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~*Happy Birthday to the Vivacious Kratika Sengar*~

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Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest.

"Your birthday is a special time to celebrate the gift of 'you' to the world."

On this special day, it is an honor to look back and appreciate the different ways, Kratika as  a person and as an actor has entertained us. 

Kratika has come across as one of the most exuberant actresses we have seen in our TV industry. As a person, her vitality is so infectious that most of the time we viewers smile along with her while watching her interviews. She giggles at the silliest of things. She is chirpy and so full of life. She is in inspiration to her co-stars be it Naman Shaw in Kasauti Zindagi ke or Sameer Adhikari in Jhansi ki Rani or Gurmeet Chaudry in our Punar Vivah. 

Acting is like a painting. Someone may look at it and see a masterpiece yet someone else may look at it and see just a mess of colors. We have some wonderfully talented actors in our TV industry. So, what is it that sets  a particular actor like Kratika Sengar, above the rest of the crowd and makes people who have truly watched her acting, stand up and say "Yes, she is an actor par excellence"?

I cannot speak for everyone but myself. But I hope by giving my perspective I am also representing views of many others who have felt the same way about Kratika Sengar, the Actor. 

The first time I saw Kratika on the screen I was riveted. She was a beauty but it was her performance that grabbed my attention. She brings out so many tiny facets to Aarti, the way she slowly raises her eyes, the way she has an indulgent smile on her face when she looks at her children, the way she holds her hand to her tummy when she is with Yash, suggesting she may not be too confident of herself as a woman. But perhaps Kratika's greatest physical attribute as far as her acting is considered would be her expressive face. Her eyes, more than anything, seem to radiate such a powerful inner light. One moment they are bright, mischievous and full of life and the next moment they are sad, hurt and weary like she carries the weight of the entire world on her shoulder. Her eyes can burn through you when she is in anger or touch your heart with their sincerity. There are many actors who have expressive eyes yet there are only few who uses them so well that they truly show the inner fire in them. Kratika along with Gurmeet belong to that small, elite group of actors who can do that.

And then there is her voice: husky, earthy, makes you sit up and take notice. When she is angry there is such power in that voice that it sends shivers down your spine.   We can never forget the way she got angry at the Dubeys when she realized the divorce lie or the way she got angry at Yash after Ansh was kidnapped.When she is distraught, the fragile breaking in that voice sends you to your knees with tears in your eyes. How can any of us forget her devastation when Ansh was kidnapped and she was begging everyone to save her baby. Her dialogues are said in such a way that you cannot imagine that the same dialogues can be delivered in any other way. The exuberance she brings to the character Aarti is so Kratika that it is sometimes difficult to distinguish Kratika from Aarti.  

When an actor takes you on a journey with her and makes you feel every emotion and makes you believe in every moment that she is going through, how do you define such an actor's ability? Is saying she is a good actor, enough? I wish there was a word that could truly describe the sheer brilliance of Kratika's talent. There is a very poignant scene in one of Kratika's previous shows where she dies in the arms of the person she loves. Kratika as Naina struggles to hold onto her life. Her eyes are filled with a mixture of sorrow, apology and fear. She communicates so much without saying a word. It is weird calling a death beautiful but thats what it was, raw and painful and beautiful and it was Kratika who gave it that beauty.

An actor take a writer's words, a director's vision and delivers a performance that we the audience must believe. Fabulous actors do this effortlessly. Kratika is one such actor. It is not  just in the big dramatic moments but also in the tiny little nuances that Kratika brings to the character of Aarti. The clarity, style and attention to detail that Kratika gives Aarti's character, makes us love Aarti, makes us cry for Aarti, makes us laugh with Aarti and makes us cheer for Aarti. 

And today on your birthday Kratika, we salute your talent and the person you are. You are so beautiful, so expressive, so natural. Your face is joyful, lit up by your lovely smile and your sparkling eyes. There is a quote "Acting deals with very delicate emotions. It is not putting up a mask. Each time an actor acts he does not hide; he exposes himself". So true. Your acting touches our soul, Kratika.

A super special message from THE KRATIKA SENGAR to all her fans on India-Forum .She has read all the messages in this birthday thread for her  Big smile . You can listen to her message right here. 

(Credits: Zainab aka Zee_News)

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Kratika's journey from being an intern at an advertising agency to developing into one of the Indian television industry's most gifted actors has been nothing short of spectacular and meteoric. In a short span of 5 years, Kratika has shaped her career graph in such a way that if one were to look at it, a constantly climbing steep slope of success would be seen. Since the day she stepped into the industry until now, Kratika has been a part of 7 fiction TV shows - 3 of those roles were main female protagonists, one had her playing a female antagonist, while the other 3 had her in small but important roles - but she has also taken part in a reality show and acted in short films along with her professional projects on TV in the fiction genre.

Testing the Waters


Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi (Sanchi)

Becoming an actor for a little while to lend a helping hand to a college senior's filmmaking project unexpectedly turned out to be the first stepping stone in Kratika's career as an actor. A call from Ekta Kapoor regarding an audition for a show might have been a dream scenario for many...Her instinctive response? "No, no, no, no no, I can't act!" Nevertheless, Kratika obliged, auditioned at Balaji Telefilms, and ended up with the role of Sanchi in the long-running Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. There was no looking back for Kratika after she gave her first shot in spite of a stomach filled with butterflies and multiple retakes (and a desire to become invisible on the spot). Sanchi was a small but important role for Kratika - it exposed her to the Indian TV industry as well as the audience and provided her with an opportunity to test the waters gently; her involvement in Kyunki...left a positive impression on the audience even after she was no longer a part of the show.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay (Prerna Junior, aka P2)

That same year, Kratika was finalized to play the female protagonist of the third generation of characters in Balaji's Kasautii Zindagii Kay. As Prerna Junior, fondly called P2, Kratika won numerous hearts while managing the pressures of being a lead female actress with many, many experienced co-actors at her side. Due to the scope of P2's role in the story, KZK allowed Kratika to explore her acting abilities more freely than KSBKBT did, and this strengthened the foundation of the reservoir of talent upon which her later work and performances would be based.


Kya Dill Mein Hai (Naina)

A third Balaji production saw Kratika changing colors and becoming an important "third angle" in the complicated love triangle that formed the base of Kya Dill Mein Hai. After playing the female protagonist in her previous show, Kratika took on the task of essaying Naina, a character which has been regarded by many as the female antagonist or vamp of the story. Naina was a girl whose love could be described best as a "junoon" in terms of its intensity. There is always a risk of making such a character into a caricature of the stereotypical obsessed lover; however, even when the scenarios in the show tilted in that direction, Kratika's portrayal of her character was such that even amidst Naina's anger and insecurities, there seemed to be a delicate vulnerability of sorts beneath her volatile exterior. In spite of the dramatic twists and turns of the story, it is undeniable that the character evoked a sense of sympathy by the time the show was pulled off-air prematurely, and a large reason for that response was due to Kratika's performance in her last scene.


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil (Simran) [cameo]

She did a very brief cameo of one episode in Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil as the outgoing and bubbly Simran.

The Tide Turns


Jhansi Ki Rani (Rani Laxmi Bai)

Kratika turned against the tide and stepped into the skin of the legendary Rani Laxmibai in Jhansi Ki Rani. Portraying the adult version of Laxmibai was a challenge in many respects. Taking over the mantle and name of 'Manu' from Ulka Gupta, who played the young Manu and won the hearts of the audience in the process, Kratika prepared extensively to face the camera in her new avatar. From learning Laxmibai's body language, mudras, dialect, and slokas through independent research and workshops to undergoing rigorous training in sword-fighting, horse-riding, and malkhamb, no stone was left unturned to ensure that Laxmibai would be portrayed with dignity. In addition to the long, strenuous shooting schedules in Karjat and other locations, Kratika faced accidents and a near-death experience but continued to literally and figuratively invest sweat, blood, and tears into her role. The continuous hard work resulted in well-earned appreciation and immense admiration from viewers, even from those who may have initially found it hard to adjust to "badi Manu." By the time the show reached its climax, Kratika was known and loved by millions as Rani Laxmibai. Her impressive performance consistently brought out the fiery ferocity of the warrior in the iconic queen from her very first shot, but it also showed the gentle, playful, and mischievous sides of a woman who was spirited, righteous, and loving in all her roles as a wife, queen, mother, and revolutionary.

Diving In Head-first: Quotes from Kratika

"I am trying to find my space. As far as the crew is concerned, I have got mixed reactions to my work as of now. On one hand, their expectations are very high from someone who's taking over from their dear Ulka Gupta. They're emotionally attached to her, which I think is natural."

"Since we shoot almost throughout the day it's difficult to be normal at times as I continue to be in my character."

The Impact and Aftermath: Quotes from Kratika 

"I realized that I'm a passionate person, and like to live life on my own terms and do only those things that I have full conviction in...I can't possibly do justice to such a personality, a woman of strength, courage and conviction. But I do relate to one thing - she was in the habit of listening to everyone's perspective and finally doing exactly what she thought was right. I find this quality in myself too."


Punar Vivaah (Aarti)

Sometimes in life, very rarely, it seems as though everything simply falls into place perfectly. A very well-deserved six-month break after Jhansi Ki Rani came to an end when Shashi and Sumeet Mittal's concept of Punar Vivaah was narrated to Kratika. Not one to jump at the opportunity of doing another project just for the sake of working, Kratika instantly agreed to be a part of the team that would bring the Mittals' sensitive story about second chances to the audience. That the character in question was a divorcee and mother of a small child was not a matter of concern for her because the concept and story itself was about two people, one a widower and the other a divorcee, trying to give their children and families happiness by agreeing to remarry. Stating the show's concept in these words appears to be simple enough, but the actual story, with its detailed focus on family dynamics, interpersonal relationships, and the emotional barriers associated with the remarriage of two people, is anything but simple. Aarti is an enigma, a complex jumble of contradictions, but that is what makes her so relatable: she is like us, realistic with all her strengths and weaknesses and internal conflicts. A character developed with careful attention to detail is of little consequence unless the actor burdened with the task of pulling the written words off the pages of the scripts is able to rise to the challenge and bring the character to life. For Kratika, breathing life into Aarti appears to have been effortless right from the very start of Punar Vivaah. One only needs to watch the first 4 promos of the show to see how Kratika immersed herself in Aarti's skin and became Aarti. Every step, gesture, glance, and word demonstrates Kratika's mastery of her craft: that of bringing a character and her story to life. She has continued to live Aarti's life and take us on her journey since then, and as Punar Vivaah nears its completion of 100 episodes this week, it would be a huge understatement to say that in this short amount of time, Kratika's nuanced and sensitive performance in Punar Vivaah has resulted in immense admiration from viewers all over the world. She has conquered millions of hearts yet again, with a role that showcases her versatility to the fullest, and in light of her tremendous growth as an actor since the day she received that fateful call that changed her life - and ours - it is only natural that she will continue to make everyone proud in the years to come. 

Another Character, Another Life: Quotes from Kratika

"Jhansi Ki Rani is a tough act to follow. So, the next show had to be something really worthwhile. So I decided to spend some time waiting in the wings rather than take on work that I would not be proud of on hindsight."

"Agar mujhe image build up karna hota, toh main 6 mahine wait nahi karti...Kaafi acche acche shows ke offer aaye, but somehow main apne aap ko uss frame mein dekh nahi paayi." ("If I wanted/needed to build up an image, I wouldn't have waited for 6 months. Some good shows were offered to me, but somehow I couldn't see myself in that frame.")

"I was not skeptical at all about playing chhote bacche ka mother, no."

"As an actor, one's preparation comes through sheer observation of human behavior as we go through life. Both Yash and Aarti are real people faced with real scenarios in life. Playing them effortlessly can come only from putting yourself in the shoes of the character."

Misc. Roles

Aahat - 2010

'Khoon Haveli' (Chitra)

Read My Silence - 2011

Kratika also acted in a short film named 'Read My Silence' directed by Abhishek Chandra. The line that tells about the theme of the film is "Three different men, bound by silence with three different meanings." In this film the leading female role is done by Kratika who plays the character of Arsala.

Short summary: Jonathan Mann, 26, is on the verge of getting fired from his work due to his careless, don't give a damn attitude. One night his life takes a turn with the sudden entry of Arsala whom he finds hiding in a corner of his house. She's badly hurt with blood spilled all over and she's scared.


-          Favorite Beti, Zee Rishtey Awards 2010 ' Jhansi Ki Rani

-          Best TV Actor, Madhavrao Scindia Leadership Awards 2010 ' Jhansi Ki Rani

-          Best Fresh New Face (Female), Global Indian TV Awards 2011 ' Jhansi Ki Rani

-          Veer Character (Female), BIG Television Awards 2011 ' Jhansi Ki Rani


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"I am a trendsetter, not a trend follower"

I am: A fun loving girl.

Life is: Short, so live it to the fullest.

Love is: Beautiful.

Marriage is: Very important.

Your first crush: When I was in school.

Your dream date: Ranbir Kapoor.

Your best childhood memory: When I stood second in class
despite being hospitalized.

On your last birthday: I was partying at a beach.

Your long-lasting friend: My college friend Suganda Malhotra.

Do you make friends easily: No, I take my time.

Music you like: Mostly romantic; but it depends on my mood.
But I do not like loud music.

One thing you want to change about yourself: My impatience.

Favourite TV show: Hitler Didi.

Favourite Bollywood actor: Ranbir Kapoor.

Favourite Bollywood actress: Kareena Kapoor.

Favourite Hollywood actor: George Clooney and Tom Cruise.

Favourite Hollywood actress: Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie.

Favourite cartoon character: Popoye.

Last movie you watched: Paan Singh Tomar.

Last time you boarded a local train: When we were shooting for a train sequence in Punar Vivah at Andheri Station.

Last time you were stalked: A few days back at a mall in Bhayander.

Last time you cried on screen: I cry everyday.

Last time you cooked: Last night, two minute noodles for a

Advice to youngsters: Stay away from bad things; you have just one life to prove yourself. Make your parents proud.

One thing that you are grateful for in life?
- My parents and my family .

One thing that is missing in your life at the moment?
- Love.

 What is your greatest asset?

- My will power.

Are you possessive by nature?
- Very'but only with few people.

What is the craziest thing you would want to do?

 -  Well I'm already a crazy person and keep doing crazy things all the time. But if I had to do something really crazy, it would be paragliding.

If you had to choose between love and family, who would you choose?

- Family

If you were asked to change your name what would it be?
- Neverrr (Kratika's meaning: Nakshatra).

If you are given a choice to get into a person's shoe and live his or her life for a day, who would that be?
- My cousin sister who is in 9th standard. She loves school and enjoys her life a lot. I would love to experience her life for a day.

Do you read newspaper? Which section do you enjoy reading the most?
- Bombay Times only. I love entertainment news and gossip.

What do you need to change about yourself?
- My aggression.

Are you adventurous in life?
- Very .. I'm totally adventurous. The thoroughly enjoyed all the stunts I did for my previous show "Jhansi Ki Rani".

What are you proud of?
- My commitment, that I am very focused and I know my limits, I am very proud of them.

 Do you forgive yourself easily ?

- No. I keep regretting. I go into thoughts and I keep thinking about it. That's one negative aspect about me.

If you could add one feature to your phone what would that be?
- I would want the memory space to increase to maximum GB so I that I keep on recording stuff and keep on clicking pictures.

Are you active on social networking sites?
No, I'm not a very social person when it comes to networking. I know it's very important to do social networking but I am a very private person. I don't really open up with people. Infact I have not even added many of my fans on facebook and so they very annoyed. So they have created a page for me where I interact with them. So as far as my real facebook account goes, I have added only my school and college friends.

Describe yourself in one sentence?
I'm like weather. I am always changing. I don't stay long enough so that somebody can catch me or get to know me. So I am very unpredictable.

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Beautiful, down to earth, fun, effervescent, graceful, eloquent, energetic, alluring, artless, striking, committed, involved, expressive, subtle, nuanced, controlled, diverse, vivacious

"Kratika Sengar'' an actor par excellence. They say when special people take birth, even the heavens rejoice. Did destiny come knocking loud when she was named Kratika, which actually is the name of a star? And a star she is'..an affable person who illuminates with her presence not only the screen but also the lives of the people around her. She is exquisitely beautiful and embodies the poise, innocence, and grace of a swan. She is a virtuoso actor with a vivacious and charismatic cine presence, with a highly competent and interpretative performance range.

Kratika's refreshing and easygoing persona reflects on her portrayals, given the ease with which she gets into the skin of a character. She can depict a myriad of emotions just by the tic of a muscle or turning of a lip or lifting of a brow or tilting of her head'..those subtle nuances that provide profundity to a character and make her connect with the audience. She brings credibility and didacticism to her performances'..an act to follow and an example to look up to. She is an intense and powerful actor, a skill that has been proven beyond doubt through a plethora of varied and amazingly realistic performances over the years.

Playing Aarti was no less than an improbable challenge; the role had no precedence. But Kratika rose to the occasion and has played this never-before-seen character of the female protagonist in a Punar Vivah with an elan and finesse and versatility that only enhances the superior understanding she has of Aarti as a person...Aarti lives through Kratika.

I love both Kratika's work and her off screen personality, all the more when I see how the two complement each other. She doesn't take herself too  seriously because she is always ready with a joke about her characters and the story, but it is clear that she takes her work very seriously thanks to the quality of her performance in every episode. I hadn't even heard of her before the news of Punar Vivaah started doing the rounds but now, a few months in, I can't remember a time when she wasn't a part of my day and my thoughts, as Aarti and as Kratika. From the very first day of the show, no, from the very first promo, she has lived the character and made Aarti a person that we love, admire, want to hug on a regular basis and are proud of, but also one that we sometimes want to shake and knock some sense into. In short Aarti is a round, all-human character and there is no way she would have been so profound without Kratika's nuanced execution!

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A Tribute - Kirthi
The Stepping Stones - Borna
Tidbits&Trivia - Compiled by Maham
Kratika in a few words -
Indu & Samana
AVIs/Siggies - Jenny, Sano, Dips, Ravjot, Janaki & Shankar

And a big, big thank you to the entire PV forum for contributing in one way or another to make this thread so beautiful! I wouldn't have been able to do any of this without you, you all have been absolutely tremendous and it's wonderful to see just how love and appreciation Kratika gets from all of her fans Hug

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Kratika Sengar || Happy Birthday Big smile

Ever since I started watching PV, I've been a fan of Kratika. I usually don't pay much attention to actresses on tv shows so there are only a few I really like. She's beautiful and a wonderful actress. But what I love about her is how sweet and humble she is.


Dearest Kratika,

Wishing you a very, very, very happy birthday! You are truly an amazing person and I wish for nothing but the best for you! I hope you have an amazing and extremely successful year ahead! Always keep smiling Hug

Lots and lots of love,

Kratika Sengar !
Dear Kratika,
Here's wishing you a fantabulously happy birthday ! First off let me tell you just how sweet, bubbly, humourous, and friendly I think you are =) You come off as someone who doesn't take anything way too seriously BUT you take your work seriously and are very passionate about everything you do which shows in your presence onscreen.
I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am that I chanced upon seeing you through Punar Vivah! Because I had not watched your previous shows (but have now had the chance to see your work in JKR on YT and have been blown away!) I had not known what kind of an impression you'd make on me. 
But ever since I saw you in Punar Vivah, and the way you just stole the show with your subtle, strong-minded, yet bubbly act, was the ultimate reason why I started loving you =)
I think I am starting to obsess over you LOL and it's not healthy but I couldn't care less! Tongue You are one amazing human being, and despite all the negativity, you stand strong and prove everyone wrong!
Here's wishing a great person like you a fantabulous birthday! I hope all your hopes and wishes come true and wish that Punar Vivah keeps climbing its ladder of success.
If there's one thing I regret, it's not finding out about you sooner! But better late than never right?
Here's some virtual treats to celebrate!

Happy birthday Dear Krathika ! I hope you have an amazing birthday with your family and friends. You are an uber talented actor who lights up the screen with your bright effervescent smile and rocking performances. I hope you continue to grace us with your presence on screen .  May this year and many more  bring you good health, cheer, joy and lots of luck !! God Bless !!  - Deeps

Happy Birthday Kratika!

Hope you have a wonderful day and may success follow you where ever you go. Loved your work as P2 in KZK and now as Aarti. The way you portray the character is amazing and you're doing a brilliant job. Happy Birthday once again and may you have a billion more to come!


                                          K R A T I K A
Wishing you all the best on your special day...May you have many more to come and
may your day be filled with love & blessings...Have a fantabulous one!!!!
Take care and God Bless you always

- Zetter

Happy Birhdayy my Jhasi ki Raniii...may this day bringg u lots of glory blessing and may your wishes fulfil!!! God bestow you wid everything u want!!! You are a immensly beautiful gorgeous actress and i love you deepest from my heart.Love u so much aarti ji :))


Many Many happy returns of the day, Kratika!!!SmileSmileSmile May your birthday blossom into all your dreams come true...Have a great day and year ahead!!!


A very happy birthday to one of the most beautiful and talented actresses of today... Kratika's natural beauty, effortless acting and sweet personality has completely won my heart... there's something so real and endearing about her that it's difficult not to fall in love with her... Embarrassed 
Kratika I hope you have a wonderful birthday... i wish you all the success and happiness in the world... always keep that beautiful smile intact... Embarrassed

Lots of love 
-- Neeraja

Many Happy Returns of the Day Kratika,
From an ardent lover of ArYa,


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Posted: 01 July 2012 at 10:10pm | IP Logged

Dear Kratika,

Happy birthday! May you receive all the happiness in the world this year and for many, many years to come!

I have to thank destiny for making me stumble across one of the initial promos of Punar Vivaah the week before the show began because if that hadn't happened, I wouldn't be writing this and I might have never discovered this show with a beautiful concept and an excellent team of people dedicated to telling this story. I had seen the first promo by chance, but in spite of liking the concept of the show, I didn't have any intentions of watching a new show at the time. I had tried, purely for the sake of watching some other actors I liked, but nothing connected with me or held my attention for more than a few days. All that changed as soon as I saw Promo 3 of Punar Vivaah. I don't know how I got to that video, but I watched it...I had heard of Gurmeet in previous years but I had never seen you before, Kratika...And now I wonder how on earth I went for so long without knowing who you were because you are undisputedly my favorite actress from your generation!

I remember clearly that while I was watching the promo, I transitioned from observing with mild curiosity to focusing with full attention on what was happening on my laptop screen. The reason? You - your expressions and body language. In a matter of seconds, without you saying a word, I saw a spectrum of emotions conveyed with astounding clarity. That promo, to me, showcased your amazing ability to emote using every fiber of your being. Every movement and glance was so natural that I instantly thought, "THIS is the personification of nuanced, understated acting." That was it. I knew instinctively that whoever this actress was, I would definitely be watching this show because of her.

Promo 3 remains my favorite one out of the initial promos (followed very closely by Promo 4, the Dargah Promo) for many reasons. The first thing that caught my attention was how Aarti (naturally I didn't know your name or the character's name at the time) reacted upon realizing Yash was already present in the bathroom. Instead of freezing like a deer in headlights (in typical Hindi serial heroine fashion), Aarti rushed to leave immediately, only to be hindered by the lock. That was so refreshing to see, but what I loved most about that moment was the expression of surprise on your face as Aarti discovers that the sari pallu is stuck, followed by even more surprise at seeing Yash in the bathroom, and then the apologetic "Oh, sorry! I'll leave!" gesture, communicated nonverbally within seconds. My most favorite part of the promo by far is when Yash helps unlock the door. The simple fact that one of the most cliched scenarios of Indian TV - that of the lead female feeling uncomfortable about physical proximity - was given a little "spin" and turned on its head was enough for me to applaud the makers of Punar Vivaah, but the execution of that "spin" was brilliant! I was left absolutely mesmerized by your expressions then, and it still happens every time I watch the promo now, as well. I am being completely honest when I say that I have never seen anyone with such beautiful, luminous, expressive eyes. Aarti's steady gaze as she watches Yash was something that took me by surprise and made me smile because she looks away when he glances at her, but then her eyes focus on him again as if she can't help but watch him. So many nuances that made me an instant admirer of yours, Kratika! Two of my favorites that I simply have to mention: Aarti averting her eyes when Yash looks at her, fixing her sari, looking up to find Yash watching her still, and impulsively backing away just a little; and the bit right at the end of the promo where Aarti realizes that the door has been pushed open and starts out of surprise.

Obviously that promo was more than enough to make me fall in love with your acting prowess and subtle nuances! That admiration has only continued to grow exponentially since then, especially after watching episodes of your earlier shows - I have to confess that I went on a whirlwind research spree to discover everything I possibly could about your previous shows as soon as I found out your name immediately after watching that promo, and it took me a record of two days to officially declare that I would be an ardent fan, admirer, and well-wisher of yours for life. The way you approach your work, choose shows carefully, and effortlessly transform into each of your characters is so admirable and impressive. Although every show and role of yours is important and your tremendous development as an actor can clearly be seen from one show to the next, I personally feel that Jhansi Ki Rani really allowed you to flourish as an actor (I am forever in awe of the powerful intensity you displayed in that show), and Punar Vivaah is enabling that even more. Your dialogue delivery and vocal inflection, expressions for emotions of every shade, and body language - all of it is understated, controlled, and makes it a joy to watch one sparkling performance after another every day. You are undeniably the most versatile actress of your generation as well as a beautiful, lovely, sincere, honest person. Thank you so, so, so much for everything that you do and all the effort you put into your shows, Kratika! Always keep smiling and laughing - that radiant smile reaches out and touches all of our hearts with its warmth.

Love you always,


P.S. - Your camaraderie/chemistry with Gurmeet is beyond brilliant, Kratika! Both of you truly complement each other in every way onscreen, and it was a pleasant shock to see how you two were so in tune with each other and reacted so similarly during your look test together. It still fascinates me and leaves me spellbound. Just like you were born to perform, Kratika, I sincerely feel that Aarti was a role destined only for you. Thank you for infusing her with life and soul, just like you have done with all of your previous characters.

I love both Kratika's work and her off screen personality, all the more when I see how the two complement each other. She doesn't take herself too  seriously because she is always ready with a joke about her characters and the story, but it is clear that she takes her work very seriously thanks to the quality of her performance in every episode. I hadn't even heard of her before the news of Punar Vivaah started doing the rounds but now, a few months in, I can't remember a time when she wasn't a part of my day and my thoughts, as Aarti and as Kratika. From the very first day of the show, no, from the very first promo, she has lived the character and made Aarti a person that we love, admire, want to hug on a regular basis and are proud of, but also one that we sometimes want to shake and knock some sense into. In short Aarti is a round, all-human character and there is no way she would have been so profound without Kratika's nuanced execution! So a big, big, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the one and only Kratika Sengar. Thank you for Aarti and thank you for you! I hope this day and year are extra special!!!



Kratika, Many Many Happy returns of the day!!!
You are the most talented actress. Loved you as JKR, and you are the first ever actress whose beauty and acting skill cativated me by just watching on YT. Started watching PV for you only but love you and Gurmeet both equally, can't imagine anyone else playing ArYa.
Today on your special day, would like to wish you all the best for future. Hope your all dreams comes true..
- Veena

- Jyoti

  Heart  LOVE YOU KRATIKA  Heart

PartyHappy Birthday Party

- Kholita

Today on your birthday Kratika, we salute your talent and the person you are. You are so beautiful, so expressive, so natural. Your face is joyful, lit up by your lovely smile and your sparkling eyes. There is a quote "Acting deals with very delicate emotions. It is not putting up a mask. Each time an actor acts he does not hide; he exposes himself ". So true. Your acting touches our soul, Kratika.

Happy Birthday, Kratika! Hug

- Kirthi

Wishing a many many many more happy returns to the most beautiful and
gorgeous star of TellyWood
 Kratika Sengar

Hope this birthday brings u lots and lots of happiness, fulfill all ur endeavors and
blossoms ur life with beautiful colors

Once again Wish u a very Happy Birthday
Love U SweetHeart
Keep Rocking Always!!

                                                                                       With Love

First Of Alll Many Many Happyy Returns Of The Day ..EmbarrassedKritikaEmbarrassed..frm SmileMESmile..n Frm All..EmbarrassedArYanz..Kritika Diii...Embarrassed..We ALL Including Me Lovee You Soo MuchHug...Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day...May ALLAH ALMIGHTY Fullsills are ur desires ..Amien...May dez Brthday will bring amny happiness n Joyeous in ur Lyf Amien.

- Tabeer

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