldi!

thank u rash for ur lovely comment...was waiting for it,firstly sorry for the delay, secondly thank god u liked it...i was little nervous about the part...anyways, u know, main bhi shivji ki bhakt hu...,n i m very happy ke tumhe ye story pasand hai...and inki first meeting adorable hogi ya nahi yeh to tum or baki ke readers hi hi decide karoge...but i can promise u one thing ke nxt ud mein inki meeting ho sakti hai...but nandini prithvi ko itne jaldi pehchanegi  ya nahi , doubt hai...but i hope tume nxt part pasand aaye... luv u

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mddmayuri Senior Member

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Posted: 28 May 2013 at 4:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ridzzi

after a long long long long LONG time, finally u hv updated...phew
loved ur discription ...
but nandu ki memories main kahi bhi pathu nahi tha?????...she had forgotten him or what?????
it was really very nice...last humara hero tha na???????
hope wahi ho, with an angry young man attitude...
update soon...
luv u...    :-)

thank u ridzzi for ur sweet comment..and sorry, i know bahut time ke baad part ud kiya hai...but i m glad ke tumhe pasand aaya.. well nandu prithvi ko bhule aisa kabi hoga kya...nandu ke memories mein prithvi abhi nahi dheere dheere aayega...i hope tume aage ki story pasand aaye..luv u

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sultanahabeeb Groupbie

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Posted: 28 May 2013 at 2:06pm | IP Logged
Hmm intresting nd loved it nd plz continue karo dear, koi toh hai rtmc ff ka up diya, warna main taras gayi thi last 2 week se nd thanks 4 pm

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Asyalover IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 May 2013 at 2:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by mddmayuri

Originally posted by Asyalover

wow great update after so long...but it was awesome and loved the way described the station and train believe i could never do that even though i have been in those trains so many tyms...cont tell me when will u updt next?

thank u dear for reading it..i m glad that u liked it..
thank u for ur wonderful commentSmile i'll try to ud nxt part in few hours

Nah pleasure all mine...u totally deserved it...its also helping me in my English...cause i am so so bad at analyzing ans describing things and the way u described the train stations and the atmosphere with the Nandani's feelingsClap...i m just flawed by i m learning frm ur writing skills Big smile  ...cont soonDay Dreaming

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mddmayuri Senior Member

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Posted: 30 May 2013 at 2:41am | IP Logged

Part 4

Nandini panicky clutched her backpack and closed her eyes and after a moment, gates got separated and a well built man nearly at the age of 24 got into the compartment. Nandini slowly opened her eyes and looked at the man standing in front of her. Like a wonderstruck she kept looking at him. He was wearing black shirt and trouser and a tie, hanging loosely around his neck and his sleeves were folded up to his forearm. His shirt fitted his body perfectly and was relieving the outer glory of his six packs. He was a well built man with broad shoulder. Nandini looked up, diverting her attention from his chest to his face. His face had a little square shape, with fair complexion and medium sized deep brown eyes, his nose was perfectly shaped, his jet black hair was little messed up but definitely making him more handsome. He was panting and sweat was trickling down from the corner of his forehead. 

Nandini looked at him from head to toe. And when she looked at his face again, she found herself stared by the brown eyes. He was staring at her unblinkingly, he had strong features and his face was straight, expressionless. For fleeing moment there was something in his eyes which held her captive for a moment. But after a second he broke the stare and casually looked around the compartment. Nandini, who has been staring at him immediately pulls her head down and nervously stretched the material of her selves down. 

He coolly and casually crossed the middle path of the compartment and settled himself down on the seat opposite to her. Trying very hard to not to look at him again she forced her head on the left side, then only, she realised that the train had already started and running at its highest speed. There was pin drop silence in the compartment except the sound of moving train.

 There was something different about him but she didn't understand what. He seemed very sincere, harsh but at the same time somewhat….sad n familiar. Unable to control herself she gazed at him from the corner of her eyes. He was sitting –no, technically not sitting-half lying on the seat. His one leg was stretched out and he rested his head on the back of the seat controlling his breathe. He put his hand in right pocket of his trouser and pulled out a packet of cigarette and withdrew one cigar from it and coolly put it in his mouth. He tapped his chest pocket and on not finding what he wanted he searched the other side pocket of his trouser and pulled out the lighter and lit the cigarette. Whatever impression he had made on Nandini till now vanished instantly as he released the smoke in the air.     

As soon as he gazed at her,  Nandini turned her head sideway again. She was feeling nervous under his constant gazing. Unable to bear his gaze and breathe in that disgusting smell she finally spoke without looking at him'' smoking is not allowed inside the train''

He didn't say anything but just stared at her. Getting no response from the other side she looked at him annoyingly.  ''I said smoking is not ALLOWED''. Without breaking the eye contact, he flanged the cigarette down and rubbed his shoe on it carelessly.

''where are you going?" he asked after a minute

''to the other station'' Nandini said annoyingly.

''you live on the station! … but you don't look poor'' he said turning up the corner of his mouth.

His comment completely caught her off guard

''excuse me, first thing I don't live on the station and second thing, it's none of your business'' Nandini said confidently pointing her finger towards him.

''good for the station'' he said sarcastically

Nandini didn't understand why but his comments were making her angry.

''so, you are Nandini Thakur'' he said looking at her

''how do you know…..wait…. are you following me?'' Nandini asked suspiciously.

''don't get your hopes high, it's written on your bag''

She looked down at the label attached to her small suitcase displaying her name. Feeling like a fool she pulled the bag closer.

''you have came to London for study purpose''

''how do you know?''

''guess,  you are not wearing formals so it means you are not working and you don't look like you are married as you neither apply vermilion  nor wear black thread or ring  but you are carrying a backpack , so it's the only option left''

''yes'' she said rolling her eyes ''any other observation''

''no, but if you insist I would like to'' he said gazing her from top to down

''no thanks'' she said anxiously clutching the backpack more tightly.

Shivji plz finish this journey as early as possible, Nandini prayed in mind looking upward.

''stop disturbing God, train will take its regular time to reach the station'' he said while his eyes was on his watch.

That's it, now he was interfering in her personal prayers. She opened her mouth to give him her piece of mind but shut it down immediately thinking it was of no use.  So instead of responding to him for which he was waiting, she angrily stood and started walking to the other side of the compartment to find a seat which would be far away from him. But before she took another step, the train came to an immediate halt and she fell forward. She closed her eyes in fear and waited for the injury, but she never met the floor. When she opened her eyes, she found herself hanging as her hand was caught by a strong hand. And in another second she was pulled backward. She collapsed on the hard body and her eyes directly met the brown eyes.

His right hand was holding her waste and her hands were curled in a fist on his shirt. They were standing close enough to hear each other's heart beat. Nandini wanted to get out of his hold but somehow she couldn't.  He was a stranger but still instead of feeling insecure she was feeling safe. She was feeling afraid, not of him but his closeness. His closeness was emerging new feelings inside her which she has never experienced before. Looking straight into her eyes, He slowly removed her flicks from her cheek to get a clear view of her glowing face. When she was about to withdrew her hand he clasped it and pulled her closer by tightening his hold on her waist. Their lips were just few inches apart. There breathes were mingling with each other. His expression changed from the harsh one into something which she had witnessed earlier when he entered the train.  Neither of them moved. As his attention dropped to her small pink pulpy lips, her heart started hammering against her chest. His sweet musky sent was creating havoc in her mind. Her heart was beating loudly, she just hopped he didn't hear it. His nearness was causing butterflies in her stomach.

When he was about to say something, the gates of the compartment opened and he abruptly broke the stare. Suddenly there was drastic change in his expression; his face immediately became straight and expressionless. He released her and Nandini picked up her backpack which was lying on the floor. Dragging her small suitcase, she got out of the compartment, followed by him. Both were thinking about the incident happened few seconds ago and at the same moment they looked at each other and behind them the train left to its next destination.  This time Nandini was the one who broke the stare, clutching the handle of the bag tightly she started proceeding towards the stairs forcing herself not to look at him.

But to her surprise he came by on her right side and started climbing stairs along with her. When they reached the top of the staircase, it leads them to the main road. She didn't understand what to say, well she was still angry with him for making her feel like a fool but on the other hand he did save her from falling. When she looked at him to thank him, he looked very tense. He rubbed his nape to release tension. He was walking very slowly to match her steps and was thinking deeply as if deciding what to do.

Nandini cleared her throat to gain his attention and succeeded as he immediately looked at her. She hesitantly started the conversation,

''i…umm… (Speak Nandini, speak…though he is rude and mean but he did save you otherwise who knows you would have been rubbing your nose) ….th…thank you'' (finally)


''for saving me from falling''

''oh, it's ok…..''

''okay then bye'' Nandini said instantly and without noticing the change in his expression, she started walking.

 Watching her going, he quickly asked,

''umm…can I walk with you to your home'' though he sounded normal but there was clear hesitation in his eyes.

Taken off guard by his suggestion she asked ''why?…I mean no…I don't even know you''

''it's very late now, and you should not wander around here alone….'' suddenly the hesitation in his eyes replaced with…. worry.

''I know this area very well and I can manage, I don't need you ''   Nandini said annoyingly.

At her rejection he closed his eyes and moved his head to one side, to control his temper.

''listen, I know you don't need me…but I need to make sure that you reach home safely, all right'' he said restlessly, before she opened her mouth to argue further he immediately added. ''And, as far as knowing me, you don't need to know who I m…I m just asking you to drop you safely...Then what is the problem with that…and as you said you know this area well, then you should also be aware of the bikers wandering around here''

He was right. Nandini thought unwillingly, she heard many stories of bikers who roamed around the place at nights. But he was a stranger, how she could trust him.

As if reading her thoughts he answered ''look, you spend your last 45 minutes with me in an empty compartment…did I ever even for a minute scared you or did you feel threaten?''

''no'' Nandini said in a lower voice thinking about their 'falling-saving' encounter.

''all right then, I m accompanying you'' he declared.

Before she could comprehend the situation he captured the handle of her bag and started walking ahead.

She hurried her steps to match his, after coming on his one side she said "okay, fine, u can drop me at my place"

The corner of his mouth turned up at her attempt of taking decision.  They walked in silence on an empty road. She was surprised by his behaviour. Earlier she thought that he was rude and mean but now she was amazed by his behaviour, he was silent and looking ahead, not even teasing her. As she noticed, he had kept the bag between him and her and was walking with a socially acceptable gap. He was behaving like a …..Gentleman.

She gazed at him again but this time he was looking very tired, there was no emotion on his face and suddenly she felt an urge to put a smile on his face. So to terminate the silence between them she decided to start the conversation, though she was well aware of the fact that he would tease her, she still go ahead and asked

'' do you live in London?''

Startled by her voice, he replied shortly, gaining composure of himself ''yes''

That's it. No other question, no answer. That was the end of the conversation, she thought. Now she was getting confused by his behaviour, when they first meet he was hell bent to tease her and now he was so quite.

He followed silently as she took the lead. The road was empty, the cars were parked on both side of the road and the cold wind was blowing at irregular intervals. When they crossed the signal, a drunken man came into their sight; he was sitting in the corner of the footpath and was laughing loudly. She was hell scared at his sight and slowed her pace. But suddenly the guy on her left side immediately came to her right side, so that he would be standing between her and that drunken fellow.  His action instantly made her feel protected. If she would have decided to come home without his company, she'd have been running to her hostel. They crossed that man and started walking on the narrow path, and after walking like 10 minutes they entered the campus area.

She somehow felt safe in his presence.  But then again she couldn't trust him completely, he was a stranger, her brain started complaining. Her heart was saying to trust him but her brain was not agreeing. In the fight of heart and brain, brain finally won.

So purposefully, Nandini stopped three blocks away from her hostel, so that at least he would not get an exact idea of where she was living. And she could definitely manage to walk across three blocks alone, she thought confidently.

''I live here '' she said, without paying much attention she pointed at the big 20 storey building constructed with red bricks and surrounded by black break walls and a big iron gate.

'' so thank you very much for your company….and bye, good night'' Nandini said rapidly and stood near the gate, facing him and her back was facing the Iron Gate.

He looked at the building from top to down and then at her and asked, raising his eyebrows

'' are you sure, you live here?''

What kind of question was that she thought, if a person is saying that she or he is living here, then they must be living here; Yeah, it was another thing that she does not actually live here, but he doesn't know that. Does he?

"yeah, off course I live here"  she said trying to get hold of the suitcase.

But he instantly dragged the suitcase backwards and again asked with straight face but amusement was clearly visible in his eyes which annoyed her again and she irately said "if I don't live here then why would I tell you that I live here,  I  live here only….okay…now give me my bag back"

"I don't think that you could live here, they won't allow you"

"who" she asked confusingly

He pointed his finger at the top of the gate to which she was facing her back. She confusingly turned and looked at the top of the Iron Gate. There was a big rectangular shaped name plate, showing the name of boys' hostel. She enlarged her black eyes and made an o shape mouth in surprise. She had already sensed that he was laughing behind her. She turned towards him and furiously said, "Listen mister, the truth is I don't want to show you my building and that is why I told you that I live here, I don't trust you"

Her statement related to trust caused something to change in his eyes but in the next moment, it was replaced by the glint of laughter and he added ''so you really don't live here, god must be kind to the boys". Her mouth fell open at his comment and she angrily stomped her foot and started walking towards her hostel not bothering to look back to see whether he is following or not.

When she reached the gate of her hostel, she stopped, too raged to look at him. After waiting for a full minute for her attention, he came in front of her and looked down at her. She returned his gaze angrily and asked "you want to say something?"

"What do you want to hear?"

"I would have apologized if I was at your place"

"For what?" he asked confusingly

"I guess you have a memory loss problem, so let me help you to remind, three blocks away you cracked a bad joke on me "

"Do you trust me?" his question startled her


"I dropped you safely to your hostel so do you trust me now?"

"Yes…no… I mean I don't know"

"If you don't even trust me then why are you feeling so bad about my statement"

He was right; she neither knew him nor trusted him then why did his comment hurt her. Her thoughts interrupted by his voice   "and in that sense, I think, I don't have to apologize" he said getting her attention

"By the way are you sure, you live here?"

The instant he voiced the question Nandini immediately turned to look at the board, fortunately it was her hostel and after a second she realised that he was making fun of her.

She snatched the suitcase from him while he was laughing loudly.

Realising her angry mood he decided to go home.

"so bye then, it was pleasure and fun to meet you, see you soon" he forwarded his hand for handshake.

Nandini didn't reply but just dramatically smiled at him and entered the gate and muttered to herself,   "idiot, fool, Nandini forget him, it's better to stay away from him, I don't want to see his face again".   And on the other side of the gate he whispered   "you can try but it's of no use, you can't stay away from me, see you soon"   he smiled at her retiring figure and when the lights of her room went on, he left from there. 

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